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I was up in Central Norway. It was in December - so the days were dark. And there was snow quite deep. We were still south of the Arctic Circle...but close enough that we knew what cold was. My friend was in the Norwegian military. And he was stationed in a camp full of hot, buffed, Norwegian dudes.....all blonde..all chiseled face....and hormones running wild since most were around 19 years old.


So, when I got there - me with my dark German hair....dark complexion....bright green eyes....I definitely stood out from the rest. As I entered the camp, it was dinnertime. We headed to the large room where the guys ate. I walked in - and there was this immediate silence. They stopped and stared. My friend sat me down at a table, and we dined on smoked salmon, boiled potatoes with dill sauce, and a cloudberry cake. But it seemed like everyone wanted to hang around at our table...they wanted to talk English....and ask about TV shows...and find out what the dark haired dude was doing there....And they stared at me. Just looked. Looked at. Looked through. Looked up. And looked down. And I looked. It was like I had been tossed into a box of chocolates.

Finally - someone said - "we have to initiate him into Norwegian culture tonight." It was Friday - and so it seemed it was time to have a little fun with the American. They said - have you ever lived as a Sami?"A what?" I asked. A Sami. I said no, but it sounded interesting. They asked me how daring I was. I told them I was quite daring. They said it was a Norwegian tradition - but if they were going to go through the trouble of recreating a night of being with the Sami - I would have to go along with it.

I always believe in doing as the natives do, so, I said, Sure, what the hell?" . Tor Endre (my friends name) said some stuff in Norwegian - and then they all smiled. Their words drifted from phrases filled with words like sauuna to reker and torsk and the lastly to laavu. When a tall blue eyed boy in the back said the word "laavu" - they all cheered and in one broad swoop, looked at me and smiled. And then they said good bye and they were gone. They walked away - 7 guys in tight green military pants...with the lines of the butt riding tight. They walked away smiling.

I asked Tor - what we had to do. He said first we had to go back and change clothes. And then we were to meet the boys an hour later. We headed out into the frigid cold and headed for Tor Endre's room. Tor told me to dress warmly - because we were going outdoors - and would need to keep warm. Then he smiled, and said, "At least in the beginning of the evening."

Now Tor was a good friend - but we had never shared the knowledge of being attracted to each other. One time, after skiing, we had agreed to give each other massages. I was shocked when he agreed and promptly stripped down to his birthday suit. That night was one of the most erotic I can remember - and it was then that I had a feeling that perhaps girls might not be enough for me.

Tor threw me this piece of clothing that I had never seen before. He said it was traditional underwear for Norwegian winter skiing.This thing was like a one piece button underwear - complete with buttons that ran down the back and up the middle.I asked him how to wear it. He said he would show me - and that I should bring it with me - and I could put it on later.I sort of shrugged and said whatever - but in my pants, my dick jumped - imagining the intamacy of having another guy helping me put on underwear. I knew at that moment that I was going to be in big trouble. Or perhaps - big luck. Bundled up tight in winter wear, we headed out into the dark night.

It was so dark that night.....and so cold. But the air was so crisp. Outside, you could smell wood burning in the air. And up ahead - you could see the dark shape of a small building where several guys were walking towards. Tor told me that the evening tradition would in the Sauuna. He said we had to first rid ourselves of nissen. I looked up at him inquisitively, and just smiled, and said, "You will see."

We walked up to the building. I stopped in my tracks as I turned the corner and came face to face with 3 naked boys. No clothes. In the middle of winter. And two more were slowly peeling of winter layers of warmth.

The colors around me were of such contrast. The building was dark brown from years of smoke and weather. The ground was white from fresh fallen snow. The sky was dark blue. And the boys around me were blonde, white and glowing.


It was like a pageant as the three dudes turned in unison - and with them, came the swinging of 3 - white - with blonde patches of soft hair - dicks. Swinging in unison. As they turned to say hello.I just stared. Up. Down. And then I don't know where. I was so stunned and amazed. They said that if I hurried - they would wait for me and have the traditional toast. Near the sauuna - or sauna as we spell it - was a little wooden stool. On the stool were shot classes full of a liquid.....and a small leaf floating on the liquid.These guys were so young....and they hardly had any hair on their chests. They said they would help me get undressed since they were freezing. And so immediately - these three guys crowded around me - getting close to help me undress.

