Man for Man

Afternoon Adventure


"Want to come over?" Darrell's voice was low but distinct. His expression was friendly.

"Uh sure, homework stuff?" Clyde asked his freckled innocent face displayed true naivetee. Clyde's big grey eyes had been looking at Darrell as he changed clothing.


"Yea right" Darrell smiled "come on, I got a bike"

Clyde had seen the classmate naked, wet, dressed in football jersey, jockstrap and school clothes. He liked what he saw. And he thought about him when stroking his six inch erection after school ever since the transfer student was introduced in home room.

"Bike?" Clyde asked as he followed Darrell's quick stepping out the door.

"Cycle, ok with you?" Darrell looked back. He knew the answer.

The two weren't unalike, both about the same height, build and smooth skinned. Darrell had a dick that looked longer then Clyde's. At least it swung to the left and right as the boy walked across the locker room.

"Anyone home?" Clyde didn't know why he asked the question. He had fantasized about wrestling naked, holding the boys hard cock, though he wasn't sure what to do next. The usual namecalling introduced the concept of "cocksucking" at school, but he had never done it nor knew what to do.

"No, just us, we got hours" Darrell said as he lifted his jean clad leg over the seat. "Here" he handed Clyde a helmet.

Clyde straddled the bike and found his footing.

"Better hold on to me" Darrell said.

Clyde nervously put his arms around the boys long thin torso. It felt good, so good infact his cock hardened in his jeans. He moved a bit closer so his chest pressed against Darrell's back.

"Set?" Darrell yelled but didn't wait for an answer as he throttled the bike hard. The two left the school grounds.

Darrell yelled back now and then. Clyde couldn't understand him but yelled safe responses like "YEA" "OK" "WHAT OH YEA"

The ride down the highway was fast with beeping cars objecting to their cycle threading around and ahead of them.

The quiet street alligned with trees like a cathredral was next and before Clyde realized how hard he was holding onto Darrell, they turned into a driveway parking in the open garage.

"Folks wont' be home till 8, can you stick around?" He asked "I think we can use the time" he smiled as the helment he wore was left dangling on a handle bar.

Clyde put his on a seat and followed his idol.

"Like what you see?" Donnie asked him. Clyde had been staring longer then he realized.

"What? Oh no just thinking about Algebra" he felt the blush in his cheeks.

"Right, more like measuring" Donnie said his eyes glancing back at the new guy who walked bolding from the shower as he dried his hair. Darrel's cock seemed thick as it swung.

"Fuck you" Clyde said nudging Donnie as he sat on the bench.

"Wishful thinking" Donnie added.

"Let's go downstairs" Darrell said "The couch folds out there"

Clyde trotted after Darrell. To his delight the boy was stripping his shirt off as they went downstairs.

Darrell turned on the large screen TV to a music channel. Clyde assumed they were going to watch Britney or Beyoncee.

Darrell unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off leaving him wearing only his boxer shorts.

"Cool, give me a hand" Darrell said as he threw the couch pillows and grabbed the edge of the couch.

Clyde grabbed the other side and the couch folded out to a bed.

"Come on dude or do you want me to strip you?" Darrell said.

"Fuck" Clyde said as he flopped on the couch bed.

"Yea" Darrell added attacking him.

Clyde felt as if the time was in both slow motion and fast motion at the same time. Darrell was all over him, grabbing his shirt, wrestling and stripping him.

He returned the attacked, laughing, and pulled the blue baggy boxer shorts down Darrell's legs far enough his erection would be seen.

"OK, my turn" Darrell said as he grabbed Clyde's jeans and pulled them off in one tug. Clyde's lack of underwear delighted him.

"I see you're ready for me" he said as he moved between Clyde's legs.

Clyde looked up at the naked attacker he had fantasized about. What was happening seemed like one of his fantasies.

"You want me right?" Darrell bent over moving his arms under Clyde. Not waiting for an answer his lips pressed against his captive's.

Clyde had never thought about kissing the guy but the nerve endings on his lips were stimulated and he was soon reaching for the thin smooth torso above him.


"This is gonna hurt a bit" Darrell warned and his cock pressed against Clyde's butthole.

He didn't yell or gasp but flinched.

"Relax dude so I can get inside" Darrell said, his voice lowering and sounding like a smooth rumble.

Clyde felt the cock inside him. It seemed to keep moving deeper and deeper. It hurt and yet felt good. He realized he was being fucked. His thoughts were indeed those of a gay guy and what was happening seemed to define him further.

"Let's go" Darrell said as he moved his hips and slammed the rest of the distance inside Clyde.

