Man for Man

Aaron's Bro


One time I was staying over at my friend Aaron's place. He'd emancipated himself when he was 16. I met him a little afterwards, through a group of friends. At the time I had just turned seventeen and we got along pretty well. Eventually, we became best friends and hung out whenever we got the chance. I was usually pretty busy, as I was a total non-profit whore who was usually in meetings or at an event. We lost contact a little after I turned eighteen and moved out to find my own way. But I came back home about two years later, and found him milling around outside of a local coffees hop with nothing to do.


I was a month shy of twenty-one; and pretty damn excited about it. Sure, I'd been getting into bars since I moved away and grew some facial hair. But being able to go to cool shows and buy alcohol whenever I wanted--without losing a couple bills to a spotter--was going to be extremely awesome. So I was almost twenty-one, Aaron was twenty, and his little brother was eighteen. I'd been back home for a few months, Aaron and I had picked up our friendship where we left off. Shortly after I'd left, Aaron found a good job working for the county and became the legal guardian of his little brother, Sean.

Most times we all hung out together. I never really gave a fuck about age differences. But I did prefer hanging out with older people (like, ten years older or more, because I found their kind of fun more intellectually stimulating.) Aaron and Sean still shared a bedroom. Sean got a job at a movie theater as soon as he was old enough to work without a permit. Bad grades kinda limited his early income.

This night, Aaron and I sat around bullshitting until his little bro came home. Then we all chipped in a few bucks to get a twelve-pack from about the only place in town that would sell to me regularly. We sat around and watched UFC, some movies on Spike and G4. Then Sean whipped out the N64 and we played MarioKart for several hours. It was almost three in the morning when I finally paused the game and took a stretch break. Aaron was passed out on the couch, on his tummy, snoring softly. He was still gripping the controller with one hand. I checked his cans as I tugged the controller out of his hand by the cord.

One can was about three-quarters full. "No fucking way," I muttered, "Didn't even finish your last beer, huh?"

I downed it. Sean rooted through the fridge to find more beers as I walked over to the bathroom and took a piss. When I came back out, Sean was standing in the kitchen with two Keystones on the counter in front of him. Most of the time, I like inexpensive things. And people know that. I'm a miser when it comes to money. But beer is one of a very few exceptions. Everyone knows that, too.

As I stood there for a second deciding whether or not I was drunk enough to not care about the taste of the only beer left; I took a good look at Sean and noted how he looked a little more like his mom than his dad. (I'd only met them a couple times. Once after Thanksgiving.) The last time I saw him, he was about five-foot-six. Now he was about as tall as me, like five-foot-nine. And he put on a little more weight. Sean was definitely chubbier than his older brother. Aaron was six feet tall and weighed about one-hundred and ninety pounds. But it was all muscle. He was cut, for sure. He had always been skinny. I was always a little jealous of that. At five-foot-ten, I weigh in at two-hundred and ten pounds. I kept active, biking everywhere, and being a notoriously fast walker. But I didn't have a routine like Aaron. Plus he was just naturally skinny. The lucky bastard.

Meanwhile, Sean was looking at me like, "Are you gonna drink, or what?"

I told him, "This beer's probably gonna knock me out, dude."

"So?" Sean picked up a beer and cracked it open.

We both chugged our beers on the spot, belching loudly once we were finished.

Sean yawned. "Help me turn out the lights."

I turned out the lights as Sean disappeared into his room for a sec and brought out a blanket for his bro. "Goodnight, dude." He said, as he covered Aaron right when I turned the last light out in the living room.

"You can pass out in Aaron's bed, if you want, man." Sean said, as he stood next to his own bed and started stripping.

I pulled off my shirts and pants and slid into Aaron's bed; we said goodnight.

