Man for Man



Just saying hot isn't the word. It was so hot, so humid that it was as if the world changed, as if any desire to do anything even say anything was gone.


Jeff had showed up in the morning as they all discussed though. As he walked the half mile to Ryan's house, he felt the air squeezing him. It was no wonder that by the time he passed George's house and yelled for him he was soaked.

"Man you look like you ran"

"Naw I just sweat like crazy when it's like this"

"Yea" George wore only his tiny white hunderwear when Jeff appeared at his bedroom door.

"Man I don't want to put anything on" he said as he pulled the underwear off. It wasn't the first time Jeff had seen him naked but for some reason his cock started to get hard.


"What's the matter" Jeff pulled a pair of loose fitting shorts form a drawer and started to pull them on.

"Nothing, just the humditiy I guess" Jeff said adjusting his cock.

"Did you wank this morning or are you just horny" George said seeing Jeff's discomfort and his tented jeans.

"I chocked it three times last night but man...."

"Here get out of those jeans and put these on" George pulled another pair of shorts from his drawer. "Man you are horny" reacting to seeing Jeff's now revealed hard cock.

"Come on better take care of that" George said grabbing a jar.

"What's that?"

"I use it all the time" George said as he knelt in front of Jeff and began to put the goo on his cock. Jeff jumped "Hey man"

"Hell we've jacked off together before, just stand there" George said as he jacked his friend. IT didn't take long for Jeff to explode. Maybe it was the heat or seeing his shirtless friend kneelign there rubbing his cock. his cum was soon spraying all over George's face and chest.

"Sorry man I warned you" Jeff said.

"No you didn't warn me but that's cool. You owe me one" George laughed as he wiped the cum from his face and body with his discarded underwear "Now put on the shorts and let's go".

They left the house and continued to walk towrds Ryan's house. Jeff had taken his wet t shirt off and still sweat as he remained bare chested.

Ryan was in the pool when they arrived. He waved and then was pulled under. Another head appeared, it was their friend Mason who laughed at the horseplay.

"Come on in guys, it's the only place to survive" he called out and then flipped and dove under. His bare buttock was revealed as he dove down into the water.

Ryan jumped up on the side of the pool. He too was bareass.

"We're skinny dipping" He smiled flipping his cock at the two.

Jeff looked at the house.

"Nobody's home, they went to a movie so we hve the place to ourselves. Dan's here but he's in his room whacking off"

It didn't take long for George to drop his shorts and dive into the water. Jeff said "gotta piss" he went into the house while the splashing and yelling in the pool continued between the three of them.

"Hey" he said stopping at the door that he knew Dan and his brother Ryan shared. Dan was sitting there at the computer. He was naked and stroking his cock.

"Hey" Dan said not looking towards the door. "Whasup?"

"Came over to cool off, can't in this weather..not even sure the pool will help" Jeff said as he stepped into the room closer to Dan.

Dan was Ryan's older brother, a hunk to say the least. He was an athlete with developed arms, chest and legs. Jeff had jacked off more then a few times thinking of seeing Dan in his speedos.

"Yea know what you mean, I've gotta whack off before I can go out there" Dan said stretchine his arms over head. The sight of his erection was easy to see.

"Know what you mean, I keep getting boners. Hell George had to pump me before we came" Jeff tested Dan to get his reaction.

"Did it help?" Dan asked as he turned in his chair. His hand was pulling hid ballsac then moved back to his own problem.

"For a while, hell I'm hard again" Jeff admitted looking down at the tent in his borrowed shorts.

"Hell you're always hard when I see you" Dan said.

Jeff didn't know what to say. Dan revealing he had looked at his crotch before made him harder.

"Need to jack?" Dan asked as he stretched his legs out and leaning back.

"Yea" Jeff said and moved forwars when Dan gave himn a move closer signal.


Jeff stood still as Dan unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop. He figured it was going to be the second time that day in fact in his life that someone was going to milk his cock.

"Yea you are horny" Dan said as he stroked his own cock.

Dan reached around the back of Jeff's head and pulled him down. "Come on boy, you know you want to do it....and I can use those lips."

Jeff had never touched another guys cock before at last not wiht anything other then his fingers when he and his buddies jacked off together.

He pressed his lips against Dan's cock. He had no opti0n as the hunk pulled his face to his crotche.

"Just do what I tell you, you're going to love it" Dan said "open up and stick out your tongue"

Jeff felt his cock hurt it was so hard. He was about to give the object of his fexual fantasy a blowjob..he licked it and was surprised it didnt' really have any taste.

"nice now lick it from the base to the tip" Dan instructed pulling Jeff's head closer.

Jeff licked into the pubic hair andthen moved his tongue up one side of the stalk and over the tip. He tasted a bit of moisture and was suprised it tasted good, almost sweet.

"Come on boy you have more to do then that" Dan said. He had stopped pulling Jeff's head. He didn't have to.

Jeff was now licking the older boys meat stick, one side then the other then the tip and around the head.

"It's time to let it inside that cute mouth of yours" Dan said ashe reasted his hand on the back of Jeff's head. But he didn't force the boy.

Jeff opened his mouth to let the cock inside sliding over his tongue until it hit the back of his throat. He gagged.

