Man for Man

A Night with Leon


n by Chris Davis

I never had been with a black man before that night except one other time but he was more of a bottom. I really wanted to but I never had the opportunity, I hang around a lot of black guys and they're all straight so I have to keep my little secret to myself....I love cock. I met Leon through these same friends of mine at a barbecue. He was somehow related to one the guys I hang out with. I'm one of those white guys that can hang out in "the hood," so I feel really comfortable around everyone.


Soon everyone got into a circle and started a marijuana chain of "blunts" and out of the corner of my eye I was admiring Leon's body. He was six foot two and weighed about 200 lbs. He was very built and had dreads in his hair which was a major turn on. After a while Leon announced that he was going to the liquor store and no one wanted to go. I saw my chance and said "I'll ride with you." So we left out and had our first conversation.

On the way to the liquor store Leon just listened to music and bobbed his head but I did notice that he kept fidgeting with his pants and glancing at me. After a song ended he turned down the stereo and said "So they told you about me right?" I replied "What do you mean?" He said "You know.....about me being gay." I said "No they didn't say anything but that's cool though."

After a while I wanted to say something that would relax him so I said "I dabble myself a little." He smiled and said "I was gonna say something but I didn't want you to freak out." Leon waited for a while and right before we pulled into the store he said "Have you ever had a nigga dick?" He pulled in and said "Hold that thought I'll be right back." When Leon left the car my nipples shot straight up and my cock began to throb, I had never been this excited before. I saw Leon come out of the store and took a deep breath, he got into the car and pulled off. He wasted no time and said "So have you?" I quickly responded "No, but I really want to." This made him smile even more and he said "Do you want to touch it?" and I almost hollered out "YES." Leon moved his leg towards me and I reached over and started at his knee, it was only about three inches from his kneecap when I reached the head of his cock. It was thick and puffy and I couldn't believe it wasn't hard. I felt up his pants and tried to imagine what it looked like when he said "Come by my motel room tonight and I will let you see it up close." I looked him in his dark eyes and said "I will be there for sure." He said "Cool."

That night while getting ready I tried to stay calm, I really didn't know what to expect and all I could think about was the way his dick felt in my hand.

When arrived at the motel I found his room without a problem and gave it a quiet knock. A man answered the door and it wasn't Leon, my face got blushed and I said "I'm sorry, I have the wrong room." The man said "Are you Chris?" I said "Yes." He said "You got the right place come on in, my name is Darrel." He extended his hand and I gave it a shake, he said "Leon is in the shower, he'll be right out. Sit down and chill a while."

At this point I should have been scared a little but I wasn't, Darrel seemed pretty cool even though I had never met him. I sat there feeling over dressed; Darrel was sitting at a small round table rolling a blunt, shirtless with athletic shorts on. He was about five feet ten inches tall, 190 pounds with skin a little lighter than Leon, he was bald and had tattoos all over his chest, arms and back. He was very muscular and looked very "thuggish."

I sat there a while longer and heard the shower cut off, a couple of minutes later Leon opened the bathroom door with only a towel around his waist, I could see the impression his cock was making and my nipples got hard. He said "Fire it up." Darrel put the blunt to his lips and lit it. About halfway through the blunt Leon started playing with his dick underneath the towel, after we got done smoking Leon stood up and dropped the towel completely.

I think I gasped when I saw it, it was hangin' about 3/4 erect with the lowest hanging balls I have ever seen, it was solid black with a thick mushroom head and was about eight inches long; when fully erect it would swell to 9 1/2 inches. He walked over to the bed, sat down and said "Take all your clothes off and come over here." I could tell he wasn't asking anymore and it made me hot, I stood up and wasted no time obeying his order, I took off my clothes and thought my body is not quite as nice as theirs, but it seemed Leon liked his white boys a little plump because he was pulling on his ball sack and stroking his cock while I undressed. I walked over and sat on the bed next to Leon while Darrel sat in the chair and rubbed on his cock. Leon motioned for Darrel to come over so he stood and dropped his shorts to the floor and exposed his 7 inch hard-on. It was close to the thickness of a fucking Pepsi can! Darrel came over and quickly began sucking on Leon's nipples; he moaned then looked over at me and said "Get down here in front of this big ass nigga's cock!"