The next time I opened my eyes, someone was trying to shove me over. I rolled away and made room. It seemed kinda like a dream until I woke up hours later. The first thing I was aware of was how warm I was. Someone's back was pressed against mine. I found Sean laying next to me when I looked; and Aaron laying in Sean's bed. Aaron was snoring loudly, sleeping on his back, the wool blanket clinging to his morning wood. I chuckled and lay back down. It was only eight in the morning, their room was still pretty dark, even though the sun was up; so I was able to get to back to sleep.


When I woke up again, I could tell I hadn't been asleep for very long. This time, the first thing I was aware of was my hardon. It was absolutely throbbing. I always woke up like this (I.e. horny and in need of a piss.) The second thing I noticed was I was facing Sean's back now, and my dick was out of the fly of my boxer-briefs and nestled in his ass. To be honest, I felt really scared at first because I thought I did this in my sleep. My cock was always worming itself out of the fly of my underwear. Since one of my girlfriends told me about a time I fucked her in the middle of the night when I wasn't drunk and I didn't remember it (even though it was the next day...) it's always been a slight concern. At least she liked it. She was always trying to get me to fuck her in my sleep afterwards; but I don't think it happened again because she never mentioned it.

I'd only ever had three girlfriends. And maybe a handful of hookups. So when I woke up horny, I was the kind of horny that hadn't seen pussy in almost a year. And nestled in Aaron's little brother's ass was not where it should be. Even though it felt so good I kinda wished he was my ex, Sandy. Still in a haze, I thought of the mornings I woke up balls deep in Sandy. She was always wanting a go whenever we could sneak one in. I still remember the time I fucked her on her parents' bed. The most vivid was when we went to the movies with a bunch of her friends and she rode me right there with them watching, in the back row. I was totally embarrassed in the beginning. But I got over it. She acted so slutty sometimes.

I found myself grinding involuntarily into Sean as I started getting turned on even more. The head of my cock resting against his asshole, it had to have been, because it was stuck in something kinda pussy-like. I gave another push and realized I really was nudging into his hole. I groaned and pulled my cock out of his ass. As I shoved it back in my underwear, I noticed my cockhead was slimy. So I rolled over onto my back and palmed my cock dry. When I looked into my hand I surmised it wasn't sperm. (Thank god.) Just precum. I sniffed it. It smelled a little like butt. I licked it. Definitely precum. My cock must have been there for a while.

"Fuck, dude," I whispered to myself. "I need some pussy."

My cock throbbed and I hopped out of bed. I looked down at Sean and realized, with not a little shock, that he was naked. We'd all changed in front of each other. And gone skinny dipping a couple of times. But Sean and I never shared a bed before. Aaron and I were used to waking up spooning. But, naked? 'I could have fucked him in my sleep and not even known.' I thought. It made me feel a little uneasy, you know? Who knows if I wasn't. 'Thank god he wasn't awake,' I thought to myself. I'd only ever fucked one dude before. And he was my best friend in scout camp. I never thought I would want to fuck another dude, ever. I thought it was just that one experience every guy has, you know? As I opened the bedroom door, I thought I saw Sean's eyes open. But when I looked at him, they were closed.

The bathroom smelled a little like puke. But I didn't see any stains. I came back into the room and pulled off my underwear and on some clean gym shorts I brought with. Before I left to go sit in the living room and watch some T.V., I looked over at Sean again. His eyes were open, and as soon as I looked at him, he grinned at me. He was watching me.

"Morning, dude," He said.

"How's it going?" I returned.

"Good," he said, "Sorry about shoving you over last night. Aaron pushed me out at four in the morning. I think he got sick."

"It's all good, dude." I told him, "The bathroom smells like puke. So I'm pretty sure he did get sick last night."

"Lightweight," Sean chuckled. "He didn't even finish his fourth beer before he passed out."

Sean yawned and stretched. His curly black mop of hair was crazy. They were Russian and French or something. Sean was four years younger and he looked it. Aside from his pits and his crotch, his body was virtually hairless. Nothing but slight cover on his legs. Aaron and I were both hairy. Me being Mexican, and Aaron taking after his dad, I guess. Aaron had way more hair on his chest than I did; and on his back and legs and everywhere. We always used to joke about how Aaron needed a comb for it. Even a couple years back it was a mat. I wasn't as jealous of Aaron's hair as his awesome metabolic rate. I liked my heart-shape patch of hair across my chest.


