Man for Man

A Perfect Moment 1


It was a perfect moment. As I turned to face him, he started lightly snoring. The moonlight made his beautiful muscles glisten as the flexed and relaxed as he kept adjusting. I cuddled up to his side and draped my arm around his mountain pecs. At that moment, I knew we would be together forever.


The morning sun flooded the room with so much light that I didn't need to turn on a single light. The alarm buzzer started to blare a few seconds after I woke up. I turned it off and stared up at the celing. All I could see was the white sheetrock staring back at me. I sat u and pushed myself from the bed. It took a few seconds for my eyes to get used to the sudden attack of light. The bathroom tile was cold as ice and helped in the awakening process. As I turned the hot water knob, the bathroom filled with steam. The water felt amazing on my body. I lost track of time and almost went back to sleep. After towelling off, I went to the closet to see what today's choice outfit would be. My burlap TOMS of course, I settled for a pair of dark wash straight leg jeans, and a baby blue Raulp Lauren poplin. I made my way down stairs to grab a quick bite before heading out. A broke a banana off the bunch and poured a glass of OJ. The clock read 7:44 a.m., I had about 15 minutes or so before I headed out since school didn't start until 8:45. Mom had already left for work and left a note on the fridge.

"Don't forget to set the alarm, had an early meeting. See you in A.N. - love, Mom"

I threw the Post-it away and made my way to the front of the house. My bag was already in the car so all I needed was my binder and phone. The alarm sounded the countdown immediatley after I hit the ARM button. I checked around quickly and shut the door. My mom had given me a fully loaded, Obsidian Nissan Maxima for my 17th birthday. I loved that car to death, not to mention it was great on gas. The engine purred to life. I checked for oncoming cars and pulled out and started my journey to school. High School is nothing like everyone makes it seem. Sure, upperclassmen aren't that fond of the freshman, but other than that everything is pretty great. I remember my freshman year, I had a whole bunch of upperclassmen friends. The seniors are the most relaxed class. They just want out already so nothing really bothers them since they like to keep themselves drama-free. The school was about 5 miles from where I lived so I would arrive in about 5-10 minutes. Thankfully, about 2 years ago they made a new parking lot dedicated to just juniors and seniors. No underclassmen dared to park in there. I found my usual spot under a large mesquite tree. The trunk popped open and I pulled out my bag and closed the door. Today looked like it was going to be a good day. The clouds were overcast and there was a good breeze. I approached the glass doors and pulled on it and made my way inside. My locker was towards the middle of the school which was perfect because all my classes were most centralized around it. I put some books up and went to my Journalism class.

"Hey Gee! How was your weekend?"

"It went smoothly. The girls, Rudy, and I got our pictures taken."

"Aww, family pictures?"

"yeah, we needed new ones. The last ones were from three years ago."

"wow, yeah you really did need some new ones"

The bell rang and students began to walk in. I sat at the first computer in my chair. As Editor-in-Chief, we get these fun rolling chairs. Just a perk of being an officer. The tardy bell rung and the morning announcements came on. After hearing the prom dress code for the 75th time, the annoncements ended and I turned to begin working on the school newspaper. An hour and a half goes fast if you get caught up working. I grabed my bag and set off for my physics class. The hallways were abuzz with diffrent cliques of people talking about their usual nonsense. I got to physics early this time and there was only a few people. As people started coming in I could hear them saying,

"Have you seen him yet?" "No, but I think I am going to have him next period."

Who were these girls talking about. It never fails that if we get a new kid, a wildfire begins in the school. Everyone starts wondering who they are, where are they from. Things like that. I paid it no mind and started going over my notes for the test we were going to have tomorrow. Then I heard the same girls start giggling and whispering. I tried to ignore it and then it just the point that I could not concetrate. I looked up and what I saw next made my mouth drop and heart skip a beat. There at the teacher's desk was the most beautiful specimen I have ever seen. I immediatley knew this is who those girls were talking about. He stood at about 6'2", he looked very well built, no doubt from athletics which he was probably involved in. He had short, dark blonde hair. I then noticed his perky bubble butt that stuck out in his jeans. God he was gorgeous, and this was only the back side mind you. As he turned, he gave a nervous smile at all of us and looked for a seat. The girls of course cleared all their stuff from a desk to give him the choice of sitting by them. Much to their disappointment, and to my pleasure, he chose the seat right next to me. I kept staring at him and shook myself out of my daze and hoped he hadn't noticed. He sat down and tried to figure out what to do next. I just looked down at my notebook, not reading anything but just to make it look like I was busy. The teacher came in and greeted us.


