Man for Man

A night in the barn


I was driving down a twisting lonesome back road lost as hell one afternoon. It's raining, unseasonably cold and about 5:00 PM on a summer's eve. I have no idea where I am on this country road. I have been looking for a small town in mid-state NY to check out a farmhouse to possibly buy for hours. In my travels, I've noticed several old farms, homes and barns, it's a shame people just let this all go to hell I just love these old barns. I'd just be glad to find a motel room somewhere at this point; I've been driving for hours. The sign ahead tells me that a highway is near. I'm now on Interstate 88, west. Thank God, a real highway!


I had been driving for a while. I guess we all have our 'thing' when we drive alone, I love to jack my cock while I drive some people like to listen to music I guess. I jack my cock not to cum, mind you, I just like the feeling of stroking my cock and getting it close at times, licking some pre-cum from my finger as I scoop it off my cock then letting it sit back for the next round. I like to do this over and over again, guess it cuts the boredom of driving. Up ahead, I see a hitchhiker, a real cute guy in the rain, soaking wet and obviously cold, and hell, why not pick him up. I pull over to the side and he runs over to the car and opens the door. By this time I have put my hard cock back into my pants. It's hard as hell and running down my left leg.

"Hey, thanks man!" He says as he opens the door and starts to get into the car. "Was a nice day till it started to rain." He said with a great smile as he sits and closes the door. "Where are you going?" I asked, just glancing over at him and checking out his crotch and body. I'm a sucker for a nice cock and a cute face! "Anywhere, man! I'm just cold and wet; I just need a ride out of here! I'd just like ride for a while, do you mind? I lost my luggage in the last ride. Bunch of punk kids ripped me off! They took all I had including my 'Pink Floyd' shirt; I had to beg those fuckers to let me keep my shorts and boots. One guy even took my underwear! Those cock sucking bastards!"

(As he got into get in to car he noticed that I had a hard on. He hesitated for a second but it didn't seem to bother him, he still got in.)

"What's your name?" I asked, as he puts his seatbelt on. "Dave." He answered looking at my crotch. "I'm Lee. Don't worry Dave, I won't rip you off", as I start onto the highway. "Fuck man, I have nothing left!" he laughs, "I'll get those fuckers!"

Let me describe this guy! He's about 25 short and thin about 5 foot, 3 inches with a very thin waist and I'd say a well-built chest. He is wearing pair of old worn (quite thin) Levi cutoffs on and soaking wet and well-worn work boots and no shirt. I notice his crotch, a nice cock hanging to the right soft about 5-6 inches (soft) and fat, no underwear. His cock head is just slightly showing out from the bottom of his shorts as he sits, he has a ring in the head of his cock! He has a nice set of pecks with nice arms and no chest hair. His hair is rather long and dirty blond, almost shoulder length, he needs a shave and rather scruffy, a rather hot kid, fuck, he's cute as you can get! The poor guy is cold and wet. As I drive, I glanced over a few times to check him out.

"What are you looking at Man.?" He asks with a stern voice as he looks at me. "Just checking you out Dave! I'd like to know what's in my car, ok?" As I turn up the heat. "I have a towel on the back seat, you're welcome to use it."

He reaches over and grabs the towel and starts to dry off and as he reaches his cock head sticks out from the bottom of his shorts, again I notice the ring in his cock head. He gets back into his seat and starts to dry off, rubbing his chest and hair.

Looks like you're into getting pierced!" I asked.

He offers no response to my question but notices my hard cock again. Heck! With my hands on the wheel, I'm making no attempt to hide my hard on, why should I? It's my car and he needs the ride, just glancing at him keeps me hard. His nice body, voice and crotch, say nothing about his cute face!

"Yeah! Do you like what you see man, does that keep you hard?" and "Yes, I like to get pierced! I've got my ear and cock done and my tits are next! What are you a cock sucking fag or something, getting hard over me, is that why you picked me up, just to get your rocks off?" He yells! "Look man, I don't need this bull shit! Care to get out here? I always get hard and love to jack off when I drive!" I start to pull over and stop. (It's still raining like hell.) Get out man, the ride is over! "No, No, sorry, man! I didn't mean to be rude. Fuck man, I need the ride and I'm cold! Sorry, man! Please let me stay, OK?"


