Man for Man

A Perfect Waterloo


A Perfect Waterloo.

"How are you getting along with the lad, Barry? I see you out with him quite a lot."

"You mean Stephan my Godsend? He is great and we get along just perfect, I only hope he doesn't get bored, but I try and do everything in my power not to let him, I know I am twenty years older, he being just eighteen."


"I envy you, I really do Barry, I wish I had a partner like Stephan."

"Let's say he stops me going berserk with the pressure I have to undergo in my job."

"Just like me, Barry you are a GP and these days it can be very harassing, patients no longer seem to respect the medical profession like they used to do. You are so lucky to have that essential release to give you satisfaction."

"I know I am and I cherish that."

"He must be a great lover, Barry?"

"You are fishing aren't you Bob. Well I will tell you that when Barry and I are together and quite alone, there is nothing in the world that can compare."

"He has a beautiful stance, I love the way he dresses."

"He dresses for me, the way I like it. When we go out he is always commando, just those tight fitting blue brush jeans with the zip down the rear."

"I noticed and he looks very enticing, Barry"

"Hands off, that ass mine and mine only, get your beady eyes off"

It was just pre banter between the two doctors.

"I will tell you how it is with Stephen, he is always there for me whenever I want him, Like when we took a country walk last week. We were just chatting about everything and nothing when I noticed this fallen oak. I was having one of my horny moments and seeing just how the oak had fallen it seemed to me a perfect place to enjoy Stephan. Looking around and seeing the rabbits do it I was thinking why not me. I guess Stephan could read my mind just looking at me, He smiled beautifully and touched me with his hand. I prompted him to bend over the trunk which was just the right height and prominence for fucking and down came the zip at the back and there it was, waiting for it.

"Wow! Did you enjoy it, Barry?"

"It was divine, Stephen always looks so cute in his bending over stance and that tree trunk sort of gave his ass perfect prominence and unzipped like that I could still fuck him in his jeans which is always a big thrill for me."

"Tell me more, Barry?"

"Well I enjoyed him as I always do, kneading those perfect cheeks. Rimming and sucking his hole, smelling him on my fingers - sucking my fingers to taste him, all that lovely ripe ass just for the taking, it didn't take long to lubricate him and I knew he was yearning for it the way he wiggled that ass for me.

"I said to him that if he does that he was going to get the full length inside him and then he continued to wiggle. By which timer I had such a stiff hard on I longed to fuck him to the hilt, seeing him glance around from his needing position, looking at me open mouthed. I stretched it back to display the head and gave him an taster before I fucked him. That is always a delight, the first feel of his tongue licking my p-hole and his mouth sucking me in.

"It was perfect and then deep up inside him he felt so lovely and warm and I could feel the beat of our love combines as I really took him hard and deep until he yelled.

"It felt so good ramming him like that over that trunk, it was a lovely fuck and we aimed to use the place again

"After fucking we both chilled on the grass. It was dry and cool out of the sun and we were soon engrossed in a very stimulating deep mutual massaging his head between my crotch and mine between his, sucking his freshly fucked asshole and tasting the result of our passion, feeling his mouth busy with my cock and balls as I licked and sucked his."

"Wow! You certainly vent your gratification to the full, Barry."

"I do and I appreciate Stephan. I have him in lots of ways and we enjoy our special togetherness. In the evening I am often just happy to have him on the settee, leaning across my lap. He looks so very wonderful and tempting, I just slowly embrace him over a very sexy pair of girly undies which he loves, sometimes he dons a black skirt for me and playacts the proverbial slut, moving his ass so that his scented silk panties rub into my face and he takes son the play role perfectly, placing himself, each knee astride my lap, his head bent down almost touching the floor as he cascades me with a make believe girly pussy to sooth my soul as he puts it, and surely enough I feel the touch of wet pussy in my mouth as he smothers me to the full and I give him a good slapping on each cheeks.

We both indulge in a vary slow and sexy mutual sucking, deep and probing, he takes my cock as deep as he can licking and molding it inside his mouth making me feel a million dollars and I hope my sucking and probing of his ass cum pussy gives him as much pleasure as he gives me.

We lick and suck and tease each other in every way imaginable and when I fuck him afterwards, he still acts the girl part, pushing his cock and balls back out of sight with his hand around them, showing me his hole which has become cunt for my fucking, and he is all girly for me as I give it a good head.

He helps the fuck along with rolling hips moving just like a girl does, so very tempting and alluring that In my mind he is a woman I am fucking. And then later I know he will be changed and I will be fucking that ass again in the male stead, he bending on all fours listening to The War of the Worlds on a CD building the fuck up and up until the crescendo, when the drums role and I am deep up inside, feeling my balls bouncing against his inner thighs as he yells delight and we reach a perfect waterloo.

"I think I need to go somewhere" Bob said with his hand in his trouser pocket. "You are a bloody lucky bastard, you know that!"

"Enjoy" said Barry seeing his mate off.

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