Man for Man

Adonis Trades


Jerry and Zack met at the coffee shop in the suburban town where they both live and work. It was coincidence that they actually met in the first place. Zack walked into the coffee shop about seven-thirty one morning and every table was filled. Sitting near the entrance was Jerry, occupying a table alone. He glanced up at Zack and smiled.


"You're welcome to join me," he said quietly.

"Thanks," Zack answered with a pleasant smile. "Looks like it's a busy place this morning." He walked the short distance to the table and sat down across from the other man. Their eyes met fleetingly then both quickly looked away.

The guys were somewhat alike and yet different. They were both in their late twenties, and both single. They both worked as independent tradesmen. Jerry was a plumber, and Zack was an electrician.

Where they are distinctly different is in looks and build. Jerry is average in height, with a strong, muscular build, dark curly hair and a thick mustache, hairy chest and intense blue eyes. He usually wears tight 501's which accentuate his well developed lower body as well as his well-stuffed basket.

Zack was tall and slim with light brown hair, prematurely beginning to thin slightly on top. He has serious brown eyes with long, thick lustrous lashes. The hair peeking out from the open collar of his shirt is silky and light brown. He wears regular levis and like many slim men, doesn't show a big bulge in the crotch...just enough that you know he's got the basic equipment.

Conversation was slight that first morning. They talked of the weather and of the slow service because of the coffee shop's being so busy. Jerry was just finishing his breakfast as Zack's was served, but he held off leaving, smoking a cigarette as he tried to keep the conversation going.

"Well, I guess I'd better be going," Jerry said finally, "I've got a full day of calls on my schedule and I wanna get done at a reasonable time." As he stood up, Zack's eyes traveled down his body, stopping as his gaze widened at the bulging crotch now just even with his eyes. He stifled a gasp and looked up into Jerry's blue eyes.

"Well, thanks for the company," Zack said quickly, "Hope you have a good one."

One of Jerry's personal delights was verbal games. Puns, double entendres and word plays were part of his basic nature, and he was helpless to stop himself, even with a stranger.

"As a matter of fact, I have a damn good one," Jerry said with a chuckle. Zack was stunned.

"I meant that I hope you have a good day," Zack replied, flushing somewhat and feeling very embarrassed.

"I'm sorry," Jerry countered with a broad smile, "I know what you meant. I just can't help myself, I guess. Words appeal to me like that." Zack said he understood and smiled again, his gaze now focusing on Jerry's well-formed ass as the other reached for his jacket.

"Hope you have a good one too," Jerry said, the faintest hint of a question in his voice. He grinned helplessly at his joke.

"Maybe I'll see you again," Zack said finally and Jerry smiled.

"You probably will," he said, "I stop in here almost every morning." And that set the stage for what developed over the next several months.


Jerry couldn't get the young, fair-haired man from the coffee shop out of his thoughts, but was honest enough to admit that he didn't want to. The guy had really turned him on.

Late that first afternoon, he'd run into a guy he knew at the local plumber's supply store. The guy nodded and gestured, and they were soon both crowded into the cab of Jerry's pickup. With total abandon, and with his mind still full of Zack, Jerry fucked his sizeable cock into the guy's mouth as fast and as hard as the guy could take it. After he'd shot a man-sized load of hot cum into the guy's willing throat, both of them fell back against the seat, totally spent.

"God damn," the guy had said, struggling to get his breath back afterwards, "You were really hot to go, weren't you, Jer?"

"You bet," Jerry answered with a deep sigh, "I needed your talented mouth today, buddy."

"Well, I'll take that cock of yours anytime you want," the guy had said, "You really turn me on when you fuck my mouth like that."

"Uh-huh," Jerry said, now stuffing his softened cock and emptied nuts back in his levis, "You were great."

The guy took the hint and got out of the pickup, walked toward his own vehicle and turned to wave, just as Jerry drove from the lot quickly. - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Across town several hours later, the helper who worked with Zack looked up at his idol standing on a ladder several feet off the ground. He sighed deeply as he watched Zack's slim body pressed back against the ladder as he worked over his head.

"Damn you've got a sexy ass, boss" the helper whispered, lightly running his hand over Zack's slim but well-defined cheeks. Zack stopped and glanced down at him over his right shoulder.

"And you wanna eat it out, right?" he said in an almost joking tone.

"You know I do, boss," the apprentice whispered huskily, "Nothing turns me on like eating your ass."

In a few minutes, the young man was doing just that as Zack beat his cock steadily to a cadence set in his mind. There was no doubt about it, the kid was probably better at rimming then anyone Zack had ever known, and though it wasn't his usual or preferred way of having sex, beating his cock while the kid ate his ass excited him tremendously.