I don't respond just start driving again. (Piercing anything gets me hot as hell! But why tell him that?) As we drive, I notice he keeps adjusting his cock in his pants as he realized the head of his cock was showing. I guess it's the movement of the car, but he's starting to get hard as well. He does have a nice cock and fat as hell, it's a real turn on.

"Look, if your going to ride along with me we need to set something straight. I always get a hard on when I drive and I love to jack off while driving! Got a problem with that? Dave." "Well, no. I guess not!" he responds with. "Problem with your cock? You keep adjusting in it?" I asked as I glanced down to look at it. "No, just these shorts are rather tight and wet." As he adjusts his cock it again and casually puts his hand over his crotch to hide is erection. "What do you have in that thing, a PA?" I asked (Acting rather stupid). "A ring through your cock head, right?" "Yeah! A 6 gauge ring." He proudly states with absolutely no hesitation. "What are you getting to? Man, why the interest in my cock?" "Ok, I'm a kinky cock sucking fag, got a problem with that? You can always get out, I can pull over any time." I said rather abruptly. "Ah! Ah! No man, I'm a 'bit' queer myself and can get rather kinky!" "Well are you gay or BI?" I asked. "Fuck, man, just a horny, bisexual I guess." As he pulls at his cock again. "I like to fuck 'Chicks' the most, but I'm always horny for something horny or kinky." "You fuck chicks with that ring in you dick?" "Well some get off on it! Man, some don't." "Fuck man! If you pants hurt your cock, just take your cock out or drop those pants! I don't care." I suggested. "Are you sure man?" he asks. "Like I said, I love to jack off when I drive. Go ahead! Hell I'm going to jack mine for a while, I'm fucking horny as hell."

I unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out and started to jack it slowly as I drove. Dave unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock just to relieve the pressure on it, and also started to jack his fat cock as he looked at me jacking mine he just got harder. At this point, he decided just to take his pants off and started to relax.

"Sure you don't care, man?" He asked. "Fuck like I said, do what ever."

Strange how his attitude has changed, is it because he's hard and horny or just needs the ride?

"It's getting dark, we need to get off this highway and find a place to crash for the night." I said.

I pulled off Rt. 88 and start to drive down a dark country road.

"Got an idea, Dave! Are you game for a something possibly new? Let's spend the night in one of these deserted barns down the road, it's free best I can tell!"

"Well... Ok, cool let's do it!"

I found a huge old cow barn in the middle of nowhere. It was just starting to get dark as we parked the car behind the barn. I sipped up my fly and left the car not knowing what we might find. Dave just put his wet shorts back on.

"This one looks like one that wouldn't fall down!" as I checked out the structure as surrounding area. Hell, can't see anything for miles. "Cool, man" "You must be cold I have some dry coveralls and blankets in the trunk of the car."

As I reached into the trunk to get the coveralls. I also grabbed the two blankets from the trunk and a lantern. It's an old gas lantern that I have been using to check out these barns. As we entered the barn I lit the lantern and hung it on a poll near the center of the barn, all we could see were old cow stalls and hay and a wide-open space in the center. The barn has a loft with more hey on it up above and an old wooden ladder for access. It was fun just checking the place out.

"For some reason this place makes me horny as hell, Dave."

He flops down on a pile of hay and starts to roll around in it.

"This is cool man, it's fun! Hell from what you tell me your always horny!" "Just be careful you don't roll into a pitch fork or something!" "Hold on, I need to take a piss, Dave. It's been a long drive."

I simply toss the coveralls and the blankets to the floor and start to take my cock out and start to piss. As I'm pissing on some hay, he comes over to watch me piss. He takes his dick in his hand and also starts to piss in the same spot. He's uncut but keeping his skin back while he pisses. He has the widest, nicest cock I've ever seen. (I have this thing about wide cocks.)


"Nice stream man!" he says, as he looks down at my uncut cock. "Like that man?" I asked?

He reaches down with his hand and grabs a hand full of my piss, slurps into his mouth and he looks up at me and just smiles.

"Kinky. Man!" he said.

"So what makes you horny about this place?" he asks.

