Man for Man

A Question of Trust story


I stepped out of the hotel and was immediately assaulted by noise, over it all was the music, screeching out at maximum volume.

"You've got to FIGHT!

For your RIGHT!



The music, loud as it was, was nearly drowned out by the voices, what looked to be over a hundred bronzed young bodies bouncing and gyrating around, some dancing to the music, others moving to their own alcohol-enhanced fantasies, and the rest were busily groping each other, all college-aged, mostly buffed tanned bodies, all wearing only swimming trunks, which ranged from jams to very abbreviated racing suits, and maybe a third had t-shirts or colored shirts on top of that, the rest were bare and brazen and booze-happy!

Somewhere in this morass of gyrating, giddy, gay guys, was the man I loved. To find him, all I had to do was look for the biggest source of chaos; Brian would be in the middle of it.

And there he was, in the pool, sitting on the shoulders of a tanned beach hunk, battling with another man astride his friend, the two of them wielding padded clubs of some sort, trying to knock each other over. Brian was laughing, his teeth flashed as they caught the sun, his water-dappled body shining with a thousand glints of diamond-bright sparkles, his muscles gliding in synchronized harmony as he wielded his blade of Nerf fury against his foe, his throat warbled out a battle-cry of victory as he connected and sent his opponent over to perish in a starburst of silvery spray! "Whoo-hoo-hoo!" he cheered himself. "Come on, who's next! Mark! Hey, Mark!"

I waved to him, trying not to notice how his crotch was jammed up against his studly steed's neck, I felt how that must feel, his wonderfully satin-soft pud that felt so marvelous against my leg in the mornings, how this other man was feeling it now at the top of his neck, feeling that plump bulb of Brian's masculinity, and I gritted my teeth and made myself smile through it.

I hadn't wanted to come on this year's spring break! Brian and I had paired up last October, we'd dated through Halloween and Thanksgiving, and by Christmas, we were looking for an apartment to share. Now it was March, and I was now well on my way to being an "old married type" of gay man, and had no interest in going down to Florida to frolic in the surf and in the sack with some hot young bod.

But Brian had wanted to come. I couldn't argue with him effectively without sounding jealous (which I was) and when I came home and found he'd made all the arrangements to stay over the week-long spring break right in the middle of things...all I could think of was all the hot guys there and how Brian would attract them like an open jar of honey attracts flies, ants and cockroaches...all of whom would paw my lover's lithe body at every opportunity!

And I'd had some late tests and so he went without me the first three days! Hadn't even hesitated or offered to stay to support me during those days of finals, just packed and went, singing all the way!

Well, I was here now and ready to keep an eye on my man...and to fight off anybody who tried to touch him!

Well...that had been the plan. It wasn't as easy when I got here. Problem number one was finding him! Problem number to drag him away without using bodily force.

"Hey, everybody, Mark's here!" Brian said to the guys around him and then I was busy shaking hands, taking an offered beer with numb fingers, all of these guys were gorgeous, down-right gorgeous.

"Come on, Mark!" Brian said. I was glad enough to go, but these guys came with us.

"Where are we going?" I asked Brian.

"Got a game set up." Brian said. "You against me, only with teams this time. Now I can kick your butt proper!"

I knew he was talking about volleyball, he and I had played afternoons many times since the weather had warmed up, just him and me. A private time, I had thought, two lovers having fun.

For Brian, it was the opening fodder for this bout. A chance to impress his new friends.

Looking around, I wondered which of them Brian had been with the three days he'd been here? Had he shared his bed with one of them? With all of them?

The game only reinforced my fears. Every time one of them would score a point, Brian would grab and hug the guys involved. Me on my other side of the net, his opponent, I didn't get hugged, I got jeered and discouraged.


Brian's team won the game from mine and that led to a group hug with Brian kissing the other guys. They all looked so good there, sweaty from the game, laughing and panting in equal amounts, arms around each other. Beautiful, beautiful young men, and Brian the most beautiful of all of them.

And I hated him for that!

