Man for Man

Amy's Fault


"Great lighting huh?" a voice behind Dave said.

He nodded and kept staring at the full length naked form on the wall. It was a photo exhibit of the Seniors.


Dave held his own camera wishing he had taken the picture signed by Amy Dietrich. He knew Amy. They had driven into the desert to photograph blooming flowers earlier that year.

"You like it?" the voice said again.

Dave was still staring. The body seemed tanned. Light fur covered the models chest and seemed to form a Y as it traveled down the flat belly and into the thickness above the penis and testicle region.

"I was uh a bit nervous, that's why it looks that way" the voice said again.

Dave didn't know who the voice was talking too. But he listened as his eyes moved down the two thick thighs partially illuminated. They seemed to disappear into darkness until the two manly feet could be seen in a pool of light.

Amy had a good eye.

He stood bare-chested among the cactus and flowers that day. She kept taking photos of him instead of the flora they had driven to see that day.

"Quit it" he protested.

"I want to take photos of you, nobody's watching. Take off your shorts" she urged.

He laughed.

"They're low enough, stop it" he protested again running a short distance away.

"You a photographer too?" the voice asked. The voice was followed by a hand on the bare part of his shoulder outside the tank top he wore.

"Never happen" Dave said to Amy.

"We'll see" Amy smiled. He had blushed with her attention. She knew he was gay but still she persisted since they became friends in high school.

Years later, they were both about to graduate from Art College.

Dave's photos of architecture, crowds and people received good grades and attention from potential employers.

But Amy saw something different in her photographs. She seemed to capture something from inside the people she photographed.

He looked up at the face again. The near semitone of the young man in the photo graph made an excellent background to the vivid grey silver-like eyes that Amy seemed to have spotted during the printing process.

The hand on his shoulder was warm. He turned around finally.

"Oh you were talking to me" Dave apologized "I uh didn't know"

There were the grey almost silver eyes looking at him. The face too was the same. The body was covered in a white tee shirt which covered the form Dave had been devouring. The bulging jeans covered the rest of it.

"That's ok. I uh just saw the camera and wanted your opinion" he smiled

Dave didn't say what he knew was polite. "I can see you aren't nervous now" he said. The words and his eyes looking at the bulge in the boy's jeans revealed what his mind had focused on.

"Yea, always at the wrong times" the boy's face blushed. "I'm uh Serg, Amy did that" he pointed.

Dave didn't know whether he should look at Serg's photographed naked body or just keep facing him.

"Yea she's great. She tried to shoot me too" Dave said "we were out in the desert supposedly getting the spring flowers. Those are mine." He pointed across the room at the three photos of his work.

"I know. Amy told me about you" Serg said.

They both realized their hands were still holding each other and dropped them.

"Sorry wasn't expecting to meet the model" Dave said.

"Naw just a geometry major. Amy's class." Serg

"So how did she get you to do it?" Dave said glancing back at the naked view.

"I asked her" Serg said

"Brave" Dave said "I was too scared"

"Shame, I bet you'd look hot naked" Serg said replacing his hand on Dave's shoulder.

He turned back to the boy.

"Amy told me about you" Serg said squeezing his hand.

The room was dark, almost like the half lit photograph he had viewed earlier. Serg didn't hesitate stripping naked as soon as the door was closed.

He moved to Dave and began to strip him. Dave said nothing. The sound of his deep breaths filled the quiet room.

Serg was inhaling so deep it looked like the air was filling every part of his body including the inflated cock.

"Told you" he said feeling Dave's hand on his erection. Their lips met and tongues didn't hesitate to explore inside each other.

It had been sometime since Dave had sex. It was a hot night in the basement of the library. It was a shadow actually several shadows. He didn't know who or which it was whose hands moved inside his clothing. It was passionate, animal sex. Safe, he was surprised to feel the rubber encased cock at first, then relieved. He let it happen, Dave needed it to happen.


