Man for Man

A San Francisco Life


San Francisco is supposed to be the most "Gay Friendly" city on earth. HA! And again, HA! If San Francisco is so "Gay Friendly" then right now, I wouldn't be running away from a group of gay bashers! I'm guessing I should fill you in. So, it goes like this:


I'm 21. I'm legally an adult in every state. Wonderful. Well, I'm 21, gay, and just came out to my dad in what I thought was a private setting. But, no. There were some people listening into our conversation. It was quite a swap for me. I figured dad would be furious. But, he wasn't. He was actually really cool with it. The people who WEREN'T cool with it were eavesdropping nearby. So, when dad and I started walking in our separate directions, the gay bashers followed me and I wasn't aware of it until one of them called out "Hey, Fag! Whatcha runnin' for?"

Well, I'll tell you why I'm running. But I wasn't about to tell them why I'm running. I was running because I do that every night. I'm tall (about 6'3") and I have a tight, toned body. I like to keep it that way. I wasn't about to turn my head around and say, "I'm running because I like to look good!" No, that wouldn't be smart on my part at all. It's like a fat woman trying to stand on one foot. Nope, not a good idea.

But, where I ask you, are the cops at this time? Obviously, you'd think something's wrong if you see a man running for his life from a group of about ten people. But San Franciscans don't have that logic. Remind me to move if I survive this.

I've grown up in this city and knew my way around quite well. I took back alleys and side streets trying to lose my attackers but to no avail. When I couldn't run any further, I just stopped and decided to allow them to do their worst. If my horoscope hadn't lied, someone would come along to help. But, you know how that goes.

They circled around me. Some of them held metal pipes in their hands and I prayed that it was so they could have fun fixing their plumbing, instead of beating my head in. I knew enough karate that I could stand up to myself against maybe two people at the same time, but this was ridiculous!

The leader of the pack was a big, muscular hairy person. "I smell a fag," he said.

"Oh, so animals DO have the ability to smell themselves," I retorted. Sometimes I hate my mouth.

"Oh, you're about to wish you never said that!" Bear said, punching his fist into his palm. Okay, how intimidating is that? It's been used in almost EVERY movie there is. It's so last year.

A tall skinny one behind me hit the ground and kicked my legs out from under me. I hit the ground hard. I ignored the pain in my hands from where they hit the rough concrete. I had bigger problems to worry about. The one holding the pipe took a swing for my head. I blocked it in the nick of time. The next thing I knew, they were ripping my clothes, like that scene in Disney's Cinderella.

"What are you doing?" I yelled in the frenzy.

"We need a fag toilet," I heard one of them say. To my horror, they all started unzipping their flies and pulling out their dicks. One of my stronger attackers held me to the ground as stream after stream of urine hit me. This was beyond disgusting.

The man holding me down whispered in my ear, "So, how do you like cock now?"

The stench soon became unbearable. I began to cry. I was helpless. These guys were probably going to humiliate, then kill me. And there was no way I could fight them off on my own.

"Hey! Leave him alone!" I heard someone yell as Bear began to finish up. I turned my head to look, but one of the guys got me in my face. The guy holding me down forced my mouth open and urine began flowing in. I came very close to throwing up.

The man who came to rescue me shouted, "I've called the cops. I suggest you get out of here now." After the mention of the police, they didn't need an invitation to leave me alone. Quickly, they all finished up, zipped up, and ran off. I spit out the nasty liquid and noticed that my body was shaking.

Rescuer knelt at my side, "Are you okay?" he asked and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. He had semi-long brown hair, the face of an angel, and the body of a god. I've never really been a fan of brown eyes, but his just made me want to melt.

I could only stammer, "I--I--I--" and he helped me to my feet.


"What's your name?" he asked.

"My name's Jesse." Okay, I was forming words. This is a start.

"My name's Brett."

"Thank you for saving me," I managed.

"Anyone would have," he replied. Modesty, yes, this person WAS perfect!

