Man for Man

An Awesome Mistake


Everybody is closeted at some point. I mean, almost nobody runs out to the world and announces that they're gay the second they realize it. You know, it takes time to figure it out or, at the very least, figure out how you're going to tell friends, family, and aquaintances that you like to suck cock - though chances are it won't be with that kind of colorful language. Then there are those of us that don't get the chance to tell everyone that they're gay, it just happens for one reason or another. I felt bad for those people, cause I was a control freak. I knew I was gay and knew exactly how I wanted to let everybody know - but that kind of went away when I became one of the people who didn't get that chance.


I'd known that I was gay since I was a freshman. I went to school at a small, East Texas high school where nobody else was out of the closet. Thanks to the internet, however, I'd had a couple boyfriends once I was old enough to drive. We'd meet in Dallas or Paris, depending on which was closer and... well, you know what's on the mind of every sixteen or seventeen year old. We got down to the sex pretty quickly and, as you might imagine, we took to it. Despite this kind of secret life I led, I was confident in my school life. The school was only 1A, which is the smallest designation in Texas, so it wasn't hard to rise to the top. I wasn't top of my class, but I was in the top ten. I was a starter on our six-man football team, President of the Student Council, Honor Society, and was the announcer for all of the home basketball games. Alot of people didn't like the fact that our school was so small, but I loved it - it gave me the chance to excel in a lot of different ways that would be closed in a bigger school. With a hand in everything, I was very popular and it didn't hurt that I was, arguably, the cutest guy in the 11th grade. I'm not tall, only standing around 5'8" or so, but I've got a nice, lean build and clear blue eyes to go with my short, dark brown hair. My various girlfriends always said that I had a really cute face too - which was clean-shaven, except for just a little dark stubble that I left unshaven over my chin.

All of my popularity changed though, the day after I was thrust out of the closet. I had planned, once I moved off to college, to come out to my parents and my friends. I didn't want to ruin high school or piss my parents off - so I wanted to be out of the house and out of school. My plans changed in early January of my junior year. We had just come back from Christmas vacation and I was announcing for our varsity basketball team. I didn't play basketball, just was never good at it, but I enjoyed the sport and liked participating any way that I could. Plus, who could turn down a chance to watch some of the hotter guys in my school running up and down the court in sweaty jerseys?

By the time the game was over, our boys had won. When they won, I always stuck around for a little bit longer to congratulate the guys, afterall I was friends with a lot of them from football and also just from the fact that we were all in a very small school. I kissed my girlfriend goodnight when she left the game with her brothers and sisters, and just hung around the gym. We were shooting the shit and one by one, the guys left. Some showered, some didn't - most were five minutes away from home at longest. There were only a few guys left and I was left chatting with this really cute black dude, one of the stars of the team. He was tall, probably around 6'2" or so and very lean. I was being kind of careless, I guess I was just used to nobody catching me - so I just kinda looked him up and down while we were chatting. He caught it though, and didn't hide that he'd caught me.

Grinning wide, Jaret asked, "What are you looking at, man?"

I flushed, "Oh, nothing."

Reaching down, he grabbed his crotch through the nylon basketball shorts he was wearing, "You calling this 'nothing'?" He didn't wait for me to answer, "Stick around Chris, come find me in the locker room after everybody else leaves." With that he walked off the court and into the locker room, leaving me standing there shocked. I knew it was a bad idea, but I almost couldn't resist. Being a gay highschooler, I had no business fucking around with my buddies, cause realistically I knew it wouldn't stay a secret that long - but I'd broken up with my last boyfriend about a month ago and desperately believed that if I went more than a month without sex I might die. So, what did I do? I stayed.

I just fucked around for about ten minutes, waiting mostly to see dudes leaving the locker room. I went around the equipment locker and pretended to be putting it in order, though for the most part nobody even noticed. The gym didn't close on weekends and since this was a Friday night, nobody was going to throw us out. The city owned half of the gymnasium and they just kept it open on the weekends like a sort of community center, kind of. If you were a resident, you could use it whenever you wanted. After that ten minutes had passed, I'd seen three or four guys leave and thought it was safe to head into the locker room. I pulled the door open and was immediately hit with the post-game scent of sweaty teens, but more importantly it was quiet - meaning almost everybody was gone.


Everybody except one, Jaret. "Hey man," he grinned, sitting on a bench near a row of lockers.

"Hey," I answered weakly, stepping closer to him.

He stood up, not saying anything else and moved into one of the shower stalls and drew the curtain. I was nervous as hell, but followed him in, anyway. We were very close at this point and both fully dressed, assuming you call a basketball uniform fully dressed. I was still wearing a green polo shirt and a tight pair of jeans. We just kinda stared at each other for a second, so I moved in to kiss him - but he stopped me, "Uh uh. I don't kiss dudes - this is all about me. You know what to do."

