Man for Man

A One Time Thing


Marcus and me (Chris), we got along great. We both got accepted to the University as football and met during the summer orientation and that's how we got roommate assignment. But then I broke my arm in August, right before the start of the year. And my parents kept hinting money was tight, bad actually, and maybe I could get a part time job instead of playing football. This sucked but "whaddaya gonna do" as they say. I took the season off and got a job off campus. It was a fun year though, we were partying and getting by on academics. Barely. I had a girlfriend that year, but was dumping her and hooking up with another girl when this thing happened.


So, this kid Jim. He was from some town in upstate New York. I don't notice looks that much but if you want a description, he was kind of a slim lean kid, definitely not football. More running/track, if he did sports at all. A few inches shorter than me (I'm 6'1). He had straight blondish brownish hair and pale white skin. Girls thought he was sort of cute but that was before we learned he was gay. Jim was kind of quiet, would nod and say "hey what's up" but then sort of slip away and not hang around, not talk much.

Me, for description, I'm big and beefy, half Armenian and half whatever-else white American. Dark hair and I look sort of Italian or Greek I guess. Handsome. Girls were always flirting with me (women still do, all the time) and yeah of course I flirt back. When the broken arm was healing I could not do anything athletic, but as soon as spring semester came I got the green light to get back in shape for football the following year if we could work out the financial aid situation. So I hit the weight room hard. By April the guys started calling me "Mr Huge" and I guess it went to my head, I started seeing myself that way, got a little cocky about it. Girlfriend liked the muscles in bed but she complained about all the time in the gym and all the protein shakes I was drinking. I even had to buy some new t-shirts, I was becoming a musclehead, chest and lats and delts and arms were literally busting out of the regular L size.

So, Jim. A month or two after he moved in, this girlfriend of another dude on the hall told us something she heard about why Jim got reassigned to our dorm. She said his ex roommate found out he was gay, and it was a bad situation, something about a threat or maybe even assault, so the University found a new dorm and new roommate for Jim. Fortunately for him Darren was kind of mellow and chill, Darren just shrugged at the gossip and said "Jim's cool enough, as long as I don't have to walk in on sex or anything, he can be gay or whatever, I don't care."

So sometimes I'd be in the bathroom taking a shower and shaving and stuff, after gym or in the morning, or I'd be walking down the hall in only a towel around my waist, before or after the shower. And a couple times Jim was there in the bathroom too, or was passing me in the hall, and yeah he looked at me for more than a split second. And I knew if I turned around he was still looking at me from behind. I didn't care though. Some guys freak out about that but to me it's like when a not-so-attractive chick looks at you. Like, ok, you ain't got no chance, but sure you can look if you want to.

I guess Jim figured out which three mornings a week I would shower at 7:45am, because he started showing up more and more often in the bathroom when I was in there. I didn't notice or care at first and then one day I was like, oh great (sarcastic), Gay Jim is checking me out on a daily basis. But then I thought about it afterward. It did make me uncomfortable but also, huh, wow: this kid arranges his whole schedule just to try to get a look at me in a towel.

For better or worse, well, I did tell the guys on the hall about this, one night when we were hanging out. I said "Funny, Jim shows up every morning when I take a shower. Like fuckin' clockwork!" And another guy said how Jim looks right at his crotch when they pass by in the hallway. And so a couple of the guys started calling Jim a fag and giving him nasty looks. It didn't get worse than that but Jim got even quieter and avoided us all even more. I felt kind of bad about my part in it. At least Darren (Jim's roommate) stayed chill about it all and even told some of the other guys to lay off.

So I guess it was all these things, and maybe some ego. But one morning I was toweling off in the shower area and, over diagonal across the room, Jim was there at the bathroom sink and he was glancing over at me thru the mirror. Familiar situation, at least once a week. So, what the hell, this time I show off a little. I stretch out with the towel, drying off my armpits and back and chest, and my thick 7" dick with its big mushroom head is just hanging out there on full display, for like ten full seconds. I don't look in Jim's direction, I just do my thing but kind of showing off about it. Then I come up to the bathroom sink to shave. Say "hey what's up" to Jim next to me and act like he's my buddy. Tell him I hate morning classes, that kind of stuff. He acts normal but he's kind of staying bent over at the counter. Yeah, I made him get a boner.


