Man for Man

A New Tristan


Tristan got out of the back of the jeep. It had been a bumpy ride. He carried the box of books into the building.

The feeling of his tight jeans rubbed against his smooth skin. It was a new feeling and turned him on. The other feeling he had gotten used to. It was still lodged inside him and when he walked his muscles clenched around it.


It was the first day after spring break and his class schedule was as demanding as before. He hadn't cared much about classes then but today was a new day.

After depositing the box, Tristan walked through the halls responding to occasional comments from friends and others. He nodded, tried to act the same as before and arrived at his first class.

The room was packed as usual. He took a seat midway in the lecture hall. Before he had sat in the furthest seat from the Professor. But today he sat closer. It was a new day.

Professor entered and the mumbling quieted. He began the lesson looking at the room full of youthful faces. He'd ask questions abruptly to see if anyone was listening let alone understanding. It was his style and the students had gotten used to being called upon with surprising questions about past lectures, their book work or that day's lessons.

"TRISTAN TELL EVERYONE THE BASIS OF ...." The question surprised everyone. The Professor never called on Tristan, knowing his answer was usually a wisecrack in response.

Eyes looked at him. He wore his usual tight jeans and a black tank top. Some considered him sexy; others wondered why he even attended classes since he obviously didn't care. Girls and boys had seen his bulge, revealing his perchance for not wearing underwear.

His torso too looked lean in the tank tops, ripped sleeve shirts or even slit side old football jerseys he wore.

They waited for his smart ass remark and the Professors usual instruction to "sit down" or "get out".

But that day was different. Tristan stood in response, something he never did before. And there were mumbles as he answered the Professor, correctly.

"RIGHT, SIT" the Professor said

And then another surprise.

"YES SIR" Tristan responded and sat.

The rest of the lecture was about was upstaged by the class goof-off suddenly acting like someone who had listened, learned and cared.

"Tristan up here" The Professor said after bidding good day to the class. Students half way out of the hall looked back to see Tristan move to the Professor's desk.

They couldn't hear what was said but the sight of Tristan, putting the man's books in a box and holding them waiting made them stare.

The Professor finished talking to other students and then moved to the front exit with Tristan following holding the box.

What they didn't know was what happened over a week before.

Tristan didn't care. His attendance was so his step father would continue a place for him to live, eat and sleep. The alternative was joining the Army or Navy. Tristan nodded and accepted his fate until he could find another alternative.

The job he had after classes was boring as well, loading boxes into delivery trucks, but it was physical and provided him enough money to contribute to his Step Father, another requirement.

"Oh hello, Mr. Tristan" the accented deep voice said as Tristan entered the convenience store. It was Professor Warton.

"Oh uh hi" Tristan said.

"You must know about these things, which Tequila should I..." the man asked.

Tristan reluctantly responded with his knowledge of the liquor and heard his own voice accepting the invitation.

He rode in the man's jeep to the house and helped make the Margaritas. Tristan wasn't quite sure why he did it, but it was free alcohol and food and delayed him having to go home.

"I'm having a few uh friends over. You can help me make this...since I don't know how" The man said. There was no hint of their contentious classroom relationship. "Food, drink"

Tristan made Margaritas for the group. There was a group of men, one or two younger guys his age.

Mexican food was everywhere, brought by each one.

"So you are Ian's friend?" A burly man asked him after accepting another Margarita.

"Ian?" Tristan asked

"Warton, Ian Warton" the man looked confused.

Tristan had never known the Professor's first name.

"Uh yea, student actually" Tristan said.

"Oh didn't know he was training again" the man said "Good choice, just do what he says and you'll do great. He trained my boy, over there with the studded collar" the man pointed to where a guy about his age was sitting on the floor near the couch where the man had been sitting.


"Uh thanks" Tristan said.

He watched the man return to the couch and sit; patting the head of the boy he referred to like some pet dog.

Eventually he understood the group were all gay men. And the ones accompanied by younger men were like that one.

"You're doing good, if you get hot don't hesitate to take that sweat shirt off" another man said. His hands moved to the edge of the cloth where it was slit open on Tristan's side. The fingers moved against his skin.

"Thanks" Tristan said looking over to see Professor Warton watching. He winked and returned to his conversation.

"So how long you been doing this?" A buzz cut, fresh faced guy approached him."

"Doing this?" Tristan gestured "just today"

"Wow first day?" the kid said "Hell I've been with him for a year" he looked toward a tall thin man who wore leather pants and a black shirt. "Best year of my life" the kid said smiling.

"Why?" Tristan asked.

"Shit man, I was lost, drugs, fucked up and he changed all that" the kid said "Chow, he calls me boy but my name's Billy" he stuck out his hand.

