Man for Man

Accident al Cumfort


The last camping trip of the year. There had been a group of 8 of us who had gone hiking or camping for years - not always together, but always 3 or more. However, this weekend, for various reasons, only Todd and I were able to go.


Todd and I were friends, but not that close. He and I were closer to other friends in the group, but it would be a good chance to get to know him. He was probably 8 years younger than me, but a good strong guy. I was late 30s, him early 30s. Both of us had blonde hair - and close to the same height - almost 6 feet.

As we lived at opposite ends of the city, we decided to meet at the service -rest - area about 1/2 way to the camp/hiking area. As he had a jeep, we'd drive together, and I'd leave my car at the service centre for a couple of nights.

We met, grabbed a coffee and chatted about the weather, and expectations for the weekend. Actually, we found that we thought quite a bit alike and decided not to make any definite plans as to where to stop and camp for the night, but we'd keep walking until we were beat, and find a mutually agreeable spot to camp out.

When we got out of the car, the smell of the autumn air was captivating. It was a glorious day, and we were eager to get going. We sprayed each other with bug spray, donned our hats, pulled up our socks, and off we went.

The further we walked into the bush, the less noise we heard from the busy road we had just left. The traffic noise was replaced with the cracking of twigs, birds chirping, and noisy squirrels getting angry at us for intruding on their territory.

After about an hour of walking, Todd stopped and said he had to take a piss.

Agreeing with him, we dropped our packs, and walked a little off the pathway. While I unzipped and fiddled to get my dick out, Todd, dropped his shorts to his knees. I looked in suprise. "No underwear, no fly - it's the only way I can do it" he laughed..

He took his penis and aimed it my way so that his piss stream and mine crossed. I looked at him, and he had this evil little kid grin on his face. We both burst out laughing but I took the opportunity to quickly zip up while he was finishing his piss, to walk over to him and take a close look at his cock and balls. What I remember is how thick and fluffly his blonde bush was. He had a nice sized soft cock that rested nicely over his fussy balls. Well, I didn't go over to him particularly to look at his cock, but it was very obvious and I couldn't help stare a little. He didn't mind, and pulled up his shorts and off we went.

As we walked, we found out alot about each others lives. He was happily single, I was divorced with kids. He was really active in a variety of sports, and I liked to swim and hike - and sometimes hockey.

After another couple of hours, we found a clearing to take a load off, and have a drink. At the edge of the clearing was a nice thick tree, which we used to prop ourselves against, and sprawled out - first our legs accidentally touching. By the end of our break, my right and his left leg were comfortably against each other - our blonde hairs intermingled. He said he had to piss again, and got up where we were. This time, when he yanked his shorts down, he kept talking about his last hike, and while he was stretching his arms above his head, he also started to piss. No hands.

"Holy shit" I laughed. "Talented guy". He started to swivel his hips while his penis wagged away spewing out light yellow piss. "Ah, there's nothing like having your dick out in the fresh air is there".

"Nothing like it", I responded. I told him that only once in my life did I take my shorts off and leave them off for an afternoon hike, keeping my shorts tight in my hand - when I was about 19. If I thought I heard somebody, I jumped into my shorts, otherwise, I just let it all hang out. Told him, I even jerked off into the stream - just to get the full sensation of the outdoors.

"Oh yeah, if you weren't here - I'd be doing that right now", he said. "Just stick to pissing for now" I said. He stuffed his prick back in his shorts. We packed up and started again.

By now, it was about 7:00 and we thought we should start looking for a place to camp for the night. We walked for another hour or so, and found ourselves close to the edge of a cliff. "Heh, perfect place for a piss" he said.


"Heh Todd, I think you just want your dick out in the fresh air"

"Okay, you got me man".

He started pulling down his shorts, but looked around, and said, "hell, these things are coming off"..He bent over to take them off and tripped. I was half looking at him and half laughing but the next thing I knew, he lost his balance and yelled out for me. I looked up - his shorts were around his ankles and he was losing his balance. I jumped up to go over, but while I was moving, so was he. He could have caught his balance, if his shorts weren't around his ankles, but he tumbled and bounced down the side of this cliff, screaming "Ouch" and "Shit" all the way.

He was quite a ways down the hill, resting on a natural ledge, but obviously in pain. I quickly grabbed both of our bags, and let them slide down, and then I joined them, working my way carefully down the embankment.

