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I live on the east coast so dag gone close to the bible belt that I hear it clink daily. There are more preachers down round here telling us how to live our lives and what not to do when they should be following the creed open your arms to all. Opps sorry got on my soapbox.


I run a small business that has a herd of seasonal employees I have several college boys that work for me and several high school seniors they are all great guys hard working and to work for me you have to be good looking. I'm in my late 40's married with kids and am a gym rat plain and simple. I powerlifted for more years than most of my guys have been living. I don't anymore and have actually toned down some leaner less bulk and i'm in as good a shape as many 25 y/o service guys. My trainer buddy is a army ranger he sets the standards and it show's. I drink a few beers and like to toke a bit.

Anyway here it is New Years Eve and i'm sitting back going over in my mind what happened 3 weeks back. I hosted our annual Christmas party at a local seafood place and we all had a great time. As the evening wore on one of my college guys asked me to catch up with him tomorrow I said cool text me when your awake.

About 10 am the next morning my cell chirps and I look and it's from Jason, he has dark hair a sexy deep voice a totally ripped body , yea everyone in every story says that but dude's he's a track star I've never seen him naked but i've seen everything from the crack of his ass on them low riding board shorts to his toes and i've seen the sizeable lump in his shorts and i'm talking sizeable.

His text says awake? I reply duh, i'm a early riser. He says you gonna be out this way today? I reply I can be? sup? His reply is stop on by. I say back ok time. He says just text me when your on the way. I say ok, be a few.

I finish some paperwork and calls check my planner and am pretty much free the rest of the day winter time, round here you make it in the warmer months and put some away for the colder ones. I jump in the truck then go back in the office grab my goodie bag thinking I might just get finished with Jason and fire one up later.

I head down the road and as I make the turn to his neighborhood I send a txt just round the corner He reply's back just come on in when you get here. I have known him since middle school and his folks so I am cool with popping in.

I pull up in the drive and go in the downstairs door and up the steps I say hey Jason his voice says come on back i'm fixing to grab a shower. Now i'm bi-sexual and love to suck on hot younger guys I go outa my way to get straight boys to let me blow them. I step into his bedroom door and he's sitting at his puter closing his email browser He is shirtless wearing a pair of pajama bottoms. I say hey wassup hot one! He says same ole' sending emails to my bitches back at school. I say yea the stud king and his stable of hotties. I say yea yea yea i've heard all the stories. He says hold a minute and gives me that killer smile. He is typing away on the puter and is back in his email. He pops open a picture and it's a hottie for sure click click more of them pop on the screen some are G rated some R some XXX rated. I said ok hot stuff where are the pictures you send to them. He turns and looks at me and says you want to see them? I said sure i'm not scared certainly not of you. He didn't turn or anything just quietly said you should be.

He says you got any pot? I say now Jason why would you ask me that, he says come on everyone know's your a head sometimes it's easy to tell when your stoned sometimes I can't tell. I say you want to get high, he says yea if you got some, I say where are the folks? He says outa town gone to visit family, I ask how did you ditch that, he said didn't want to go so I didn't.

I say ok, meet me in the garage I head to the truck and as I walk back in the garage Jason is standing there I pack up the pipe fire it up then pass it to him and with typical college boy style sucks the life outa the pipe. Holds the smoke till he chokes and then slowly exhales. We do this again then head back up stairs. I say so hot stuff why did you bring me here, just to get you high? He says Yea, mostly. I say thats cool I really didn't think you partied he said thats they way I want it to be i'm very careful who I let know what. I say I understand that completely I'm very careful about who know's things about me. He said yea ya gotta be careful who know's stuff about ya. That had a double meaning for sure, I say man that was some good shit, i'm starting to buzz he said yea me too getting just right. I say ok studmuffing show me the pics you send to the hotties. He looks me dead in the eye and says you really want to see them don't ya? I say sure besides i've seen just about all of you already, he says not the best part and sits at the puter.


Clicks and screen flashes and I say i'm getting some water ya want some he says yea. I go into the kitchen and get to glasses of water and ice. I walk back into the bedroom and he's sitting in front of the puter I set the glass on the table and see the icon spinning to open up a pic. I sit back on the bed and notice the pajama bottoms on the pillow. The pic opens and it's Jason head to toe naked hands on his hips abs flexed and his soft cock hanging lower than his low hanging balls. I say wow boy no wonder the hotties chase after ya all the time. He takes a drink from his glass and says impressive ain't it. I say yea puts me to shame but i'm not worried cause my junks works just fine. He keeps his back to me and says you know Chris Blank,,, I say i'm not sure then he says sure you do he runs track with me you know black hair looks kinda goth real tall skinny and such. I say I think I have seen him before. Jason says i'm sure you know him I say really i'm not sure, he says well if his dick was in your mouth your wouldn't be saying that would ya? I paused for a few long long seconds and said obviously you know something. He said Chris and I are best buds I followed him a while back and he pulled up to the office and went in there were only 2 trucks there his and yours I peeked thru the window and saw you sucking his dick. I said ok Jason, what's the point. You two lovers or something? He said I ain't gay right I said sure thats why your sitting here naked and hard , you do have a hardon don't ya Jason.