"So," Sean asked, with a wily grin, "Sleep well?"

"Pretty well." I said, "Except for that interruption in the middle of the night."

Sean grinned sheepishly. I opened the bedroom door.

"I'm gonna go watch TV," I told him; and took my exit.

As I sat down and knocked some cans away from the remote, I was glad Aaron decided to sleep in his brother's bed. The couch was the best seat in the house.

I flipped through my cell phone and vainly gave Sandy a "what's up?" Sandy had been distracted lately. Apparently, she found some new dude who was interesting and great in bed. I'm not saying I lack either trait. But I've known her for a while as easily bored with men. Admittedly, monogamy is not Sandy's cup of tea. 'Fat chance of her texting me back,' I thought, and slumped on the couch.

About that time Sean came out in a pair of boxer briefs that seemed kinda baggy and looked helluv comfortable. They had a horizontal two-button fly. I'd never seen one of those before.

"I got them from my friend." He told me, obviously having noticed me stare.

"Where'd he get them?" I asked.

"Dunno," He said, giving me a profile. "Do you like them?"

"Yeah. They look comfy." I told him.

Sean plopped down on the couch against me and took the remote out of my hands. I chilled out as he surfed for a while, kinda leaning against him and coming to. I was definitely not feeling one-hundred percent today. My throat was dry. With a raspy grunt, I got up and walked over to the kitchen for some water. I scratched my balls and wondered what I'd do for the rest of the day as I chugged a tall glass of water.

"Thirsty much?" Sean asked.

I looked over at him on the couch. "Yeah," I said, "You mind?"

Sean exaggerated looking away from me and went back to flipping channels. As I walked back, my phone buzzed. Sean snatched it. His wily grin reappeared as he told me it was a message from Sandy. And flipped it open. I told him not to read it, but he did anyway. It was a bad message. Apparently, Sandy was engaged to a new dude.

"Thanks, man," I said. "When I go into work on Thursday, I'll give my boss your number and tell her to have you break the news to me about that one, too. Okay, buddy?"

His grin was gone. "Sorry, dude."

I sat back down, a little away from him this time and yawned. "It's cool, dude," I said. "Just don't read my texts anymore."

We were quiet for a little while. Mario Batali was on the Food Network, cooking up something that looked outrageously delicious. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Sean looking at me every once in a while. When I looked over at him, he was giving me that same wily grin.

"Do you want to cuddle again?" He hopped up onto his knees and kinda in my face.

"Huh?" I asked, still feeling groggy and just a little hung over.

Without another word, he pushed my chest down, so I was half-laying. Then he grabbed me by my middle and pulled himself in so his head was on my hip.

"Umm...." Was all I said.

"I'm still kinda tired." Sean told me, "You look like you could use a little more sleep, too. My brother's out cold."

I couldn't really argue with the guy. I mean, I was hung over. It did feel good to have him holding me like that. In a comforting kind of way. So I accepted it and got comfortable. Sean's stubble rubbed across my love handles as I lifted my legs and stuffed a pillow behind my neck. We were settled with his head on my tummy, arms around my waist, one of my legs along his side, the other one on the ground. The blanket covered most of his body, my crotch and the leg on the couch. I wasn't entirely sure what was happening; only that, after having been up for a couple of minutes, I felt like going back to sleep. And that's what I was doing. Or, at least trying to, until I was jostled by Sean running his arm down my crotch, practically groping me, to wrap around my thigh. His hand was touching my balls. I kinda jumped and inched away from him and he pulled his hand out of my shorts.

"Sorry dude," He said, "Thought you were wearing undies."

I chuckled and felt myself chubbing up a little. "Just keep your hands to yourself, okay?"


