Man for Man

After Hours


It was after hours at the restaurant when Marty's piss-drunk girlfriend flipped out on me without warning or restraint. Of course, she'd always had some sort of problem with me so it didn't come as a huge surprise.


Marty and I had been finishing our side work as the restaurant cleared out. I was sweeping underneath her feet when I heard her slam her glass on the bar. She swung off the stool, and with fire in her eyes she grabbed me by the neck of my shirt.

"You fucking motherfucker!" she screamed. "Get your fucking eyes off my boyfriend you little prick!" Marty dropped the dustpan and rushed toward her, and she turned on him.

"Fuck you, Marty! Don't think I don't see the way he looks at you. He's been staring at your ass the whole time I've been in here! Who knows what you fuckers do here all night when I'm not around!" Luckily the restaurant had long cleared out, so while Marty tried to calm down his girlfriend I retreated to the wait station and breathed a sigh of relief.

The truth was, I had been staring at Marty's ass, but that wasn't anything unusual. His black uniform pants wrapped around his thick thighs and butt like a sausage casing, and watching it flex and move was one of the highlights of my shitty job.

He put his arm around her and tried to talk her down, but she swung away from him and with a final "Fuck you!" she stumbled out of the bar. Marty watched her go, turned to me, his hands running through his short ruddy brown hair. His dark eyes shined and he shrugged, flashing me a dimpled smile, and despite it all, I swooned.

Paul had the bar closed up, but Marty convinced him to pour us each a beer.

"It's the least I owe you, man," Marty said to me in his cute Irish accent. He apologized for his girlfriend's behavior. When we'd finished our beers he leaned into me, smiling slyly. "Just let me ask you one question," he said in a low voice. "Were you really staring at my ass?"

"Maybe," I said.

"Oh, come on! Admit it: you fancy my ass. It's okay. I've got a nice one. Don't sweat it." I laughed him off, and we headed out into muggy night air.

He suggested we hang out at his place.

"Don't worry, the bitch won't be there," he said. "She's probably out screwing the bartender at Vallozzi's down the street."

"So why do you still go out with her?"

"Don't ask me," Marty said. "Routine, I guess."

We walked up to his apartment and threw our coats on the floor. Marty fixed us a drink. I couldn't figure out why he was being so friendly. Up until then we'd been more work buddies than friends, but that night he was acting different. Flirty. I chalked it up to him feeling bad about what his girlfriend had said to me.

We finished our drinks and Marty set his glass on the floor.

"You want to know the main reason I stay with Trisha?"

"Sure," I said.

"She gives good head," he said, smiling at me. "Don't you think that's a good enough reason?"

"I guess so."

"Well, what about you?"


"Do you give good head?" I didn't say anything. Marty stood up and walked over to me. "Or maybe you want my ass? That's what you like about me, isn't it?" Marty had my number for sure, but he was playful about it.

"Maybe so," I said, "but don't think I'm gonna get you off just because your girlfriend got pissed at you." Marty laughed.

"C'mon man. I see the way you stare at it. You want my ass, don't you? What would you want to do with it?"

"Are you serious?"

"Completely. Look at how fucking hard I am." He drew his jeans against his crotch, revealing the straight and firm tube of his dick resting against his thigh. "I've never had anybody like my ass enough to kiss it, so I'm asking you nicely. You've put up with enough shit for one night, so if you want me to get off your case, I will. But I would definitely be into having some fun, if you're into it."

"Take down your pants, then," I said. Marty grinned and started unbuckling. He wasn't wearing any underwear, and his fat cock bobbed out in front of him, fully hard and with a pearly drop of pre-come gathering at the tip. He took off his shirt then, rubbing his hands along his packed muscles.

"You like him?" he asked, motioning to his dick. I answered by reaching down and tracing the curve of his shaft with my fingertips. Marty's dick pulsed and oozed. I knelt down on the carpet and took the head of his cock into my mouth, sucking gently on the tip and tasting the sweetness of his pre-come. Marty breathed heavily above me. Slowly I slid my lips down his shaft. His cock fit into my mouth well, and soon I had it all the way down to the root.


"Fucking hell, man. That's the stuff," Marty said, tweaking the red nubby nipples that protruded from his smooth freckled pecs. I ran my hands up his chest and pinched them. Marty put his hands on his head and helped my mouth along as it bobbed up and down on his dick. I sucked him deep, keeping my lips tight around his fat rod.

I lifted his heavy nuts into my hand. They were smooth and round, and I took each one into my mouth, lapping up his ball sack, my tongue reaching underneath it. I got down low and lapped at his taint. Marty gasped and lost his balance, quickly shifting his feet to stay up. He was smooth under there, and tasted clean. My tongue flirted with the inner reaches of the space between his legs, but I couldn't really get where I wanted in this position.

"Turn around," I told him, and he did, moving slowly and flexing his firm ass cheeks. His butt was beautiful, and it protruded from his beefy thighs, tight and muscled like a horse. I put my hands on him and parted his thick cheeks, exposing his deep crack and the pinkish, slick butthole in the center.