So a few days later I go into the shower area to take mine, and Jim comes out of the other shower and he starts toweling himself off naked in front of me, there's no one else in the bathroom. I say "hey" friendly as usual and Jim says something, then he turns away from me and towels off his hair while sticking his bare ass out toward me. I mean he really stuck it out. I almost laughed and said something. Thing is, it was a pretty ass: high and round and smooth and white. I like a nice big round ass on a woman, ok actually I love it: I love to grab her ass and squeeze it and smack it while fucking her. But this was a dude's ass, smaller. But, so nice and tight and round. Confusing! I looked down at Jim's round white ass right in front of me. The little droplets of water on it. Then went into my shower. With a semi erection. Whacked off, thinking about Lauren instead. Lauren was the girl I was fucking on the side from the relationship I was trying to end.

Now by this time it's late May, and semester ends in another week so. I figured out later, Jim was on a mission. He was fantasizing all the time about getting to have sex with me just one time while we were in the same dorm, before the year ended. Countdown clock. He had to bust a move, like that 80s song. He was scared and shy though. Meanwhile I have this girlfriend who is becoming a major hassle, and this new girl I started hooking up with behind my girlfriend's back. I tried twice to dump the girlfriend but she would have meltdowns about it. She'd go on and on and on begging for us to try to work through it and stay together. I did have feelings for her but by that point I couldn't stand the stupid drama, I started hooking up with Lauren on the side just so I could get some pussy without having to go through a fucking two-hour couples therapy session first.

A few days later, the bathroom again, 7:45am Thursday, shower time. Jim is there at the bathroom sink, I walk in wearing just a towel, and I go to the shower area. And I get a vivid memory of Jim's ass, a few days ago. Fucking beautiful. And my dick starts to rise under the towel. I'm standing there and Jim sees it. I look at him and look down at my towel tent, erect dick, and I grin at him. "Heh. Morning wood." And Jim turns around from the sink, he's facing me, no mirror. He just looks at me and goes, "Wow." Still grinning, I act all fake innocent: "What?" He starts to blush. His blue eyes are staring at me like he's hypnotized. His lips look fuller and redder than usual. He is all flustered and he pauses and starts to say something, stops, starts again. "I - look, Chris, I know you're straight. But I have to just - I have to say it. You are so good looking it's insane. I just - if - if you ever want, like, a blowjob sometime, 'cause, you know, we leave early next week - (he paused again, took a couple of breaths) - I would - uh - I mean, ok, what I mean is, it would be like a fantasy come true for me." I just stand there smiling, all muscles and dick and towel. He's shocked at what he just said, but his eyes also say with relief, OK, it's done, I said it. I say, still grinning, "Thanks. I'll think about it." And go into my shower.

Under the warm pulsing shower, I keep my word: I do think about it. Jim wants it so badly. Me, would I enjoy the act itself? Probably. Ha ha, my first blowjob giver who's actually 100% into it. Well no, there was that one girl back in high school who really got into it. On the other hand - this is homo activity and I'm straight, you know? On the other hand... that nice round butt. On the other hand... back and forth. My dick kept sort of rising and falling as I thought about this situation. I was definitely over-thinking it. Sometimes you have to think less about a thing, and just do what you're gonna do. I step out of the shower, towel off. Jim's gone.

Turns out I see Jim later that afternoon on campus, coming out of the post office. I come up behind him and lean close into his blond hair and say softly, "Hey." Jim spins around to look up at me, he is startled, then aroused, he tries to say something. And I realize, this is what I do when I'm seducing a chick. Ok then. Decision is made, I'm up for it, Jim is going to suck me off. I get right to it. "Tomorrow night, Marcus is gonna be out for hours, probably all night. Friday night frat party way on the other side of campus. He sorta lives there now, almost half the time. So: you. Come at 11." His eyes widen, he's taking in this new reality as fast as he can. He nods, "Got it." And then Jim smiles bigger than I ever saw before, the smile lights him up. We're in the middle of the quad and he's looking up into my face like he's in love, so, I step back quick. "Got it" I say back to him with a slight grin. I walk away.


