Man for Man

A Statue of Love


My name, which isn't really of any consequence, but it is Martin Reynolds, and I like to think that I am a budding artist. Drawings, sketches and the like, spending a lot of my time in museums copying any statue that takes my fancy.


Fancy isn't really the correct word to use for what attracts me the most are those of any young male for with me being gay, I think you would understand the subjects I would pay the most attention too. I'm twenty four years of age, fair haired, both top and bottom, blue to green eyes and with tongue in cheek, a fairly good body and decently hung. I've quite often done drawings of myself by posing before a full length mirror to do these, liking those where I am sporting an erection. But these I do not ever display for obvious reasons.

What changed my life somewhat was when on hearing of some dowager Duchess who had quite a few statues in her mansion that I wrote to her saying what my profession was and that I would like to see those that were at present in her mansion. It was a lovely letter in reply that she sent, inviting me to visit and see her collection.

With a date being fixed, I duly turned up on the specified day and time and was made most welcome. I was given tea as we both talked of our love for sculptured figures which, after our tea, was shown round. She had over twenty sculptured statues and statuettes to show me and there was one which struck me as being the most beautiful one I had ever seen. To me, it was far superior to that of David by Michelangelo and instantly fell in love with it.

It was of a young man, naked, standing, about my height, sculptured out of marble that made me break out in goose pimples at the sensuous expression on the face. For I had the sudden desire to move up and kiss this marble figure and stroke the penis that was between the thighs, but because of being conducted by the Duchess, refrained from doing so. But, it had aroused me to the extent that I had to cover my front with the papers I was carrying so that she couldn't see the sudden expansion of the front of my trousers.

With the tour finished and being offered a glass of sherry, which I accepted, I then waxed lyrical over such a wonderful collection and begged her permission to visit again to do some drawings of some of her delightful collection. I flattered her enough for her to give me permission to do just this and we set a date not far off in the future.

In fact it was for a week later but before this time came round, I was able to draw from the imprinted vision in my mind of that particular statue that I found later that my drawing from just the seeing of it once was almost perfect in all its glory.

On the appointed day and at the correct time, I presented myself at the mansion of the Duchess and was warmly greeted. I followed inside until I was in front of the first statuette. She watched me for a short time before taking her leave and left me alone to carry on with my sketching of this piece. When finished, I walked through to the hall where my statue was, I called it mine, for I just loved to gaze at the beauty of it and wished that I possessed it.

I moved closer and began to stroke s shoulder and could see over this and through a window, saw that the Duchess was out walking across the lawn with two dogs and knew that I was now alone in the mansion with my statue. I began to stroke both arms, feeling the coolness of the marble, wishing that it was bare flesh and feeling the need to make it warm, moved in closer and held it in my arms and then kissed the cool lips. I made believe that it was kissing me back as I ran my hands up and down his back. I was now referring it as him now as I kissed his neck before moving down and kissed as well as sucked on each nipple. All thoughts of the Duchess left my mind as I slowly went down onto my knees, running my tongue down over the flat but muscled stomach until I reached the flaccid penis which I took into my mouth to suck and tease with my tongue. Oh how I wished that I could make it come erect for me to really pleasure him and then at the same time have the pleasure of having him come in my mouth.

My hands had moved round his back and began to run them over the firm cheeks of his backside, pulling him towards me as I carried on with my sucking of his cock. In the doing of this, I had roused myself and my own was beginning to hurt me, so I pulled down the zip of my trousers and pulled out my own throbbing cock and as I continued on my sucking of him, jerked myself off and came all over his lower legs.


I could only imagine in my mind that as I spent myself over his legs that he had at the same time come in my mouth for me to savour before swallowing his seed. I reluctantly pulled my head back off of him, giving his penis a final kiss before rising up and kissing him again on those cool lips and thanked him for the pleasure that I had received. I was fantasising I know, but for those few minutes he was flesh and blood to me and couldn't stop myself from moving round behind him and let him feel my still hard cock being pressed up tight to the cheeks of his ass, wishing that they could part for me to enter and really make love to him.

