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A Wild Weightroom Workout


An Unforgettable Weightroom Workout

As a teenager who had just gotten his license, I jumped at every opportunity to go for a ride. My parents assigned me the task of purchasing a few items at the grocery store. I stopped by school to see if my brother was in for weight training. Or at least that's what I told him. I always enjoyed looking at hard masculine bodies sweating, and listening to their deep breaths and grunts. My brother wasn't there. The weightroom was empty. What a disappointment. Or so I thought. I was walking through, looking at myself in the wall of mirrors that athletes would use while working out. Again, thinking I was alone, I reached into my pants and began to stroke myself. I got a great thrill from being in a place where so many hot guys had worked out. Just then, I heard a familiar voice say, "Isn't there somewhere else you can do that?". I turned and saw the reflection of a guy named Jonnie, an extremely well-built, handsome, sexy and athletic Junior. He was about 5' 10" and 165 lbs. He had short, fuzzy black hair, soft red lips, and an amzing body and face. One that I had been wanting badly since freshman year. Every night I would dream about caressing his manly body, and licking, sucking, and nibbling every part of it. I turned purple and felt like I wanted to shoot myself in the head. How would I explain something like this?


But Jonnie didn't say anything. He just stared back at me. Something in his eyes made me feel comfortable in his presence. He got up, wiped the beads of sweat from his face and neck, and walked over to me. I muttered indistinctly, and he put his hands over my mouth. It felt like heaven. We looked into each other's eyes, and stared for what seemed like an eternity. Then I felt his fingertips lightly tickling my ass. My manhood tingled with delight. I could smell a mixture of cologne and persiration on him. We could feel each other "rise to the occasion" if you catch my drift, and the next thing you know, our lips made contact. I melted when I felt his soft, ruby lips against mine. I reached behind him and squeezed his firm buttocks, breathing deeply, and feeling feverish.

The next thing I knew, My pants were on the floor. I then reached into his pants, grabbed his firmed up loins, and removed his athletic shorts very slowly and tenderly. What lies underneath was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. 8 inches of pure Italian sausage, throbbing and ready to release its simmering juices. I got down on my knees, and stroked his cock with my tongue, and then took as much of it as I could into my mouth. It tasted like my underwear smelled, but for some reason it attracted me when coming from him. His pubes tickled my nose, chin and neck. His head was all the way down my throat. I pumped and pumped, rubbing my wet lips along his warm, hard cock. It was unbelievable. He cringed with delight, and tilted his head back, licking his hot lips. He pumped his pelvic region forward, making me gag occasionally. It was the only time I had ever enjoyed gagging. I wanted him to cum inside my mouth so bad that I started to squeeze it between my lips. He shot a record-breaking load withing seconds. I could feel the warm, milky ooze in my throat. He let out a loud, boyish groan, clenched his teeth and grunted. Hearing that made me want more. He withdrew from my mouth. Out of breath, but longing for more, Jonnie got down on all fours, waving his firm, gorgeous buttocks right in my face. I had fantasized fo so many months about this moment, I couldn't decide what to do first. I let my body take over. I reached over and rubbed, pinched, squeezed and spanked every inch. He kept waving it around. Then, an impulse came over me, and I smashed my face right into his crack. I tickled it with the tip of my nose and my tongue. I pressed his cheecks together, smelling, licking and sucking on his beautiful buns. I couldn't get enough. He moaned, and grunted again, and I could feel him jerking with delight, as I penetrated my tongue into his asshole. It tasted so good!

I continued this for a while, when i suddenly realized what he was waiting for. I took my 7 inches of lumber, and tickled his buns with it. It was so hard and full that I could have cum just then. But I held it in. I waited patiently. His hole was wet from my tongue, so I dug my way inside until I could feel stools at the tip of my manhood. I pumped in and out, out and in, and I couldn't help myself from calling out his name in a whimpering, childish voice. I grunted, breathed, moaned, and begged for mercy. He pushed back when I pushed forward. I moved harder, faster, and more violently. I looked around his head to see a devilish grin on his face. I massaged his back with my hands, closing my eyes in pure ecstasy. I reached around to his front and stroked his cock for a while. Then I massaged his beautiful, muscular chest and abs. I ran my fingers through his hair and just then, I felt a tickling feeling in my cock, and then, the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. I emptied tons of seed into his ass, and let out a girly scream. He did the same. He shot his load just from feeling me inside him. I slowed down, but didn't remove myself from inside his ass. It felt to good to be over with. We both were tired, and needed a breather.