The passion was there this time. Animal like too, created by the spontaneity and the memories of the photographed body. It felt like Amy was there, watching and smiling, perhaps aiming her lens.

They fell on the bed. Dave felt his legs surrounded the thin hips while his fingers intertwined in the matt of body hair he had admired. The cock seemed like a natural fit neither burning nor stretching but slid into his human sheath as if it belonged there.

Their mouths sought each other while their young bodies stretched in the muscle stretching positions of their love making.

Dave didn't know how long they were there. He didn't measure anything but the pleasure and the feeling of the appendage that moved inside him as he clenched to give pleasure to Serg at the same time.

There were grunts, moans, little curses as they abandoned cares, concerns, fears and feelings to appease the need for satisfaction.

They paused realizing they had rolled to the floor. The cock felt like it remained inside but Dave held it now. He kissed it as if to give thanks for its existence and the pleasure he derived from it.

"Shit" Serg muttered as his cock was sucked down Dave's throat. He felt the back of the boy's throat at first then it opened until he felt the guy's nose pressed into his pubic hair.

He grabbed the head and pumped the throat. There were no gag sounds. The warm moisture tightened around his cock.

"You want me to shoot you?" Amy said.

"Yea you know just something I can uh give to special guys" Serg said as they ate lunch on the park bench after class.

"Ever had someone photograph you?" She asked

"Just school stuff" Serg said.

"Tell you what, I'll take the shots but you have to pose naked too" She said adding "the human form is beautiful and I want to capture it"

"Ever done that before? Serg asked

"Once or twice. I have a friend who I keep wanting to photograph but he's too shy. There he is in fact"

Serg looked to where Amy pointed. A reddish haired thin student was talking to two guys across the grass. He wore a tight white wife-beater and shorts. The shorts lay across his buttocks like skin.

"I don't blame you" Serg said "Tell you what, you can do it but you have to introduce me"

"You ok?" Serge asked as he recovered from the second orgasm and wiped his cum soaked hand on Dave's smooth body.

"God yes, I graduate this year" Dave didn't know why he said that. Perhaps it was a lament that they had just met and would soon part.

"Me too" Serg replied "I think you're my graduation present" he bent over and kissed the still orgasm moist cock and balls. "Amy gave you to me" he added

They laughed.

"You know she want to photograph you naked" Serg said licking his lips. "Maybe she'd do both of us together"

Dave's cock expanded at the words and mental image of them naked, making love, Amy moving around their naked bodies clicking her camera.

"Fuck me" He pleaded

Serg didn't answer; His cock was pressed at the slightly dilated ass lips which ached to swallow him again. With little pressure he re-entered.

"God" Dave sighed. His sex drained boy seemed tighter as if he wanted to be forced open by Serg's cock.

He watched the face, now glowing with the perspiration their unmeasured time of love making had created. His hands moved to the chest and fondled each pink nipple that erupted through the hair.

Serg closed his eyes as the fingers pulled, pinched and twisted sending shivers of sensations that traveled from his nipples to his brain and back down to somewhere deep inside him that instigated hard thrusting into the warm body below him.

They were laying there in the darkness, neither desirous of moving away from their bodies that pressed together. Dave wasn't sure if Serg was still inside him or not, though he felt the cock inside.

They casually stroked each other's body; Dave loving the hair covered torso above and Serg loving the smooth freckled skin below him.

"OH sorry" the voice made both their heads turn. "I'll come back"

"Naw it's ok" Serg said

A beefy shirtless man about their age had entered. He carried his shirt.


"Roommate" Serg said to Dave. Dave didn't know what to do.

"I just have to get a dry shirt" the boy said tossing some books and shirt on a bed.

"You can stay" Serg said "That ok with you?"

Dave wasn't sure at first what was going on.

"He likes to watch" Serg said "and I think you like to be watched"

Dave didn't reply, his lips were covered in Serg's and the site of the roommate sitting on his bed watching them disappeared as his cock felt Serg's hand.

