Man for Man

A Summer Lesson Learned


"The only problem" Tommy complained "is they rub my fucking nips" he squirmed to feel the straps rub across his enlarged nipples. He was lying of course. The feeling aroused him and it was noticeable.


"Hell, it's like being naked isn't it?" Malcolm said seeing the flesh tube down leg of Tommy's bib overalls.

"Kind of, rubs you everywhere" Tommy blushed slightly confessing.

"And makes you available too" Marco slid both hands onto Tommy's hips since the side buttons were open.

"Shit you can keep goin and take care of me big guy" Tommy smiled and put his head jokingly on Marco's bare chest.

"You two need to get a room" Malcolm cursed.

"What about a room for three?" Marco asked "seriously"

"Fuck off" Tommy pushed way "You two joke around all the time"

He jumped when Malcolm's hands felt his tented overalls "Maybe it's time we fuck you like a chick and we know you want it"

"Guys" Tommy whined as Marco started rubbing his buttocks.

"Come on, it's summer, it's too fucking hot and we're horny. It'll just be our summer secret dude" Marco had put his hands back inside Tommy's overalls and moved them deep enough to feel his pubic hair.

"Yea he wants it" Malcolm said as he put his mouth on the denim outlining Tommy's cock.

"Shit so do you" Tommy said letting himself be led inside the shed. It was dark and cooler in there. But their body heat changed that quickly.

Malcolm pushed tools away and grabbed a box. Marco had moved his hands under the straps and began to test, pinch and squeeze Tommy's raw nipples.

"Shit" was all Tommy could say. He had let things go so far, he couldn't stop it. And he wanted it to continue. As Marco said they were all horny and it was summer, when people did things they don't do in the winter, blaming it on the heat.

"Come on dude you're our bitch this afternoon" Malcolm hissed in his ear.

Tommy wasn't sure he liked being called a bitch but the fingers on his nipples had turned him into a willing horndog and Malcolm was unbuttoning his fly in pursuit of his cock which begged for some sensation of some kind.

"Shit shit shit' He said reaching to feel Marco's head as it breathed hot air on his engorged cock and balls.

"You want me to fuck you don't you bitch" Malcolm hissed in his year as his fingers began to twist each nipple harder.

"Come on tell us bitch, you want it, don't you? "He insisted.

"Shit yea yea yea fuck me both of you, don't let me cum" Tommy begged. From all the handjobs he had given himself, the boy knew if he came it would all be over. He didn't want it to be over at all. This was beyond any sensations he had given himself with his hands, the stolen dildo he kept hidden in his bedroom or the other things his ass squeezed while he pumped his hard meat.

"OK bitch, I'll go first" Malcolm's hands unbuckled the bibs and the overalls fell down from Tommy's body. Marco pushed them down the boy's legs and off each raised foot.

Tommy was naked, totally vulnerable, willing, begging and he knew indeed he was a bitch, his ass, cock, mouth whatever the two friends wanted he was giving them.

He didn't remember being pushed back onto the boxes but he remembered Malcolm's brown cock pushing into him, making him squirm, yelp and beg for more.

Marco's mouth moved to Tommy's nipples while his hand stretched the boys' balls and wiped the precum from the tip of his cock.

"Don't let the bitch cum yet cause you're next" Malcolm warned Marco. He didn't answer as his teeth and lips were busy giving Tommy more pangs of pain and pleasure.

"Shit fuck me fuck me" Tommy begged without thinking. All that was in his mind was the cock that was sliding in and out of him, defying his natural body's desire to push it out.

The slap was so loud Marco laughed. Tommy flinched and Malcolm groaned.

"Come on bitch use that ass muscle of yours" Malcolm said pushing in hard and holding it there "Now squeeze" he instructed

Tommy's brain obeyed and he felt the intruding boymeat inside him. He held it with his sphincter feeling it pull against the squeeze.

"Shit I gotta hold back" Malcolm grunted "doesn't squeeze so hard queerboy" he said.

Tommy heard the word that he feared about himself. Thinking he was gay, a fag, a faggot or a queer each time he thought about his friends naked or hard disturbed him. He didn't know if he was gay or not in fact he assumed he was just a horny teenager and learning about things.