"Did you really call the cops?" I asked. I was hoping his answer would be "No." It would be too embarrassing to talk to a cop and say, "Oh, a bunch of gay bashers took a leak on me."

"No, but I figured it would make them leave. If you want, you could come to my place with me. It's just around the corner and up a couple of flights of stairs. You could shower off, I could give you some clothes, and you could be on your way," Brett said, his angelic smile showing again.

"T--Thanks," I replied and we walked around the corner and up two flights of stairs to a Penthouse Apartment in the middle of San Fran.

He showed me to the bathroom and handed me a towel. I set the towel down and stripped while he was in another room getting me some clothes. I got in the shower and washed the fowl smelling urine off my skin and out of my short blonde hair. I normally use gel to spike it a little but, the shower washed out the rest of the gel (a large portion of it was taken out by the urine).

When I was done, I dried off and wrapped the towel around my waste, tucking it in so it wouldn't come undone. A few beads of water rolled down my pectoral muscles and across my abs.

Brett walked in just as I was stepping out of the shower. "You have an awesome body."

"Thank you. You do, too." I replied. His tight shirt and jeans left little for the imagination. His dick was tenting his jeans as he gawked at me.

I just noticed that Brett was about the same height as me. He slowly walked up to me and softly placed his hand on my side. It was a Hollywood moment. Slowly, we both leaned in for the kiss. Our lips locked, our tongues swapped, and my towel dropped. I didn't care. I was kissing a man who was probably the sexiest man alive. Who cares what People Magazine says? Matthew McConaughey can step aside. This guy was hot. H--O-T! Caliente!

My towel was down. His pants were dropping. After his pants fell, I realized he wasn't wearing any underwear. That was fine by me. We broke our kiss just long enough to get his shirt off. We were both stark naked in his bath room, kissing like crazy.

Both of us had large dicks, although his was about an inch longer than mine and it was WAY thicker. This was major because my dick is about nine inches and thicker than the average cock. We made our way (while still kissing) to his bedroom and collapsed on his bed. I was underneath him, my hands running along his sexy-feeling torso. I hadn't even looked at it yet. I could feel hair and muscles. My hands wandered further south to a thick pubic patch and a large dick, dripping pre-cum on my leg. I shifted my leg position to allow him to lie on top of me. Though, it didn't look like it, I really had no intention of having sex with him. Honest! I'm a major tease. But Brett took my leg movement as an invitation and slowly slid himself into me without a condom or lube. Yeah. It hurt like hell.

I winced and gave a yelp but he silenced it using acupressure. He placed two fingers in a spot on my side and the pain disappeared. While I was temporarily numbed, he rammed himself into me so he could let me adjust before he started humping. "How are you going to move in and out without lube?" I asked as our bodies lay touching. He wasn't going to fuck me like I was some booty call. He was going to make love to me. There was a major difference. Booty call= minimal touching, lots of protection. Love making = lots of touching, protection optional.

"Your body makes its own natural lubes that will increase the pleasure tenfold," he replied. Great... he was going to use my anal juices to help him slide. Brett put his arms on the underside of my shoulders so he could use them to slide. Without separating our bodies, he slowly let himself down and used our combined strength to pull back up and plow through my gut. The feeling was that of one I had never experienced before. It seemed like every nerve of my being had just been re-awakened. I lifted my head to meet his and we kissed while he continued to slide in and out. He kept the same rhythm and continued to hump as he came, and then for several minutes after he streamed his juices.


The friction on our torsos was lessened by the sheen of sweat that had developed on both of us. He moaned into my mouth, and I into his because we were still kissing. After a few minutes he broke our kiss and pulled out. He gently stroked my dick and said, "Are you ready to give this beast some action?"

I smiled and nodded and he flipped us over so that I was now on top. He placed my hand in the spot he put his to numb all pain and told me to go ahead and ram him. I lined my dickhead with his hole and rammed myself into him. I almost came right then. He was super tight. "Oh! You're so tight!" moaned out, much as a compliment to him.