When I was ready, I withdrew myself from his body, feeling a wonderful tickling sensation along my cock. Jonnie spread out on the floor, and pointed to his cock, and made a gesture that signaled for me to ride his jock like a horse. I readily accepted this invitation, sitting my ass down over it. He pushed his pelvis upward, trying to help me out a bit. 8 inches of pure Italian sausage were again entering me, this time through my rear entrance. I moved up and down slowly, gradually picking up the speed. Somehow, he found a way to have me do all the work. I LOVED IT!! I felt like his slave. He said in a feathery voice, "You're MY cock sucker, and MY butt fuck Mine and mine only! You got that?" I groaned affirmatively. He closed his eyes tightly, and bit his lower lip. He breathed in and out deeply. Then he took his hands and yanked on my cock violently. It hurt so much, but at the same time, it felt like heaven. I shot my wad all over his stomach and in his hands. He yelled, "Now look what ya did! I've got to clean this mess up!" He licked it all up and swallowed it. He said to me, "Nice." I thanked him for the compliment, and continued to serve my master. Feeling his giant pole inside me, I wanted to go on forever. My ass muscles tightened around him, and he started to cringe. I whispered, "Come on baby, come on! Fuck me like the trash I am!" He listened. He let out a gasp, and held his breath. He made such a sound like he was passing shit the size of a football. He released, and his body began heaving, releasing cum so fast that I could feel the hot, sticky liquid inside me. He finished up inside me, and passed out on the floor. I layed down on top of him. Our warm, wet chests were pressed together. I rested my face on his chest, and placed my hands on the floor beneath his shoulders. We both fell asleep. We awoke three hours later to the sound of thunder. Shit! My parents. Did they come looking for me? Then I remembered, they went to the movies, so they would not have known that I was still gone. My brother would have thought I had gone out with friends. We caressed each other's naked bodies, and kissed tenderly.


We dressed, and we talked for an hour about all kinds of things. We had fallen madly in love with each other. All the time that I had thought he was a cocky, bullyish sex maniac, he turned out to be a nice, but assertive queer like myself. Before we left, we kissed one last time, and then went to our seperate cars. He called my name, and I turned around. He gave me a pair of sweaty boxers and a towel. I wore the boxers for the rest of the day. That night he called me. It took me by surprise. He asked me to stay over at his house that night, since his brother was at college in Wyoming, and his dad was on a business trip. He had chosen me over his friends and a case of beer! Then I knew, this would be the beginning of a wild and fun relationaship.

Weightroom Workout Part 2

After receiving the phone call from Jonnie, I had to take a smell from the sweaty workout towel he gave me. I had been walking around the house in nothing but the used boxers he had given me. It brought such excitement to me. I was home alone, so I had to jerk off. I thought I should save some seed for my newfound love, so I didn't climax. We were about to spend an entire romantic evening together!

I had to come up with a way to get out of the house and cover my tracks. I left a note saying, "Mom & Dad- Went to concert with Anthony & Chris. Sleeping over at Chris's, be back tomorrow at noon. Call me @ XXX-XXXX (number has been left out for the safety of the envolved :-) Love, Patrick." I gave Jonnie's private number at home so they would be able to call if they needed to talk to me. I called Jonnie and told him to pick me up. I brought some lube that I had purchased for my own pleasures.

When Jonnie arrived, I took one look at his handsome face inside the car window and realized what I was getting into. There was no turning back now. This wasn't going to be a one-time event. I got in, and he was about to lean over and kiss me. I punched him, and he looked at me in confusion. "What the fuck?" Was the next thing from his mouth. I explained that if a neighbor should happen to witness any kind of display of affection, I would be sure to hear it from my parents forever. He understood. He put his new Ford Explorer in Drive and gunned it. We arrived at his house in two minutes. He'd only lived a few blocks away. Sitting in his car, which had probably seen more action than I had in my lifetime, made me so hot. When we got into his garage, he closed the door, and not a second passed before we were all over each other. We kissed, necked, grabbed and squeezed every part of one another's body. He whispered, "let's get the fuck inside."

At that, I reached for my bags in the back seat, and we ran inside together. I followed him to his room, and put my bags on the floor. I took one look around. I saw his bed, realizing how many times he had probably pleasured his pump there, and I went crazy. He told me "keep your pants on. I want to make this special. The longer we wait, the better it will be." I followed him back down to the kitchen. The whole time, I had a nice view of the ass I had fucked just hours earlier. I wanted it so bad.

He wanted to watch some gay porn, so we went down to his family room, and closed all the kurtains. We popped a XXX-rated tape in the VCR and sat down comfortably and closely next to one another. My heart began to pound like it never had before. It felt so good to be so close to him.

We watched a bunch of hot, dark, muscular guys with huge cocks suck, fuck, and spank each other. We both were rubbing our bulges throughout the movie. I knew he was trying to tease me. I got so horny and couldn't concentrate. It was exactly what he wanted. When the movie was over, Jonnie went to his room, and came down ten long minutes later. He was in a shiny red Hugh Heffner type robe, with tight black Speedos underneath. He was carrying two cigars, a deck of cards, and another robe for me. It was his brother's. (Another guy that I wouldn't mind being violated by if you know what I mean.)


