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Admitting Tyler


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My name is James and I work in the admissions office of a small liberal arts college. I'm 19, and I don't consider myself to be particularly good looking but I'm no dog. I'm about 5'11' 160lbs with brown hair and brown eyes. (I've often been compared to Joe Jonas, which I don't see) I'm gay but no one knows, and I try my best to keep it under wraps.


As I started up work for the year I'd often heard about a guy named 'Tyler' a junior (21) who worked there over the past year. I finally met him in the first week. He was a tall guy easily 6' with ginger red hair, usually scruffy, and very buff. After a few weeks he and I became close friends and we started talking about usual guy things, especially girls. He was very big into country music and that lifestyle and you could tell by the way he dressed always in jeans, work boots, and a tight tee or something else that showed his well-built upper body.

One day he was asking me if I knew any hot girls on campus, I lied and said that all my friends were ugly just to get away from the subject. I then told him a story about one of my well-known-well-endowed teachers just chumming the waters. He laughed with me about it, and eventually I found myself staring at the bulge in his jeans.

"Are you checking me out now?" he said.

"No, sorry bud I just zoned out I do that a lot" I said.

He let it go and we continued working. The next day we came in and were required to go down and clean out an old storage room together. I noticed as we walked down that he had jeans that were significantly tighter than last time. As we started moving boxes, I got several eyes full of his ass as he bent over, exposing his boxers and crack (if I was lucky). He again caught me looking "Dude, you're totally checking me out!" he said

"No, I told you dude I zone out a lot" I said

"Bullshit!" he shouted

I replied "Bud, I'm telling you I'm spacey I just got done with an orgo test I barely know which way is up"

He started laughing "I'm just kidding dude don't get so caught up"

I laughed too, but we both seemed to know that I was lying.

The next day we were sent back down to clean out, this time when he bent over I saw that he had a thong on! At this point I got a little brave and walked past him in a narrow passage way so that my dick rubbed against his ass. He didn't visibly seem to notice, except that out of the corner of my eye I saw his dick jump. I figured this was my chance; I got back behind this huge, straight, brawny guy and grabbed his ass. Frozen in fear I saw his dick jump again and he said:

"What the fuck dude"

"I think you know what, it doesn't look like you're having a bad time"

He blushed "you wish!"

I reached down the back of his pants and grabbed his thong and gave him a major weggie. "Oh I didn't realize thongs were big among straight guys"

"My girlfriend thinks I'm hot in them, not that it's any of your business"

"Oh really let me be the judge of that"

His face turned beat red and he stood frozen like a Greek statue. As he stood there I slowly took off his shirt. He still stood frozen except to lift his arms. I reached around and unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop to the floor, again he didn't move except to step out of them. He now stood there naked except for the shoes on his feet and a skimpy pink silk thong. His back was still turned to me, so all I could see was his ass. It was magnificent round and plump I had to do everything I could to keep from grabbing it right there.

"Ok back to work" I said

We continued to work as if there was nothing abnormal about one fully dressed guy and one guy in a pink thong sorting through old records. Eventually 15 minutes later I looked back at him to see him bending and caught my first glimpse of the front of his thong. The pouch was almost bursting he was so big. His dick had to be 5" soft stuffed into that tiny piece of cloth. After a few more glances I couldn't take it any longer I walked over and planted a kiss right on his lips. He stood frozen for a few seconds but eventually started to kiss back. I grabbed his bare ass cheeks and squeezed them as hard as I could. He then took off my shirt as I started to kiss down his body paying good attention to every little crack and crevice left by his astonishing muscle mass.

I finally reached the thong and he was starting to get visibly excited I licked the huge bulge savoring his flavor through the silk. As I kept going his dick continued to grow and pushed its way out of the thong. I eventually pulled it down fully to see his gorged 9" dick staring back at me, hard as a rock. I started licking the head and eventually fit the mammoth thing in my mouth. If he wasn't long enough he had to be 5 inches around. I gagged on it as I fought to get it down, my hands grasped his firm ass and his were on the back of my head pushing me down. He started to moan "Oh yea, dude that feels so good, yea you like my body don't you, how long have you wanted this?, don't worry there's more where that came from. I sucked and sucked as I jacked myself off through my jeans. He pulled me off and told me to strip. I ripped my clothing off as fast as possible and he asked me if I was a virgin, I told him I was.

He picked me up and bent me over a stack of boxes; he bent down and slowly started to tongue my ass. He went around the outside first and then plunged right in pushing deeper and deeper. He reached into his bag and pulled out a tube of Vaseline (he clearly was expecting this) and smeared it all over his huge cock and my ass. Then he slowly lined up, and laid his big brawny body on top of mine. He pushed and I tried my hardest to relax, but his enormous cock felt like it was ripping my ass in half. Finally he got the head in and I was screaming in pain, when he started to kiss me. He left it in and let me adjust and as he inched his way in I felt so much pain. After he was about half way in I must have went numb to the pain because I began to feel innumerable and indescribable pleasure. I never wanted him to leave me and I screamed for him to go faster and harder. He did plowing my ass. At one point he pulled all the way out, I felt so empty I begged him to put it back. He laughed and plowed it in one swoop to the hilt. He fucked me mercilessly and I was in pure ecstasy. Eventually, I felt him grow larger and he shot volley after volley of cum right into my ass. I simultaneously shot all over myself. We laid there him on top of me for what seemed like hours his dick still filling me. Eventually, he pulled out and we both started to get dressed.

"That was great" He said "We need to do this again"

"Absolutely, but next time I want to fuck you too!"

"We'll see" Tyler said

We kissed one last time and went our separate ways for the rest of the day

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