They all stepped in from three directions - and I had hands unzipping and unbuttoning and pulling and tugging. I was so stunned - that I just sort of stood there - and let them undress me. I was a little nervous. Back in the states, we sure wouldn't be so comfortable in standing naked while helping another guy undress. They did it as if it were the most common thing they had ever done. As if they naturally stood around and undressed each other all the time.As my jacket came off...and my flannel shirts.....their bodies got closer and closer.I felt one guy bend down, and unbotton my pants.....another pulled up at my t-shirt.....and yet another worked on my trek boots. I felt like I was in a dream. It was so cold out that I was shaking. But the intensity of seeing three guys pulling at me could have done nothing to hide my excitement.

As the guy came to my back side to pull my trowsers down - he stopped after pulling down a couple of inches - realizing something was stuck. He reached around from behind me - attempting to see what was stopping the pants from falling down - and realized that my dick was holding on - almost daring him to move it out of the way. He did. He reach around - and just snaked his hand in my underwear and moved my dick. My hard dick - that was ready for action. With anything. And particularly with these hot blond dudes. Later, my friend would tell me that these guys up in Norway are so comfortable with bodies - that this stuff isn't so uncommon. It was just an uninhibited culture. I stepped out of my clothes - and soon stood there - naked except for socks. Each of the guys crowded around me - and we all locked arm in arm - butt cheek to butt cheek. .But then - I could tell that they were excited to have a visitor there - because half of them had dicks that were starting to rise. I was embarrassed. They loved it.

They reached over and handed out the shot glasses. We were 6 guys outside, in the winter, butt naked - and we had shot glasses in our hands. Soren yelled "Skol" - and tipped the glass back. For a moment, they all hesitated and stared deep into my eyes. In one swallow, they threw back their glasses, but still had their eyes glued to my facewatching. As I started to throw back the glass, I noticed fire and tears coming from their eyes, realizing that perhaps this stuff had a kick. But my glass was already on a trajectory toward my lips, and there was not stopping it. They watched in anticipation. They knew what would happen.

About the time the liquid hit my throat was about the time that I screamed. My mouth and throat was on fire - and the next thing I knew, I was tipping over into the arms of two sets of hand behind me. Two strong arms grabbed in all places....and the next thing i knew - I was laying back in a Norwegian cradle of young men - their hands nestled on my buns - my back - my head. The stopped me from completely falling over into the snow. Like an echo in my ears, I heard Tor tell me that I now knew good Norwegian Aquavit.

In attempt to revive me - they started the brisk rub. On my legs. On my arms. Underneath me. Hands everywhere. Rubbing. Trying to restore me to the world. It was like a million needles rubbing all over me. Isn't that a great feeling they asked of me. It was a rush. The liquor. The blonde faces peering down at me. And the hairless hands briskly running all over my body. Little by little - they covered every part of my body.......they said the needle type effect should be felt everywhere. I was conscious that the set of hands underneath me were nestled in my ass - and I could feel the sensation as fingers gently. I heard them murmor something about warmth. The hands moved closer and closer to the warmest part of my body...and soon, they were under my balls and around my balls and at the hollows of my hips.


Finally, they asked if I could stand - that we had to go into the sauna. I mumbled something that had to be incoherent. They leaned me up - and propped me up among two sets of shoulders and escorted me into the sauuna. We went from frigid cold weather to instant heat. Bold. Hot. Wet heat. .This wasn't an electric heater sauna. This was the real McCoy. One corner had a blazing fire. And reflected in the glow of the fire were levels of slatted shelves - shelves not for wood or equipment - but for naked blonde bodies.

The heat hit my face - and again I felt faint. My body felt limp. My eyes watered. I heard people talking to me. At me. Around me. I felt hands on my body. In so many places. And through my tears - I could see the shimmering glow of naked boys. Boys. Everywhere. Sweating. Strewn - laid out as if basking in chaise chairs at a pool side. Norwegians aren't one for words. Only for action. Little was being said. Instead, the blazing heat warmed the room. My breath was short. And as I breathed in....I detected aromas everywhere. I could smell the birch logs melting away in the fire in the corner. I could smell damp wood - seasoned wood - wood that had been there for ages.