Well fuck. He wasn't gay, so I'd already misinterpreted one situation. "On your knees, man," he said quietly, though he was still grinning.

Dutifully, I dropped to my knees - I still wanted to have sex, even if he wasn't gay. Carefully, I stuck my fingers into the elastic of his waistband and pulled his basketball shorts down. He yanked his jersey off of his torso, leaving him naked save for his sweaty jockstrap, which appeared to be barely constraining his teen meat. I pressed my face into his crotch, inhaling the musky aroma of sweat as my eyes darted upwards to drink in his smooth, bare chest. Despite his cocky grin, his chest was heaving pretty heavily - suggesting that he was as nervous as I was. Probably never had his cock sucked by another guy. Tired of nuzzling the pouch, I stripped his jockstrap off, freeing around six inches of semi-hard meat.

"Oh yeah," he moaned, "stick my black meat in your mouth."

I parted my lips, as I'd done a dozen times before with my boyfriends, and sucked his hardening prick into my mouth. He groaned as he finally slipped into me and I sucked gently on him, focusing on the head at first but sliding down to his sparsely haired groin as he plumped up to his full nine-inches. I reached around and grabbed his asscheeks and used my grip on them to fuck my face onto this cock. I easily deepthroated his length, which he enjoyed greatly, earning loud grunts every time my nose would bury itself in his short, curly pubes. "Oh, fuck yes!" he groaned, as I blew him expertly.

As I slid down again, I tightened the ring of my lips that encased his throbbing cock and sucked harder, undoubtedly crossing his eyes in pleasure. He let out another series of curse words and even a few insults, though I was too into blowing this dude to care. I pulled off of his dick and quickly dropped down to his heavy balls, running my slick tongue all over his baby-makers. "Yeah, eat my nuts, fag," he grunted, finally bringing his hands to the back of my head. Doing as I was told, I played with his nuts for all I was worth - licking them, sucking them into my mouth, and even biting them gently, all while my black stallion groaned and squirmed above me.

Figuring it was time to get back to the main course, I plunged back over the sensitive tip of his cock, sucking the head fiercely. As I pressed back down onto Jaret's thick cock, he cried out in pleasure and, almost simultaneously, the curtain to the shower stall slid open forcefully. I pulled off of Jaret to see his buddy Ricky, also a basketball player, standing at the curtain. "Holy shit!" he exclaimed, "You were right, man - he is a fag!"

"Told ya," grinned Jaret, unashamed of his cock throbbing out in front of him.

I was already flushed and sweating from the heat we'd built up in the little shower stall, but I managed to get a little redder yet. Jaret had apparently told his buddy that I'd be blowing him - whether Ricky had come back in and I'd just failed to notice it, or he'd been hiding in the locker room this whole time, I never found out. Ricky was built a little like Jaret, except that he was white. He had black hair done up in wild spikes, a cute face, and a tight, lean body. He was still wearing his basketball uniform. "I'm not ga--," I tried to stammer out, but Ricky interrupted.

"Aw, fuck man - I don't give a shit, just suck my cock." I shifted over on my knees, which were really starting to hurt at this point, and quickly pulled down his shorts and jock, leaving his seven and a half hard inches, bobbing in the cool air of the locker room. I noticed immediately too, that Ricky was smaller than Jaret, but he was hairier too - with a thick patch of dark pubes crowning his cock. As I admired his cock, a pearl of precum appeared at the slit as he anticipated his coming blowjob - my tongue darted out quickly and scooped up the clear fluid. That was, as they say, that. Once my tongue touched Ricky's hard cock, I went for him all the way. I plunged up and down his cock, enjoying the smell of his sweaty pubes as a deepthroated his smaller prick.


I went to town on his cock for probably a good five minutes before Jaret finally pulled me off of him. "Let's get out of this fucking shower."

I was ecstatic to finally get up off my knees and free my cock from the tight confines of my jeans and underwear. When I looked up, both boys were sitting on a bench, leaning up against some lockers, still completely naked with their erections jutting up proudly from their crotches. Ricky was the first to speak, "Come on over, Chris." I yanked my sweaty polo off and stepped over to where they were. Ricky winked, "Work us over, man - no reason for this shit to end quickly."