All of a sudden he got this worried look on his face. I looked behind myself, half out of instinct, and half fear of Aaron catching us like this. It didn't occur to me until I was looking at their closed bedroom door, that Sean could have been worried about something else. When I looked back at him, he was staring at the bulge in my shorts. He wasn't quick enough looking back up. And he knew I caught him as soon as our eyes met. Sean looked at me intensely for a few seconds. I could tell he was wondering if should open his mouth or not. I, not caring too much about the fact Sean just got a cheap feel, started watching Mario Batali some more. But in the back of my mind, I was beginning to wonder if Sean was actually trying to put the moves on me.

"So who's Sandy?" He asked during a commercial break.

"My ex-girlfriend," I replied.

"Oh," He said, sounding a little disappointed. "How many girlfriends have you had?"

"Just three," I told him. "What about you?"

"Umm...." Was all he said.

I'd never really known Sean to swing one way or the other, actually. And it wouldn't have bothered me if he were gay because he was like a brother. He shifted his weight so he was laying over me. The arm with the remote was resting on my chest. Sean seemed to nuzzle my crotch a little before eventually resting his head on my tummy.

I grabbed the remote from him and changed it to the nerd channel. They were talking about the latest video games, giving them their sarcastic ratings. The whole time Sean was just watching me. His grin had returned, and I could see him working on something. Sean's eyes sparkled with mischievousness.

"So when was the last time you got laid?" He asked.

With a fair amount of thought, I gave him the real number. "Like, thirteen months or something."

"Wow," Sean said, "You must be pretty horny."

"Most of the time," I told him.

"What does Sandy look like?"

"She's kinda short, like five-eight. She has black hair down to her shoulders. Brown eyes. She has really nice lips," I said, looking down at Sean's lips; and noting, for some reason, that his lips were like hers. "She had nice tits, too. I never looked at her bra size; but they were perky... a good handful."

I was starting to get a little horny just thinking about her.

"Was she good in bed?" Sean asked me.


"Where was the kinkiest place you did it?"

I paused for a second, wondering if I'd be able to control my hard-on when I told him. This story was something that I jerked over many times. But I felt confident.

"Okay, so we were down in Tracy, right? Visiting her friend, Alex. She lived there before she moved out to the dorms in 'Frisco so this was kind of like her hometown. Anyway, we'd went to a hotel party the night before and I was running on not very much sleep. So I asked Alex if I could crash somewhere and he led me to the guest room--which I thought was a closet until he opened the door. It wasn't very big. It had a couch, but it wasn't long enough, I ended up passing out on the floor.

"Maybe an hour later, I wake up because I hear the door to the room opening. I look up and there,'s Sandy, right? She's wearing this short skirt and tight shirt and I always get horny when I wake up," I said that last part looking sideways at Sean because I still felt a little guilty about almost fucking him in his sleep earlier. "Anyway, she comes in and asks me how I'm doing and all this casual chit-chat shit. Meanwhile, she's slipping off her panties."

"Does she shave?" Sean asked.

"No," I told him, "And I don't care. The second I saw her pussy I wanted it. So I turn her around and just shoved my tongue in her. Oh man," I groaned, starting to get hard.

"What?" Asked Sean, looking like he already knew.

"Nothing," I told him, and continued: "So I eat her out until my face is covered with pussy juice and she's got my cock out and it's hard as a rock and she's licking it. She was never real big on head, so the fact that's licking it is getting me super turned on. Just then, we hear Alex yelling at his bro in the next room. So I ask Sandy if this is a good idea, if we'll get caught, you know? And she just tells me to shut up. Then she pulls my pants down to my knees and gets on top of me. Then she just slides down."


I'm all the way hard, and I know Sean can tell. I can feel his breath on my cock and I wonder if he's grossed out or something but I don't look down 'cause I don't wanna know for sure and I have to finish my story.

"Anyway, she fucked me right there, talking dirty to me. It was such a turn on, having her fuck me on the floor of her best friend's house...."