I got down in front of my black master and stuck out my tongue to lick on his massive balls. I licked and sucked all over his nuts and then sucked each testicle into my mouth with a sloppy sucking sound. I grabbed the base of his cock and he said "Before you take it in your throat you gonna have to be ready whiteboy." He stuck three of his long fingers down Darrel's throat until he started gagging he then looked at me and said "Open your mouth." I did as he said and Darrel spit in my mouth to lube it up, Leon grabbed each side of my head and positioned the swollen head of his dick on my lips, as he penetrated my mouth he fucked it slowly and about halfway down it began to slip down my throat, I started to gag and he pulled me off and had Darrel spit in my mouth again. He then pushed me all the way to the base of his cock and held me until spit came out of the sides of my mouth, he let me up and the motioned to Darrel.

Darrel stood up and with his hands on his hips and said "Suck my cock you little white bitch and tell me how much you love nigger cocks in your mouth." I pushed my mouth down on Darrel's cock and it was so thick I had to open my mouth all the way to manage it, I made a slurping sound as I face fucked myself with this monster, I then looked up and said "I love nigger cock so much, I love being your little white slave bitch!"

Leon stood up and picked me up off the floor and said "Lay down on the bed and hang your head off the bed." I laid on my back and positioned my head as ordered and Leon turned around and spread his ass cheeks and put his asshole on my lips, I licked the outer rim of his ass and finally worked my tongue into his ass about an inch and a half, Leon started bucking back and forth on my face fucking my tongue. He then pulled his cock back and stuck it in my mouth and throat fucked me for the next three minutes while Darrel sucked my cock and licked my balls. Leon pulled his long cock from my spit covered mouth and said "I think he needs a break." Leon then positioned me on the bed in the doggystyle position and instructed Darrel to eat my ass, his tongue was extremely long and penetrated my asshole for the next couple of minutes and at that time my ass was aching for some black cock.

Leon ordered me to sit down on the edge of the bed and lay back, he then picked my legs up and pushed them up in the air like those whores I love to watch in pornos, he said "Now you're gonna feel a nigga up inside of you, you fuckin' white whore!" Leon pushed the head of his cock into my ass and stopped he said "Do you feel me in your ass bitch?!" I said "Fuck yeah! I want your big nigger dick in my ass deeper!" He started slow fucking my ass and got deeper and deeper with each stroke, I didn't know how much my ass could take but it felt so fucking good!

Leon said "Darrel stick your cock in his mouth so he'll shut the fuck up and take this dick." Darrel got over top of me and started face fucking me, I could feel his balls slap against my chin with each thrust, I could feel Leon's cock pulsating and swelling up and he pulled out and said "Not yet. I wanna try some other shit first." Leon walked over to the chair and sat down, he lit a cigarette and wiped his head off with his towel, Darrel pulled his cock out of my mouth and said "It's my turn to get some of that fat white ass." He told me to stand up and bend over the bed which I did and then he reached back and gave my ass a smack that left a handprint for two days, he told me to reach back and pull my ass cheeks open and the placed his cock head on my ass opening and pushed his way in. The deeper Darrel fucked me the wider his dick got stretching me farther than I ever have been. I could hear Darrel starting to pant and I could feel his cock tense up and he said "Turn around and take all this nigga's cum in your mouth!" I turned around and Darrel forced his thick dick to the back of my throat and started shooting his hot cum onto my tonsils, I swallowed it all up and gave him a couple dozen after strokes with my mouth as he spit on my face.

By that time Leon was done smoking and walked over and said "Get up on all fours and let fuck your tight little white asshole some more." I said "Yes my black master." He said "No I want you to call me your nigga daddy." I climbed up on the bed and readied myself for his massive cock, he spit on my asshole and then pushed his cock in, I let out a scream and hollered out "Yes! Fuck me my big black nigger daddy!!"

Leon's thrusts became more violent as he came closer to orgasm, he pulled out of my ass all at once and grabbed the base of his cock and said "Turn around and suck daddy's cock!" I turned around and swallowed Leon's cock with a fury, he pumped his dick down my throat in and out, right as he was about to come he said "Swallow my cum white bitch!" I swallowed all of his massive load as I milked his cock with my throat he pushed deep in my mouth until I started running out of air and then yanked his cock out of my mouth and gave my cheek a firm slap.

I got on the bed and jacked off while Darrel licked my balls. After I came I got myself together and left. I hope to see Leon again soon, even though it took me a week to walk again without pain it was worth it I will be ready next time he comes around. Who knows maybe two of his homies will show up with him next time, I can only hope.

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