Man for Man

Adam and Aaron


Adam nestled into Aarons chest and listened to him breath deeply. Calmed by this stud of a man's deep regular breathing.Thoughts of doubt crept into Adam's mind as he lay there,


'what if it all ended now?'

'What if he stopped loving me?'

Adam had always been a very shy person and also very slightly paranoid. His parents put it down to his childhood. Adam put it down to his parents.

Aaron and Adam had met at a bar two years ago. It was a typical cliched moment, well at least thats how Adam remembered it. Their eyes had met across the bar and Adam just melted into his seat. That flashing smile, that cheeky twinkle in his piercing blue eyes, the way his long hair swished accross his gorgeous face. Adam just kept thinking about how this guy, this guy he'd never met, didn't even know his name, that he was the one!

Suddenly his shyness gene kicked in. There was no way that he could just walk up to this guy and start a conversation. Was there?


No way. Unless.......

Suddenly Adam found himslef ordering a quick whiskey from the bar. Not that he thought the alchol would help, but it would help bring his mind into the real world.

The bar man gave him a sly smile as he handed over the glass and Adam just looked down, not wanting to make eye contact incase the god from accross the bar was looking.

Adam downed his drink in two shots and stood up.

He walked around the bar to meet the god that was sitting opposite him. As he was walking, doubts started to creep into his mind again. He couldn't keep thinking like this! He had to get it out of his system, this might be his only chance of happiness at all.

"Hi, I'm Adam. Whats your name?"

"Aaron. Aaron Newguy."

"You fancy a drink Aaron? I'm paying"

"Sure. Martini and coke please."

Adam signaled to the bar man and placed his order. As he turned around he caught Aaron looking straight down at his ass. Adam raised his eyebrow and Aaron blushed violently with a very sheepish look on his face.

"So Aaron,what do you do for a living? I bet you're a model. Or an actor!"

"Close but not quite" Aaron said with a smile "I'm a musician on the west end. I'm working on Wicked at the minute."

Adam's face dropped! Adam himself was a music teacher and had always dreamed of working on the west end.

"You work on the west end! Oh wow! Thats like my greatest dream."

Aaron smiled and laughed. He saw some of himslef in this young man that had come accross the bar. Granted, he had felt a certain connection when he had looked into this guy's eyes.

Aaron hadn't had a boyfriend in nearly two years. Hadn't had sex in nearly a year and a half. Even if this Adam guy wasn't boyfriend material. He certainly looked like a good fuck.

"So Adam, how about you? You got a job or anything?"

"Yeah, I'm a music teacher at a school in north London"

"Ah, thats really good. If i hand't gotten into the west end then I was going to train as a teacher. I think there is something wonderful about teaching."

The conversation continued much like this for the rest of the night. Adam looked down at his watch and saw the time.

"Hey Aaron, its nearly one. You fancy coming back to mine for a night cap. I wouldn't fancy getting a taxi this late at night."

Aaron thought about this for a moment and finally agreed, he really couldn't be bothered getting a taxi home.

"Sure, why not? Where do you live?"

"Just up from here, it's about a five minute walk."

As they walked to Adams house, Adam started to consider the man that he desperatley wanted to have inside him tonight. It wasn't just a physical attraction too, it was a feeling of completion. He didn't believe in love at first sight and Adam didn't think that he was in love, but he did think that there was diffinate possibility.

They walked up to the front door of Adam's house and he Adam let them in.

"You fancy a drink or anything? Maybe a coke or something?"

"Nah, i'm good thanks." Replied Aaron.

Adam's house was massive for a school teachers'. The downstairs had five main rooms. Two reception rooms, a music room, a kitchen and a huge dining room. Aaron didn't dare to think about what was upstairs.

Aaron walked through into the kitchen and saw Adam bending down infront of the fridge, highlighting that gorgeous bum that he'd noticed in the bar. Just as he was about to say something, Adam turned around from the fridge and looked him deep in the eyes.


"So, you wanna sit down for a bit?" Adam felt like a complete jerk as soon as he'd said it. Who asks if they want to sit down!!

"I'd rather sit on you if i'm honest."

Adam looked completley shocked by this, "I'm sorry?"

"Come here sexy."

With that Aaron pulled Adam in towards him, pressing his lips lightly against Adam's. His hand roamed Adam's back and finally came to rest at the back of his neck as he held it in place as his tounge made for the entrance to Adam's mouth.