"Eat it, boy," he whispered as his helper lapped all around Zack's tender hole before attacking it vigorously.

It felt good, but Zack was only half aware of what he was feeling. His mind reeled at the memory of the dark, blue-eyed stud he'd met that morning, and as he came, shooting a big, stringy wad well over five feet with the first blast, Zack knew that it was more his fantasy about Jerry than the young guy's eager tongue which had sent him over the edge of climax.


Over a month and a half had passed, and Jerry and Zack had breakfast almost every morning except the week-ends. Jerry usually got to the coffee shop first and was drinking his coffee when Zack walked in. After the first several days, Jerry started waiting for his buddy to arrive before ordering breakfast together.

They found that they had a lot in common over the first couple of weeks. Being independents, they both were at the whim of the contractors they worked. As a result, their schedules frequently got jammed up, and as they ate together, they shared their respective complaints.

Of all these, their mutual strongest complaint was about people who tried to get their services free.

"That bastard Collyer tried to get me to wire his whole new addition for just the cost of the wire," Zack complained one morning about a particular contractor. Jerry nodded, his mouth full.

"And he had the nerve to hint that he wouldn't be able to use me any more unless I did it," he added.

"I know the guy," Jerry agreed, "He tried that on me once and I told him to shove it. Don't worry about it. He still calls me for more work than I can handle."

They talked about politics sometimes, finding quickly that they both shared the inherent conservatism of entrepreneurs who resent anyone else, and especially government bureaucracies, from interfering in their lives.

Their respective personal lives were seldom discussed. Neither mentioned a wife or kids because neither of them had them. They'd nod to each other about a woman entering or leaving the coffee shop, but seldom were either's comments in bad taste.

Jerry's word games didn't go away, and seldom a day went by that he didn't elicit either a groan, a frown or at best a chuckle from the other with a pun or wordplay.

One morning, Zack was telling his buddy about an especially complicated wiring job on a new building.

"It's really incredible," he explained, "It's gotta have seven totally separate circuits to handle all they need. I'm telling you man, that box is gonna be unbelievable."

"Gosh," Jerry countered instantly, "I've never seen an unbelievable box before. Tell me about it." Zack started to say something, then stopped, shaking his head.

"You bastard," he said with a smile, "You did it to me again."

"Not me," Jerry answered with a grin, "I love checking out good boxes myself."

The two of them chuckled as they gather up their things and headed for the door.

A few mornings later, Zack unwittingly gave him another chance.

"I better get my ass in gear," Zack said one morning as they walked toward the cashier.

"You'll go blind if you keep grabbing that gearshift," Jerry said with a broad grin as he followed him, his gaze fixed on the Zack's slim, sexy ass.


Zack reddened at the words, but he smiled as his eyes met Jerry's.

"You're too much, Jerry," Zack said quietly, "I never know what to expect from you."

"Keeps you guessing, huh?" Jerry chuckled as he paid his check and followed Zack out the door.

Jerry's pick-up was nearer and as he climbed in, Zack walked over to the open window. Helplessly, his gaze fell to Jerry's fully stuffed crotch until he caught himself and quickly spoke again.

"See you tomorrow," Zack said, moving back away from the truck again.

"Right," Jerry answered as he put the truck in gear and eased his foot off the clutch. "Take it easy," he called as he drove away.

"Shit," Zack whispered to himself, "I'd take it about anyway you'd give it to me." He shook his head and headed to his own vehicle and quickly drove away.


One Friday morning, Zack got to the coffee shop first and was already eating his breakfast when Jerry walked in. Jerry was surprised, but quickly settled himself next to his buddy and ordered his breakfast when the waitress came by.

"Sorry, I had to go ahead," Zack said, "But I've got a long day and I've got to get home early tonight."

"What's up?" Jerry asked, surrendering to his own interest and playfulness by exaggeratedly glancing at Zack's crotch beneath the table.

"Not that, I'll tell you," Zack answered without humor, "I'm so damn mad I could...."

"Whoa," Jerry interrupted, "What's the matter, buddy? I'm sorry about the joking around."

"It's not that," Zack said, "I've got a problem with my damn hot tub at home, though I hardly ever use it. The damn thing is leaking like a sieve, and I've got to get a plumber out there and it's probably gonna cost a fortune to get the damned thing fixed and...." He stopped suddenly.

"I didn't mean that the way it sounded," he said, "I know plumbers have to make a living too. The damn hot tub's been nothing but problems."

"You put it in?" Jerry asked quietly.

"Nope," Zack answered, "It was there when I bought the place, but it's on the blink more often than not. I had it turned off for a long time, but that causes problems too."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Jerry asked, "I'd be glad to take a look at it for you."

