Man for Man

A Special Night With Ryan


Back then I knew I liked guys more than girls. I wasn't out, heavens forbid that. I didn't even know anyone who was. I had already had sex with another boy by this point but that's a whole different story. At 16, I was tall and lean, 6'2 to be precise and 170 lbs. I didn't have a very athletic body, just average I guess. I had very blonde hair and baby blue eyes. My chest was bare and I had just a hint of treasure trail. Even though I played baseball and spent lots of time outside, I wasn't all that tanned. Matter of fact I could almost blind someone if they looked directly at my bare ass haha.


That summer my friend Ryan and I ended up getting a job together at a local grocery store. We started the same day and were both "bag boys". Ryan was very easy on the eyes. He was about my height but thinner at about 150lbs soaking wet. He had brown hair that just somehow managed to just fall in the right places, you know the type. He was a jock and always wore preppy clothes. The girls (and some of us guys) just drooled over him. As we got to be closer friends we started to run around together. Most nights we would end up in my Ford Ranger cruising back and forth through town. Sometimes just the two of us and sometimes a half dozen others piled in the back. There was a wooded area, not far from my place where we would all camp out, drink and party on the weekends. School had recently started back and high school football season was underway. Ryan played on our team but had gotten injured during the summer. He had to set this season out, so he just hung out with me and we went to all the games.

This one Friday night was an away game in a small town about half hour away. Ryan came to my house after school and we were going to head to the game from there. We decided to get some liquor and fruit punch and party afterwards, so he decided to call his mom for permission to stay the night with me. I was sitting in the recliner and he was sitting a couple feet away on the couch talking on the phone and wearing baggy yet all-showing jogging pants and a school t-shirt for the game. I don't know if he caught my eyes glancing or what but he grabbed his dick through his pants and gave it a few quick strokes while bucking his hips. He had the most mischievous grin and his eyes almost made me melt. In amazement and shock from being caught off guard I said "stop it Ryan, my dad is sitting just in the kitchen and could look in here" real quietly and we both busted in laughter. His mother said it was ok for him to stay and off we went to the game.

After the game and some cruising we headed to the woods around midnight or so. There was a whole group, around 15 or 16, of us there partying. We had a great big tent that would hold about 8 or 10 people that we just left up most of the time and a bon fire going. It was mid-September and the nights were cool but not too cold yet. That night after a few drinks and lots of joking around and horse playing, most guys started to head home or head to bed. By this time it was near 3am. Ryan and I, both had a bit of a buzz going on but starting to wear off. As we were heading to the tent, Ryan tugged at my arm and said "There is a bunch of us tonight man, let's just sleep in the back of your truck." I agreed and we grabbed our sleeping bags and headed to the truck.

At the truck, which was parked about 100 yards or so from the campsite, he put his bag in the bed of the truck. However instead of putting our bags side by side, he unfolded them, one on top of the other so that we would both be in the same bag so to speak. Odd, maybe, but hell I didn't care, it was the first time we had gotten to spend the night together, just the two of us. We climbed in and took our shoes off and lay down. He was still in his same jogging pants and blue school t-shirt while I had on t-shirt and Levi blue jeans. Both of us had on white socks although his had a red stripe across the toes. Ryan was lying on his back on the driver's side and I was lying on my side facing away from him.

After lying there for a little while, not long enough to fall asleep yet, Ryan rolled over on his side and right up against me. He started humping up against my butt and had his hand on my forearm. I didn't know what to do and I wasn't sure if he was serious or playing so stupidly I said "stop it Ryan, I'm not into that stuff". He said "I'm not either man, but let's just have a little fun" almost whispering it into my ear while still softly thrusting up against me. I went to roll on my back towards him to see if he was for real but before I could speak he started kissing me and rubbing my dick through my jeans. At that point I threw caution out the window and wasn't about to let this chance pass me by. I wrapped my hands around him, one behind his head, my fingers in his hair and the other wrapped around his waist and pulled him close against me. He pushed his tongue in my mouth and that almost drove me wild. I never imagined how passionate he might be. Our hands started exploring all over each other's bodies and then to take each other's clothes off. After a few minutes we were fully naked except our socks and were passionately kissing and rubbing all over each other. If any of the other guys would have came back to their car, we would have been fucked for sure (and not in a good way either).

I was still on my back with Ryan with Ryan half on me and half to my side, if you can picture that. He slowly started kissing on my neck and then stuck his tongue in my ear which caused me to jerk all over. I was rubbing his hot ass and had my left hand on his shoulder as he started licking and sucking on my nipples and then down to my belly and sides which felt amazing but made me giggle when he hit my ticklish spots. Then it happened, he licked the shaft of my cock and then took it in his mouth. He asked if it felt ok (which it did) because he had never sucked a dick before. Actually neither of us had much experience at it really. He licked and sucked on my 7" cock for what felt like eternity. He kidded and said it looked like a rocket standing there straight up, thick and hard with a large mushroom head. He then turned around and said he wanted to try 69. He went back to sucking me as I arched my head into a very crazy angle and let him slide his 7.5" cock into my mouth. I almost got chocked a few times when he would try and push the whole thing into my mouth. His was slightly longer than mine but thinner.

After sucking each other a while I felt a wet finger being pushed inside my ass. His fingering drove me wild as he kept sliding his dick in and out of my mouth. He licked and inserted more fingers until he had three inside me. I started to taste his pre-cum and thought he was getting ready to cum in my mouth but instead he pulled out, turned around and climbed on top of me in between my legs. He started passionately kissing me again. He put his left arm around me knee, pulling it down to my side and put his hand softly on my face. I felt his right hand guiding his dick towards my hole. I felt the head start pushing its way in. "Oh my God it hurts Ryan" I said as I tensed up from the pain. He just kept slowly pushing in. He started softly biting my neck and was saying "Oh man that's fucking tight" He brought his arm and wrapped it around my shoulder and was holding me tight against his chest as he kept pushing until it was all the way in. I thought I was going to scream. It felt like I was being ripped apart. He stopped and waited for a few seconds until I calmed down and then slowly started back out and then in again.

He returned to kissing my lips so wild and passionately as he started thrusting in and out of me. After a bit, I no longer noticed any pain and started to feel like I was in heaven. Every so often he would rise up on his arms and just stare into my eyes as he gently fucked me. The sweat was beading up on his forehead and his breathing was getting heavier. After fucking for what felt like an hour, He was propped on his elbows kissing me, I couldn't hold back and started cumming, without even touching my dick. "Oh man Im gonna cum Ryan" I said. The first blast hit him next to his chin, followed by 3 more powerful squirts that landed on my chest before the rest started pooling out on my belly. My warm cum hitting his neck pushed him over the edge "Oh fuck I'm cumming, Oh fuck, fuck" he said as he pumped his load deep inside me. I felt his cock pumping inside me, his whole body shaking as he collapsed on my chest.

We just lay there, for how long I'm not sure, just trying to catch our breath. Eventually he slid out of me. He looked me in the eyes and said "that was fucking amazing" and then softly kissed me again.

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