Clyde grunted and started to push Darrell away and say "no" but the boy's lips were on his again and their tongues were exploring each other.

Clyde knew he wanted what was happening. He wondered if he'd learn about sucking cock that afternoon or what Darrell wanted.

He knew Darrell was jamming in and out of him and he couldn't escape but also that he didn't want to.

The feeling of the flesh in his arms, the chest rubbing against his, the lips pressing so hard on his mouth it hurt and the tongue moving like another finger against his, moving across the roof of his mouth, sliding down his own tongue, it seemed like too much to do at the same time.

Clyde felt his own body responding however. His tongue was indeed feeling the warmth of Darrel's mouth. His torso skin felt the clutch of Darrell's arms and hands and his hips were gyrating to meet each thrust.

The music in the background seemed to get louder as they both moved to the beat. The sweat was pouring from his armpits. Clyde wondered how long they could do this, how long they would do this.

He felt Darrell's hand move and grab his own cock. It was hard to Clyde's surprise. It yanked and jerked in the hard grasp.

"Shit" Darrell said. Clyde was gasping as his body exploded spilling out sperm all over his body and Darrell's.

"Shit came too fast" Darrell said "sorry, let's rest"

They ate the peanut butter sandwiches and drank the coca colas naked in Darrell's kitchen. Clyde wondered what would happen if the boy's family came home early and found them like this.

"Ready?" Darrell asked and jumped up moving to the stairway.

Clyde followed and moved to the bed.

"Hands and knees" Darrell said. Clyde did what he was told soon feeling the boys arms around him like they did in wrestling class days at school. But this time they were naked and this time a cock moved back into him.

Clyde's butthole was still stretched so the entrance was easier but he grunted nevertheless.

"I can usually come three times..might be four with you" he began fucking. Clyde closed his eyes recalling the times he had stared at Darrell in classes, in the hallway and in the locker room.

His cock hardened then softened. He rocked to meet each entrance wanting to feel the thickness in him again.

He felt Darrell lay on his back and reach around him for his cock, stroking it in rhythm to the fucking motion. Clyde was being controlled, made to match Darrell's thrusts and his soon to be erupting penis.

Clyde spillled onto the mattress. It felt good, pulsing out of him.

"Want a third? Lay down"

Clyde lay flat and felt the warmth of Darrell's body on him. The chest against his back, the belly fitting the arch of his back, the hips against his buttocks and the cock moving back inside him.

"This will take some time" Darrell said. Clyde said nothing feeling a new sensation as Darrel's hardening cock rubbed against a new part of him inside. He had heard about his prostate and tried to feel it. But Clyde never felt it like Darrel made it feel now.

He spread his legs to let Darrell go deeper. It wasn't planned, his body just did it as if knowing the sensations would get better.

"Shit" Darrell said. The weight of his body got heavier. "Ok ok" he added.

The fucking stalled then resumed.

"You two are gonna get the fuck of your life" a new voice said.

"It's ok it's my neighbor Alan" Darrell said in Clyde's ear.

"Shhh just fuck" Alan instructed "Then I'll fuck him"

Clyde had been fucked three times by Darrell and a stranger was promising he'd be fucking him too.

The three naked boys panted as they recovered from their latest orgasm.

"Did you come that time?" Alan asked.

Clyde still out of breath shook his head.

"Good" he pushed Clyde to his back and grabbed his ankles. "So this is the one you've been talking about"

Darrell, also panting, "yea we finally got together"

Clyde looked up to see the older looking boy moved between his legs. The gold rings that hung from his nipples swung as he jammed his cock into Clyde and began fucking all in one smooth motion.

"Give him some of those lips" Alan said.

Darrell kissed Clyde's lips then his neck, chest stomach and inhaled his limp cock.

Clyde didn't know what the boy was doing with his tongue but it made him hard again. Clyde had never cum three times no matter how horny he was but he knew that afternoon would be different.

"So when do you want to get together again?" Darrell said as he lowered the throttle after giving Clyde a ride to his house.

"Anytime" Clyde said "Maybe you can show me what you uh did you know that last time?" he looked back and forth to see if anyone was near enough to hear them.

"You mean the blowjob?" Darrell said in full voice and then smiled.

"What are you doing this weekend?" he asked.

"Can we start Friday asked?" Clyde said

"What about now? Anyone home?" Darrell turned the cycle engine off. The bulge in the front of his jeans revealed his excitement.

"Shit, uh not till nine" Clyde said.

"Good we got plenty of time" Darrell swung his leg over the bike.

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