At 10pm Friday night, an hour before fellatio time, I went down the hall into the bathroom to take a piss and freshen up a little, and saw someone was in the shower. Yep, that was Jim's towel. I chuckled, knowing what was up with the 10pm shower. And, walking back to my room, I started to think about his lips on my dick. Wondered if he knew how to really deep throat. Most chicks can't. And, yeah, again, I started about that perfect round white butt. Wondered if he was soaping it up good, maybe even getting it nice and clean on the inside somehow in case I wanted to fuck him. My dick began to swing upward at the thought. Realized part of me did want to fuck that ass. Maybe. Maybe not. But yeah, the Fuck card was mine to play if I wanted to. I knew Jim would be so horned up he'd do anything I wanted.

I noticed I was getting excited for this. Knowing it was such a huge fucking deal for Jim, the #1 thing he wanted in all the world right now. I turned out the celing light in my room and flipped on Marcius's little desk lamp: mood lighting. I drank half a Red Bull to make sure I was stoked for things to come. I stripped buck naked in the dim light and checked myself in the mirror. It was true, I looked fucking awesome, every hard-trained muscle showed its definition in the shadow and half-light. I put on a loose pair of sweatpants and a gym tank and nothing else. And waited.

11:01pm, knock knock. "Come in." Jim enters the half-lit room to find me standing right there before him in tank top and baggy sweats. He's wearing a t-shirt and jeans. "Chris - wow", he says. I smile. He steps toward me, hesitates. I can tell he's wondering, how does this start, do we hug, kiss, or talk, or is he supposed to go right down on his knees. My dick is soft, I guess I am hesitating too. This Is It, whatever It is.

I decide to take the lead, not show any hesitation. Ok, some kissing, I don't really want to, but ok, because he wants it, I tell myself. I step toward Jim, grab hold of two belt loops on his jeans, and with a firm tug I pull us together, face to face, body to body. He's looking up at me all anticipation and I lean in another inch, I kiss him, my lips on his, soft at first. His lips are fuller and more sensual than I expected. Really nice lips for kissing. And I realize, ha, he put a little bit of flavored lip balm on them or something. I want more. I pull Jim even tighter into my embrace and we really start making out, hungry, wanting it. My dick begins to surge to attention, pressing against him. He's murmuring as I kiss him, little soft mmf mmf sounds, his hands are traveling all over my body. The hands are talking, saying how much he has wanted this, how much he just wants to feel me. Together we peel off my tank top and his t-shirt, and we feel each other skin on skin. Jim's body feels so different than mine, lean, flexible, boyish. Easy to overpower. He keeps stroking the parts of me that are the most muscular, my arms, shoulders, chest, like he's in awe as we keep kissing. I reach around and plant my big warm hands on that ass. His mouth opens a bit in aroused surprise and my tongue enters him, swirling around in his mouth, my tongue penetrating, alive. Yeah, we are going to fuck. It's no longer a question. I'm rock hard by now as we make out and it's getting passionate. I grab Jim's ass firmly, one hand laying claim on each of those pert round cheeks, and as I keep french kissing him with a little more force and roughness, he makes a low frantic whimpering sound, like an overexcited puppy. The kisses taste great.

Finally I lift his chin and look into his eyes with a glint of lust and say, "You said something about a blowjob." I step to the side and grab a pillow off the bed. I place it on the floor. Jim catches on in a split second and is on his knees, on the pillow. He's kissing my belly, licking my abs, his chin is nudging the huge boner jutting up from inside my sweatpants. He laughs and says "I can't hold back" and yanks the sweats down my thighs. My thick hard dick bounces up and goes Whap! against my lower belly. A stream of precum is already dripping from it. Jim takes my dick in his hand and bends his lips toward the head. "God it's fucking beautiful - so thick!" He laps up the precum like it's the best thing he ever tasted, his warm wet tongue feels fucking awesome as it moves all over my cock. I'm like halfway to blowing a load already, but I know how to hold back and build it up. I look down at him and just say, "Jim. SUCK IT."