Todd was crying and screaming and I thought that something must be broken. When I got down there, there he was, with his shorts at his ankles, his tshirt up around his neck and a few cuts, but lots of scrapes and dirt covering the rest of his body.

His leg look twisted, and I tried to ask him where it hurt. He said "everywhere" but that his left leg felt really bad. I looked at his legs, and indeed his left leg was twisted. I told him I was going to try to straighten it out, and to let me know if it hurt. I got on the other side of him, and slowly tried to move his leg. At first it was fine, but suddenly he let out this howl that I thought would bring the trees down. Obvisouly he had broken a bone, and I had no way of getting him really comfortable.

We agreed that we would wait for a bit to see if any other hikers came by, and could help us. Meanwhile, I took a look at him, and there was this mostly naked body in front of me. I helped him pull his tshirt down, and wondered how in the hell I was going to cover up his dick. His shorts were twisted around his legs and I couldn't move his legs. I decided that actually, the shorts around his ankles were probably keeping his legs in one place, but he said he really wanted to move his other leg.

I went into my pack and got out scissors and asked him if I could cut his shorts in half. I went down to his feet, and started removing his one boot.I had to untie his laces, and loosen his boots. I looked up at him and he was smiling with relief.I slowly pulled off his one boot, and put it to the side and he let his leg lean sideways.

Just as a kind gesture, I ran my hand up and down his leg asking him if he was alright, and he thanked me, and said he was handling the pain okay. It was kind of sexy being able to this, feeling his very strong muscular and hairy leg. I will admit my cock flinched a little. His hand went to his penis, and he scratched his balls. I was at his feet, with my hands on his stocking foot. Looking up at his soft fat penis draped against his thigh, the setting sunlight shining through his thick blonde bush, and looking up his torso to his half smiling face. "This is a fine mess you've gotten me into" he said in an animated voice. Then faked a laugh and cry. Then I took the "half-short" and threw it over his cock.

I got up and sat down beside him. "What the hell are we going to do?" I asked. "I've got to be able to move man, I've got to". Just as I was trying to stop him, He tried to sit up, screamed in pain, and his head threw itself against my stomach, and he collapsed in my lap. Then he started to cry. He was really in pain.

My first response was to calm him down. I started to stroke his hair and his chest, and he started to calm down a little bit. But the way he was laying on me, was making me really uncomfortable, and I had to move. I slowly slid from underneath him, and the change in position, made him wince again. I grabbed my sleeping bag, and tried propping his head up on it.

Every time I heard a sound, I yelled HELP. But to no avail, no one was around. I grabbed my water bottle and kept on giving him sips of water.


"Man I can't stand much more of this. I've got rocks under my back, my leg is killing me and I can't move! Can you just rub my leg again, that felt good".

I laid down beside him and lightly massaged his leg, and even gave him a good foot massage. While I was massaging his foot, something happened. The piece of material I had thrown over his penis moved to the side, and there in full fiew was the beginning of a full-fledged hardon. I looked up at him and smirked, as he did to me."Well, whatever gets your mind off the pain", I said.

"Just keep it up man", he said. As I massaged his foot, he reached down and started slowly stroking his penis. I looked up at him with his eyes closed, enjoying the sensation, and smiling down on me.

My hands started to include his ankle and then his thigh so I was massaging his foot right up to the top of his leg, and that ever-so-sensitive area on the inside of the thighs, moving in towards his testicles.

"Are you okay with this" I asked. He responded, "It feels great - just keep doing it, my leg doesn't hurt anymore". I kept massaging his leg, each time getting a little more daring. After about 15 minutes of this, he put his hands up under his head. "Okay, lets take care of the big guy" I said. My hands now started to include Todd's penis in the leg massage. I started at his foot and worked my way up, making sure my hands got a good handful of his hairy balls and his thick penis. I commented on the size, and the thickness of his very hairy bush - and gave it a special rub. He laughed and told me how good it felt. "Heh man, I know how good it feels. You just let me know if you start to feel pain, and I'll help you out. Now why doctors and nurses can't start doing this I'll never know." I said.

Well, I kept this up for a very long time, hoping that I could hear someone above us, but it was getting dark, and I was losing hope. I kept stroking his leg, and this time, kept my hand on his cock while I asked him what he thought we should do. I felt like it was the most natural thing to do and I must tell you that I really enjoyed being able to make this friend of mine - feel better.

