Man for Man

A Night to Remember


The snow outside was being blown by strong winds and it looked like it would last for another day. It had been snowing since the morning and by the time John had got home from work, at least a foot of the white stuff had fallen on the city. The winds had built up since late afternoon and were now driving the snow into large drifts. Few people were venturing outdoors but John was restless (and horny) and just had to get out. He decided to head for the gym and, if it was opened, work up a sweat before hitting the sack. He bundled up and faced the weather. Actually, John loved winter and snowstorms, they made him feel alive. At 40, John was a good looker: he stood six feet tall with broad shoulders and a strong body which was covered with a dark coat of hair. He kept his body in shape with regular training and exercise.


As he trudged his way towards the gym, a few blocks away, he was wondering about Mike, the very young and attractive employee at the gym. Mike was about 20, a student at University and worked part time at the gym to help pay his bills. A very good looking young man, as tall as John, but what caught John's eye was all the hair: Mike was as hairy as John but blond. He had seen the young guy in the showers and had been drooling for him ever since. John shrugged as he remembered that Mike was probably as straight as an arrow and would not be pleased at any advances made towards him and, might even complain to the management.

He finally arrived at the gym and was glad to find Mike behind the desk. With a smile, Mike informed him that he was the only customer and that he almost closed up a few minutes ago. John apologized for being a nuisance but Mike countered quickly that it was no bother at all as he would lock up and do some training himself so they could take all the time they wanted. John thanked the kid and headed for the lockeroom to change. He was slightly excited at the thought of being alone with this hunk but quickly remembered the consequences of a bad move. He changed and headed for the weight room to find Mike already hard at work. He was shirtless and wore a pair of skin tight shorts that left nothing to the imagination. John watched the muscles stretch and strain and his mind started reeling so to keep cool he started working out. During some exercises he noticed Mike looking over at him and decided to test him so he took off his shirt. Mike made some comment on his great body and the fact that neither of them needed a winter coat. They both laughed at this and continued the exercises.

After a little while, Mike told John that he had enough tonight and was heading for the steam room but that John could take all the time he wanted. John kept on working out all the while thinking about this stud in the steam room. John loved the steam room: it was a sensual place to be as the steam envelopped you and made one's skin tingly. Pretty soon, he was sporting an erection and decided that it was time to head for the showers. He undressed at his locker and stepped into the shower to find Mike under one of the heads. His skin was red with the heat and steam. John's cock had gone down but he noticed that Mike had a semi-erection. Both men had very nice cocks with large plum shaped heads and large low-hanging balls covered with hair.

Mike headed back to the steam room and after some thought, John decided to join him. He opened the door and was engulfed in the steam. It took his eyes a while to adjust to the dim light but soon he saw the shadow of Mike as he stood leaning against a far wall. John walked in farther and sat down on one of the benches. They struck up a conversation but John had a hard time talking in the heat and besides, he was looking at Mike's crotch. Mike's cock was semi-erect and all of a sudden twitched and started rising. John stood up and looked straight at Mike. When their eyes met, John's cock started twitching also and both cocks lept to fullness and stood straight out pointing at each other. Mike came closer to John and their cockheads touched lightly, both cocks jumped up at this and landed on top of each other. Both men were staring into each other's eyes and the lust and excitement was almost unbeareable. John reached out and lightly touched Mike's nipples which were rock hard and then his hands massaged the young man's pecs. Mike's hands went aroung to John's back and brought John closer as the two men embraced their cocks gliding together between their bellies. John still played with Mike's tits making him moan out with pleasure. Mike pulled John in closer and as their hips collided they sent shockwaves right down to their toes. Their cocks were leaking precum and it mixed in their hair creating a lubed passageway for the cocks to slide. Mike's hands were playing with Johns asscheeks pulling him in and out creating a friction between their stomachs. Then Mike brought his mouth to John's and they kissed their tongues quickly dueling between their hot mouths. John's hands held Mike's head and they kept kissing as their bodies were dancing together, cocks sliding wetly together.

Mike then started kissing John's neck then chest and his tongue sank lower and lower to finally lick the cockhead. John let out a loud moan as Mike took his tool into his mouth and quickly started sucking on it. John brought Mike slowly to a bench as the young man never let go of his cock and as Mike lay down John bent over to take in Mike's cock into his wet mouth. The cock jumped with joy as John started sucking. Both men were pumping their cocks into each other's mouth and their cocks were now rockhard signaling that it was almost cum-time. Mike let go of John's cock to start liking and sucking at his balls and then his tongue went farther back and finally ended up rimming John's asshole. This felt so good that John let go of Mike's cock for a while to fully enjoy the sensation. But quickly he decided to reciprocate and was soon licking Mike's hole with wild abandon.

Both men were now growling and moaning quite loudly and the sounds added to the sexual tension bringin them closer to the brink. John stood up and turning his body around lay down next to Mike as their mouths found each other again and tongues shared the tastes of cock and ass. They ground their cocks together. Mike, took both cocks into his hand and both men pumped their cocks together their balls slapping against each other. With a few more strokes they erupted at the same time sending load after load of hot jism onto their bellies and crying out loud their pleasure. This lasted for quite a while until they both came down from the sky and their bodies calmed down a bit. They kissed and fondled each other but soon had to leave the steam room as their hearts where doing overtime with the heat and excitement. They headed for the showers and once again shared their sperm, this time in a 69 position with cool water running over them. It was a night to remember .

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.