I changed into the robe in the bathrom while he set up the game. He explained the rules. Whoever had a better hand had to reveal a little more flesh each time. I could barely control myself when I looked at him with a fat cigar in his mouth. He looked so hot. It made me think of putting my cock in his mouth. He blew smoke in my face. I knew no card games, so I was not very fortunate. Although I was, under these circumstances. So we played, and Jonnie and I eventually ended up butt-naked on the floor of his family room. He instructed me to lie down on the floor. He crawled over me. I thought "This is it. We're finally going to make life worth living!" He was teasing me. He kept coming closer and backing away. I was yelling inside my head, "stop fucking around and start fucking me!." Just then, he finally rested on top of me, His lips against mine, his chest against mine, and his cock poking right into my balls. we were both rock hard by this point. He kissed me gently, and stroked my body up and down with his long, hard prick. I was sweating and so was he.

He and I were both wondering what to do first. I did what felt the most natural. I placed my hands on his sides and rubbed up and down, and rubbed his back too. I reached down to his firm, tight buttocks and massaged them. He got up on his hands and knees, crawled up so as to align his genitals with my mouth. I tickled the tip of his steel prick with my wet tongue, and he grunted deeply in ecstacy. He started to pump his cock into my mouth, forcing me to accept it, which I would have done anyway. i felt it moving around inside my mouth, rubbing against my cheeks, tounge, teeth, and the roof and back of my mouth. He gently swayed back and forth while my soft lips encircled him. He was going wild. It felt so natural and beautiful that I felt no guilt or regret whatsoever. When he climaxed, I swallowed it. The familiar taste was twice as soothing as before. He withdrew himself, and looked into my eyes. He thanked me. I assured him it was my pleasure. We turned over, and went throught the same process, this time with me being the recipient of the service. I had never been sucked before. What a feeling. The warm, slippery feeling was so much better than anything I had ever tried to simulate myself. I emptied into his mouth, and withdrew. I backed up, and layed down over him once again. We kissed so passionately, and we couldn't keep from fondling each other's bodies while we made out.

Just then, I decided to try something I had never tried before. I sat up, and began to fuck his stomach. I poked him with my prick, and rubbed against him. I kept on going, and he looked up at me in surprise. I looked over and winked at him. He smiled charmingly and winked back. I felt like I was dedicated to serving him forever. It just felt to good to be wrong. I finished all over him. He rubbed himself down with my cream, and lubed up his cock with it. I knew what was next. I turned around and bent down, revealing my tight, waiting hole for his pleasure pump. He jokingly said, "Captain, we're comin' home!" He quickly inserted his throbbing joystick, and pressed it all the way in. I could feel it poking me deep inside.

He pumped back and forth and began to breathe deeply. It was that sound that made me want him even more. But I already had him, and it just wasn't enough. I began to get more aggressive. I pushed back. He felt pain, but kept going. He just kept pumping, and I kept begging for more. He bent over, and whispered dirty, filthy words to me. I licked my lips and listened for more. I told me about all the things he had done to other guys, and what kind of things he fantasized about. He told me about what he always wanted to do to me before we met.

Suddenly, he grunted, a higher pitch each time. It was so loud, I thought his friend next door might come over and see what we were up to. Not to mention my brother's best friend who lived across the street! He whimpered, and cried like a baby. He shot off endless spirts of cum inside me, and it began to shoot back at him. He stayed deep inside, and rested ontop of me, and I fell to the floor. He regained his breath, and pulled out of his parking space. We dressed, looking at each other in pure amazement. There was no doubt that we would be doing it again very soon. We went into the kitchen, looking for something to eat. We ordered a pizza. The pizza guy turned out to be Jonnie's friend Mike, who had also been lovers before. Jonnie had told me about Mike and how he never satisfied him the way I did. When Mike saw me there, his eyes lit up. He promised us both he'd be back after work. Jonnie asked me if I would mind. I thought it would be wild to do a threesome. I accepted it. We ate, and occasionally looked at one another in affectionate ways. We talked about movies, school, hot guys, sex, sports, and cars. This sure beat going out with friends.

We went to watch our favorite tv show, Friends. We argued over who was cuter: Joey or Chandler. Then we went to his room and laid in bed. I felt refreshed, and was waiting for his signal. I was a guest in his home, and I was not going to push him around. He got up and turned on the stereo. He played some hot rap with a lot of base, and sexual sounds like moaning, breathing, and lots of sensual lyrics. He turned to me, and walked over to me slowly. He crawled into bed with me. He removed his robe again, and then mine. He fiddled my cock around, making it hard, and then he did the same to himself. The music made us both very horny. He lifted my legs, and threw them over his shoulders. He fucked my ass with a certain style. Almost as if he were the rapper in the music. He followed the words with his lips, and did everything that the song told him to do. He knew it pretty well. He banged me for a long time, and I was very appreciative. Then, just before he shot his load, he jizzed on my stomach, allowing me to see it for the first time. I lubed up my cock with it, and he sucked me off. That wasn't what I was expecting, but it was a pleasant surprise. I pulled my lumber with all his might. He did it like an animal. I looked over to the wall, and looked into the mirror. I could see the erotic action that was taking place. That made me shoot off inside his mouth. I heaved and convulsed, forcing his head to jerk back. He smiled and swallowed what came out. I felt dizzy and faint. I looked at him smiling at me, and I rested my head on the pillow. Then I passed out. I could hear him cursing, and then I blacked out completely.

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