Sean's hands slid down my body a little and I could feel his fingers sliding under the waistband of my shorts.

"Did she let you come in her?" He asked.

"Yeah," I replied. Still not looking down.

He was pulling my shorts down now and I couldn't look because then I wasn't sure what he was doing. But I could feel him licking my cock.

"Did you come a lot?" He asked.

"Tons," I told him. Trying not to give in to his gentle licking.

Sean's lips slid up and down my cock a little. I moaned and pushed up.

"Do you like blow jobs?" He asked between bobs.

"Yeah," I told him.

"How much?" He asked.

"A lot."

Sean slid all the way down my rod. I could feel my cock pushing against the sides of his throat. It was soft and silky. I groaned. It felt good. But I still looked over at their bedroom door one last time, before I turned back to Sean and told him to hold on. I pushed him back a little maneuvered myself into a more comfortable position. Then let him get back to work. I watched his lips slip up and down my cock, as his tongue and throat did all the work. He pulled on my balls a little as he deep-throated me. Then he stopped. I started fucking his mouth slowly, applying a little downward pressure with the palm of my hand. Sean took it calmly, slurping on the end as it came near to coming out. Then humming as he inhaled before I plunged back into his throat. He swallowed my cock and massaged it. Sean was no stranger to sucking cock. My mind drifted back....

"You were awake earlier, huh?" I asked Sean, forcing him all the way down on my cock.

He grunted, his eyes going wide, looking up at me. My man instinct was taking over. I gripped his head between both of my hands, sliding his mouth up and down on me.

"Weren't you?" I asked.

Sean could only nod. Then he groaned and his mouth even further down on my cock. I could see him fisting his dick.

"You were teasing me, huh?"

Sean nodded again, and I lifted him up by his face, so he was sitting up, my cock in his mouth, with me standing over him. I let him breathe.

"Did you take my cock out of my underwear?" I asked.

His scared face returned.

"I just wanna know," I told him.

Sean nodded, "Yeah. And I took my underpants off, too. You were really getting into it... Until you woke up."

"Were you trying to get me to fuck you in your sleep?"


Aaron's little bro's face was covered in spit. His hair was more crazy. And his cock was hard. Maybe five and a half inches long, but it was thick. Way thicker than mine and Aaron's. I'd never done anything with Aaron. Even though we've jerked off next to each other a bunch of times. I never really considered taking it, either. I mean, he was my best friend. And I love women. But Sean was different. He seemed made for this. And Aaron was asleep in their bedroom. Oh fuck. I didn't know if we had enough time. My heart was pumping hard. But I had to try.

"Do you still want me to fuck you?" I asked him, thumping my cock against the palm of my hand.

Sean grinned and turned over so he was leaning over the couch. I looked at his asshole. I guess I expected it to look like something else. One of the chicks I hooked up with wanted me to fuck her in the ass. I remember it was tight. As I got behind him and rubbed my cock on Sean's ass I wondered if he would have let me fuck him if I lost control earlier. I lined my cock up with his hole and started pushing as I thought of fucking Aaron's little bro in the same room as his big bro while he was passed out.

"Ow!" Sean yelped.

"Sorry," I pulled back.

"Shit, man!" Sean groaned. "Use some lube for fuck's sake!"

"Sorry," I mumbled again. "What should I use?"

Sean stood up with a grumble and left me standing there with a wilting cock. 'Did I just royally fuck this up?' I asked myself. He went to the bathroom and I could hear him rummaging around in the cabinets. Then it got quiet. When he reappeared he was blushing like a school girl.


"What's up?" I asked him.

"You'll see," he told me.

Sean sat down on the couch and stroked my cock with the hand that wasn't covered in vaseline. Then he gobbled it up. I rose up on the balls of my feet with the feeling of his mouth completely surrounding my dick and his tongue sliding down, around my sac. I groaned and ground against his face. Once I was rock hard, he covered my cock in jelly. Then he laid back, with his legs spread and his hole looking straight at me. I could see vaseline along the rim. When I stuck a finger in his hole, it slid in easily and I could tell he'd fingered himself in the bathroom.