I ended up laying down beside him and playing with his hard cock while we talked; stroking it slowly, sometimes fast, running my finger over the tip and through the pre-cum, feeling his balls, and around his crotch. He'd open his leg to give me room to massage him, and I found myself caught up in his crotch. We talked about hiking and friends, and food and family, the entire time I was playing with his hard cock - which lasted a long time. He let me, I enjoyed it, and it was much better than being beside someone who was crying in pain.

I found myself hungry, and a little chilly, and I told him I had to excuse myself to take a piss, get food and stuff. I covered his cock back up, stood up, and struggled to get my hard penis out of my shorts. Todd looked over and laughed. I did the whole pissing with a hardon thing, and it went to its soft state. Then I changed into pants and a sweater, got some healthy snack food and brought it over to him.

He looked at me and winced - I've really gotta piss - and I'm getting cold. I went and got a towel, and laid it on his thigh. Then I took his penis, stretched it and aimed it to an area that ran downhill - away from him. It worked for the most part, but I shook his dick on the towel, which got a little bit of piss on it.

Then we snacked for awhile, silently, when he started to shake from the cold. I quickly got his sleeping bag, opened it up, and lay it on top of him. He started to get tears in his eyes again, and he looked at me asking if I could.....

"Listen, I'll do what I can, but I don't think I can do it all night - I'll do what I can." I exposed his leg, and started massaging it again, and soon his erect penis was pointing out at me from under the sleeping bag. I included it as part of the massage package, and it felt good - to both him and me.

I notiiced there started to be a little more precum than before, and asked him if he was getting close to cumming. He told me he didn't want to because it felt so good and took his pain away.

"Okay, well I'll keep going as long as I can", I said with my hand on his balls. He brought his hand down, and put in top of mine. "Thanks" he said. "Not a problem" I said. "It's making me feel kind of good to me too, and I really like all that hair around your dick. Actually, would you mind if I tried... He interuppted me, "Do whatever you want, as long as it takes my pain away".

I put my head down so my nose was an inch from his bush. I looked up at him and he smiled and told me to go ahead. I started running my nose through his pubes, then my tongue, then my whole face, laying across his cock and bush. "It smells like sex that's for sure" I commented. "I don't think I've ever stayed this hard for this long in my entire life" he laughed. When he laughed he moved his bum and screamed in pain. "Shit, I'm sorry" I said, then continued caressing his naked cock. I used my nails, my hand, my fingertips, and then something urged me to start using my tongue. I immediately went to the tip of his penis and licked up the precum that was there. Again I looked at his face - he smiled approvingly and watched me give his cock a tongue bath. I caressed his balls slowly, stroked his pubes, sucked on his balls all the time checking to see if it was a pain supressant.

Within half an hour, while his cock was in my mouth, with no warning, he started to cum. It kind of suprised me, but it was okay. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed. It wasn't the greatest taste, but it wasn't bad either. I enjoyed helping him out, and I waited until he was finished cumming before I took my mouth off of him.

"Time for sleep" I suggested. He stroked my hair calmly and thanked me for making him feel better.

And so, all night long, as soon as he got comfortable, or was in pain, I started sucking his cock. The smell of his crotch was getting good and strong - filled with sweat and I found I was really turned on by it....and I had to tell him. All he could say was "Thank God". I think I sucked him off - slowly - 3 more times that night. By the end of the night, I was enjoying the taste of his semen, and was thoroughly enjoying bobbing on his big boner.

In the morning, we did the whole piss thing again, and suddenly, I heard some voices. I called out - looked over and smiled at him - and realized his cock was exposed. I quickly covered him up and called out again. I looked up and there were two guy's heads leaning over the edge. They called to get help, and within an hour, a medi-helicopter was by to take us to the hospital.

I had to explain to the guy why he was lying there almost naked. The paramedics laughed a little, and thanked me for taking good care of him.

I stayed with him while he got x-rayed and his broken bone was pinned, and cast. Back in his hospital room, we realized that we had become incredibly close friends. I held his hand for a few minutes - to comfort him - and the white hospital sheet began to rise.

"My god, that cock of yours doesn't stop" I snickered. He laughed, and winced again, and started to fall back asleep. I kissed him on the forehead, and patted his hard cock from the top of the sheet. "I'll be back" I said in an Arnold Schwatzenager voice. His brother and sister came into the room....I introduced myself and filled them in on what happened

"Thanks for everything" he said. We've remained good and close friends ever since.

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