It was only when my tumescence began to wilt did I moved back round him, putting my cock back inside my trousers did I then take out my handkerchief and wipe my sperm from his legs, licking some of this off before putting it back into my pocket. I gave him one final kiss before leaving him o go and do another drawing of another statue before the Duchess returned to offer me some tea. This I accepted and followed her back to her lounge where tea was served by a maid as she looked at my drawings and was very pleased with my efforts. In fact, she liked them so much, she commissioned me to do drawings of all of them for her to have them framed for her gallery.

This put me over the moon for it would mean I would be able to spend at least a month with my statue for me to kiss and make love to while there. Which I did for several weeks, taking my time in doing her drawings very carefully. As slowly as I did these, the time finally came when all were completed which would me then not being able to gaze and stroke and fondle my statue as well as my making love to it. But fate or luck, whichever way you look at it, it was not my last time of seeing my statue when I said my goodbyes to her with a nice cheque in my pocket.

It was only a week later that I was in one of the town's galleries seeing if they had added anything else that was worth my sketching when without really looking, turned round and bumped into somebody who was behind me.

I dropped my portfolio case that I had been carrying in a state of shock at the young man that I was now facing, for he was the spitting image of my statue here in the flesh before me. I'm sure that my face had gone white at suddenly seeing him there before me. The face was the same as was the expression and he could have been the original that the statue had been copied from but that was impossible for the statue was at least a hundred years old whereas he looked to be around the same age as myself.

I stammered out my apologies for bumping into him and quickly bent down to pick up my case, noting that he was clothed as I stood up.

`I...I'm sorry, but you have given me a shock,' I stuttered and his face changed slightly with a look of query in his eyes. `Please, if you have a moment, I would like to show you something. A drawing that I have with me,' and pulled his arm towards a seat that was close by. He still had that look but still followed me and sat down beside me as I opened my case and pulled out the drawing of my statue.

He took it from me as I passed it over and he looked at it for several minutes before speaking.

`It's a drawing of me,' he said, and just the sound of his voice made my cock start to rise, for he spoke in such a lovely soft tone.

`,' I stuttered again. `It's of a statue that I did a few weeks ago. It gave me quite a shock to see how much you resembled my drawing. My name is Martin Reynolds,' I said, holding my hand out towards him.

`Mine's David,' and my heart skipped a beat, `David Collins, and I must say that it's a beautiful drawing.' `Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' I responded. Thank you, for I fell in love with it the moment I saw it,' and suddenly blushed at saying those words. He looked at me and smiled and my stomach went all funny at the way his eyes crinkled with that smile and my cock took an extra jump inside my trousers and I was glad that I had the case sitting on my lap. Oh how I would have loved to have had him sitting on my lap. Having visions of him being naked and sitting there with my cock up his ass as we kissed. I had to mentally slap myself for these thoughts but then blurted out without thinking first. `I...I would be honoured if you would let me do another drawing but of you in the same pose.'


`In the nude?' he asked with that lovely smile again though his eyes showed amusement this time.

`Ye...yes,' I stammered. `If you would,' which to my ears sounded as if I was begging, which if the truth be known, I was. I'm sure that my eyes had a pleading look in them as he studied my face.

`Now that would be a novelty for me, having a drawing done of myself. In the nude too,' he added, the smile still on his face as he looked into my eyes and my body felt like melting.

`You will then?' I asked in a hopeful voice, sure that my face gave out the same impression.

`Yes. I would like to be done in the nude,' he replied.

Was that an innuendo? Was he like me, gay? I didn't want to push it but there was hope in my heart that he was.

`When, er, when can you be available?' not being able to stop myself by coming out with my own innuendo.

`Why not now, today. I'm free,' he said. Was this another one?

`Great,' I said, taking the drawing back to put it away. `I don't live far from here. Shall we go? I said, rising to my feet, still keeping my case in front of me. He nodded as he stood up and followed me out of the gallery for us to go to my home. I lived alone and knew that the place was tidy being somewhat fastidious in keeping the place clean.