"I should be. You're the first person to ever be in there," he replied with a smile. He spread his legs, and I put my hands in the same position as he had and performed the exact same moves as he did. But, instead of kissing this time, we talked while I slid in and out of Brett.

"So.., ah, you've never, ah, had anyone fuck, yeah, you up the ass?" I asked.

"No, you're the first person I've ever wanted to have pop my cherry," he said with a surprisingly calm tone. If you were to be talking to him on the phone, you'd have never guessed that he was in the middle of sex. "Don't get me wrong, this dick has seen a lot of ass, but you're the first person I've ever wanted to feel naturally. You're my first bareback experience."

Wow. I had popped his cherry (bareback and without lube, no less) and this was all in our first encounter. "You have to be the sexiest man on earth." I said as I continued to ease myself in and out of him. I had only had sex with two guys in my life. And both times, I was on bottom. This was my first time ever sticking my dick into someone's ass. And boy would I forever remember this experience. I decided to tease him a little as the friction of our bodies was causing his still-hard dick to emit more pre-cum I sucked his nipples and he let out a loud moan. Yep, that gets `em every time. It didn't take long to get him to cum all over my chest, which caused me to deposit my sperm deep within his bowels. I pulled out and he began licking his cum off of my chest. For a long time I just sat there admiring his body. He was chiseled, but had a mildly hairy stomach and chest that turned me on majorly.

"I guess I should clean my ass juices off of your dick, shouldn't I?" Brett asked.

"You can if you want but after what I just felt, nothing that happens to that dick will ever be the same." I replied causing him to laugh. He brushed his hair behind his ear and moved over so I could sit up with my back on the headboard. He got between my legs and gave me the best blowjob I have ever gotten. He had me turned on so much, my hips were coming up to meet his throat. He didn't gag once. When I came, he didn't let a drop escape. He just swallowed it and sat beside me on the bed. Without warning him, I returned the favor.

I crawled between his legs and placed my lips around the head of his cock. It smelled like my ass, but my whole job was to fix that. I touched my tongue to it and the bitter taste of my anal juices made themselves apparent. His thick dick caused my jaw to stretch a little as I went down on him, but I got him deep into the back of my throat. I began bobbing my head as I twirled my tongue around cleaning off his cock. He gently placed his hands on the back of my head and let out a moan. After about twenty minutes of deep-throating him, he let out his third stream of semen. It seemed as though he came more this time than the other two combined, but I had no way of spilling it because it hit the back of my throat and I could feel it slowly run down. It was the hottest feeling ever.

After that he gave me a quick kiss and said, "You didn't leave any for me."

I laughed and replied, "Sorry."

He put his arm around me and pulled me close to him and I rested my head on his shoulder. "I've never said this to any man before, but I--I love you."

That took me by surprise. "I love you too, I owe you my life. You were there for me when I thought I would die."

"I consider it a public service." He replied. "I kept a very sweet and compassionate man on earth."

I gave a blush, but then I heard my cell phone ring and groaned. I crawled out of bed and answered it.

"Hey, Jesse, I need a baby sitter for Kyle. Could you come over?" My sister, Rachel asked.

"Yes, Rachel, I'll be right over." I replied.

I put on the clothes that Brett let me borrow and walked back into his room to find him fully dressed as well. "My sister has recruited me for baby sitter work. When can I see you again?"

"Here," he said and took my cell phone. He programmed a calendar date and his number. "Don't look at the calendar thing until you get to your sister's house."

"I won't." I promised. After all, anything that's good is worth waiting for.

He gave me one last passionate kiss and said, "I have to go to work anyways. See ya around?"

"Sure," I smiled and we both left, going in opposite directions.

When I got to Rachel's she told me that she got called in at the hospital. She works as a nurse. Kyle was in the living room watching Spongebob Squarepants. I sat beside him and accessed my Calendar. Thursday night at 7:00 we had a date at the beach. I couldn't wait.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.