"Class, we have a new student with us today. Would you mind standing up and introducing yourself to the class?"

She was staring directly at him as he shook his head. He stood and looked even taller as I looked up at him. He opened his mouth and I was in love.

"Hello, My names Luke DeBrooke. I am from Georgia and I'm 18."

His southern boy accent was amazing and only added more to his charm. He sat down and shrunk down since now everyone was staring. I think he was relived that the teacher called everyone to attention. The words that came out of her mouth were muffled as I stared at him from the corners of my eyes.

"So since we are nearing the end of the school year, you are required to do a project to gain your credits from this class...."

blah blah blah, then I heard

"There will be partners"

I heard the girls start giggling and already picking Luke as their partner. I bet the teacher picked up on this real quick because the next thing she said was

"I will be assigning the partners for this project so get settled as I do attendance and we will begin talking about the project."

The class moaned, and we waited for her. She finished and then began assigning each of us a partner. Then I heard it,

"Jake, you will be assigned with....... Luke. Luke, i know your new............"

It made my heart jump up and drop at the same time. I didn't really want to turn to face him, but it was the polite thing to do. We both turned at almost the same time and he flashed a grin, showcasing his pristine white teeth.

"Hey, I'm Jake. So your Luke?"

How stupid, I probably sounded like a jackass.

"Yeah, how old are you?"

"17, just turned actually a couple of months ago. So how is Georgia?"

"Beautiful. I miss it so much. My friends, my family. Everyone really."

I could tell he was homesick. I bet I would be too if I had to uproot from the place I was born and raised in. Our town, Asheville was about 3 1/2 hours from Georgia. So everyone he knew was a great distance away. He had his head slumpped down, and I quickly asked him another question to change from his home.

"What do you like to do for fun?"

He looked at me, quizically,

"I love horseback riding, but anything really."

"I've never ridden on a horse!"

he looked at me with wide eyes

"WHAT! Be serious, never?"

"Nope, but it looks fun."

"It's the best! You kind of feel free, like your flying and nothing can bring you down."

"So, what brings you to North Carolina?"

"My dad's company relocated him, so it was this, or nothing."

"Wow, that must suck."

"It does, trust me. But, this seems like a nice town. I think I may like it here."

The teacher went on and on about the project requirements, due dates, usual crap. And the bell rung. I had co-op so I left at this time. Luke came up behind me as I walked out.

"So what do you have next?"

"I have Co-op, so I work at the middle school. You?"

"I have Co-op too! So is it the same, look for a job and you leave at half day?"

"Yup, is that how it is at your old high school?"

"Yeah. Same way."

"Well, hey I don't go in until 1:30, you wanna grab lunch?"

He smiled "Yeah, that would be great."

We walked out into the parking lot and I found my car, and he was still right behind me.

"Here is my cell phone, since we are are going to be partners, we need to be in communication."

He flashed another grin and made my heart melt.

"So where do you want to eat?"

"There are some restaurants in the mall's food court, there is a Chick-fil-A, Jason's deli, Applebee's, Chili's, you name it."

"Let's go to Chili's. I haven't been there in a while."

"Okay, Follow me."

I watched him as he got into a cream colored Ford F-250, typical country boy. I laughed as i got in the car. Chili's was not that far from the school. About 2 miles actually. We had just beaten the lunch rush as we walked in. A perky blonde sat us, and gave extra attention to Luke. He didn't even noticed and I smirked as i looked at the menu. I already had an idea of what I wanted so we were just waiting on him.

"You ready or do you need time?"

"I think I am ready, you"


"Yeah. Let's just wait for the waitress"

At that moment, she appeared from around the corner as if she heard me say her name.

"What can I get you guys?"

she asked both of us, but only stared at Luke. It was hilarious how all these girls are falling over him.

"I'll have a Bacon Cheeseburger, with everything. Seasoned fries and a Coke."

"For you, sir?"

"I'll have the Cajun Alfredo with Chicken, and a strawberry lemonade. Can we also have some chips and queso?"