"Come on bitch" The cock jammed into him, "Tell me what to do to you" Malcolm's voice was strong, authoritative, no longer the boy who worked on the farm but someone that had taken charge of Tommy the farm owners son.

"Fuck me sir pleasure fuck me" His thoughts returned to the limbo existence, his body squirmed as Marco squeezed his nuts and teeth bit so hard, Tommy feared his pink flesh would bleed.

He had discovered his trigger nipples long ago and used clothes pins when he jacked off so the pain continued throughout the existence. He flinched when he took each one off which sent more painful shocks through his system, often making his cock re-harden begging for a second orgasm.

The pliers he had tried hurt like hell, but he had locked them and indeed found the blood that had trickled across his smooth chest and belly after his orgasm.

"The bitch is tight, you're gonna love it" Malcolm said "Ready?"

Tommy yelled s the cock abruptly pulled out of his hole. He thought he could hear his ass shut yet his gut still felt like it was full of cock.

"Beg me for it" Marco said. Tommy looked down to where a now naked Marco stood holding his own fat cock. He had seen his friend naked and hard before, even joining him in jacking off now and then but had never touched it. Now he wanted to do more then that.

The pain was like hot fire as Marco took Tommy's stretched butthole and stretched it more with the fat cock he pushed into Tommy.

"Tell me bitch tell me" He ordered with a voice that was as deep and angry as Malcolm's.

Tommy lay back and began to beg "fuck me man fuck me like you've never fucked before" he said wondering if he should have stopped the two.

He started to ask Marco go too easy on him, but Malcolm had grabbed his head and pushed his cock between Tommy's lips.

"Now bitch you're gonna get fucked both ways" the cock tasted odd. Tommy knew it was his own ass juices he was tasting. The cock was making him choke.

"Breath around it bitch, let it go down your fucking throat" Malcolm stopped pushing while he instructed Tommy.

To his surprise Tommy stopped choking when he did what the guy said and fought closing his throat as the cock moved further down his throat.

The cock in his ass was so deep. Tommy felt Marco's pubic hair against his skin.

"He's our bitch this summer" Malcolm began flexing his hips as he fucked Tommy's throat.

Tommy wanted to beg but he couldn't talk. He had to concentrate to force his throat to stay open. He breathed like a gasping athlete after a race feeling the thickness moving on his tongue.

"Hold your breath use your lips" Malcolm said and Tommy did what he was told. He not only had no choice but didn't want any. He tightened his lips so the cock would feel the pressure.

He flexed his ass when Marco slapped his ass. It was too much for his brain to learn to do, he feared, but he wanted it. If this was being queer, he was indeed gay.

Malcolm took hold of each nipple once again and that made Tommy's head swoon into some level of existence he had known only when his orgasm happened quickly. But now it continued like a long orgasm taking his entire nervous system to a level of existence he hadn't thought possible.

"Fuck!" Marco said jamming Tommy so hard he almost got pushed off the boxes but did get pushed so Marcum's cock jammed deeper down his throat making him choke.

"Swallow it all bitch" Malcolm said

Tommy didn't taste it at first but he knew streams of sperm were going down his throat. He dared not breathe. The cum was seemed to keep flowing and spilling out on his tongue.

"Shit" Tommy lay there, hard and exhausted. The cocks were out of his mouth and ass. He wanted them back.

"Please don't stop" he said

"If you promise to be our bitch all summer, whenever we want your ass or mouth, you give it to us, no complaints, no excuses, morning noon or night" Malcolm said waving his not soft but not hard cock in front to Tommy's face.

"Yea and no matter where we are, if we order you to, you will obey understand bitch?" Marco said.

"Get on your knees now bitch" Malcolm said.


Tommy almost fell over as he moved to the ground, kneeling.

"You agree?" Malcolm said

"Yes Sir" Tommy said still horny and knowing he needed more of what just happened.

"Ok first we'll mark you like wolves and then your ass is mine" Malcolm said.

Tommy flinched feeling the warm water on has chest. He looked up and saw the farmhand holding his pissing dick.