I leaned over him and prepared to put his cock back into my mouth, but he stopped me, "No, man! Work us over, like our whole body - worship our fucking bodies like the fag you are." Again, I was embarassed, but I think they just wanted to see what I'd do. At this point, why the fuck should I disappoint? I leaned over Ricky's body and licked over his neck, sucking lightly at this adam's apple before dropping down and swabbing my tongue over his nicely defined chest. I locked onto one of his dime-sized nipples and sucked hard, bringing a loud groan from his throat. I slid over just a little further though and started tonguing his thick bicep, washing my tongue over the taut muscle. He grinned, though he didn't say anything and lifted his arm, flexing the muscle fully for me. I licked all over it, before dropping down into the hairy recess of his sweaty pit. "Aw fuck, Jaret, this nasty queer's gonna eat out my pits!" He made no move to stop me though and, instead, moved his hand behind his head, giving me full access to his pit. To me the thick hair, curled with sweat was hot as hell and I dove in completely, sucking noisily at his pit while he groaned. I slid across his body to the other side and did the same, enjoying the musky scent and taste of Ricky's sweaty teen pits. He obviously enjoyed the treatment, but Jaret had gone without anything for a while now - so I slid over to him and licked across his chest.

Jaret had an idea, though, "Eat out my ass, man - you guys like that, right?"

I didn't answer, I just dropped down low and spread his legs wide. My tongue dove beneath his balls, hunting for his lightly haired asshole. "Shit, he's going to do it man!" Jaret exclaimed, just as my tongue hit his hole. I pulled him slightly forward to ensure better access and thrust my tongue against his tight ass. "Oh Christ!" he yelped, screwing his eyes shut, "He's fucking eating my ass, Ricky!" He gripped the bench tightly as a munched on his asshole, feeling it tighten and loosen beneath my oral assault.

Ricky looked excited, "That shit feels good?"

Jaret opened his eyes briefly, "It's fucking amazing!"

I continued to work on his ass for probably a solid five or ten minutes - time was passing quickly, while Ricky pulled on his own cock. "Oh, shit man - give Ricky a shot of that." Obediently, I slid over, spreading Ricky's legs and diving into his ass without hesitation. "That's some good action, ain't it?"

Ricky just groaned as I worked his ass over. I was amazed that I'd worked both boys up to such a frenzy and neither of them had blown, but that was rapidly coming to an end. Jaret was clearly ready for the climax as he got behind me. I was already on all fours, eating out Ricky's ass from the floor, so Jaret spit on his hand and lubed up his prick. I liked getting fucked, but it had been quite a while - so I braced for impact. Jaret pressed his thick cockhead against my tight asshole and pushed hard, until he popped in. I felt that first sear of pain as he eased his way into me, but forced myself back onto Ricky's ass to distract myself from the pain. Jaret muttered, "Oh man, this fag's got a tight ass. I won't last long." Pretty soon, the black stud got all the way in and started working his way in and out, finally giving my prostate the stimulation I loved.

Ricky pushed me off of his ass, "Finish me off Chris, fuckin' suck my cock." I willingly accepted his slick cock back into my mouth as Jaret fucked me harder from behind. I tightened my lips and rode over Ricky hard, hoping to bring him off quickly with Jaret. With only one hand propping me up, I jerked my own hard cock in pace with Jaret's thrusts. Sweat was rolling down his smooth body now and I felt some of drop onto my back as he leaned over me with every thrust.

"Fuck yes," Ricky cried, "I'm gonna blow!" The hot teen grabbed my head with both hands and pushed me as deep as he could into this sweaty pubes as his nuts contracted and shot their seed deep into my throat. I swallowed as much as I could, but a little cum still slipped out of my mouth and onto Ricky's balls and pubes.

That did it for me too as I felt my load loose itself all over the concrete floor of the locker room. As the pleasure cascaded over my body, I tightened my ass around Jaret's driving dick. "Oh, that's it," he groaned, still pistoning in and out of my ass, "I'm gonna give you my spunk, bitch. You want it?"

I pulled off of Ricky's softening cock, "Fuck yes!"

With an animalistic grunt, he pressed deep into my teen ass and unloaded his seed into me. I don't know how many spurts of cum he deposited into me, but it felt like he kept shooting for an eternity. "Oh fuck," I moaned, as we started to unwind, "that was so hot."

Jaret pulled himself out of me with popping sound, "Sure as hell was - good for you, Ricky?"

Ricky put his hands behind his head again and just gave a satisfied smile, "I never would've figured you for a fag man, but you're fucking awesome in the sack."

I grinned as I soaked in the aura of my two buddies, who then went on about congratulating themselves on performance and other things. It was stupid, I know, but I thought everything would be the same after that. Things took exactly one day to go to shit. We'd left the gym that night and I went straight home for bed, after jacking off twice more thinking of how crazy I'd gotten with my two studs. My mother woke me up early the next day cause a "friend" was there to see me. I got dressed only to find another basketball player, Michael there to see me. We weren't really friends - but needless to say he wanted to get "closer" and we did... but I still didn't see the writing on the wall. Jaret and Ricky weren't my friends anymore, I was just a tool for them and their friends. When I got to school on Monday, everybody was staring at me - literally everybody, teachers and students alike. I never got beat up or anything, but highschool wasn't the same. I was the fag in a small, rural school. So, yeah, looking back - it was a mistake... but it was a fucking awesome mistake.

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