"Sure, no prob. Be right out with the drinks."

She skipped away, as only a girl like her would. I turned to face Luke, I mean there really was no other choice.

"So how was your old high school?"

"I can really only describe it as big. We had a large student population. But everyone got along well, there was never really one big clique, just a whole bunch of students. We were one of three high schools so yeah."

he belted out such a manly laugh! God, he was PERFECT!

"So tell me about your friends, girlfriends, details! hahah"

"Well I had three best friends. Jenna, I've known her since like 2nd grade, There's John, we got close because of peewee football, and there's Alex. He is one of the greatest people you will ever meet. He is the bestest friend I've ever had. As for girlfriends, well I've never really had one. "

"What?! You have never had a girlfriend, really? Damn, and 'bestest'? Really? Do we need to go back to English 1?"

"Shut up, you know what I mean! Asshole"

he lightly punched me in the arm, and I pretened to be hurt. We just laughed.

"So you know all about me, what about you?"

"Well, I'm 17. But you know that, I've lived here all my life. I'm not that into athletics, but I can sit down and watch games. I suck at math, English is my best subject. I want to be a Journalist and I have 4 of the most amazing friends in the world. My mom is a single parent, has been that way since before I was born. Julianna, or Julie, has been my best friend since we were in diapers. Christine, my other best friend has been with me since out first year at summer camp, 12 years ago. Brad is next. He is the one that loves athletics, which is how I can actually sit down and watch anything, since he is doing all the explaining. But he is also really loyal, and last but not least there's Eve. She is the greatest. She has the most beautiful hair I've ever seen on a girl. She goes to the other high school, but we still remain close. We actually used to hate each other, than something just changed and we grew to love each other. My mom and I have been on our own for the past 13 years, mom got re-married about 4 years ago. But me and my stepdad don't really talk. Just hey and bye. That's about it."

"Wow. That's crazy. You seem to have an intresting life. Mine is just kinda boring. Just another teenager."

"Well everyone has their own unique lives. No one is going to be the exact same. That of course, if your conjoined at birth. Other than that, no."

"that's true. Never thought of it that way. So you want to be a Journalist? what brought that on?"

"Well, I joined the Journalism team freshman year and it seemed interesting. As the years went one I started getting better and better and I started to really love it. So I decided that's the path I want to take in life. You?"

"Well, I want to be a chiropractor or something with sports medicine. Like a physical trainer or something. I haven't really given it much thought to be quite honest."

"No one really does. But at least you have a good place to start. Most kids don't and it's sad because sometimes they just go to community college and then just sometimes quit."

"That is absolutley true. You have a good head on those shoulders."

"Thanks! hahah"

Our food came then and we dug in. He scarfed down his burger, and I savored my alfredo. I ate some of the queso dip with chips, which is one of my favorite appetizers. I checked the clock and I still had about 30 minutes or so till work so I just took it slowly.

"Would you all like any dessert?" asked the waitress as she cleared our plates.

"No thanks but can we have the check. It's all one tab."

Luke snapped his head to me so fast I thought he'd get whiplash.

"Why are you putting it on one tab?"

"Your my guest, my treat. Think of it as a Welcome token. It's all good."

"No, at least let me pay for some of it."

"Nope. Sorry, you can give the tip though. That girl sure does seem to take a liking to you."

"Really? I didn't notice.."

"She was only staring at you the entire time, even when talking to me."

"Wow, I really didn't even notice! shows how much I pay attention."

The waitress came back and I handed her my card. She came back a few minutes later and I signed off on the transaction as me and Luke made some more small talk. We got up and made our way to the parking lot. The clouds had gotten a little darker and it looks like there is going to be a storm later on. I thanked him for accomponing me to lunch and he gave me a "man" hug. I laughed, man this boy was as straight as a needle. As we made our ways to our vehicles, he suddenly turned back and ran towards me.

"Hey, are you busy tonight?"

"No, why?"

"Well, maybe you can come over to my house and we can start working on the project."

"Sure, why not. Where do you live?"

"I'll text you the address."

"Okay, great. See you then."

He got into his truck, and me into my Maxima. I let him leave first as I sat back and reeled in what just happened. And I was going to his house tonight! This day could not go any faster.

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