"I don't know, this the type of place where you can just squirt where you care to or do what ever!" (Hell while I have my cock out again I might as well flaunt it! I shook it a few times and after a few stokes, start to shove it back into my pants.) "OK, Lee what's what ever?" "Hell, you can just let you cock and balls hang out if you care to!" I said. "Ok, man, so why are you tucking yours in? Let hang out!" He suggested. "Ok", as I just let my cock and ball hang. "I'm not sure about 'what ever', use your imagination." " Why don't you get out of those wet clothes and get into these coveralls! Dave." "Hold on Lee, I'm using my imagination!" as he starts to jack his cock a few times, laughing with a great smile. "Man it's cold!"

He starts to strip down to get out of his wet shorts. Just pulling them down knowing I'm looking, I think he likes to show off his body.

He starts to put the coveralls on, one leg at a time. He puts his arms in and starts to adjust his cock and balls. "Rather tight, man, you wear these?" They have a zipper from the crotch to the neck, he doesn't bother to zip it up. The coveralls are old and rather worn, the seam in the back by the ass is torn and the cloth at the crotch is well worn with a few holes in it. His cock is hanging to the right and even the ring in his cock shows through one of the holes in the cloth. His chest is still wide open he has yet to zip the thing up, and he knows it's turning me on as he rubs his cock looking at me.

"You look good in those!" I said as I checked him out.

"Yeah! Rather a tight fit but rather nice and warm and dry. Theses can't fit you, you're six foot tall!" he says. He's showing a real nice cock and ball bulge in those coveralls.

"A friend left them, I just threw them in the trunk for some reason, I'm glad I did!" "Now, let's find a place we can bunk for the night." "Ok." "Fuck, I need to piss again!"

Standing there, I just take my cock out and start to piss on the barn floor.

"Hell man, I feel like a horse, I can piss where I want, this is cool", I said. "I'd love to be naked now and just walk around this way!" I said with a smile. "Go for it man!" he suggest.

I strip down, a start to flaunt it, fuck, why not? I'm 6' tall 165 pounds, trim with a nice cock hanging. I also have the car! Let's some rest first. The loft up there is dry and rather warm. Let's check that out! We climb up to the loft with a large blanket from the trunk of the car. In the loft, I start to strip for the night.

"Sleep nude man?" I asked. "Hell yes."

We spread out the blanket after building a nice bed of hay underneath. He gets naked and we both flop on the blanket and cover ourselves with the other.

"I have a problem, Lee. I can't get to sleep with out jacking off first and getting my rocks off!" "Hell go for it!" I said.

He grabbed his cock and started to jack that big cock of his fat cock. I started to do the same.

"What are you going to do with your cum, man?"

As I put my arm under his neck and my hand on his shoulder, I started to rub his chest. I could feel his muscular body, nice and warm.

"Just squirt it all over as usual I guess."

"No way man, do it in my mouth, I want that load!"

He started to jack his nice fat cock till he was about to cum. Then with a strong arm, he pulled my face over to his cock to let me eat his load! I started to suck on that fat cock of his. Just a few slurps then he started to ram his cock into my mouth. I guess he was horny as hell, with in no time he started to shoot his load in my mouth. Man, he gave me a mouth full.

We both laid back in each other's arms a fell to sleep.

In the morning light, I woke up, before he did. I took a look at his body and got turned on again. My cock is hard as hell. Just looking at his firm body in the sunlight is a real turn on. He starts to wake up with the sunlight in his face. The loft door at the top of the barn where we slept was never closed tightly, but it's a good thing for it's such a great morning. The sunlight was just streaming in on his body, making it glow.

Time for my morning piss, fuck, I just start to piss on the loft floor.

"What's up Man?" as he starts to wake up. "Just taking my morning piss, that's all." "Ok, while you do that, I'll have my morning jack off."

He awoke with a major hard on and started to stroke his cock, looking at me with a great smile on his face. Talk about an invite! That smile of his was worth a thousand words.

"Hold it man! Not without me you don't!" I said smiling. "Ok, come and get it!" he yelled and giggled!

I simply jumped on the blanket and went down on his hard wide cock. After a few licks, I stopped. Pulled my head up and just looked at his face. We both smiled at each other and knew. It was time to us to have real sex. We laid back on the blanket, held each other and started to kiss.

It was a great morning and the start of a new relationship.

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