Adam opened his mouth slightly and Aaron's tounge slid right into his mouth, exploring every crevice, running over his Adam's teeth. IT felt so good that Adam couldn't help but let an involountary moan escape form his lips.

Aaron pulled away and smiled.

"That was the best kiss I've had in a long time.

Adam was still too taken aback to make a reply come out of his mouth. Instead he opted for more action and started taking Aaron's T-shirt off.

As the tight fitting material came off it revelaed a very well defined 6-pack and a light sprinkling of hair which lead down to Aaron's crotch.

This time it was Aaron's turn to relax as Adam started to suck and pinch his nipples. Aaron's hand found the back of Adam's neck and started to push him into his chest.

Adam reached down and started to fiddle with the button on Aaron's jeans, but after a while it became too awkard and he just ripped to button off. Aaron was wearing no underwear and his cock was huge. Adam guessed it must have been 9 inches at least when it was hard. And it most certainly was now.

He got down on his knees and started to lick Aaron's cock up from the base to his glistening purple head.

"Fuck yeah baby, that feels good"

Encouraged by Aaron's response, Adam took the head into his mouth and started sucking on it noisely. Aaron was cut and so he didn't need to worry about pulling the forskin back.

Adam carried on sucking noisely for a good five minutes, with Aaron's moans getting louder and louder. All of a sudden Aaron pulled him of his cock.

"Hey baby, i don't wanna cum yet and you're doing such a good job at sucking me off I will do any second. Bend over the breakfast bar sexy."

Adam knew what was happening as soon as he felt his jeans being pulled down. Like Aaron he didn't wear underwear when he went out, just in case he found a guy he liked in a bar.

Suddenly he felt something wet and warm lick around his hole. Adam didn't need to look back to see what was going on, he'd seen it enought time in porno's on the net. Although he'd never been rimmed before, he could tell that he was going to like this.

Aaron's tounge darted into his hole and started to lick the walls of his ass. He shuddered as Aaron kept licking and slurping, this was the best feeling that Adam had ever felt. Suddenly he felt a small pressure at the entrance to his ass. Just as soon as he felt it, it was gone and replaced by a weird feeling of being filled.

"You like that baby," Whispered Aaron "You like me finger fucking you?"

"Oh yeah Aaron, that feels so good. Keep going"!

"You like that eh? Well lets try the real thing then."

Aaron placed his cock head at the entrance of Adam's tight hole and gave a little push. Adam could feel his hole being stretched out as Aaron's 9 inch meat pushed its way in. Suddenly, with a pop, the head went in and Adams ass muscles clamped down around it. Slowly, Aaron started to push the rest of his man hood in, slowly stretching Adam's ass wider as more and more went in.

Adam moaned and groaned as he felt himself being invaded by this huge meat. "Oh baby, go faster Aaron. It feels so good"

Adam's ass felt so tight around his cock, Aaron couldn't help but let out a moan as he started thrusting in and out. Aaron knew he couldn't last very long so reached forward and grabbed hold of Adam's swollen cock and started beating it in time to his pounding.

"Oh fuck Aaron!!! Fuck me harder!! Kepp going baby, oh that feels so good!! Oh fuck!! I'm so close!!"

Aaron's breathing had started to get faster and faster and his thrusts were too. "Adam your ass is so tight!!! I'm gonna shoot in your ass baby!! Oh........ Oh FUCK!!!!!"

With that scream Aaron unloaded his seed inside Adam's ass, filling him up so that it dribbled out the sides of his ass. It was too much to bear for Adam who shot his load all over the floor, making his ass clamp down on Aaron's cock making him scream once again.

He collapsed on top of Adam and breathed heavily.

"Oh Adam that was amazing! I have never had sex as good as that before. You are just awesome baby."

Adam mumbled something in reply butit was lost as he was pressed up against Aaron's sweating chest.

After recovering they were sitting enjoying a beer on the couch, Adam leant over and kissed Aaron full on the lips. "I could get used to this, you fancy going out some time gorgeous?"

"That would be great Adam"

Aaron woke up with a start and saw Adam looking at him; "Everything okay baby??"

"Yeah i'm fine honey, I do love you you know"

"I know baby, and I won't ever go anywhere. I love you too much, I'm so glad I met you"

Adam snuggled up against Aaron's chest and felt warm and safe. He knew he'd never leave.

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