Man for Man

After School Activities


OK, so here's the thing, I like dudes. A lot. But ya just don't jet around school scooping everybody about it; I'd be dead meat in, oh, like about a day. There's this one buff stud Matt, man, he makes me SCHWING every time I scope him out. I even joined the cross-country track team just to hang with him. Yah, like that worked. So sure, I got great legs from beatin-cheeks for hours, but like, shit man, I'm fucking tired by the time we get naked!


My sorry ass goes directly to the locker room when we come back from our run. I'm down for the count. My buds on the team give me shit for crashing and burning so fast, but I just let `em flap their lips. I'm sitting in a front row seat watching these studs take showers. Never fails to refresh me, ya know what I mean? I get major league bones looking at my pals, all dicks, balls, and asses all over the place. Damn! My running duds are WAY tented on account of my wanger reaching right out there for those guys. After the guys jet, I get the showers all to myself and I have me one Hell of a jack-session. Thinking about how everybody's ass looked while I ran behind them. All these great, hairy legs and sweaty bods, it just makes me crazy.

So one day we get back from a brutal run. Like prison punishment brutal. I'm thinking I got to find me another way to see naked menz, this is killing my ass. But the guys do their thing, all nuts and butts and me taking inventory. I come up one man short. No Matt. He's the reason I'm here in the first place, and he's a no show in the shower? What the fuck? He was running with us, where'd he go?

Life sucks every now and then, ya know? As usual, the naked review ends and my buds leave me alone. Damn, I am so tired, that I almost didn't get a woody! Almost. Pissed I didn't get to see my man, Matty, I went to my locker, way at the end of the locker room. I decided a long time ago, to put my ass out of sight from the rest of the guys. I figured that was the best place just in case I pop a rod when I'm changing.

Ok, I strip down to my fantasies and boner; I'm laying on the bench, on my back, doing big time nice things to myself, right? Fuck, some asshole came into the locker room. What the Hell? Everybody's supposed to be gone, and some fucker is cutting in on my jackin time. Ya just don't do that to a guy; it can lead to bad things. Now I'm pissed and laying there, my damn wood going soft, trying to listen for an all-clear sound. Nothing. Really, nothing. No sound at all. Did I miss something? Did some asshole mess me up and disappear before I knew it?

I grab my damn towel and hang it in front of my rod - my melting rod! And buck nekked, pad down the isle between the bays of lockers. I don't hear diddly-squat. I'm damn near all the way to the other end and decide the coast is clear. So of course, I hear something. I sneek down farther, peeking around the corner, into the very last locker bay. If I had been standing in front of the liberty bell, it would have gottn a new crack.

My pecker popped up so fast, so hard it almost created a breeze. My Matty is naked as I am, and every bit as hard! His big time tasty bod is spread all over the bench, his huge cock, worthy of the name, fuck-pole. Those big hands (both of them!) are just flyin on that thing! His balls are slapping all over the place. Jesus, what a sight!

No way, I'm leaving the scene of THIS crime! And then the fucking metal locker flexes as I lean on it. Matt's eyeballing me before I can even START my getaway.

"Dude, sorry. As you were soldier. Carry on." Whatever shit came into my numb skull, just fell out my drooling mouth as I turn to hightail it away.

Fuck. Matt's hand clamps down on my shoulder. Shit, I'm caught peepin with a boned pecker! Matt makes me do an about face, grabbing my towel. My damn cock is harder than the concrete floor he was about to punch me down to.

"So you like what you see, Corey?"

"Hell, yes. I been dreaming about you doing that for, well, forever."

"Doing what? This?" Matt wraps that big hand around his shaft and starts yanking on it, right there, just inches from my dripping and drooling cock, as his other hand is clamped on my shoulder. I can't look away. As he's yanking, he hits my cock, making it jump but a string of pre-cum is now hanging in the air between us. MY pre-cum.

"You really do get off on this, don't you Core? You got more of that?" Matt kneels down, grabbing my prick in his hand, wiping the slime from my piss-slit. My heart was ricocheting around in my chest - shit! He slowly pulls my dick skin up; pumping more slime out of me, then smoothes it around, under my mushroom. I'm prayin my knees don't buckle!


"I like that, Corey. I could use some more of that. I need something slippery so I can beat off. You snuck up on me at just the right time." Matt pulls me by my woody, making me follow him back to his bench where he throws one of his mega-nice legs over the bench, sitting down, letting his balls pile up between his legs. His big `ol schlong, pulsing and jumping, making me so fucking hot!

Matt pulls me by the cock so that I'm standing with my naked legs mashed against his naked legs - just THAT almost made me spew! But Matty lays back down, pulling me until I sort of lose my balance and try throwing a leg over one of his, but end up sitting on his monster dick. Holy, fuck! I'm more nervous than when my dad caught me drinking his booze!

"Oh, yah, Corey. I like you sitting there. I like your bod. I've wanted to suck those tits ever since you showed up here this year. But you have to suck mine first."