`What do you do for a living?' I asked as we walked, and he gave out a chuckle.

`I'm a male model, though it's mostly having my picture taken while wearing clothes. I haven't done anything like that naked. What do you do?'

`Drawings, sketches, paintings, whichever. It least it brings in the bread. I got a hefty check last week from the woman who owns the statue,' I said, the conversation now ending as we came to where I lived. It was an apartment in a small block and we were soon inside.

`Tea or coffee,' I asked, able to put my case down now that my erection had subsided.

`Er, coffee please. Black no sugar thanks.' He said, looking about the lounge as I went to make the coffee. That didn't take long and on returning into the lounge saw that he was looking at some of my drawings up on the walls.

`They're very good,' he said, accepting the mug I offered him and he came and sat down on the sofa beside me.

`Where will you want me?' he asked, looking round the room. There! Another innuendo I thought. In bed would have been my reply but didn't say it.

`About here so that I can have my back to the window for the light,' I said, getting up and moving across to be in front of the big window that was there, putting my coffee mug down and getting out my big pad from my case. I also got out the drawing of the statue and passed it over to him.

`The same pose if you would please David,' I said. He took it and looked at it for a few minutes before putting it down where he could see it and then he started to take his clothes off. My legs started to turn to jelly as he began revealing himself and so I had to sit down to control myself. His back was towards me and so it was his bum that I saw first as his trousers and underpants came off. Firm rounded cheeks that made me tremble and want to move over to stroke and kiss them and nearly fainted when he turned round for me to see what he had between his legs. Now here was where he differed from the statue by his cock being just that bit bigger and wondered just how big would it grow with him having an erection. This I soon found out as he placed himself in the same pose as the drawing.

`You've got a beautiful body,' I said, putting my pad on my lap and picking up a crayon to start sketching. `Oh,' I then uttered at seeing his cock start to rise up.

`I'm sorry,' he said. `It was you saying that I've got a beautiful body that did this.' I watched mesmerised as he got bigger and bigger until it was up hard and sticking straight out in front of him. `Also, it's the first time that I've posed in the nude,' he added as he apologised.

`Nev...never mind, I can always touch that up a bit later,' I stammered, feeling my face go red. Christ! If that wasn't an innuendo I don't know what! And it was unintended, but I think he picked it up for he gave me a big smile. I lifted up my pad, knowing that I had to close my mind down and concentrate on the drawing of his lovely body, one that I wanted to stroke, caress and kiss. Shut up! My mind screamed because of me getting an erection myself, concentrate, you can touch him later. Shut up, I screamed silently at myself again, and began the drawing.


After twenty minutes, I gave him a break to relax for five minute before getting into the right pose again for me to finish the drawing. This done, I waved it at him as I got up and went and sat down on the sofa. He came and sat down beside me to look at the picture of himself drawn on the pad.

`It's beautiful,' he said, his hand coming down onto my leg, giving it a gentle rub. `I can't really believe it, it being so good.'

`Thank you,' I said, my own hand now going down onto his leg and giving it a small rub like he had done to mine. His hand came up off my leg and covered the one of mine on his leg, giving it a light pressure, his fingers a moment later curling round into my hand and lifting it up and giving it a kiss.

`It's a wonderful drawing,' he said squeezing my hand a little and I noticed that his cock had started to rise up again. My mouth then began speaking before my brain was in gear.

`Do you know,' I began, speaking in a low voice. `I used to kiss the statue when I was there alone with it.'

`Would you like to kiss the statue again then?' he asked, his voice low like mine as he gave my hand another squeeze.

`Yes please,' I said, my voice now sounding very small and he let go of my hand and put the drawing down as we turned towards each other to go into a clinch for us to kiss. Oh what bliss to now feel those lips on mine, soft and warm as opposed to being hard and cool. I don't know how long we held that first kiss but only broke away as my hand freed itself from his and went down and stroked his erect cock. `I used to suck on this too though it wasn't anywhere as big as this. Can I do that too?'