"Oh yeah, man, I can't wait to feel what this is li--" he said, but I buried my tongue into his butthole before he could even finish. His ass was just that inviting. Marty fell forward and put his hands on his knees to brace himself. His thick butt cheeks hugged my face as I worked my tongue across his soft pink anus. He tasted tangy but clean. He momentarily lost his breath, but when it caught up with him he was gasping in a voice I'd never heard him use before.

"Fucking amazing. Trisha would never do that to me. Holy shit. Yeah, man, eat my fuckin ass." He arched his back, reaching around to grab hold of his cheeks and spread them wide. I speared my tongue right into the center of him, feeling his butthole relax and let me in. I think it caught him off guard, because he lost his balance this time and had to splay his hands out in front of him so he didn't fall on his face. He dropped to his knees and spread his ass before me, and I dove back in.

"My God, man, that is amazing. Oh yeah, fucking bloody hell yeah..." I flipped myself around, scooching myself underneath him and lifting my head to take his fat dick back into my mouth. Marty lifted his body up and pumped his dick between my willing lips. He bucked those muscular cheeks like he knew what he was doing, fucking my face with a brash intensity. "You gotta eat my ass out some more, man," he said, gasping. He was insatiable.

He flipped over sat down on my face. I was suffocated by his ass and loving it. He jerked his dick while he ground his butthole onto my tongue.

"Holy God, I never knew my ass could feel this good, holy shit..." I took the opportunity to take down my pants and release my aching cock. I stroked it while I ate him out, and when he noticed what I was doing he leaned forward and took my dick in his hand, tentative at first, then he started stroking me in earnest.

He got off of my face and got down between my legs, staring at my dick like it was some foreign object that he was nonetheless drawn to. With one quick motion he took it in his mouth. It was a crude and amateurish blow job but it did the trick. When he grabbed my balls and took my dick to the root in his mouth, I felt my load rising up. Marty sensed this, and backed off. He gazed at my spit-slicked cock, stroking it.

"You got a nice one, Nate. You know that?"

"Yeah," I said. "Guys have told me." Marty looked up.

"You want to go all the way, then?"

"You think you can take it?" I said.

"Shit, I don't know," he said, standing up. "I've never done it before, but I'm willing to give it a try. You better do me from behind, though. I think that would be best." He got on his hands and knees on the floor and pointed his thick butt at me. "Maybe finger me a bit first, let me get used to that."

I got my index finger nice and wet in my mouth, and pressed the tip of it to his hole. Slowly I sank it inside. Marty stopped breathing for a minute; then he caught his breath again and moaned. "That's alright, then. Maybe I'm ready for two." I got my middle finger wet and pressed both to his hole. He was naturally tight, but loose and receptive enough to where I knew I wasn't hurting him. When he said "rubbers on the bedside table," I knew he was ready for the big time.

I found the rubbers and slid one on, taking a last look at him on the floor. This hot dude who I had gazed at so longingly at the restaurant, fantasizing about what he might look like naked, was spread out before me like an all-you-can-eat buffet, mine for the taking. I wondered, had his girlfriend been upset just because I was checking him out, or was there more to it than that? Had she suspected that maybe he would enjoy the attention a little too much?

"Are you sure you're ready? I'll go slow," I said, taking my position behind him.

"Yeah, man, do it. Fuck me." I spread his cheeks to find the entrance, and placed my dick next to his hot hole. Slowly I pressed until the head of my dick sank inside. Marty groaned. I waited a minute for him to relax, and then slid the rest inside him. He gripped me with his insides, inch by heavenly inch.

"Holy shit. Hold on a minute." I paused and let him get used to it, but he really did seem to be taking it well. I waited until he was almost fully relaxed and started pumping out of him, then back in. "Oh yeah, buddy. Fuck my ass," he gasped. Every breath came out like an exclamation. Then his breathing got steadier, and his body started to rock in time with mine.

He took his dick in his hand and started stroking it as I fucked him. I knocked his hand away and took his impossibly hard dick into my fist, stroking him firmly as I humped in and out of his tight hole. Once I found my rhythm I laid into him, grabbing him around the waist and fucking his whole body with increasing force. Marty took it all and even gave some back to me. His dick hardened, hardened further still, and with barely a warning it spasmed in my fist.

"Fuck! Cumming man! Cumming!" Jets of hot load poured out of his dick head and streamed down my fingers and over his balls. The tightening of his ass set off my own load.

"I'm gonna cum in your butt, dude."

"Yeah, do it. Pump your load in my fucking sweet arse, man." With a final thrust I bottomed out in his ass and deposited my seed, pinching his nipples tightly as each contraction of his ass squeezed more jizz out of my cock. Marty turned his head around to me and pressed his lips to mine, our tongues reaching and finding each other, writhing together as we lost our loads in sync.

"Bloody hell," he said once we'd finished, standing up on unsteady feet and rubbing his head and sore knees. "That was fucking incredible."

I kissed him again and smiled. I made a mental note to thank his girlfriend, should she ever come around again. It was really the least I could do.

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