Tristan shook it and then handed him the two requested Margaritas.

"Thanks, be right back"

Chow took the two drinks to the man he had pointed to and stood there, waiting.

"He said I can talk to you" Chow had returned. "I should have asked permission in the first place, so I guess I'll get it later" he said "it's ok, kind of fun actually" he smiled making sure the man didn't see him.

"So what do you uh you know do with that guy?" Tristan asked as he piled more ice into a blender.

"Anything he tells me to, and I mean anything" Chow said matter of factly. "It was weird at first, but wow, it got to be a habit...."

"How did it start?"

"He found me in jail, took me out and that was that" Chow said "Nice having a cop as a Master" he said.


"You know the guy who uh trains you? Like Master Warton there" he pointed to the man that Tristan knew only as Professor Warton.

"Master?" he asked again.

"Yea, my Master brings me to the parties that yours has. Some are quiet dinner parties like this or swim parties and others get raunchy as hell, you know demonstration things" Chow said

Tristan looked at Warton again. The man was watching. Tristan wanted to find out if that this kid was saying was right or not. He removed his ripped shirt. Warton nodded and smiled.

Tristan didn't know whether to leave or not. The man he had talked to were nice, some complimenting him, unlike what he heard at home. Chow and Miller, another younger guy, were friendly and shared their experiences.

The lights dimmed after the meal. Chow and Miller came to him.

"We're supposed to help you clean up" They said.

Tristan didn't know he was supposed to do it but began as if told to. Miller had stripped his shirt off revealing his smooth torso wrapped in a leather harness. The bottom strap went down into his jeans.

Chow too became shirtless, revealing his pierced nipple rings and the chain that connected them.

"So you guys wear that stuff all the time?" Tristan asked as they piled dishes and emptied food into a garbage disposal.

"Shit man you haven't seen anything yet" Chow said as he pulled his button jeans open. His cock was encased in a metal sleeve.

"What's that for?" Tristan asked

"Keeps me from touching it..One of Master's rules" Chow said rebuttoning his fly but leaving the top button open.

"Shaved too" Tristan said.

"Hell we both are" Miller said "hot wax" he said

"Doesn't that hurt?" Tristan asked.

Miller smiled as if remembering events that had pleased him no end "yes Sir it does"

"Come on they'll want us soon" Chow said

"BOY" a voice yelled.

Miller muttered "oh shit" he finished "gotta uh you know" he dashed from the kitchen.

Tristan and Chow finished the work and returned to the living room where Ian Warton and his guests were sitting around and watching the large video screen.

Tristan noted Miller, still shirtless and harness was sitting hear an older man. He wore a collar now which had a chain connected and held by the man.

The group was watching a video with a burly leather wearing man and two naked younger guys.


"You uh can split if you want" Ian approached him "Thanks for the help" He offered some money to Tristan "for your trouble" he said.

"Uh thanks, no I can hang out a bit if that's ok" Tristan watched the video screen.

"Good, hoped you might, come with me" he led Tristan to where he had been sitting on a two seat love seat.

Tristan sat on the floor instead of next to the man. It was automatic decision based on where the other boys were sitting. He felt Ian's hand pat his bare shoulder.

The others left eventually leaving Tristan there.

"I can help clean up" Tristan said "if you want..." he added a "Sir" to test the man.

"Did I tell you to?" The man turned and looked stern.

"Uh no, just thought...." Tristan said starting to arise.

"The first thing to learn is you do only what you're told. You have to learn to wait for instructions" the man said "You think you can do that...boy?"

"Uh yes Sir" Tristan said. His head felt weird as if in a trance. Maybe it was the booze, the heat in the room, or the odor of all the sweaty boys and men had left.

"Good, take off those jeans" Ian said

Tristan did it without a second thought, remaining there naked.

"Good start, from now on you will respond to me as SIR or MASTER"

"Hey man where you goin?" It was Carl on campus asking as he moved behind Professor Warton.

"Got to uh take these, meet you at the pool later" he said. It was ok; his new Master had told him to swim daily after class so he was allowed to respond.

Carl looked confused but nodded.

"BOY you have allot to learn. Do you have to be anywhere?"

"Got a part time job" Tristan said aware his cock was rock hard in response to the way Warton was talking to him now.

"Sir" Warton said

"Oh sorry, Sir" Tristan responded.

"Never say sorry, if you fuck up, you'll be punished and you accept it, understand?"

"Yes Sir" again Tristan said it automatically wondering why it felt so easy to do suddenly.

"THERE" Warton pointed to where Tristan was to put the box. He obeyed and waited, well trained in a week to do so.

