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Andrew (Part One - The Locker Room and Part Two - The Shower)

The Locker Room

I looked across the locker room to where Andrew stood. He was stripping off after our badminton game and was standing before me in a sweat-dampened jockstrap and white socks. Although we were alone, the changing room smelled strongly of the hundreds of athletic, sweaty male bodies that had dressed and undressed here over the years. The aroma of testosterone saturated the structure. As I savoured this sensory delight, my cock became hard and pulsed in my jock. The elastic material tented out in a valiant attempt to contain my throbbing rod.


We were just starting the second term at catering college. It was a small class with five girls, one other guy, and me. I was 17 and less than a year out of high school. He, Andrew, was 29, and had previously been in the merchant navy. We were both training to be chefs, but as part of the curriculum, one afternoon each week was given over to sporting activities. The girls usually had excuses and went home early; where as we "guys" enjoyed playing around with each other. Badminton that is - until today - when I my raging teenage hormones got the better of me.

Each week it was the same routine. We went to the sports hall, changed into our white gym gear, and set up the nets for an afternoon of hitting shuttlecock. This may not seem too strenuous to some of you fitness freaks but it was enough for us to build up a sweat. I was not into sports much but I was sure into men and Andrew was the guy I wanked off to each night (and very often each morning too). I was a virgin, but I knew what I wanted and as the weeks went by my every though seemed to be filled with Andrew.

As the game proceeded, we got hotter and damper. The sweat absorbed by our cotton tops and jocks. As Andrew reached for a high shot the material was pulled tight against his chest and I could see his prominent nipples outlined through his T-shirt. My thoughts were definitely not on the game. Thus distracted, I missed the return shot causing Andrew finally to call an end to the game and declare himself the winner (as usual).

Now came the activity that was the high spot of my week, I looked forward to the show that was about to unfold. Every time I took my erect shaft into my lubricated hand, this scene was in my mind. My memory of Andrew's hot, hard body here in the locker room made me cum. The light dusting of hair on his chest, the deep pink almost brown nipples, the sculpted six pack, all etched in my memory.

We took up our regular positions at either end of a bench in the locker room, never any closer. I let Andrew get a head start; he slowly peeled off the damp sweat-stained shirt. Even with such space between us, the heady aroma of his body filled my mind with lust and my cock with blood. I faced away so that he would not see my erection tenting my shorts (in spite of my wearing the tightest, heavy-duty jockstrap I could buy).

As my T-shirt came off, I looked over my shoulder just in time to catch a flash of those big deep blue eyes that had first attracted me from across the crowded room on enrolment day. Then I took in the full six foot of sex god that stood before me dressed only in a jockstrap and white sport socks. Andrew was using his damp shirt to remove the sheen of sweat from his chest and legs. It gave me a few precious seconds to drink in the beauty of his body. The sinewy muscles that formed his arms, the thick powerful columns that were his legs, the innie belly button that cried out for my tongue. There was a chance that I would cum in my jock at this point (as I had done sometimes), but not this week.

Removing my shorts I quickly adjusted my cock upright against my body and sat down on the bench. Leaning forwards, to conceal as much of my hard, cut 8 inches as possible. A vague plan of action was forming.

"Andrew, you never talk much about your time in the navy. It must have been a great life, a girl in every port and all that."

"I don't talk about it because I want to forget It" he replied. "It's hard work and not much time off duty. All you get to see is the engine room and your bunk. That's why I never re-enlisted."

"You must have had some social life with the other guys."

"Yes, we had some laughs, you had to when there are four guys bunked in one small room below deck for hour after hour."

"Four guys in one room! That must have been a problem. How did you get any privacy for ... well ... eh ... you know?"

"For wanking you mean?" Andrew completed my sentence, as I became embarrassed.

He also blushed, but I noticed that the bulge in his jockstrap had become larger. Those blue eyes were now looking directly at me. Then down to where I had unsuccessfully tried to hide my erection. Not only was my rigid cock tenting out the pouch but also my pre-cum had made a wet and sticky circle in the material where my piss slit pressed against it.


Andrew moved close, now standing in front of me. His jock pouch was level with my face. I was mesmerised by the mouth-watering fragrance of Andrew's body musk and my own pre-cum. With one quick movement he pulled down the waste band of his strap and tucked it under his balls. I had seen that cock in the shower on many occasions during the weeks of last term, but never so close and never hard. Nothing could have prepared me for the magnificence now displayed for me. The gentle upward curve of the shaft, the velvet smooth covering of skin. His big juice filled balls, supported below by the elastic waste band of the jockstrap, hung low in his generous sack.

As that long, thick phallus all but hit me in the face, I noticed that he was "very" uncut. The delicate skin hood still covered his glans. Being cut myself; I had always been fascinated with foreskin. Now this perfect penis was within my reach. I lifted my hand and thrilled as I made my first intimate contact with a man.

With one hand on the shaft, I guided the head of Andrew's tool into my waiting mouth. My tongue probed the puckered opening, and then with a gentle movement of my hand I slowly pulled back his foreskin to expose the hidden treasure. The taste that filled my mouth was one I shall never forget. It was the essence of man, nectar, and just too much for my inexperienced body to take. With a tremendous throb of my penis, I came in my jock, the rapturous jets of hot sperm erupting with volcanic force. Andrew's cock slipped from my mouth as I moaned in the ecstasy of my orgasm. Each time my cum pumped out, my whole body was gripped with the thrill of orgasmic pleasure.