You asked me over here to suck your cock like I have been sucking your buddies cock is that what you want Jason. He turned his chair around and sure enough sitting there was 7 plus inches of fat cut dick. I said you want me to get on my knees in front of you and take that cock in my mouth and show you what Chris has been getting all this time. He said yea I want you to suck me off.

I said ask to do it boy go ahead ask me. He looked down and said would you please suck my dick for me? I got off the bed and got between his legs and ran my tounge up along his fat cockhead wrapping my lips around the head and plunging my lips to his pubes, thats when I noticed that he trims up the balls were shaved smooth. I worked up and down his dick tasting the precum oozing from his slit I reached up and tweaked a nip on his tight chest and fondled his balls with my free hand. He was moaning and groaning I probed between his rock hard ass cheeks and rubbed a finger on his rosebud hole. I felt his hand wrap around my head and he groaned out I felt the head swell up and then blasts of cum rocked out of his dick into my mouth and down my throat. He pumped and pumped till his cum was oozing out of my mouth. I sucked and licked on him till he pushed my head off his dick. I had pulled my own 6 in cock out and was stroking it but hadn't cum, he said you really get into this shit don't ya, I said well tell me you didn't enjoy it? He stood up opened the window and said lets do another bowl. He stood in front of me with his cock sticking straight out still long and thick but not quite full hard.

I packed a bowl he takes it fires it up an takes a long draw, then leans over to me and shotguns the smoke into my mouth then just lightly brushes my lips with his. He sits back and says bet you though I was gonna kiss your cocksucking lips didn't ya and laughed. I said no not really no macho hot bodied red neck would ever do something like that ,,, kiss a cocksucker really specially after just letting him blow him no way we both got to laughing about it. He said i'll kiss you if you want me to, I said if you want to I want to but nothing that you don't want to do. He leans over and tounge kisses me agressively. It was fucking hot.

I say wow boy you can really kiss , he says it was better than I though it was gonna be honestly. I said well stud wait till you get some of my ass. He said your gonna let me fuck you? Just as soon as you suck on my cock for a little bit. Jason looked at me and said i'm not a fag i'm not going to suck yours or any other dick. I said to him well Jason how many years has Chris been sucking you? Come on now like you didn't think I knew did you? He looked down and said to me after a long pause since middle school everything was so cool then he went goth on me and I had to stop hanging around him.


He looked at me and I stood up letting my pants hit the floor and taking my shirt off Jason had seen me shirtless many times it was nothing new there for him to see my cock and balls were a different story for him I had a silver cock ring on. He looked at it asking me what it was and I explained to him what it is and what it does.

I said in a commanding voice to get on his knees and lick the head of my cock. I reached for him and pulled him towards me he resisted but just slightly. I pushed my cockhead thru his lips and into his mouth and held his head as I pumped my fat cock in to and out of his mouth. It took several minutes before he took over the work and I was really enjoying the feelings he was giving me. He had gone mostly soft at first but was rock hard again. I was talking to him slutty talk, calling him my bitch boy a dirty cocksucker and the more filth I gave him the more and harder he sucked on my cock. Occasionally going to far and getting a gag out.

I pulled my dick from those sexy lips and said to him what do you use when you jerk off, he reached for the nightstand an pulled a old fashioned tube of store brand jelly out. I said great do you have any condoms. He went back in the drawer and pulled out some Trojans I said get on the bed lay on your back. He did as I requested and was just watching me as I put some of the lube on his cock and then tore open the rubber pack and rolled it on his dick. I took more of the lube and got the condom all slippery. I took more and pushed it into my butthole first with one finger then two. I was just gonna have to take it cause I wasn't gonna fiddle around right now I sat up on the bed straddled him and guided his rigid cock into my hole. I had to push down on him to keep him from just jamming it right in.

It took a little bit to get past the ring but once it and the initial gasp was over I sat right down on him. I slow rocked back and forth asking him how it felt, he responded that I was tighter than any girl he had ever been with and my insides were hotter.

I said i'm gona roll on my back then you can really get at me, he said no just stay like this right now and he reached to my cock and pulled on it. He took some of the jelly and greased up my dick and I sat full down on him his large cockhead was beating the crap outa my prostate, I said Jason i'm gonna nut pretty quick, he responded i'm holding back waiting for you to cum then i'm gonna let fly. I said stroke faster boy and pull a nipple for me he said play with mine dad, play with my nipples too.

I reached down and twisted and tweaked on his with one had he jerked on my cock and the other switching between my hard nipples. I said to him I was ready and arched my back pushing my ass as deep on his dick as I could and my first jet of cum shoot out of my cockhead as he stroked up and down he pushed up hard and I could feel him swelling and spasming in my ass. I had a fantastic orgasm but Jason kept twitching in my ass an with his size and thickness I could feel it each time he twitched.

I sat up off his cock and leaned down to kiss him and he briefly kissed me then sat up pulling a loaded condom off his cock and showing me how much of his cum was trapped inside of it.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up a bit when I got back to his room he had on a pair of shorts and was busy sucking on my pipe again. He said thanks for bringing me some weed and for the education.

I said no worries really help yourself anything else I can do for ya let me know.

I got in my truck as he stood with me in the driveway and said my folks are gone till new years i'm supposed to go up for a few day at christmas but i'll be back. I said you just let me know and we can work it all out. I backed out of the driveway he reached down and groped himself and smiled at me.

I made it back to the office when my phone chirped with a text from Jason, come by at 4.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.