Man for Man

Adrian's Birthday


"He's not up yet" Adrian's mother said to Mac. "I've go to go to the diner early, so if you can get him up, you boys can make your own breakfast".

Mac smiled, "Don't worry I'll get him up" and then trotted up the stairs to Adrian's bedroom. He had been here many times before since he and Adrian had become friends. They gossiped, listend to music, watched videos, play video games and even jacked off together. It had almost been a year since they met at County College.


Mac crept into Adrian's bedroom. He smiled seeing his buddie's bare torso above the sheets. Adrian was still sleeping.

Mac stripped off his own shirt and shorts. His cock was rock hard and he was ready to do what he thought about doing for some time.

He closed the blinds, less the morning sun awakened Adrian too soon.

Mac then slowly and carefully found himself under the sheets. To his delight his hand found that Adrian too was naked. The two had slept over in each others' houses often and sleeping naked was normal for them.

Mac squeezed the tube he brought onto his hand and slowly encirled Adrian's cock beginning a slow milking motion.

Adrian's cock grew hard in his grasp and Adrian began to moan.

"Shit man what are you doing?" he awoke.

"Happy birthday buddy" Mac said as he moved to his knees over Adrian.

"yea yea, cut that out" Adrian said trying to move Mac's hands from his boner.

"Naw, lay back" Mac pushed his friend back. "It's your birthday and I dont' have money for a gift so today, I'm gonna make you feel good"

Adrian lay back and looked at his naked friend. His smooth and muscled body was indeed hot. He had watched it many times as he jacked off and knew Mac had watched him as well.

"Close your eyes and think of your favorite babe" Mac instructed.

Adrian closed his eyes, but he wasn't thinking of any female. He thought of the first time he saw Mac in his speedos at the school pool, of the time they wrestled in Mac's bedroom ripping off each other's jockey shorts, of the time they lay together so close their thighs pressed hard as they jacked off.

"Shit man I'm coming" Adrian announced. Mac didn't have to be told. The tell tale signs of his buddy's muscles thightening, of his face straining and his legs quivering told him what was about to happen.

The sperm sprayed them both, landing on Mac's chin as well as Adrian's chest.

"Shit" Adrian said opening his eyes. The two boys laughed.

"OK shower now, your mom said we can get our own breakfast"

"What's next a blowjob?" Adrian said as he smiled "come on let's shower"

The hot water didn't deter them both from sharing it. Mac starting soaping Adrian's back..

"Hey man what are you doing now?"

"As I said, it's your birthday, so today I take care of you in every way I can, just relax"

Adrian grew silent watching his naked friend attentively soap his body and rinse it. It felt good and Adrian's cock responded.

"How bout that blowjob?" Adrian laughed as he said it.

"not now, after breakfast" Mac answered seriously and that only made Adrian's cock harder. Mac pulled Adrian's head down and he thought he was about to be made to suck instead. Adrian was ready, he knew that this birthday was indeed goign to be something special.

But instead Mac shampooed his hair and rinsed it.

As he stood letting Mac towel dry him, Adrian said "this is like having your own slave, I kind of like it"

Mac smiled, among his fantasies, being Adrian's slave was one of his favoriates.

"OK sit, I'll make breakfast" Mac said. Still naked he went about frying eggs.

"Better put on an apron, I'll just look at your buns whiel you cook, can I have them too?"

"Later" Mac said smiling.

Breakfast over the two boys ran into the backyard and plunged into the pool. Ignoring the neighbors who always complained when they went skinny dipping, they wrestled, dove, swam underwater and then lay on the grass in the morning sun.

"We better cover up or the neighbors will bitch again" Adrian said.

"Let's go in then, it's time for your next birthday present anyway" Mac said

Adrian watched his friend run into the house, his moving buttocks making his half hard cock begin to grow again.

"Where do you want it?" Mac said "Kitchen, living room"

Adrian ran up the stairs and Mac followed. Adrian figured he'd be butt fucknig his friend so the best place was his bedroom where he had fantasized so many times.