"Oh no," Zack said, "We're buddies, and I'm not asking for a favor."

"Don't be silly," Jerry said with a chuckle, "I'd be glad to check out your plumbing anytime."

Even in his state of mind, Zack heard the double meaning and couldn't help but smile.

"You're really something ," he said with a wry smile, "But really, I wouldn't feel right about asking you to come over. I know you've got your own work to do, and you deserve your evenings free too."

"Hell, ask me to come anytime," Jerry said, grinning broadly at his own humor.

"That's not what I meant," Zack answered, feeling more embarrassed by the moment.

"I'm sorry," Jerry went on, "But seriously, I'll be glad to take a look at it, but I couldn't do it until late this afternoon, if that's okay with you."

"You sure you don't mind?" Zack asked, still bothered about asking a buddy, "And I'm gonna pay you too, no arguments on that."

"Of course I don't mind," Jerry said, "Besides, someday I may need you to check out my wiring...." He let the words dangle, then realized that Zack was very serious. "I mean, what are friends for, anyway?"

"That would be great, if you don't mind," Zack said, "I'm frustrated as hell about the damned thing."

After several minutes, Zack told Jerry his address. Jerry knew the area well and said he'd be there as close to five o'clock as he could.

"I really appreciate it," Zack said. He smiled to himself as he picked up his check, and started to draw money from his pocket for a tip. Jerry stood also, turning his back to reach for a newspaper from the counter.

"By the way," Zack joked, turning the tables neatly as he glanced down at Jerry's well built rear, "I don't think it's your wiring that needs checking. I think it's your auxiliary power box."

Jerry broke up, laughing aloud. He knew Zack had gotten caught up in his word games too, and he couldn't help himself. He watched Zack walk from the coffee shop with his usual interest, then quickly shrugged his shoulders and finished his breakfast before leaving for work too.



Zack had a terrible day. He was working on a major remodeling job in an older house and it meant removing a lot of old wiring from inside the lathe and plaster walls, at the same time the dry wall installers were taping and sanding several other rooms. By the time quitting time arrived, Zack was filthy.

He brushed as much of the plaster dust from himself as he could, piled his tools into the back of the truck and drove home. He was relieved that Jerry hadn't arrived yet and after glancing at his watch, decided he probably had time to take a quick shower before his buddy arrived.

Zack was just stepping from the shower when the doorbell rang, and he quickly wrapped a towel around himself and went to let Jerry in.

"Come on in," Zack said as he opened the door and quickly stood back. "I just had to get some of that plaster dust washed off."

"No problem," Jerry said, "I know the feeling." He took off his lightweight levi jacket and laid it over a chair.

"Just let me get dressed," Zack said, "And I'll show you what the problem is."

"You mind if I look around?" Jerry called after him, and Zack answered right away.

"Make yourself at home," he said, "There's beer in the 'fridge if you want one."

"No," Jerry said, "I'll wait till we finish."

Jerry walked around the house admiring and noticing things which told him a little more about this young man he knew only from the coffee shop. He stood for several minutes looking at the interesting and varied collection of books on the shelves. Soon Zack rejoined him, dressed casually again in a pair of loose-fitting shorts and a golf shirt.

Together they walked out onto the patio, and Zack began explaining how the hot tub was hooked into the plumbing lines. Jerry sized up the installation quickly then got tools from his truck and set to work.

Zack recounted that there had been a problem with leaks ever since he'd moved into the house about fifteen months earlier. He told Jerry of the earlier efforts of plumbers and sadly concluded that none of them had really found the problem.

Several times during his explanation, Zack realized that he had unwittingly given Jerry a chance for a quick verbal comeback but Jerry didn't rise to it.

"These things are kinda crazy," Jerry said, continuing to work, "It makes a lot of difference whether they're installed during construction or added afterward. This looks like it was added later, and probably by a do-it-yourselfer."

He was all business now, and he worked steadily, requiring little help, for about thirty-five minutes. Then he set down his tools and walked over to where Zack stood watching.

"It's not that bad if it's what I think it is," he said simply, "All we need to do is run a reinforcing line inside that one and change the connections here and at the tub. The problem is whoever installed it used the wrong kind of line and what you're getting is an osmotic effect."

"In other words...?" Zack asked with a smile.

"In other words, your hose is dripping," Jerry answered, a broad grin spreading across his face. It caught Zack off guard once again, and he laughed out loud.

"You bastard," he said with a laugh, "But tell me, how serious is this 'dripping hose' problem."

"If you'll help me, I think we can fix it pretty quickly," Jerry said, "I think I've got everything we need out in the truck."

Zack agreed quickly, and they got pipe and fittings from Jerry's truck and set to work. In just over a half an hour, they had the new piping installed and Jerry had done a preliminary test of the line.