"Wear these" the man handed white Speedos to him. They were very small. "I want everyone to see what I own" the man said.

Tristan took them. He would obey of course. Until that day he usually swam naked in the man's pool. But today his required 25 laps would be done wearing the revealing swimsuit. His baggy jams were to be ignored.

"Report back afterwards" the man said "understand?"

Tristan turned around knowing what was next.

"Yes Sir" he said feeling the man's hand grab and yank out the dildo that had been embedded inside him since his morning sexually satisfying the man's morning erection.

He reacted and pulled his jeans back up. He left the room carrying the swimsuit wondering what Carl's reaction would be when he saw it on him.

"So tonight boy you'll learn rules, do chores and we'll see if you can obey everything I tell you to do" Warton said to the naked boy.

"I can Sir" Tristan said. The man was different then his Step Father. That man acted like Tristan was only to be tolerated. Warton was already acting like he was wanted to be there where he was.

He cleaned up the apartment taking instruction from Warton. He knew the man was watching his naked body moving about. It wasn't the first time a man had watched him working.

Sal, the boss at the delivery company watched him like that too, although he wasn't naked at work. He and the other loaders wore tank tops, shorts sometimes but nobody was naked.

"Tristan if you ever want to work some overtime at midnight, let me know" Sal said.

"Hey man you know what that means" one of his fellow workers said "The old man wants that butt of yours"

Tristan stared.

"Don't worry, he pays extra for it"

"You mean you've done it with him?"

The guy smiled. "Hell man most of us have, gay for pay" he laughed.

"So Tristan, uh Boy, nice job. Thus far you've tested well. Ready to prove to me you want to be my boy?" Warton was dressed in a bathrobe and sitting on the couch.

"Yes SIR" Tristan liked the scene. His naked body was a bit sweaty from the work even taking the garbage out of the house in public and into the air excited him.


"Come show me how much"

Tristan moved to where the man was sitting. He stood for a minute and Warton looked down at himself.

Tristan opened the robe and bent over.

"Hey kid if you don't want to join the Army, you can become my bitch" His Step Father had once said. Tristan looked up from the TV and saw the man standing naked holding his hard cock.

He muttered"fuck off" to the man and took the beating the man gave him.

It was different now. He sucked Warton's cock. It was nice. He nursed on it, licked it and knelt to hold onto the man's bare thighs until he was drinking the streams of cum that his new Master gave him.

"Nice boy, I think you're ready"

"Hey where you been?" Carl said as Tristan walked into the locker room. "Had to do something" Tristan said as he stripped naked and pulled on the small white Speedos.

"Shit you gonna wear that?" Carl, wearing his usual blue baggy jams asked. "Looks gay to me"

They swam, Carl amazed that Tristan kept swimming laps after he was done. As Tristan lifted himself out of the water, Carl's eyes stared.

"Shit man everyone can see your junk. Hell do you want someone to give you a blowjob?" Carl chided his friend.

"You offering?" Tristan said with his old style wisecracks.

"I'm not a fag, didn't know you were" Carl said expecting Tristan to grab his neck and squeeze or say something crude.

"Hey don't knock it if you haven't tried it" Tristan said wiping down his wet body with a towel. His cock dangled very close to where Carl sat.

"You want it? You have to ask Warton for it" Tristan said pulling on his jeans.

"Warton huh? So that's the guy you're uh you know doin what he wants?" Carl revealed he had wondered more "I always thought you were your Step Father's bitch sometimes".

"Oh he tried, but just not into him, besides I don't live there anymore" Tristan pulled on the black tank top he had been told to wear that day.

"YES SIR" Tristan stood naked as he had for four days, responding to his new Master's question.

He rode in the back of the man's jeep later as they went to his Step Father's house. Carrying out a canvas bag with his clothes and other things, he left the house he had grown up in. The note he left said he was leaving and nothing else.

Tristan and Carl returned to Warton's office. They talked about their high school days, about girls they remembered and the usual stuff.

"So now you're uh one of those?" Carl abruptly asked.

"Guess I always was. Just took the right situation, er guy" Tristan shrugged "Hey gotta read this. I have a test tonight" he waved a book the Professor had left for him. "You can hang out if you want."

"Naw got something to do" Carl said standing and eyeing his friend's firm body wearing the tight tank top and jeans. He had seen him before but never in this way.

"Where you goin?" Tristan called as Carl was halfway out the door.

"UH gotta ask a Professor something" Carl said as he closed the door.

Tristan smiled. He hoped his Master, Professor Ian Warton would answer his friend's question.

He had always liked Carl and wondered.

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