"God fuck me again" Dave said

He didn't have to beg. Serg was indeed still inside him and expanding with the renewed excitement of his roommate watching them fuck.

Dave couldn't believe his new lover was not only ready to fuck a third time but became more aggressive, plunging harder and faster inside him. It hurt at time, but his body seemed excited by it now.

Their sweat lubricated where their bodies pressed. Dave stretched his back muscles lifting to take Serg's body with his lips and teeth. Somehow their renewed arousals and youth allowed them to twist, stretch and move around each other like rutting animals.

Cocks, hands, teeth, butts and finally collapsing in a heap as their aches came from deep inside them with the orgasms they had once again.

Dave was exhausted; breathing so deep his chest ached. His vision returned as he saw Serg's roommate standing nearby. He was naked and holding his own softening cock having sprayed them both with his sight educed orgasm.

"So how did it go?" Amy asked Dave at lunch the following Monday.

"You bitch, it's your fault" Dave said.

"Don't thank me all at once" Amy said "Now you have to pay for it"

There was a roll of white paper that stretched across the floor and rose to its origin hanging from two metal stands.

Dave and Serg arrived together. A week had passed. They tried to do what Amy asked but it was difficult.

"Did you?" Serg whispered to him. "Wet dream but man it woke me up" Dave replied "I'll be ok"

Amy and an assistant were busy adjusting lights. The youngish boy, a freshman, placed the padded ottoman in the middle of the paper.

"We'll do poses at first, then see how it goes" She said "Ready?"

Dave looked at her and the young assistant. He had suddenly become shy again.

"Should have invited Ralph" Serg said pinching Dave's butt "He would have liked it"

Ralph, Serg's roommate had wanted to stay and watch them the rest of their first weekend. But he had to drive home. So he missed their near continuous love making. Neither dressed until Monday morning in time for their respective classes.

Now another week had passed. They agreed to pose for Amy as promised. She asked that they not indulge in any kind of sex until then. "You'll be randy and more ready to show off for the camera" she said "Like Serg was"

"I just jacked" Serg explained that weekend, about his first session with Amy. "And yes she shot it but thank god she didn't show that in the gallery"

"I would like to see those photos" Dave said as they took a break between their search for more satisfaction.

"Does he uh have to be here?" Dave asked

Amy laughed and turned to the assistant. "He's a freshman, learning so yea but tell you what. Conrad, just what I said to you earlier, go ahead"

Conrad looked up from where he was plugging in the lights.

"OH sure Amy" he stripped so fast it was like a special effect. One moment he was wearing a sleeveless sweatshirt and jean shorts, the next instant he was naked.

"Wow, can he pose with us?" Dave asked feeling Serg's slap on his still clothed butt.

"Let's see how it goes" Amy said "Now get in position and start undressing each other"

The session was a long one. Amy captured the two new lovers stripping each other, kissing, exploring and posing.

Their sex was just as hot. Neither boy cared that Amy was moving around them, taking photos of nooks and cracks, cocks and mouths, hands and nipples.

"Shit do you guys do this all the time?" Conrad obviously aroused by the afternoon asked.

"Just met two weeks ago" Serg said. "He saw my photo"

"Yea me too, very hot" Conrad said "wish I was there first"

Serg looked at Dave. He raised his eyebrows in question. Dave smiled.

"Go ahead boys, I got plenty of memory left" Amy said.

"It's all your fault" Dave said to Amy as they sat in the metal chairs. The blue gown covered his white shirt and tie and dress pants. He had wanted to be naked underneath knowing Serg would be turned on.

But his parents were there so he had to dress proper.

"What?" Amy asked sitting beside her co-graduating friend.

"Serg and me, Conrad and us, Ralph and us. It's confusing" He said

"See the website?" Amy asked.

"Bitch" Dave said then squeezed her hand.

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