"That should be alright now," he said, "But check it every day or so and let me know if it starts to leak again. If so, we'll have to go into the tub itself and that's a bigger job."

Zack was very grateful for his buddy's expertise and didn't hesitate to say so. He offered him a beer again and this time Jerry accepted.

"Can I ask you a favor?" Jerry said, "I'd love a beer, but I'd really like to have a shower first. Would you mind?"

"Of course not," Zack said as they walked into the bedroom together, "You want to borrow something to wear?"


"Just a pair of shorts and a shirt," Jerry said, "If you don't mind."

"Not at all," Zack said, drawing another pair of terry cloth shorts from the closet, "These should fit you, and they're great without jockeys, if you know what I mean." He got another knit shirt from the dresser and laid them both on the bed then turned and walked from the room.

Jerry finished his shower and was just stepping into the soft terry shorts when Zack walked back to the bedroom doorway carrying two beers. He caught a quick glimpse of Jerry's very healthy-sized cock and balls and swallowed hard.

"Come on out on the deck when you're ready," Zack said, his eyes sweeping over Jerry's hirsute and strongly built chest, "It's gonna be a beautiful night and we can watch the sunset."


The change in atmosphere from the coffee shop to Zack's comfortable deck chairs, as well as being alone together, changed both the tone and content of their conversation. The sun was deep in the sky, and both guys sat back in their chairs staring at the pink sky, relaxing and quietly drinking a second and then a third beer.

They talked about their respective plans for building their independent businesses, and of the frustrations of being in business alone.

"I always knew I wanted to go it alone," Zack said quietly, "I mean I want to be my own boss."

"Me too," Jerry countered with his usual grin, "But I don't like doing it alone all the time." Zack stifled a groan but smiled back at his buddy.

"Your mind only heads one way, doesn't it?" Zack said directly and Jerry smiled back.

"My mind, yes," Jerry answered rather coyly.

The conversation got more personal than ever before too. Jerry now knew that Zack wasn't married and he subtly let it be known that he was single too.

"I sure can't wait to get a nice place like this for myself," Jerry said, then went on to explain that he was living with his parents after the end of an unsatisfactory marriage. When he mentioned the divorce, Zack quickly expressed his sympathy.

"Oh hell," Jerry said, "It wasn't anybody's fault. It was just a bad idea in the first place, and we both knew it very quickly. I'm just glad we called it quits before we had any kids." Zack nodded understandingly.

Finally as the sun just about set, Jerry spoke again.

"Besides," he said with a wry smile, "She couldn't stand my jokes either."

"What do you mean?" Zack said, sitting up suddenly, "I like your jokes, but sometimes you catch me off guard, and I don't know when you're kidding. I mean you say such unbelievable things with such a straight face...."

"I know," Jerry grinned, "That's what makes it fun for me, you know, seeing you blush."

"I don't blush," Zack said, but without conviction. He knew just as well as Jerry did the number of times one of those carefully planned double entendres had caught him up short.

"You oughta be careful, though," Zack said, "Somebody's gonna take you seriously one of these days and then you'd better watch out."

Jerry kept looking at the rapidly setting sun, and when he spoke it was almost in a murmur.

"Sometimes I wish somebody would," he said. Both guys were silent for several minutes, concentrating on the view. Finally Zack spoke again.

"You mean that?" Zack asked in a whisper, "I mean the things you say to me...."

Jerry glanced at him, his eyes straining in the near-darkness.

"I'll probably be sorry I said this," he whispered very softly, "but I meant everything I've said." Zack sat thinking silently, and after a moment Jerry stood up.

"I better get going," he said quietly and headed for the bedroom and his clothes. He was in the bathroom when Zack walked into the bedroom. He turned on the dim bedside lamp, then quietly switched off the overhead light and sat down on the bed.

Jerry was surprised to see him when he opened the bathroom door and switched off the light.

"I always hoped you meant what you said," Zack said quietly, "I want it just as much as you."

Jerry stopped for just a second then wordlessly walked toward the edge of the bed and pulled Zack into a standing position in front of him. He kissed him hard on the mouth and wrapped his arms around the other man, feeling the intense heat he generated.



Not a word was spoken in that bedroom for over ten minutes, but then it's hard to talk when your lips are locked against someone else's and you're taking turns trying to find a guy's tonsils with your tongue.

Jerry and Zack kissed with a passionate intensity built up over the months they'd talked to, thought of, admired and desired the other. It was the magical coming together of all the feelings they'd had privately, now shared for the first time.

"God damn," Jerry said finally, "I've been wanting to do that since the first time I laid eyes on you."