I pleaded a headache after that and went back to the hotel room. If Brian had cared, I figured, he would come after me. He didn't. He poked his head in long enough to see if I wanted to join him and the guys for dinner, when I said no, he just said, "Hope you feel better later, babe," and was gone.

What had I done wrong? I kept asking myself. Where had I not done enough, been enough, for Brian? Why had he felt it so necessary to come here, to be here, frolicking with so many other guys, nameless, faceless bodies, here in the Floridian sun? What did I do wrong?

I called room service which brought me up a sandwich and a salad, and I spent the rest of my first day of spring break watching television.

Brian didn't come back until very, very late, nearly midnight. He reeled into the room, just this side of falling-down drunk. I got him into bed, helping him undress, and he fell soundly asleep the moment I pulled the sheets up over him.

I turned on the light, low, and sat on the other bed, looking at my sleeping, drunken lover. God, he looked so damned beautiful even now. Brian, Brian, my baby, what had I done wrong? Why, baby, why?

After I cried a while, I turned out the light. I won't say I slept very well, but I did something like it the rest of the night.

I woke up to the sounds of Brian in the bathroom, puking his guts out, as they say. I used that as the signal to call room service again and ordered up tomato juice and toast, both of which I remembered helped my family relatives who drank too much on the morning after. Brian had never been drunk with me before. This spring break was the first in a lot of things. Maybe, when you're ending a relationship, you experience a lot of firsts. Kind of like when you're falling in love, only in reverse. Things that push you apart instead of growing closer.

The room service in this place was incredible, or maybe they were just used to the needs during spring break; the breakfast arrived in less than ten minutes. I was laying it out on the small table in the room when Brian came out. Groaning, he stopped when he saw the food. "Oh, man!" he gasped out. "Babe, you're a lifesaver!"

"Eat the toast dry." I advised him. "And drink plenty of tomato juice. That's what my uncle does when he takes too much."

"Oh, I'm not arguing!" Brian said. He wolfed down the toast, taking big chomps of it, guzzled down both glasses of tomato juice. Me, I couldn't eat.

"Oh, man, that helps!" Brian said, when he sat back. "I got way too wasted last night, I am not doing that again. Especially now that you're with me. How's your head, babe, still got a headache?"

"Not right now." I said. "Only."

"What is it?" Brian asked.

"Brian, why are we here?"

"Why?" he asked, surprised. "Man, it's spring break! We graduate next year, there won't be any more of these. Oh, there'll be vacations, but it just won't be the same. We're young, we're on spring break, we're in beautiful East Beach, Florida, the sun is shining and we're two men in love. What more do we need?"

"A little less competition?" I said.

"Why, are you jealous?" Brian said, playfully slapping me on my arm. The look on my face answered him on that. "Hey, baby, you're the only one for me." he said. "You know that!"

"I know." I said miserably.

"Come on." he said to me. "Let's go out on the beach, just you and me. We'll catch some early sun, it's been really warm in the mornings. Won't be anybody on the beach yet, everyone's still sleeping it off."

I didn't need much more, not with Brian smiling and paying attention to me and promising more of the same. We got into some shorts and light shirts. The day was as warm as promised, the beach as deserted. A few couples here and there, looking more like flotsam washed up on the beach than people.


"Over there." Brian pointed. "That little piece of land; during high tide it's almost its own island. Let's go over there." I followed him, he took off his shirt halfway there. So did I, the day was that warm already, a beautifully warm spring day.

We had to wade through a patch of muddy sand to get there, sticky nasty stuff. Brian laughed as I winced walking through it, and he and I ran up to the dried grass and spent some time wiping our feet on the grass, getting most of it off. Then Brian laid out the large yellow beach towel and lay down on it, leaving half of it empty, patted it to show me it was meant for me.

As I lay down on it too, Brian grabbed me and kissed me, roughly, hungrily. "Oh, God, baby, I've missed you so much!" he said. "God, I didn't think you'd ever get here! That bed's been so lonesome without you."

"So why didn't you stay with me yesterday?" I said. "I've missed you, too!"

He hit my nose with his finger. "Silly. You always want me to leave you alone when you have a headache, remember? You just want to sleep and be left alone."

He was right about that.

"So why didn't you come back later?"