But Mac had another plan and pushed Adrian back on the bed. His mouth soon eveloped the hard cock and began to give the best blowjob he had ever given. There was his cousin, an Uncle and another friend in high school. There was the time he met a stranger while hitchiking too. So he knew what to do by now.


Adrian on the other hand had never had anyone's mouth on his cock, let alone hand. Despite his fantasy of fucking Mac's beautiful butt, he figured a blowjob was going to be the rest of his present and he lay back enjoying it.

In his head were memories of the guys on the wrestling team in high school, his Uncle David and of course Mac, of course all were naked, some of the wretsting team were hard like the day he got initiated laying on the shower room floor and being their jack off target.

Unlike the hand job he had that morning, Mac's blowjob took a long time. Just when Adrian thought he was going to explode, Mac seems to slow down and pay attention to Adrian's balls, belly and thighs. Mac was playing him like an instrument, getting him close then not letting him cum.

Adrian was almost pissed but each time Mac would start again with another sensation he hadn't gotten before and the trip to the cusp of orasm would begin. Adrian knew the last rise would be the right one, he felt Mac's finger in his butthole massaging, probbing and going deeper. He was being finger fucked and blown and his orgasm would soon be draining him of all energy.

It came too soon, lasted for a surprising long time and left him exhausted.

"Shit man, you know what you're doing" Adrian said. Mac smiled, Adrians cum dripping from his lips.

"Oh yea" Mac said "but that was the best ever"

Adrian lay there drifting off to sleep feeling Mac's arms around him.

"Pizza" Mac's announcement awoke Adrian. And they dressed and met friend for pizza and illegal beer.

Everybody sang happy birthday to Adrian and Mac treated him to a movie later promising his best birthday gift would be later.

"What else can you give me?" Adrian said not daring to let the others know what indeed Mac had given him.

When they got home, Adrian's Mother was there, tired but smiling. She had a birthday cake prepared and the three ate slices and joked around.

"Ok boys, I'm off to bed. You staying over Mac?" she asked

Mac nodded "if that's ok" he replied politely.

She kissed both boys on the cheek and went to her bedroom.

"OK ready?" Mac asked.

Adrian let Mac take him up to his bedroom. Mac undressed him and himself. He pushed Adrian back on the bed and using the tube he used that morning he greased up Adrian's cock, balls and even fingered his butthole.

Adrian figured he was bout to get another hand job and that was fine with him. Then he saw Mac reach behind him and apparently put some of the goo in his own ass.

"Just go slow, it's been awhile" Mac said as he turned arond presenting his butt to Adrian. It had been quite awhile since his Uncle Charlie took him to bed. The fucking hurt at first but then Mac became addicted returning to his Uncle's whenver he knew his aunt was gone.

Adrian's cock pressed into him, "You sure about this?" Adrian asked.

"Oh yea" Mac said "I've wanted to give you this for a long time"

Adrian began to fuck the tight butt he had relished. Mac told him what to do and he was soon lifting Mac's leg to go deeper inside. Then Mac lay on his back his legs over Adrian's shoulder so he would watch Adrian as he contnued to fuck.

"Shit this is hard work" Adrian said

"Want to stop for awhile?" Mac ased

"No way" Adrian smiled, his sweat dripping from his face, armpits and chest. He glowed in the night his sweaty body reflecting the bedside lamplight.

When he came it was even more powerful then the blowjob orgasm he had that afternoon. It was as if every ounce of moister inside him was pouring out into Mac's ass.

He collspsed on top of his friend and birthday lover.

"What's next?" he asked in a whispered laugh.

"Nothing" Mac said, "it's midnight and your birthday is over"

"O" Adrian said sounding dissappointed.

"But don't worry, now it's my turn" Mac said and patted Adrian's ass.

The boys barely finished as they heard Adrian's mother knock on the door.

"Boys I'm off to work, you have to get your own breakfast"

It was Mac who answered because Adrian already had his mouth full. After all his birthday was the day before.

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