"Dirty boy," I called him.

He just bit his lip and looked up at me with those sweet fuck-me eyes. This was it. My second time ever.

I pulled him up by his legs and slid a pillow underneath his ass. Sean was panting. I could tell he was really worked up as I slid my knees underneath him and applied a gentle pressure to his hole. When he gave in, the feeling of my flesh diving deep into him made me groan.

"Oh my god," Sean said it in a high-pitched gasp.

I pushed the rest of it in and watched his expression change as I hit rock bottom. It went from tense to euphoric. His legs wrapped around me and his hands started groping my back. Lifting his legs straight out and holding them together while I dicked him slowly came naturally. Sean moaned loudly. And I didn't care if his brother was woken by it. Because my cock was balls deep in something tight and warm and reactive. Every time I pulled out, he gripped my cock, every time I pushed in, I could feel his penis pulse against my chest. And I wanted to make him come. I lifted myself off my knees onto the balls of my feet and held myself up by my arms on either side of him and then I got the angle I wanted.

"Fuck me," Sean told me. "Fuck me you stud. Give me your load."

I picked up my pace so my balls were slapping against his ass so hard I knew I wouldn't be able to walk right for a day or two. I straddled his ass with my knees, and pile-drove him. And he still wanted more.

"You fuck like a boy," Sean grunted, and pushed me off him.

I just stood there stunned.

Sean laughed at me, "Don't worry. We're getting too loud, though."

He pulled me into the bathroom, closed and locked the door, flipped the fan on, and pulled me back into him.

"Oh," He cooed, "You don't know how long I've wanted this."

"What makes you think I would?" I asked him, settling into a gentle rhythm.

"I didn't," He told me.

I pushed all the way in and ground my hips in a circle, getting all sorts of awesome feelings swirling around my cock. Sean groaned and slammed his hips on me back and forth a couple of times, pushing himself hard away from the counter.

"Fuck, dude," I groaned.

"You like it?" He asked, working his ass on my cock.

I just leaned against the wall as Sean worked himself on my cock. I pulled his ass cheeks apart as he popped his butt up and down on the head of my cock. Then he wagged his ass up and down my cock. The things this boy was doing to my cock made my head spin. I found myself already in the land of orgasmic bliss before I even had an orgasm. And not knowing anything better than what I was feeling, I felt obliged to make it last. Sean leaned back against me and started wiggling on my cock, sending new urges through me.

"Do you want me to fuck you hard?" I asked him.

"Yeah," Sean whimpered.

"Do you want me to make you my bitch?"


He yelped when I slammed into him. And the second time. But when I put him in a half-nelson and bit the back of his neck when I slammed the third one home, he groaned. I kept going, clawing his hip close. Pounding into him. His ass loosened up, and I could see precum dribbling off his cock and down his thigh in the mirror. His face was screwed up in a mix of pain and ecstasy. I pushed him over again and watched my cock slid in and out of his ass. I was gonna cum soon.

"Oh fuck me!" Sean cried. "Fuck me, fuck me."

I so close to coming I started missing thrusts.

"Don't stop," Sean begged. "I'm gonna come! Oh my god . . . ."

He started jerking off furiously.

"Oh, you fucking stud," He groaned.

I changed my angle a little until I felt that tingle that jolt through your balls. The one that lets you know you should start counting down.

"Oh god," I moaned as I felt my cock swell up.

"Oh shit!" Sean cried, as he started spurting cum everywhere.

Of course his ass clenched up. It only took me a couple more strokes before I started grunting and groan and thrusting like a wild animal into him as I unleashed a year's worth of pent-up frustration. Even after I came, I humped on auto-pilot, half-heartedly hoping I'd be able to have another. Sean batted the hot water on. We both shivered as my cock slipped out of his ass. Sean turned around to look at it.

"Clean," He grinned sheepishly at me.

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