"Me too," Zack answered, lying down on the bed and pulling Jerry down with him, "I was going nuts...I mean... I really was."

Jerry was quick and he dodged from Zack's embracing arms and moved between his legs.

"I've wanted to do this for so long," Jerry whispered, as he reached up and grasped Zack's growing bulge, "I'm so damn hot for you."

Jerry then quickly pulled the other's shorts down to his knees, exposing an average sized endowment. Jerry sighed to himself silently. He had hoped that Zack's cock would be really big, though he hid his disappointment well.

Bending forward, Jerry quickly gulped Zack's cock into his mouth and starting sucking up and down the shaft. Zack's cock was thick though it wasn't fully hard yet, and as Jerry sucked he felt it filling his mouth more and more until finally he pulled back and grabbed the other's cock in his hand.

"My God, this thing is still growing," he murmured, quickly sucking the hardening cock again, taking it as deep as he could.

"Uh-huh," Zack groaned quietly, "Just keep sucking it like that. It's still got a ways to go."

Jerry couldn't believe it. Zack's cock may have looked average in that first glance, but as Jerry sucked, it kept growing bigger and bigger until he couldn't take it all in his mouth. What had looked average sized when soft was now swollen to at least eight and half inches, and as he angled it into his throat he sighed again, this time in excited almost primal pleasure.

"What an unbelievable cock," Jerry whispered, holding it with both hands as it reached its full length and considerable thickness, "It's beautiful, man."

It wasn't simply that Jerry was turned on by the size of a guy's cock; it was more than that. Jerry was well endowed himself and he felt that two guys had a better chance together if they were pretty much evenly matched. Now as he tried to deep throat Zack's cock, Jerry grew even more excited than he'd been before. He sucked hard and deep, his tongue racing over and around the head and down the shaft as his mouth accommodated the huge organ.

"Hey," Zack said quietly after several minutes, "come up here again."

Jerry looked up at Zack, his cock still deep in his throat, and moaned quietly.

"Jerry," Zack said, "I love seeing you with my dick in your mouth and what you're doing feels great, but I want a lot more than just that. Come up here."

"God you excite me," Jerry whispered, for once skipping the double entendre of Zack's words. Quickly he let Zack's now very large cock slip from his mouth and laid down close to him.

"You don't know how much I've...." Jerry started, but was quickly interrupted.

"Oh yes I do," Zack replied, drawing Jerry close and kissing him hard. They kissed for many minutes, until Zack reached to grab Jerry's very stiff cock. Jerry continued stroking Zack's cock in a slow cadence.

"That's a great looking cock you've got here," Zack whispered and quickly moved down on the bed. "And I want it, man."

He gulped the stiff organ into his mouth, and moaned softly as the almost eight inch cock plunged down into his throat. He stifled a choke reflex as he swallowed it to the balls, then started sucking hard and fast.

"Wow," Jerry moaned, "What a great mouth. Take it, buddy!"

Zack didn't need any encouragement to show his skills, and Jerry moaned ever louder as Zack repeatedly deep-throated his cock down.

"I want more of yours too," Jerry cried finally, quickly turning into a sixty-nine position and stuffing Zack's long, thick cock back into his mouth.


Soon they were moving to an even more intense rhythm of sucking the other's meat, and when Zack grabbed Jerry's balls and started gulping his cock even faster, Jerry knew he was getting closer than he wanted.

"Time!" he cried, letting Zack's cock slip from his mouth and pulling his own cock from Zack's hotly sucking mouth.

"What's the matter?" Zack asked, rather surprised.

"I just don't want to come yet," Jerry said, "I want more of making love to you first."

He laid down on top of Zack and kissed him intensely again. Zack responded in kind and soon they were making love passionately, each groaning in pleasure as they kissed and touched each other all over. The roller coaster was on a steady climb now, and as they rolled over and over, clinging to and climbing on each other, hot flesh against hot flesh, the action punctuated by deep-tonguing kisses, each guy's nerves and senses were primed for action.

"I want you so damn bad," Zack cried finally, diving for Jerry's crotch and catching his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. Quickly, he took Jerry's long, hard cock back into his mouth and started sucking furiously. Unable to move away now, Jerry thrashed against the bed as Zack swallowed his rod repeatedly, the intense sucking sending waves of pleasure throughout his body.

"Oh shit," Jerry wailed, "What you're doing feels so damn good."

Zack just groaned in response, sucking the cock which filled his mouth with intense desire.

"I can't help it, Zack," he cried finally, "I'm gonna're great...take my cock! Take it all!

As Jerry's shouts grew to a crescendo, Zack sucked harder and faster, grabbing and twisting the other's balls as they began to draw up to his body. He knew Jerry was close, and he wanted to heighten the excitement even more.