And I could smell a kind of sweet odor that I knew so well - and yet couldn't identify. It was strong. And aromatic. I knew that smell. What was it? And then it dawned on me. It was the smell that came from under my covers when I had been alone so many time before...working up my own sweat. It was a musky man smell of passion. But this time, I wasn't alone. This time, I shared that same smell with so many others...that sweetly musky smell of boy on boy - of bodies and butts and dicks melting away. It was wonderful. My two body guards, each with a leg behind me moved me forward. As I started to get my sea legs - I realized how close I was to these two studs. As they moved me one step at a time - nudging me with each of their legs - I was conscious that each step also caused their half hard dicks to snap around and pop against me legs. First one side. And one stud. And then we stepped the next leg. And his dick popped up against me. Occasionally - one would moved completely behind me to nudge me with his full wait and I could feel his dick push up against my butt. And each time that happened - their dicks seems to feel more pushy - more directed - more hard. The nudged me along - like two men holding a marionette.

Moving me across the room to the wooden shelves, I looked down at my body - and nearly gasped. Not only was my body wet - with melting snow and forming sweat - but my dick jutted out in front of me - pointing to everyone as if to say "I am here - the American is here." And my sweat and the snow - and god knows what else....was dripping from the edge.I looked up - and into the faces of the shimmering blonde Norse. Few were looking up. Most were staring waist level at the new visitor. And as if a magic elf went to the corner of a room - and took a string - a unison of dicks started to rise in the room. All in unison. All in anticipation. But no one blushed. No want looked uncomfortable. It was the Norwegian way to be comfortable with the body. And then the ceremony began.


As I sat down on the warm wooden bench, I saw a flash from the corner of the room. One naked boy had a small wooden scoop, and was splashing water on a small enclosed fire type heater. Throw his legs, I could see the glow of the fire. On top, he threw scoops of steaming water onto rocks.

As he bent over to scoop from the bucket, I admired his tight ass. He time he bent, the hollows of his butt dipped in - and we all were treated to the smile of a little button that marked the spot to a place all dreamed to go.

As he threw the water onto the fire, a solider came up to me and put his hand on my shoulder. "Get ready for the sting" he told me. I looked with question at him - and then I felt it. From the corner of the room came a heat wave --as if an a small atomic bomb had gone off. The heat was intense and all at once, I couldn't breathe. My eyes watered. I heard myself groan as the heat surrounded me. The man with his hands on my shoulder then suddenly wrapped his entire body around me, giving me a bear hug - and shielding me from the heat. The sudden relief of not being in contact with the heat was wonderful. He held on. Slowly, the heat dissipated. He pushed back and looked at me. "Better?" he asked?


Much better.

The boy told me his name was Petter - and that he would be taking charge of scrubbing me.

All I could say was "Scrubbing?"

He explained that throughout the night, the men of camp had planned to take me through various traditions and experiences. The first was to take place in the sauuna. And the first thing we had to do was to get rid of the all the evil nisser (gnomes) and trolls.

Petter reached underneath the bench, and pulled out a small wooden bucket. He turned me around so that I was sitting on the middle bench of the 3-level bench. Two more boys also came around. One boy, who I realized wasn't blonde like most of the other guys in the sauuna came and sat on the lowest bench where my feet rested. Petter told another boy, Henrick, to go high. He stepped up to the top bench, and took one foot and stepped over my head. Before I knew he, he was sitting above me, with his feet straddled on either side of my head. I looked left. I looked right. Two naked thighs. I looked down, and in between my legs rested another boy.

Petter told me to close my eyes. Each of them grabbed rough looking sponges from the wooden bucked, and slowly squeezed the water over my body. And then they started scrubbing. Mats, the dark haired boy, ran the sponge up the inside of my thighs in long sweeping strokes. As the sponge neared my dick - which jutted out in from of me like a dangerous weapen, he stopped just before arrival. He continued to take long strokes up and down my thighs.