And oh fuck man, does he suck it. Interesting, at this point Jim is taking control, he knows what he's doing, and I'm the one getting surprised. My dick is not the longest but it is a fat one, if you want to suck it you are gonna have to open that mouth wide, very wide, and keep it wide. Jim gave it his all, and I started to feel amazing pleasure from what his mouth was doing to me. I said how did you learn this? And he answered, "high school - and a lot of internet porn!" Then he really went for it, trying his best to deep throat me all the way to the hilt. He could do it for like one second before choking and gasping. It really turned me on to feel his throat try to take my dick, then choke in protest against it, then try again. He took breaks, gently swirling his tongue all over the big shiny dripping head of my dick. Then back for more all-the-way sucking. I was getting close to shooting my load in his mouth. I warned him "about to cum!" and he stopped and looked up at me. "How much time did you say we have?" I said, not sure, 2 or 3 more hours. He said 'good, then this is just your first load" and went back to sucking me. What a horny dog! He sucked me all the way back to the edge of cumming again, I could feel my nuts rising, and again I called out a warning and he kept sucking my dick, the feeling was driving me wild and I lost it. I came like crazy, my hips bucking as I shot four, five, six jets of warm fresh cum into his mouth. Jim kept his lips wrapped around my dick and gently swirled my cum around in his mouth, and swirled his tongue around the head of my cock. At that moment my dick was so fucking sensitive I gasped out loud and my thick strong legs were shaking helplessly like I had no control. I couldn't believe the sensations from what he was doing! Finally his lips softly moved off my spent cock and he made a funny face as he swirled all my cum around in his mouth and gulped it down. I staggered backward and flopped across my bed, electricity shocks moving all over my body. That was one motherfuck of an orgasm.

All this time Jim was still in his jeans while I was buck naked, sweatpants around my knees. I kind of felt like we were done: he offered a blow job and gave it, it was fucking great, but now I'm spent and the blowjob was the deal, nothing more. But Jim had other ideas. He had brought a backpack, and he reached over now and pulled out a Gatorade. "Thirsty!" he said, still breathing heavy after that amazing fellatio workout. He gulped down half of it and offered me the rest. I took it.

Jim said "Can I ask a favor, while you're resting?" I said, depends what the favor is. He said, "Your muscles.. I just want to massage you all over and feel them, your body is amazing. I'm so skinny compared to you." I told him he looked good which was true, he was skinny but he had a defined chest and abs, and then I said it. Guess I was more candid than usual, from being lightheaded. "And you have that ass, Jim. That. Ass." I grinned. Jim lit up again, the rare big smile. "You like it, huh?" I just smiled and lay back on the bed and finished off the Gatorade. I was still spent and reeling. "So can I?" he asked again. Oh yeah, he wants to feel my muscles. Okay sure.

Jim pulled the sweatpants off my lower legs and spent a half hour just massaging me all over, feeling me, stroking each part of me that works hard in the weight room. I rolled over and lay on my stomach: my legs and back were a little sore from yesterday's workout, and I moaned with gratitude when he worked on them. And on my big strong muscle ass. The glutes. No one had ever really massaged my butt like that before. It felt great. I felt like putty in his hands which was not the role I intended; I had this idea I'd be the dominant one in this encounter at all times. But again, that blowjob he gave me, it made me see stars. I was glad to lay back and just get massaged and admired.