"Oh yeah," Jerry cried again, just as his cock throbbed and began shooting bolts of his white lightening wildly into Zack's still hard-sucking mouth.

"Mmm," Zack groaned as he tasted the first of Jerry's hot, sticky fluid on his tongue, then groaned again as the copious load filled his mouth. He swallowed quickly as Jerry's cock continued to spasm and spew, almost filling his mouth again. As the spasms subsided, Zack swallowed again, then started sucking slower before nursing the last drops from the still-hard cock and releasing it.

"Wonderful," Zack murmured, "God, how long I've wanted to do that."

Jerry's body quivered again as his climax ended, and Zack quickly moved to take him in his arms again.

"Never like that before...nobody ever...oh wow," Jerry whispered disjointedly as Zack held him, finally turning so their lips met in a quiet, now almost subdued kiss. They kissed gently like that for several minutes and neither said a word.

"You okay?" Zack asked in a whisper finally.

"I think so," said Jerry with a smile, "I thought for a minute there I'd died and gone to Heaven." Zack smiled back at him.

"I take back what I said this morning," Zack chuckled, "Your wiring is just fine."

Jerry smiled weakly, then, with real emotion, cuddled against Zack and murmured something unintelligible. Zack held him tightly, feeling great in the aftermath of satisfying the guy he'd wanted for so long.

"It's just too much," Jerry said finally, "I've dreamed about this happening every day since we met, but I never believed it really could.

"I know," Zack agreed, "I felt the same way about you. I wanted it to be true, but I didn't dare let myself believe it."

They cuddled for a long time, then Zack got up and walked to the kitchen, returning shortly with a couple of more beers. He opened one and handed it to Jerry, whose eyes met his filled with emotion. They sat on the bed and drank beer, sometimes cuddling against each other and other times sitting back to stare at each other in disbelief.

Zack was glib and unusually talkative, feeling very self-satisfied, while Jerry was more subdued than normal.


Half an hour later or so, both had grown very quiet again. Zack squirmed self-consciously as Jerry's gaze focused on his cock, now softened again. Jerry didn't say anything, he just stared blatantly, deep in thought.


"What are you thinking about?" Zack asked finally.

"You," Jerry answered simply, "And how much I want you."

Zack started quietly, "You don't have to do anything, if you...."

"Are you kidding?" Jerry asked incredulously, "Buddy, I want you every God damn way I know. It's just a question of which way first." Zack looked puzzled but just smiled silently.

Swiftly Jerry moved between Zack's legs, kneeling on the floor alongside the bed. He started licking all around Zack's balls which hung heavily in their sac between his legs, first taking one and then the other into his mouth. That caused Zack to moan quietly, but Jerry quickly stuffed the other's cock into his mouth and began long, pulsating strokes as he sucked on the quickly hardening cock.

"Oh yeah," Zack moaned, "That feels great, Jer. Suck my cock like that."

Jerry moaned softly and continued taking the full length of Zack's cock into his mouth, delighting as the organ grew longer and thicker in response.

When he felt it was completely hard, he dove downward, quickly angling the eight and a half inch stiff cock into his throat and holding it there as he worked his mouth muscles against it.

"Jesus!" cried Zack, his voice quavering, "That's wild, buddy!"

Jerry kept sucking until he felt Zack's body starting to quiver in response, then he sucked up and down the shaft of his cock a couple more times before releasing it.

"That's a beautiful cock and I love sucking it," Jerry whispered sensually, "But right now I want to feel your big cock up my ass, buddy."

Zack looked at him with some surprise, "You mean it?"

"Oh yeah, I mean it," Jerry whispered, "I've dreamed about you fuckin' me."

Zack grew very excited and he quickly kissed Jerry intensely.

"God I've fantasized about fucking your sexy ass," Zack said finally, almost in a whisper.

"Well, that fantasy's gonna come true, man," Jerry answered, "I want this huge rod of yours in me now."

Jerry quickly moved onto his back and carried his saliva to his ass. Then, raising his legs, he looked at Zack and nodded. Zack quickly moved between his legs, bracing Jerry's legs with his arms.

Jerry reached down and positioned the head of Zack's cock at his opening then slowly moved toward him. Both groaned loudly as the first inch or so entered Jerry's hole, then Zack stopped, waiting for his buddy to speak.

"Oh yeah, take it easy until I relax," Jerry said, "I want your dick in me but it's been a long time."

Jerry tried to move his legs further around Zack and, in the process, an additional inch or so of his thick cock slid up his ass and Jerry groaned again.

Zack nodded, then slowly started fucking a little more of his cock into the tight, unyielding opening at a very carefully measured pace. It was steamy hot, and as he fucked into him slowly, Zack lengthened his stroke each time.