Henrick, with his legs wrapped around my neck, leaned forward. I had closed my eyes, but as I turned to the right, and open then so slightly, I realized that Henricks hard and long Norwegian dick was laying on my shoulder. As I stared, I realized that his dick was uncut. This was amazing to me - since I had never seen this stretched sheath on another guy before. The boy started to slowly wash my head and neck. And each time he rocked forward, the dick slid along my shoulder blade. Pushing forward..pulling back. The sheath moved slightly, but the sliding dick moved more readily out of the skin, pushing forward and closer to my lips.

My mouth watered, and I couldn't help myself. Slowly, like a timid lizard, my tongue rolled out to slightly touch the glistening dick. For so long I had wanted to taste another guys dick. I touched it oh so slightly. And then with more strength, pushed the tongue harder and more forcibly against the sliding tool. Henrick turned his body in, and allowed his dick to slide back and forth against my lips - sawing back and forth as he slowly washed my neck and my shoulders.

I jumped as I felt two hand below me reach up and lift up my balls. Growing up, my friends had teased me about my large German dick. Now Mats, the dark haired boy was slowly rolling my balls around in my hand, as he took the sponge and slowly dripped water onto the head of my cock.

Henrick stood up on the middle bench so that his crotch was nearly at my eye level. He turned his body - and pushed his dick completely into my mouth. I had didn't know what to do at first as I felt this thick soft thing in my mouth. Not wanting to hurt it, I gently pushed down as my lips wrapped around. Wow. It was terrific to have this thing in my mouth. Henrick groaned as my tongue started to swirl around.

And I groaned as I felt the sponge slowly rubbing around my own groin area.

As I sucked on Henrick's dick, the aroma of cooking meat came from the corner. One guy was taking small white sausages and frying them on top of the rocks. The chargrilled flavor of the air mixed with smell of hot sweaty boys. The smell of a hot dick at my nose and in my mouth smelled salty. The combination of it all was just amazing.

My mind was focused on the slow movement of the dick in my mouth. On each side of my body, I felt Peter and Mats picking my legs up and pushing them back to that my knees lifted into the air. They could have lifted my legs and fucked me for all I cared - I was so lost in the moment that it was like a dream.


After my legs were pushed up, I felt the sponge moving down between my butt. Hands from either side grabbed my cheeks. I started to turn my head to the left to see what was happening, but Henrick has a hold of my hair, and quickly pulled my attention back to his dick. He started to moan - and his hips picked up a slight bucking motion.

I looked up at his tight muscled stomach - and realized he was started to breath harder and harder. His grip on my head became less of a massage, and he started to direct my lips and throat to where he wanted them to go. As his dick slid faster in and out of my mouth, I knew that he was heading down a path that had no return.

In the meantime, I could feel hands probing and brushing against the entrance to my butt. The very sense that there were four hands down there rubbing and pulling and pushing both excited me and scared me. What were they doing. But since I knew that was one of the areas of my body that really turned me on - all I could do was moan.

My mind was focused on the sensations coming from below. My body was being see sawed back and forth by a large Norwegian dick in my mouth.

Henrick started moaning. All at once, he knees locked around my head as if he had created a human vice. He jammed his dick back into my mouth until I almost gagged. Henrick screamed. Heads from the entire room were focused on my lips as a pounding Norwegian dick jettisoned cum into my mouth - erupting like a geyser that hadn't erupted for ages.

I felt the slick liquid spurting.running down my throat and out my mouth in both directions. At first I didn't know what to do, but out of necessity - swallowed. It then tasted the salty taste and sweet aroma of Norwegian boy cum. It was wonderful.

As the liquid poured down my throat, I was aware of a tightness that I felt coming from between my ass cheeks. I felt a warmth yet fullness fill me up from somewhere in me lower area. As the vice loosened up - and as Henrick threw himself back to sit down in exhaustion, I slowly brought my attention around to what was happening between my legs.

When I looked down, I was shocked.