`I would love that,' he said, his voice a little choked up. `Then I can do it to you too afterwards.'

We broke off the holding of each other as I slipped off the sofa and went between his open legs and gazed down at my statues erect and throbbing cock. Licking my lips, my shaking hand moved and took hold of the shaft, feeling the heat and having it throb as my fingers curled round it. I was now moving into heaven I thought as I then took the head into my mouth to suck and tease with my tongue. He gave out a small groan as I began to suck and gently nibble at it with my teeth, also running my tongue over the bare flesh that I had revealed in pushing down the foreskin with my lips as I had taken it into my mouth. I found the G string and made him give out a shiver when this was stroked with my tongue.

I think he needed what I was doing to him as much as I did in the sucking of his big cock for he soon began to lift his hips up towards my mouth as my head went down in my movements. I felt his body start to tremble and actually felt his sperm rising up the tube of his cock and had it erupt in my mouth. It definitely was heaven at having his semen collect in my mouth with every spurt for me to move it round with my tongue and then to swallow that life giving essence before licking all round the head and giving it a final kiss before letting him go. I sat back on my heels and looked up at him lying back, a light sheen of sweat on his hairless chest, a big smile on his face.

`Sheer bliss,' he said, smiling. `I surely needed that relief. My turn now to see to you.'

I quickly got to my feet and soon had all my clothes off to be as naked as he was, my own cock, throbbing away like mad, sticking out like his had and he got up from the sofa for me to sit down to open my legs for him to get in between. This he did and he licked his lips like I had done prior to taking him into my mouth, but now it was onto my cock head that his lovely kissable mouth came down and took me in.

Oh my love, my statue was now sucking on me, pushing my foreskin right down to tease me the same way and such was my need for relief, didn't last long before coming into his hot mouth, having him swallowing it as well, feeling that extra bit of suction as he did so.

The air felt cold wafting over the bare flesh when he lifted his head up off of mine as he reached up and pulled me off the sofa to fall into his arms as he rolled back onto the carpet with me on top of him as we kissed again. This time it was with our mouths partly open for our tongues to touch and play with each other. After a minute or two, I then pulled him over in another roll so that he was lying up on top of me as we kissed again.


This we did for several minutes before breaking apart, both of us thanking each other for such a wonderful blow job. I got up and went and got us both a drink, now feeling thirsty after having a mouthful of semen inside. He was standing up when I got back with two drinks handing him one.

`It was not only the lips or penis I kissed,' I said, putting my drink down. `I would go round behind my statue,' which I did as I was speaking, `and then kiss the cheeks of his bum but couldn't really do what I had wanted to.' I was now behind him and went back down onto my knees again though it was the cheeks that I kissed now. But the extra bit was that I was now able to part the cheeks of my living statue and push my tongue up between them to lick and probe that other part that I couldn't do before. I did this for several minutes, feeling his body shiver when my tongue went inside him.

I rose up, kissing his back as I moved in closer until I had my cock pressed up against the crease of the two ripe plums.

`This I would do too, yearning to be able to put my cock up inside my statue and make love to him properly,' I said, feeling my cock start to rise up again.

`Well this statue wants you to do just that,' he said, his head leaning back onto the side of my neck, `though it would be easier if I was down on my knees.' In this he was right and so I let go of him to move forward and go down onto his knees and opened his legs for me to see the target that I wanted to put my now throbbing cock inside. I spat some saliva onto my hand and rubbed it over the head of my cock before going down onto my knees and shuffled forward, my bouncing cock leading the way.

With my hands on his hips, I moved mine until I got my swaying erection into the right place and then slowly eased myself forward feeling the resistance at first until he relaxed and the head of my cock moved into his ass. The inside heat of his body was incredible as I slowly carried on moving, feeling his muscle constantly flexing itself round my shaft as I filled him with it. It was only when my thighs were tight up to the cheeks of his bum did I stop for I could go no further. The tightness was incredible but lovely having the whole length of my cock being surrounded by the walls of his channel. It was just like a tight fitting cloth that was flexible and yet having the stretch that was needed as I began to move myself into the movement of me fucking my beautiful statue.