Finally Jim stood up and slid down his jeans. Beneath them he was wearing white boxer briefs, those came off too. He was naked like me. He was semi-hard, and I was still soft and recovering from load numero uno. His dick was on the small side, with a small trimmed bush of golden brown fur above it. I teased him, "Now turn around, lemme see that ass." He did. It was so fucking beautiful, even more beautiful now, in the low light of my dorm room, than the first time I'd seen it. I just stared at it. Jim turned his head to look at me and smile. "I got it all nice and ready for you, Chris - if you want it." Not sure what he meant. But I sat up on the bed and reached out my hands to pull him to me again. Each hand of mine cupped one of his naked butt cheeks and just held it, squeezing gently. He said "I shaved - real close and careful." I didn't know if I was supposed to like that or not. I guess I did, I mean, yeah I like it when a woman is smooth and shaved down there. Easy access. So I put a finger down into the cleft of his ass. It was silky smooth and my finger became two fingers, three, stroking the most private part of his ass. Jim moaned softly. "More.." he said. My fingertips brushed against the hole, and I was curious to touch that hole some more. It was soft, inviting. Fuckable. Very fuckable. His dick began to rise and grow hard as I stroked his hole and squeezed and caressed those beautiful round white buns in my hands.


Jim said "one more thing I brought - I want to try something." He leaned over to his backpack on the floor again, and pulled out a small plastic bear-shaped squeeze-bottle of honey. "Hey now, what is this?" I asked. Again, "Let's try something" was all he said. He poured a little stream of honey onto his fingertips, and licked them clean. "Mmm sweet" he said. He then poured another large drop of honey onto a finger, and before I knew it he had spread that drop of honey onto my left nipple. I said "Oh no" with a laugh and Jim said "just let me try it, you might love this." He leaned in and sucked my nipple, flicking his tongue across it and sucking in the honey. At first I didn't feel anything intense, but he kept going, now he was gently chewing on my pec muscle (plenty to chew on in my case) and focusing back on the nipple again. It grew very warm and started to turn me on, first a little, then a lot. My dick started to rise a little bit, coming back to life. Jim gently bit my nipple and sucked it for a few more minutes. I just leaned back and encouraged him to keep doing it. It felt damn good.

But that was the warmup for what Jim really wanted with the honey. Jim poured a half spoonful of honey into the palm of his hand, then assumed a crouching position before me. And with cupped fingers from his right hand, he scooped the honey from his left hand and spread it slowly into and around his butthole. I immediately caught onto where he was going and shook my head, "No way, not doing that." He brought his palm to my face and said "ok but just breathe in, smell the honey." I didn't know whether to punch his lights out or do what he asked. I paused, then I breathed in, and of course he was right, my nostrils filled with the familiar sweet smell of honey. He said "Please, just try it this one time." I said No again. He said "I promise it's super clean, just honey." I said No again. He moved to the other side of my bed, lay onto his back, legs up in the air, spread wide - and said 'Ok just watch me for a minute." His ass did look so beautiful, half in shadow, and a little gleam of honey now in the middle. But I had a major block in my mind about what he wanted me to do. He took a finger, ran it along his hole, brought it to his lips and sucked it. "Sweet" he said again. He started bargaining with me, playfully begging. "How about just one second." No, I said again. "How about just putting your face right up close." Finally I gave in. Ok. It is a beautiful ass; I'll say hello more close-up and personal. Still not gonna put my tongue in there, though. No way.

So I knelt down before him and slowly brought my face before that perfect ass, held my face within a few inches from his hole. And something shifted, I remembered how badly I wanted to fuck him. And the smell of honey. I moved an inch closer and teased him with my breath on his hole. "Oh man don't do that to me!" he laughed. And then I can't explain it, some primitive instict took over and I just had the urge to nuzzle my face in his butt and taste it. I went for it and he softly gasped "Oh my god!" My tongue just licked and licked and licked tasting honey, then less honey, then just a trace of honey. I didn't want to stop. I was hungry to taste that part of Jim, lick it, kiss it, give him what he wanted. He was moaning. I didn't let up, I could barely even taste honey anymore, instead there was a faint scent of him down there, but it smelled and tasted kind of earthy and real in a good way. My dick was rising and hardening again. And I just wanted to keep bathing his smooth inviting hole with my tongue. More and more and more, I nuzzled his beautiful round ass with my whole face, then dove my tongue back into the juicy wet center. My dick was now rock hard and I was getting so turned on. I started to stroke my dick but realized I could come within one minute, so I stopped and just kept on licking and kissing and nuzzling that luscious ass. He was murmuring something to me, I was in my own world but then I realized he was saying something about the backpack. Lube? Lube! Hell yeah!