Their eyes met and locked onto each other. Then, with a small gasp as the steel-hard cock stretched his willing asshole, Jerry closed his eyes with a low groan.

"Oh God yes," Jerry whispered as his body relaxed and tensed repeatedly, "That's so damn good. Fuck me hard, man."

"Your ass is so fuckin' hot," Zack answered in a whisper as he stroked his cock into Jerry's searing hole, "So fuckin' hot and so tight."

Finally, Zack's long, thick cock was all in, and Jerry felt the wiry public hair against the cheeks of his ass. He groaned with satisfaction then opened his eyes again, looking up into the deep brown eyes of the man above him.

"That's it, buddy," he cried lustily, "Now fuck me! Pound that monster cock of yours up my ass."

Zack looked down at the strong, ruggedly build man beneath him and his cock throbbed involuntarily deep in Jerry's ass.

"Go, man," Jerry cried, "Give me the fuckin' I need! Make my hot ass feel good."

With a passion flaring deep within him, Zack started to fuck, not too fast but with long, deliberate strokes. Every move made Jerry's body quiver, as the thick steel-like cock filled his ass channel repeatedly and stimulated every nerve and fiber of his insides.

"What a great fuckin' ass," Zack cried, "God, that's so good!"


"Oh yeah," Jerry answered with equal intensity, "Use my ass like that! I wanna be good for you, man!"

Zack started fucking faster, but kept the long depth of his strokes as the speed increased. Jerry's body began to quiver and shake even more as Zack's huge cock punished his insides and sent shivers of delight throughout his body.

Zack didn't say a word but soon was fucking like a wild man, plunging his cock to its greatest depth with every stroke. The fast pace brought him quickly to the brink of climax and he slowed it deliberately, determined to enjoy it to fullest.

"Go ahead," Jerry cried, "Oh yeah! Fuck me hard. Fill me with your big cock, Zack."

Zack's eyes met his as he responded to the mention of his name.

"You like this dick fuckin' your ass?" he asked, pistoning faster again.

"Oh God, yes," Jerry answered in a cry, "I've been wanting it for so long. Fuck me...I can't get enough of that...I love your big cock in me."

Jerry's cries turned to gasps of delight as Zack fucked even faster and harder than before. That pace of non-stop fucking was more than he could stand and after very few minutes, Zack began a choked cry of his own.

"Great fuckin' ass," he cried, "I can't help, tight ass taking my dick......gonna come, man!"

"Oh yeah, give it to me. Fill me with your load, Zack. Fuck me!"

Jerry grabbed his cock and started beating it in rhythm with the pistoning strokes of Zack's cock up his ass.

"Give it to me," Jerry cried, "Pound your fuckin' cock up my ass!"

Zack drove his cock furiously into the Jerry's ass, burying the full length in him with every stroke. Suddenly he grabbed Jerry's hips and, lifting him up off the bed slightly, fucked even faster and harder than before. He fucked with an intensity that surprised himself as he watched the handsome man quivering beneath him.

"Oh God," Jerry cried, "Fuck my ass like that! I'm gonna come soon, Zack. Fuck me!"

Zack fucked in a fury, finally driving his throbbing, swollen cock deeper than ever before and then he came, blast after blast of hot cum flooding into Jerry's bowels as the other man's body shook from the fiery eruption inside him.

"Oh yeah......Oh God!" Jerry cried in delight as his eyes widened then appeared to lose focus as Zack's huge cock spewed its heavy load inside him.

He beat his cock furiously, moaning and groaning until he passed the brink again himself.

"Oh yeah......great God damn fuck," Jerry cried as his ass spasmed against the huge cock still buried deep inside him, "I'm coming......Oh God!"

Zack reacted by pumping his cock in and out of Jerry's now well-fucked ass which heightened his climax, and Zack watched the fountain of Jerry's spunk which shot all over his chest and belly.

"Mmm," Zack moaned, leaning forward to lick up the droplets of cum he could reach while keeping his stiff cock deep in Jerry's ass.

As Jerry's climax finally subsided, he reached his arms to clasp around Zack's shoulders and pulled his face toward his own.

"God you're wonderful," Jerry whispered, seconds before their lips met and locked in a passionate kiss. Rolling onto their sides, they kept up their lovemaking, Jerry's ass still full of Zack's big cock, for many minutes. Neither wanted to separate or end the euphoria of the moment.


Ten or fifteen minutes later, Zack struggled helplessly as his softening cock began to slip from Jerry's asshole, and the two of them groaned in unison when it finally happened.

"Of God, that felt so good," Jerry said quietly, cuddling even closer against Zack as he whispered in his ear.