In between my legs was the dark haired Norwegian boy. In his mouth, he had one of the long white sausages that had been roasted on the fire. The other end of the sausage had been pushed up into my butt. I opened my mouth to say something, but Tor said from behind me that the next tradition was for each person to eat a sausage from the intestines of the Nisser. It dawned on me that I had become the gnome --and their job was to either celebrate my existence, or to rid me of evil spirits.

Mats was slowly taking the sausage and pushing it in and out of my butt with his mouth. The sausage was warm. It was somehow erotic to see this sausage connected between his lips and my butt. He pushed and pulled, and each time he pushed in, it went deeper. And as it went deeper, I felt that jolt of electric's as it probed deep inside of me.

Behind Mats, two more boys lined up with their sausages - each actually had two - one in their mouths - and the other sticking out hard in from of them. I shuttered to think what would happen if the thicker of the two should find a wrong resting place.

As Mats pushed the sausage in and out of my butt, another boy lined up behind him, and after spreading his cheeks apart, slowly pushed the sausage deep into Mats butt. Between my legs, Mats moaned as the sausage evidently hit the same spot I was feeling deep inside my gut.

One after another took a sausage, and like a train with many cabooses, lined up and thrust a sausage deep inside the engineer in front of them. Since I had no sausage in my mouth, I slowly watched as each person entered into the next.

As I looked across the room, I realized that one guy had placed the sausage in front of his mouth. After a moment, he took the sausage out, and rubbed the sausage around his very hard dick. The melted liquids of the sausage coated his dick. After greasing himself up, he popped the sausage suddenly into the boys butt in from of him. The sausage went in. And then back out And then in one swift movement, he took the sausage, and tossed it into his mouth. He ate hungrily as the sausage while at the same time, reaching down and again spreading the cheeks of the guy in front of him. Without using his hands, he lined up his thick dick, aimed carefully, and with a snake like movement, pushed quickly and suddenly into the but of the guy in front of him.

That boy felt it. I could hear him as the surprise made him chomp down on his sausage. With a dick pushing deep into his ass, the boy pulled out the sausage from the boy in front of him, ate it quickly - and then assaulted his target in the same way. Now two butts were filled with dick.

As the warm sausage moved in and out below me, I watched with eyes wide open as the wave moved up the chain - and as sausage by sausage was replaced with dick. And as I watched, I saw it getting closer to the first target - closer to the boy in front of me.

My legs started to tremble as I realized that this was a "shock wave" that I probably wasn't going to escape. But with no sausage in my mouth, I knew I would be the last to receive.

And yet, as I looked down at the thick dick between Mats legs, I knew that my legs trembled more in anticipation.

The wave continued down the line, and at least, the boy behind Mats did the same. I watched Mats eyes as the boy behind him gasped as a dick filled him deep. And like a well patterned soldier, he did the same as his brethren. He gobbled down the sausage. He peeled back Mat's tight buns, and he pushed his dick deep into Mats.

What was wild to watch was the surprise on each person's face. Mats was no different. His face went from disappointment as he felt the sausage being removed. And then shear shock and surprise as he felt the initial pressure of the thick replacement. Pain came next. And then a slow relaxing of the face as something inside was satisfied.

As his face felt the shock, Mats bit once on the sausage. And again. And again, until only one bite remained. He looked up at me, with the final bite caught between his front teeth, and he nodded to me in offer. I leaned over, and he pushed the final bite into my mouth. The mixture of flavors was strangely tasty.

While I licked my lips, Mats continued the tradition. While holding my ass cheeks apart, he lifted his pelvis up so that his dick lined up with my ass hole. Already, the greasy sausage has lubricated me well. He slowly circled his dick head up and down the inside of my ass checks. And then while looking directly into my eyes, he slowly pushed into my butt.

I think my mouth just hung open as I felt him fill me up inside. In the beginning, I could feel the tightness as this thick Norwegian stretched me apart. It did hurt. But his hands continued to massage my buns. And the hypnotized view around the room of a dozen butts being pumped distracted me enough for him to push complete in.

Mats pulled back, held for a second, and then pushed back in. His hands gripped my hips and held on. And slowly, he began that body rhythm that comes so natural to us all. Back and forth. In and out.

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