As I recovered my senses, I looked to find that Andrew had not been idle during my climax. He was naked, the jock discarded. The skin that I have so lovingly peeled back was now being dragged forward over that moist cock head that had been so recently in my mouth. The balls that had been hanging low between those muscular legs were now tight up under that magnificent column of man flesh. His hand worked at the spongy hooded glans then pulled the skin back tight. As I looked on in bliss, his cock lips parted slightly and the first spurt of semen hit me in the face. Opening my mouth, I was able to catch the remainder of his copious ejaculation. I savoured the taste and texture of my first cum cocktail then let it slip like an oyster down my throat.

I had died and gone to heaven. Not only had I cum myself but my mouth was full of another man's cum. I wanted that moment to last forever but Andrew had already picked up his towel and was heading for the shower.

He looked back and with a slight gesture of his head indicated that I should follow.

The Shower

Now naked, my cock was hard again and pointing the way into the communal shower area where Andrew was waiting. He had turned on the showers and hot steamy water sprayed in all directions. He was standing in his usual place, his back towards me, and had started to rub soap over his broad shoulders. His hands moved to clean his armpits and moved down each arm then over his chest. The rich soapy lather clung to his skin for a second, only to be washed away by the sharp jets of water. I wished it were my hands caressing and washing his muscular frame.

I walked up to Andrew and pressed my dripping body close against his back. My cock slipped easily between his soapy legs and I could feel my glans prodding his ball sack. I put my arms around him and spread my hands onto his solid six pack. One finger found his deep navel and gently pressed in exploring. I wanted to know every secret part of his body. Andrew squirmed slightly against me squeezing my penis between his strong thighs. My hips made involuntary thrusting movements increasing the stimulation to my organ. My hands moved over his torso until I located his pumped pectorals. After a few caresses of the area, I found his nipples. Each nipple was crowned with a hard nub of flesh that I held between thumb and forefinger, rolling it back and forth. A groan escaped his throat and I pinched harder. His head lolled back onto my shoulder and I kissed his cheek.

I was close to cumming. Andrew's grip on my cock between his legs had increased and my pre-cum was adding extra lube to the fucking motion. It was too soon. I did not want to cum yet, not like this, I had other ideas. I had been grinding against his arse crack and it was very wet and soapy. It would be very easy for me to withdraw a little further and thrust back up his hole. No, not my style. I reluctantly separated our bodies and stood waiting.

Andrew turned to face me. I could tell by his expression that he was taking charge. He rested a hand on each of my shoulders and pressed me down until I was kneeling before him. That gorgeous organ was a few inches from my face again. The foreskin fully retracted for washing. I opened my mouth wide and leaned forward until his purple helmet rested on my tongue. My lips closed around his shaft and locked behind his mushroom glans. My mouth flushed with spit as I savoured the clean taste of a man's cock.

"That's right mate. Get my cock good and wet."

He pulled his dick out of my mouth and lifted me to my feet like a child. His strong-arms flexing at the effort. Then he turned me to face the wall. His big hands moved to spread my arse cheeks and slip his finger in. Back and forth, slowly rubbing over my puckered hole. Dipping a fingertip in at each pass. I became open and relaxed as the whole of his big middle finger plunged in to me. I had spread my legs wider and used my arms to support me as I leaned on the wall of the shower. A showerhead sprayed directly on to my engorged cock head, and it felt good.

After a few seconds, his finger was joined by another opening my cherry hole. I loved how it was making me feel. They moved in and out, pushing and stretching my ring like a rubber band. Suddenly I was empty, but not for long. His cock head was pressing at my hole, a quick thrust broke past my sphincter, and he was in. Andrew held my hips in place as I got used to the girth of his shaft. Before I had time to think he had plunged fully into me. His pubic hair chafed against my smooth arse cheeks. Then the long slow thrusting started. With each stroke, Andrew hit my pleasure button and my cock jerked up to meet the water jets. My virgin body had never know such pleasure.

His hands moved on to my chest and roughly pinched my erect nipples. It was too much. His cock, in my arse, punching my prostrate. The strong shower spray playing on my cock head and the violent stimulation of my nipples. I started to cum.

It was only Andrew's strong arms around me and his hard dick up my arse that prevented me from collapsing to the floor. Spurt after spurt shot from my piss lips and my arse gripped his member. As my own orgasm was fading it was renewed by the swelling of Andrew's penis deep inside me. He grunted and made his final thrust into me. Hot sperm pumped into me. Each jet accompanied by the jerk and throb of Andrew's rod deep within me. I could sense each spurt of cum as my arse was filled to overflowing with hot jizz. The rapturous seconds turned into a timeless orgasmic plateau.

As the tension of orgasm passed, our legs gave way and we slid to the floor. Lying in the hot steamy water, Andrew's cock, still in my arse. He hugged and held me close. How long we stayed there I could not tell but his cock became soft and slipped out of me. His massive cum load dripping out of my abused hole was washed away. Andrew got up and turned off the shower then threw my towel over to me.

We went back to the locker room and got dressed. No word was spoken by either of us but I was sure that afternoons in the sports hall would be better than ever from now on.


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