"There's nothing at all wrong with your plumbing, stud."

Zack couldn't help himself and laughed aloud. A big grin crossed Jerry's face.

"Your box has plenty of power too," Zack contributed.

"We're really a couple of fools," Zack said, "To think we wasted all this time when we both wanted the same thing. Hell, I was hot for you from the first day."

"I wonder," Jerry said thoughtfully, "I mean, sure, I wanted you from the first too, but maybe because of how it happened it was even better."


"What do you mean?" Zack asked.

"Well," Jerry replied, "The more time I spent with you, the more I wanted you, not only sexually but more than that." Zack was quiet for sometime, then spoke in a very subdued voice.

"I know what you mean," he said finally.

Their eyes met, though neither spoke. Some minutes of silence passed before Zack moved to get up and head for the bathroom. Jerry went in when Zack returned and Jerry came back to find Zack sitting out on the deck again, dressed only in his terry shorts. It was quite dark now, though a bright crescent moon shown above.

"What's the matter, Zack?" Jerry asked when he joined him in a moment.

"Nothing," Zack lied, gesturing to the fresh cans of beer he'd brought from the kitchen. Jerry said nothing but sat facing the other man, finally reached out to touch his hand after some time had passed in silence. They sat quietly for several minutes before Zack sucked in a big gulp of air and spoke again.

"Frankly this kind of scares me," he said very quietly.

"What do you mean?" Jerry asked solicitously. Zack hesitated for a moment before going on.

"What scares me, is that I think I'm falling in love with you," he said, "And I promised myself that would never happen again."

Jerry asked and, after some time, Zack explained that his only prior experience in that type of a relationship had ended very unhappily. He didn't explain in detail. but as Jerry's eyes focused on Zack's face in the dim light, he understood fully.

"Does it make it any better if I tell you that I feel that way about you too?" Jerry asked in a very quiet voice.

Zack looked at him hard, thought for a moment, and then smiled.

"Yes," he said finally, "I guess it does."

Jerry smiled back and held Zack's hand tightly.


The guys finally got dressed and went out to dinner, stopping at Jerry's house so he could change clothes. Zack's introduction to Jerry's parents went smoothly. In fact, they welcomed the chance to meet the nice young guy their son had told them so much about.

The two of them laughed over and over again at dinner about the many little things they should have recognized in each other, and had a delightful dinner, followed by a cognac on Zack's deck. It was a balmy night and as they sat and watched the moon and the stars, they talked more personally than ever before.

Zack couldn't help mentioning how nonplussed Jerry's parents had been when he'd said he was planning to spend the night at Zack's.

"Oh, I told my folks I was gay after the divorce," Jerry confessed over dinner, "Not that it really had anything to do with it. I've been gay for as long as I can remember. But in a way, I think that helped them understand it better."

Zack admitted that he'd never told any of his family about it, but pointed out that since they lived quite a distance it was less a problem than it might have been.

It grew later and later as they sat side by side on the settee on the deck, holding hands and talking together. Neither seemed eager to move and yet each feared to talk about what was uppermost in his mind. Finally Zack spoke again.

"You know what?" he said quietly, "I wanted to believe something would happen with you but I was convinced that you were straight. You're so masculine."

"That doesn't mean anything," Jerry countered, "I know a guy, a pipefitter and welder, who looks to be as tough and mean as they come. He's gotta be 250 pounds and every bit of him is muscle. But from what I understand from another buddy, he's gay as hell and really wild in the sack."

"That's funny, now that you mention it," Zack countered, "I know a carpenter and handyman who's butch as hell too, and he's had a lover for years."

They began carefully to compare notes on people they knew in common, and suddenly realized that they could count among their gay acquaintances most of the key construction trades. Each was surprised to learn about guys they'd worked with, but Zack got the greatest satisfaction when he'd told Jerry that a very good painter he'd worked with just that day was a real screamer. Jerry was stunned, having been quite impressed both with the guy and his work.

The whole conversation took on a comic "guess who" tone before Jerry suddenly grinned broadly and almost shouted.

"That's it," he said, "That's what we should do...let's get all the guys together and form a partnership of our own. We'll beat the hell out of those bastard contractors who try to screw us."

And so the idea was born. It would take a number of months and the help of a sharp lawyer friend of Zack's who was also gay, but before long the word spread that Adonis Trades was the company to call, regardless of what kind of service was needed. Everyone in the partnership prospered as they pooled resources to organize the service business.

Zack and Jerry were the new company's first officers, and when they celebrated their own fifth anniversary that many years later, they also celebrated the company's milestone. Their personal relationship had developed on the solid foundation of the friendship started so innocently one day when the coffee shop was crowded.

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