Right, like THAT'S a problem. I was down on those fuckers faster than my cock got hard! So I'm doing everything I can think of to this stud's tits and he's moaning and yanking on my dick or my balls. I scrunched myself up as I sucked his tits, so that I could rock my hips and sort of hoist his fat dick up in the air so it's leaning against my ass and back.

Matt grabs me by the hair on the back of my head and slams my face down on his. My mouth was already open, waiting for his tongue to come on over to my place! I felt like doing a fucking Tony The Tiger impression; "It tastes GREAT!"

I been sliding my ass up and down his cock as we ate each other's faces and I could feel him sliming me with his pre-cum. Matt is sucking my tongue right out of my damn head but I didn't care. All I could feel was that fuck-monster sliding past my manhole. With him yanking my dick and sucking my face down his throat, I was going nuts!

I had to finally come up for air, but as I lifted my head, I slammed my ass right down his post. Holy telephone poles, Batman! Yeow! I suddenly thought that was (literally) the biggest mistake of my life! It felt like a tower of flames shooting up me ass, damn! I grunted and gasped for air, but I'd be damned if I was getting off of this ride!

"Corey! Jesus, man! Nobody's ever slammed that thing up their ass in one jump. What a blast! You da man!"

"Damn straight!" And I instantly thought what a fucking stupid thing to say. Damn straight? As some dude's got his fire hose up my ass? Well, thinking was never my thing while I was doing the nasty anyhow. I was concentrating on getting fucked!

I sort of had to give myself a sec to adjust. But I was so hot for this dude that before long I was in hyper-drive. My dick is oozing pre-cum like Niagara Falls! Starting with small movements first, I'm sliding up and down but then start getting into it more and more. Lifting myself of that fuck-pole and then dropping down on it again, I was working up a sweat. And seeing stars! Shit, my insides have never been assaulted like THAT before!

OMG, he had a nice ride! Before long I was jumping up and down on that sucker like it meant saving my life. Matty was pinching my tits and making me crazier than I've ever been. I thought my legs were shaking before! I could feel them vibrate as I squatted down and stood up on Matt's cock. I could feel him tensing up, his damn cock getting even harder in my guts. Matt clamped his hands on my thighs harder than a drug addict ties the rubber around his arm, hunting for a vein.

The look on Matt's face was great. I'll never forget how he kept looking at me like I was some kind of human vibrator for his big dick - one that he was going to use every chance he got. (Especially if I had any say in the matter!) So I'm doing the swivel hips things and stirring up my guts with his pecker, feeling like I was Superman. Finally I just closed my eyes and went on auto-pilot. I know my legs kept bobbing me up and down on but his prick just pushed my brain into some kind of alternate reality so I'm like, like in space, man! Since I was just a little fucker I been thinking about doing shit like this, and now I am! With a major stud!

I hear Matt start growling and groaning, dragging it out, getting louder and louder as he squeezed his eyes shut. So I really let loose, clamping my asshole tighter than my old man's wallet. It was so cool seeing Matt sort of doing a stomach crunch, and I could see him squeezing tighter and tighter. Then he starts breathing really, fast, short breaths, saying louder and louder, "oh, oh, oh, Oh, OOOOHHH, OOOOOHHHHHH, FUCK!!!!!!

I felt him blast off inside of me. I think his cock was somewhere in my chest, filling my lungs with spooge! Holy, fuck he kept doing stomach crunches as he unloaded shot after shot into my guts. I was crazy! I had my hands, behind me on his bent knees and just couldn't help yelling myself when my untouched cock started shooting wads all over Matt's face and chest. As my cock unloaded, my ass pulsed, and as my ass pulsed, it squeezed another shot out of Matt's big cannon. Man, I've NEVER had my cock go off without getting jacked or sucked before! What a feeling! It's like Matt's cock just reach through me and shot its stuff right out the end of my dick. I was so busy trying to breath and scream and feel Matt's dick exploding inside of me that I didn't even get to see my jizz flying through the air.

Damn I would have liked a video of that! I'm bouncing up and down on my man's cock while the cum is spraying out me all over his face and chest! I'd be watching that video so often, I'd probably end up with dick-calluses or even worse, cranking my dick right off my fuckin bod!

Unfortunately, some asshole decided that all good things must end and so we finished spraying cum all over (and in) each other and my legs are shot. I couldn't get up off his dick, even if I wanted to! (Which I didn't!) I just sat there, moving my hips a little bit, or twitching me asshole on Matt's cock, while trying let my heart stop attacking, just like he was doing. My sweat was running into my eyes, stinging as Matt put his bent legs together so I could sort of lean back on them, letting his monster fall asleep inside of me. I've never felt so exhausted, happy, - and fucking sore! Everywhere!

I had to take the next day off from running, shit; I could barely walk! But the rest of the year sure went well!

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.