"It's ok, use your tongue inside that hot mouth of yours" Dan instructed

Jeff did as he was told. His own hand rubbed his cock as he tongued the cock that filled his mouth, rubbed against the roof of his motuh and kept hitting the back of his throat again making him gag again and again.

The more he played with the cock the more it seemed natyuret. Jeff round ways to literally suck on it, tongue it and keep his boy lips tight enough to slide over the edge of Dan's cockhead making him moan louder and louder.

"Get ready, just swallow" Dan said as he moved his hips so his cock moved in and out of Jeff's mouth. "tighter, make those lips tighter" Dan said gasping for breath.

Jeff felt the cock actually expaned then felt the cum hit his throat. He almost gagged but swallowed in time and kept swallowing as Dan's cum flowed down his throat.

"Shit, I htought you'd puke or something" Dan said as he held his softening cock. Jeff saw the bead of cum on it's tip and licked it off.

"Oh you like that stuff huh?" Dan said "Hey boys we got a class A cock sucker there.

Jeff turned to see Ryan, George and Mason standing there. All three were naked, all three had erections and all three were smiling.

"Well time for the pool, I guess if you want to use the pool you got three more cocks to taste first, right guys?" Dan created the rule.

Jeff didn't move. He didn't know whether to laugh it off and pretend like the guys hadn't seen him suck a cock and hed out to the pool or what to do.

"Me first" Ryan said but Mason pushed in front of him, "Naw your brother got off first so you can wait" he offered no other lofig then that as he moved close to Jeff and aimed his cock.

Jeff was soon sucking the second cock that had ever been in his mouth. Fortunately for his comfort, guys his age didn't need much to cum and Mason was exploding in his mouth and all over his face.

"Ok my turn" Ryan said as he took Masn's place. Mason ran out the door towards the pool. As Jeff was tonguing Ryan he heard Mason dive into the pool and say something to Dan. They both laughed and Jeff knew it was bout about his newly discovered status as a cock sucker.

"Do me like Dan" Ryan said as he stretched on the bed and Jeff knelt on the bed licking the boys cock which did remind him of Dan's. As he sucked, he felt a hand on his balls.

"He's hard as hell" George said as he played with Jeff's hanging balls and throbbing cock. A fingernow and then brushed across his butthole and it excited Jeff even more. He found himself letting Ryan's cock rub against the back of his throat now...and ignored the gaggying.

"Fuck, man how long you been doing this?" Ryan said. Jeff muttered but couldn't say anything as he swallowed his friends spurts of cum.

"Nice, I think we're going to have a great summer" he said "don't worry we're not goign to tell anyone, it's just between us agreed?" Ryan said as he stood.

"Of course" George said "we're going to have more sex then anyone in school"

"Cool, ok you guys come on down when you'e through" Ryan trotted out.

"Hey man you ok?" George asked as he pet Jeff's balls and butt.

"Yea, I guess' Jeff said "You guys aren't going to tell anyone are you?"

"Man we're buds. Besides you didn't tell anyone I gave you a handjob did you?"

"naw" Jeff said thinking he didn't have time since he was made to suck Dan's cock as soon as he showed up that morning.

"Cool, well let me show ou something else" George said moving his fingers inside Jeff with one hand adn stroking his cock with the other.

"Oh shit" Jeff said feeling something else new "God you guys are unbelieeble"

"Yea just enjoy this, figured you earned it" George said putitng two fingers inside his friend and massaging him. Jeff was moaning and groaning by then nearly uncontrollably.

"Oooo yea" Jeff said as he felt what he tought was another finger in his ass.

"Yea figured you'd like this" George said still reaching under Jeff with one hand. Jeff felt his other hand on his buttock. It was then he realized he was getting fucked.

And it felt good. He had always heard getitng fucked by a guy hurt like hell, but George's cock seemed to move into his ass as if it fit naturaly.

"Shit man fuck me good" Jeff said and he heard George laugh.

"This is going to be short this time, but sleep over tonight and I'll really fuck you" George said as he rammed his hips against Jeff.

"Shit man you were tight, come on" George gut under him and began to suck his cock. He moved a hand to his butt and resumed fingering him.

And Jeff was soon feelign the fluid flow through his cock into George's waiting mouth.

"Come on guys" they heard Ryan yell from the pool "or we're coming back up and start over"

Jeff didn't mind the thought of more sex with his wiling friends, but he was near exhaustion from the heat and his efforts the last hour.

He ran out the door with George watching him. "Man I can't wait to get back into that cute ass of yours" George said chasing him.

The two dove into the pool joining Ryan and Mason. After grappling around, Jeff realized that nothhing changed. The friends were still friends.

"No wait he's mine" Dan said grabbing Jeff and pulling him close to wrestle for awhile. "I think I can teach you a few more things" Dan said before lifting Jeff out of the pool and letting him fall back in making a huge splash.

Jeff was wet now, all wet, his jaw ached and his butthole burned a bit, but he wasn't buring from the humidity anymore. And he looked forwrd the cool nights and the sleepover at George's.

And as for the nex time he could get sometime with Dan, he knew there would be some sweraious sweating until he was feeling that big hot athletic cock in his mouth or maybe, thanks to George another hot hole he discovered he had.

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