Man for Man

Adult friends


robin0069: hello captain

captcock2010: howdy

robin0069: so you like dirty talk do ya ???

captcock2010: yeah...kinda....I am just hella bored and thought I'd give it a try


captcock2010: robin??? Is a that a relation to Batman?

robin0069: believe it or not it?s my last name when I was born

robin0069: and I do love robin

captcock2010: cool

robin0069: people always teased me when I was younger, but now they love it

robin0069: so what time are you at work till

captcock2010: another 30 minutes or so

robin0069: I called in sick today which I actually am. But now its fun cuz I can talk about stroking your cock thru your pants making you hard

captcock2010: nice..keep it up :-D

robin0069: and then licking and biting on your nipples to get you really hard and dripping

captcock2010: like my nipples to be nibbled on

robin0069: then slowly unzipping your pants and kissing your cock thru you underwear getting it nice and wet, seeing your hard shaft thru the material

captcock2010: while I massage your head with my hands....running my fingers through your hair

captcock2010: and pressing your head closer to my body

captcock2010: as I moan with every kiss

robin0069: slowly pulling down your underwear until your head peeks out and I slowly kiss it and begin to tongue it

robin0069: are u cut or uncut ??

captcock2010: cut...and thick

captcock2010: it is as thick as a paper towel roll thingy....and 6.5 inches long

captcock2010: big mushroom tip

robin0069: I slowly pull down your underwear and release your hard thick cock and slowly suck it into the back of my mouth

robin0069: nice size, I like big thick cocks

robin0069: I slowly pull your cock out and lick your nuts and go behind your balls feeling your body pulse and throb, going back to your balls and back to the thick head, sucking on it as if my life depends on it

robin0069: then when you think your gonna cum, I make a cock ring with my fingers and force blood to your head making it harder and thicker than before and suck harder

captcock2010: oh yeah...I like to hit the uvula

captcock2010: yeah milk my cock..milk it!

captcock2010: I love to have my balls sucked on...take them both in...I have a big ball sack

robin0069: and when you're about to cum again I go between your legs and rim your tight brown hole jamming my tongue into that tight pucker until you can t take it anymore

captcock2010: suck my cock as if you were going to suck my balls through it

captcock2010: oh...I can take it all night..........I love to be rimmed

captcock2010: lick that hole

robin0069: you?re begging me to let you cum, I start licking at your hard shaft and slowly slide my finger into your hole and massage your prostrate. I feel the hard ball and press hard on it until you?re moaning like a jungle beast in the night

captcock2010: oh yeah........yeah!!!

robin0069: your beg me to let you cum again and again, but now it my turn for pleasure

robin0069: I pull down my pants and you lick my aching hard cock and get it all nice and ready for your tight hole. I get behind you and slowly sink all 8 inches of thick hard cock deep inside you

robin0069: then I reach around and slowly stroke you cock until you shoot a big thick gooey hot load of cum on my hand and your cock. Your ass contracts and sends me over the edge shooting inside of you

robin0069: I pull out and get in front of you and greedily lick and suck down you?re cum like it was my last meal

captcock2010: nice nice ...... shoot... I want to feel it come out my nose

captcock2010: oh yeah.....lick it up

captcock2010: I?ve closed my office door...I am stroking my cock

captcock2010: tell me what you want me to do

robin0069: I would really like a picture of you cock so I know what I am getting to turn on.

captcock2010: I don't have one handy right now

robin0069: slowly stroke your cock with one hand and pull your sac down with the other, slick your cock up with some spit and slide your hand up and down until u feel like your gonna cum and then stop

captcock2010: I have a lot a pre-cum on my cock.....I am rubbing it into the head

robin0069: nice I wish I was there to lick it up

captcock2010: yeah...that's how I like to jerk off...pretty much to the tee

captcock2010: it tastes so sweet.....yummmmm

robin0069: you fuckin tease, I want to taste it. I?m rock hard and strokin away

captcock2010: lol

captcock2010: me too

robin0069: id like to feel your cock in my ass, I?m so fuckin horny right now

robin0069: I'd like to sit on your cock while u play with my nips and gently on the nipple rings and get me really horny

captcock2010: oh yeah...I love to have my cock sat on

captcock2010: yeah I thrust my hips in the air...almost bucking you off rub my chest and I thrust even harder

robin0069: bouncing up and down on your hard cock

captcock2010: oh yeah

robin0069: ramming my ass harder with every thrust

captcock2010: you moaning louder and louder with ever thrust

robin0069: I reach down and finger your hole and you shoot your load into my ass

captcock2010: oh yeah as I thrust my cock deep in your ass and shoot a load...can you feel it?

robin0069: I feel every pulse of cum as it shoots thru your hard shaft

captcock2010: I have nice thick juicy loads...and shoot about 5 or 6 times

robin0069: nice, now I?m really hungry 4 your cock to suck and get fucked by. I like cocks your size perfect to suck and thick enough for a good fucking

captcock2010: lol

captcock2010: oh I?m gonna shoot my load

captcock2010: what do you want me to do with it?

robin0069: do it do it shoot that load for me, shoot it into my mouth and make me swallow it

captcock2010: oh shit what a load. I haven?t seen one that big in a long time.........I'm gonna lick it up...hate to see it all go to waste

robin0069: you sick fuck you, I like that in a person, a guy who eats his own load....very fucking hot

captcock2010: yeah me too...I just wish I could self suck

robin0069: I almost could back in high school, but then i would have never left the house

captcock2010: too

captcock2010: I came really close too

robin0069: I was able to lick the head once

captcock2010: my carpool is ready to leave.........we should chat again!

captcock2010: I was always a few inches away from touching tongue to cock

robin0069: okay cool, maybe one day we can get together and have some real fun

captcock2010: hell yeah!

robin0069: id love to sit on that thick cock of yours and feel that load

captcock2010: lol....I'd love to shoot my seed in your ass

captcock2010: I got to go...they are ready to leave

robin0069: I'll email u later

captcock2010: ok

captcock2010: bye

captcock2010: ;-)

robin0069: bye

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.