"I did, for dinner, remember? I said I'd be downstairs when you felt better. I did, the entire night, waiting for you."

He had said that. But that didn't explain why he'd wanted to come down here to begin with. All those guys pawing him, and him just laughing!

But he was in my arms now. If I couldn't have Brian all to myself all the time, well, maybe I could have him here and now.

So instead of saying anything more, I kissed him as hard as he had kissed me. God, he tasted so good, his lips, they tasted of him, of his laugh, his joy, his days of sun and surf and sand, the sheer, raw joy of Brian! His hands went around my back, pulling me up against him, his upper leg rose up like a cobra to clamp behind my thighs and crush his groin into mine! God, yes, it was there, his manhood pressing against mine, raging and hard! A man can lie about everything in his life but that, his cock never rises up unless it wants the partner, and wants him now!

I kissed him and then broke off long enough to look around. "Nobody's nearby." I panted to him.

"I don't care!" Brian gasped. "This is a gay beach, everyone will understand. Police don't bother you on spring break, not for something like this."

I wasn't sure about that, but like him, I just didn't care! If we got arrested for public indecency, I'd pay the fine without a quiver. I had my lover in my arms, screw the rest of the world!

My hand slid over Brian's buttock, under the waistband of his shorts and onto those sleek, smooth buns. Brian's low sigh of lust was music to my ears. His shorts slid off his legs like butter, the soft cloth feeling like silk upon my fingers and his body satiny clean and yielding to my fingertips.

I raised up onto my hands and knees while Brian slid my own trunks off. The morning was still, there was just us, the beach, the sky, the ocean, even the birds were still asleep and silent. Just the roaring of the surf as the waves came in to the beach, kissed the shore, and retreated. The tide was coming in, the land we were on was becoming an island as the water was trapped inland in a small depression.

Brian pulled me down onto him and I forgot about the location, my world was now hot, horny, bare-naked stud and he was mine! I grabbed Brian's cock in my hand and pulled on it, just to hear again those golden notes that flowed from his throat as he vented his pleasure and his pud was silver-hot in my hand.

He pressed my head down onto his throat and I kissed it, his groans fluttered under my lips as they passed on their way out, and his skin tasted like honey, sweet and thick upon my tongue.

I let go of Brian's prick and sent my hand underneath, feeling the musky slickness of his testicles and then the moist dusting of hairs between his legs, searching for it, searching, ah, there it is! I pressed against it with my finger, and Brian gasped, moaned, and the finger slid in, sucked into him, hot wetness surrounded my finger and Brian groaned again. "Oh, yeah, baby, yeah!" he gasped out. "God, oh, yeah!"


I smiled into his face, open and naked with his lust, and I moved my finger in and out, just the top two joints, enough to remind him but not enough to complete him. Brian still ate it up, grunting like an eager pig as I played with his butthole.

With all that hunger burning inside of him, I figured I'd better not delay any further, or my lover would cream before I even got my own licks in. I lifted his legs up and replaced my finger with my cockhead, and Brian's fingertips dug into my back as I pressed against him once again, and his sphincter again clutched at my glans, worked and drank in my organ, until my shaft was moving smoothly into him.

"Oh, God, Mark, yes!" Brian groaned. "Baby, God, baby, yeah!"

For my own part, I closed my eyes, raised my head, and let the hot sensations pour through me. How could I let any part of this man leave me? If I had to share him, if I had to be a member of his entourage, wait my turn for his affections, God, yes, I'd do it! I'd share him though doing so would tear my heart in two!

I began to fuck Brian slowly, relishing this. Brian permitted this for a moment, then he grunted out, "Faster, baby, faster!"

Brian always wanted sex to be hot, frenetic, thrusting, ramming, pumping! I kept wanting him to slow down...but slow wasn't in Brian's vocabulary. I moved faster for him, though that caused my cock to pulse dangerously. Shit, it had been four days since we'd made love, the last time had been before he'd come down here to Florida, to this mecca of horny men, four days and I hadn't even jerked off all that time, even. I couldn't, not when thoughts of Brian caused me to fear what he was doing down here.