Having been sucked not so long ago, I was able to last much longer, having that thrill of my cock be compressed and squeezed as I shafted his ass. I ran my hands up and down the sides of his body, using my fingernails to gently rake his skin on to backward stroke, making his body shiver. Actually making him give a gurgle of delight as I did so. But nature took over and soon was holding his hips tight and began pulling him back onto my forward thrusting as I began to shoot my come up into his ass.

`Wow, I can feel that,' he cried as my shots hit home, `give me all of it!' That I was doing anyway until there wasn't any more left and came to a stop, breathing heavily as I leaned over his rear end and then could hear him panting too. `That was great,' he gushed and cried out, `Noooo,' as he felt me start to slide out of his ass. But I came out and felt the cold air swirl round my still hard and throbbing cock. I got up and almost waddled off to the bathroom to wash my cock and make it nice and clean after going bare back in my fucking of him.

I went back in with a damp flannel and found him still on his knees on the floor and I gave his bum a wipe and helped him to stand up.

`I most definitely know that I've just been fucked. It was lovely,' he said, pulling me into his arms for a kiss. `Would you like me to fuck you now?' he asked after breaking off the kiss.

`I never thought you'd ask,' I said with a grin. `Of course. I want this hard piece of flesh I can feel getting squashed between our stomachs. I want it inside to have the same pleasure as you've had. The harder the fuck the better,' I said, breaking free and going down onto my knees in front of him, taking the head of his cock into my mouth to give it some of my saliva in the sucking to take the place of a lubricant.

It was only a brief suck for I was now desperately wanting that hard erect cock inside to give me as much pleasure that he said I had given to him. Already being on my knees stretched out and opened my legs and felt him get down behind me, his hands coming onto my hips and felt the head of his cock nestle itself at the entrance to my cave.

I felt my ring piece being expanded as the head of his cock was being pushed into me, giving a slight pain until the head was fully inside me, throbbing away and setting all my nerves atingle. Then had the thrill of feeling the rest of his cock moving in to fill me beyond belief until his thighs reached my bum and all that he could give me was there inside, pulsating away to the rhythm of his beating heart.

What bliss it was to having this solid hard flesh being moved backwards and forwards inside me, touching sensitive nerves that contracted at the intrusion but made me tingle all over. I simply loved having a cock move in its fucking of me and always wanted more though it would have been the icing on the cake if the man doing the fucking could last longer than they normally did. But my statue was the same and it wasn't long before he was really pounding my ass as I had asked, gripping me tightly as he began to give me his sperm. Loving the feel and thrill as I felt the first two salvos hit my insides, coating the walls but not the others as all they did was to join themselves back into the sticky mess that they had been before they had started. But it was just great at the feeling of this seed that gave me that extra thrill and felt him come to a stop and leaning over my back, panting as much as I had done when fucking him.

I too gave out that cry as I felt him start to pull out, feeling the inside walls seeming to collapse like a tunnel cave in as he withdrew and then have the cool air around my ring before it closed of its own accord. I slumped forward onto my front, knowing that I had just been fucked by a pro and had thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted more, especially from my statue.

He washed himself and used the flannel on my ass as I had done to him and helped me up from the floor for us to kiss again. It was nice to kiss his soft lips instead of the cool marble ones and gave out a shiver of delight as I felt his semen start to slowly emerge from my ass and slide down the inside of my leg.

`Darling David, my statue in the flesh. Will you stay with me for the night?' I asked between kisses.

`Yes Martin,' he breathed. `Tonight and every night if you want me. Day time too,' he chuckled. `You can draw and fuck me anytime you like for in this short time we've had together so far, I think that I'm falling in love with you.'

`David, David. I fell in love with you some time ago when I first saw you as a statue. If only we could last as long as he has, but you now are my statue of love.'

* * *

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