"Come on, mark him, he's your bitch too now"

Marco smiled and then closed his eyes while he aimed his cock. The second stream hit Tommy on his blushed cheek.

"See bitch? You're property now" Malcolm said moving his urging stream across Tommy's stomach and over his crotch.

"Open your mouth bitch my cock wants inside" Marco said.

Tommy assumed he would be sucking his friends cock next but the boys piss landing inside instead. Tommy gagged.

"Swallow your Master's piss cunt" Malcolm ordered.

Tommy didn't know why but he obeyed his stomach convulsing at first.

"Ok bitch" Malcolm pushed him back to the boxes lying on his stomach. The cock he begged for slid inside him. It wasn't as fat as Marco's but it opened him up nicely and he squirmed wanting to feel it inside.

"Fuck me sir fuck me hard" he begged until Malcolm knelt in front of him and aimed his cock.

Sucking the fat cock was hard sine the circumference was too big to go as deep as Marco's had.

"Don't worry you'll be deep throating it by the end of the summer"

Four weeks later, the group of friends had played cards and watched some bad film on DVD. The pizzas, popcorn and stolen beer had been consumed. A joint had passed back and fourth.

"Now what?" one of them asked. It was two am and the group tried to think of other events or fun they might have before falling asleep. Some had returned from vacation, others came over from their summer jobs for the get together.

"You guys want to see something you haven't seen before?" Marco asked.

"Malcolm along with the others yelled, yea as some released the pot smoke their lungs held

"What about it Malcolm think he's ready?" Marco asked.

Malcolm smiled "Guys this summer my buddy Marco and I have achieved something that some of the rest of you have probably thought about. He stripped his shirt and shorts off.

"You gonna suck your own cock" one of the guys said.

"You're gonna whack off? Hell we all do that"

"You're gonna fuck Marco" they laughed

"Hell no, but we are gonna fuck" Malcolm said

Marco now naked moved the ottoman in the center of the floor "and you guys are gonna get a show.

Tommy had said nothing. He was too stoned to anticipate what was bout to happen.

"We have a slave, a sex slave" Marco said

The guys looked around to see where the two had hidden a girl.

"You want to see the bitch get our cocks?" his cock was rock hard now as was Malcolm's.

"Yea where's the bitch, fuck her" comments came around

"BITCH GET UP HERE" Malcolm said

The guys again looked around. Tommy's stomach knotted. The two guys he had been sexually satisfying for a month were demanding he admit to the friends around them he was a fag.

"NOW" Malcolm said

Tommy felt his body move. He didn't really want to do it. There was something automatic in the response. He knelt.


The guys laughed figuring it was all a joke.


Again, Tommy did what he had been doing for weeks. His brain moved to that level of limbo it enjoyed aided by the pot he had inhaled.

Naked and hard, he lay on the ottoman face up presenting himself.

Malcolm and Marco assumed their usual positions filling the boys' body with cock. Tommy was nervous and excited. The other friends watched in amazement first, and then one by one they held their hard cocks stroking watching the real pornography show.

Some stripped naked; some had their hands moved to a nearby cock to share their pleasurable reaction to the show.

"Someone want to suck his cock?" Marco said "it's all yours, just don't make him cum yet"

Marco fucked hard and fast. There was a reason he wanted to orgasm inside Tommy faster then normal.

"Breath" Malcolm reminded his bitch as his cock moved as deep as it had several times over the past weeks.

"Grant, you're next" Marco said.

Grant who had already been stroking his cock moved. He had confided in Marco long ago that he thought Tommy had a girl's ass he'd like to fuck.

Tommy heard but didn't move. He couldn't because of the cock that had commanded his throat. But out of the edge of his eye he saw a naked Grant move below him.

And he felt the new cock easily slip inside his cum lubricated asshole.

He was a bitch to more then Marco and Malcolm that night. They all learned he would suck and ass swallow them. He would feel their cum and later several streams of urine marking him as owned by more then just the two who had taught him to serve the past month.

The summer wasn't over and there was ample time left for Tommy to be what he knew he was and do what he needed to do.

The cum shot down his throat and spilled onto his hungry tongue. He had learned to love the taste.

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