So when I thrust into him faster, my cock surged and I shuddered, groaning low in my throat, hoping to keep Brian from hearing.

But his ears worked just fine. "Yeah, baby, you're getting into it too, huh? Come on, faster now, baby. You know you want it, too."

I gave up like I always did when Brian wanted me to, he wanted me to ram his ass, damn it, with my cock throbbing in his butt, how could I not? How could I refuse this man, the man I loved, anything he wanted, ever? My cock got its wish, I kept hold of one of Brian's legs and I began to thrust into him, hard as I could.

My hips slapped at Brian's buns, and every time they connected, Brian grunted. No, that's not a strong enough word, every time I slammed into Brian's butt, he loosed a syllable of desire, a solitary note of satisfied lust, he was loving this! As his passion increased so did the volume of his notes, and the higher his notes, the greater my own need rose within me.

We were so good together at a time like this, nothing was hidden about Brian's passion, he always told me within a second or two just how far he was from his climax, and my own body always picked up on it and matched him. So as Brian's desire rose, so did mine, a matched set, intertwined so tightly that I couldn't imagine being parted any longer.

And so as one, we rose to our climax, together we hit the peak and together we ejaculated, my sperm squirting into Brian's ass and Brian's seed spraying all over both of us, a huge flow at both areas, his spunk splattered me heavily as my own jism poured out around my cock and soak my balls before plopping down onto the towel.

As our orgasms ended, I fell down onto Brian and he groaned as his body and mine collided, and his hands came up to wrap me, holding onto me with a strength that I found incredible, given how utterly feeble and exhausted I felt.

"Right together again." Brian said approvingly. "I love the way you and I always come right together."

"I love it too." I murmured. And I did. We were so in synch with each other, a matched set, intertwined so tightly that I couldn't imagine the two of us ever being apart.

And that was the source of my insecurities, in a nutshell. I couldn't bear the thought that this body, so matched with mine, could be held by someone else, joined with someone else!

How had I lost Brian's affections to the point where he needed someone else to hold him, someone besides me? God, where had I gone wrong?

"Come on!" Brian said. "Get dressed, and let's get back to the hotel. George and Toby have challenged you and me to a game, just us four, and they're bound to be awake by now!

We went to the hotel and George and Toby, who were (according to Brian) supposed to be awake and meeting us in the red lobby, weren't there. I waited in the lobby and Brian went up to knock on their hotel room door.

As I was waiting, another of the group from the day before, Steve, the same guy who had been Brian's "horse" in the pool game I had seen him in, walked up. "You're Mark, aren't you?" he asked me.

"Yes, I am." I said.

"So what's your secret?" he asked me.

"I don't get you." I said, puzzled.

"I went out for a morning swim." Steve explained. "I saw you and Brian there on the berm. I just want to know how you did it."

"Did what?"

"That little cock-tease has been turning down every man whose made a play for him since he got here." he complained to me. "Then you show up and get him right into the sack with you." This guy obviously didn't know Brian and I were a couple! "I just want to know why you? I mean, why not any one of us? What do you have that I don't!" And the plaintive tone told me that Steve must have tried for Brian more than once.

Brian walked up at that time, with George and Toby in tow. He overheard the last comments by this guy. "What does he have that you don't?" he repeated and Steve jumped, turned around. "I'll tell you what he's got that you don't. He's got me." And Brian's arm went around my waist. "It's a hell of a lot of fun coming here and being with you guys, but this is the only man for me. Now, let's go grab a net and Mark and I will show you two what a good team we are! Right, baby?"

I smiled at Brian, at my lover. How could I have ever doubted him? "That's right." I agreed. "We're a team."

"So are you and I still on for the water battle this afternoon?" Steve asked Brian.

"Sure." Brian said.

"You sure your lover doesn't mind?" Steve said pointedly, jealously, looking right at me.

"No, I don't mind." I said before Brian could speak up. "After all, love is a question of trust..." And I took Brian's hand and lifted it up for them to see, squeezed it. "...and I trust Brian."

"Come on, let's go!" Brian whooped and dashed off towards the volleyball nets. And this time, I whooped and ran right after him.

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