Fuck time. I was becoming an animal, wanting it so bad. I reached down and pulled out a small tube of lube, a fancy brand called "Pjur" that I never saw before. My dick was huge and hard, and I slathered lube all over it. I slathered some more onto his rosy pink wet hole, and easily slipped two dripping lubed fingers up inside of him. I looked down into his eyes and said "You ready to get fucked?" He looked up at me, his eyes wide, and nodded. I got into position and prepared to go in slowly. Like I said, I am very thick and some girls have been in pain from it, but after a half-hour of my tongue getting Jim's hole all wet and sloppy, he was ready for my thick dick. I pressed the big wet mushroom head against his opening. The hole stayed tight and resisted me for a few moments, and then fwoop! his hole totally gave way and yielded to me, and I was half way inside of him. I stayed there for a minute, gently moving just a little bit. "Ready for the rest of it?" I asked. He exclaimed, "Oh my god there's more?" I slid in slowly and he had nothing to fear, he took my full dick with ease.

We fucked, and fucked. It was hard for me to not come too soon, his hole felt so fucking perfect as I thrusted in and out of him, and every thrust was turning me on like crazy. Jim was semi-hard, breathing deep, and moaning and whimpering like I don't know what. Fresh sweat began to cover me as I fucked Jim gently, then harder, then harder, then like a fucking jackhammer, then back to gentle again. We changed positions a few times. One part that really turned Jim on was when he was on his stomach, ass in the air, and I fucked him deep while laying on top of him. In that position he wanted me to kind of crush him, pin him down, dominate him, act out some kind of muscle brute fantasy on him and I sure did. My thick arms were holding his upper body down in a sweaty hot bear hug and I was kissing his neck and growling "fuck!.. fuck!.." in his ear as I slammed into him, plowing and thrusting all the way in and out. Finally he couldn't take being crushed any more and we flipped around, me laying back and Jim sitting on my dick and riding it. This was the position that made him cum. He liked riding up and down on my dick, but he went absolutely crazy when I started throwing a fuck up into him, rapid fire, my hips bucking as fast as possible. I wanted to fucking own him and overwhelm him. He exploded! Cum shot forward and everywhere, a streak of it even landed across my forehead. I wanted to cum inside of him right then but needed a change of position. We went back to missionary and I knew he just wanted to flop out and recover from his orgasm, but I had needs. Huge stoked-up needs. I pinned him down, hands over his head, locked eyes with him, kissed him once roughly and said "I'm gonna fuck you so fuckin' hard right now, you gotta go with it". Jim nodded. His cum was still all over my chest and I was dripping sweat all over him as I slammed my dick in and out of his hole, harder, harder, slamming and pounding him with no mercy. He looked up in shock and some pain, but was into it, I could tell he knew this was the climax and he wanted to experience the full deal of getting fucked by me. I fucked and fucked and fucked him like a fucking piston on a freight train, and finally I was ready to cum. I held him down and plowed him with all my might and said "fucking take it, take it, I'm gonna cum inside you right now!" and seconds later I went into one of the most spasmodic intense orgasms I have ever had in my life. Jets and jets of my spunk went up there into his warm juicy fucked-good hole. It felt amazing. I collapsed onto him in a hot sweaty relief, and my whole body breathed deep, racking sighs in and out for at least two whole minutes. He gently stroked the nape of my neck and just breathed with me. Fucking dynamite sex we just had. Dynamite.

So then there was the awkward "so you gotta go now in case roommate comes back", then the awkward cleaning up and wiping off, and then the awkward goodnight. And then I left for the summer a few days later. And then there was an awkward thing where Jim got back in touch with me in September and wanted a repeat and I had to say no, because, like I said, I'm straight. That was just a one time thing. I love pussy, love women, that's just how I am. Straight straight straight, that's me. You know what I mean?

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