Man for Man

A New Trainer


I had been overwhelmed with work for several months. The other trainers had both left the company very suddenly. I finally talked the owners into letting me hire another trainer. Training on our product isn't too hard really. There is a lot of traveling though, which has good and bad points. I enjoy traveling because I don't like working in the same office week after week. So, we put out an ad for trainers and got a very good response to the ad. The decision was up to me since I would be the one training this person and bringing them up to speed with the product.


We did several weeks of phone interviews to narrow down the search. One of the applicants I spoke to on the phone was Scott. Scott was a trainer for another company, but he wanted to get out of the big corporate environment and work for a smaller company where he felt he would be more productive. I decided that I wanted to bring him in for an interview. Scott lived in Chicago, so I flew him to our office in Houston.

I met Scott at the airport and was attracted to him immediately upon seeing him. Scott was 6'2, 185, brown hair, green eyes, and clean shaven. I tried not to think about this. I took him to dinner where we discussed the position and the company. He was very interested in the position. I planned to show him the office tomorrow and introduce him to the rest of the staff before we made any kind of a formal offer. I dropped Scott at his hotel and told him that I'd pick him up in the morning at 9:00am. On the drive home, my mind was on Scott and how "hot" I thought he was. We had dressed casual, so I was able to see through his shirt that he had some hair on his chest, which is a huge turn on for me. Needless to say, I jacked off that night thinking about have wild passionate sex with Scott. J

I picked up Scott at the hotel the next morning right at 9am as planned. We arrived at the office and Scott hit it off with everyone very well. I had my assistant call on his references and she got nothing but positive feedback. We discussed his salary requirements and benefits. Scott and I were able to negotiate a fair salary and benefits package. I offered Scott the job and he accepted. The plan was for Scott to go back to his office to give two weeks notice, but Scott was pretty sure that when he resigned they'd ask him to leave right away. I told him that the sooner he could start the better, so just to let me know. I was going to be traveling the next few weeks, so if they didn't want him the next two weeks, we could do training on the road. I took Scott back to the airport and as he left, he surprised me by giving me a hug.

The next day Scott called me and told me that he gave his notice and as expected, they asked him to leave that day. I told him I was going to be traveling to California the following week and asked if he was available. He said that he was, so I had my assistant make travel arrangements for Scott to go to California with me. I explained to Scott that we would need to room together during his training because the company would not want to pay for an extra room. He said that he didn't have any problem with that. I explained that it would give us time in the evenings to get some more training in.

I arrived at my hotel on Sunday evening several hours before Scott. He was going to call me when his flight landed. I decided to lie down and take a nap until I heard from him. So, I removed all my clothes and lay on top of the bed. I woke up to the sound of the shower running in the bathroom. I looked across the room and saw Scott's luggage next to the dresser. Apparently, he had arrived while I was sleeping. Scott had seen me naked and I had to wonder if I had a hard on when he came in since I had a piss hard on right now. J I quickly got up and threw on a pair of boxers. A few minutes later Scott came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. There he stood before me. He was hotter than I imagined. He had a very moderately hairy chest and he was in great shape. I realized I was staring at him. Scott explained that he tried to call me, but my phone was going straight to my voicemail. I had forgotten to turn my phone back on after my flight. I apologized for being asleep when he arrived, and for the wardrobe or lack thereof. He told me it was no problem and that I looked so relaxed so he decided not to bother me and just take a shower. There was definitely some chemistry there and I wasn't sure if it was even appropriate.

I decided to take a shower myself before dinner, so I headed into the bathroom. I went in and turned on the shower while I shaved and brushed my teeth. (I do this a lot because I like a hot shower and that gives it time to warm up). Then I realized that I forgot my shampoo on the dresser, so I wrapped a towel around me and went out to retrieve it. Scott apparently assumed I was in the shower because when I came out, he was naked on his bed, jacking off his big cock. He didn't even hear me come out. All of a sudden he noticed I was in the room and he jumped up and covered himself with the towel. "I'm so sorry" he said. "I thought you were in the shower". "Hey", I said, "it's no problem, we all have needs". I went back into the shower with a big smile on my face, thinking, wondering if Scott was also gay or at least bi. I was tempted to jack off in the shower, but held back.

When I came out of the shower, Scott was dressed and looking at his email on his laptop. I quickly got dressed and suggested that we head to dinner. We had a nice dinner at a Seafood restaurant overlooking the ocean. We had a few drinks before heading back to our room. Once back at the room, I told Scott that I thought we needed to talk about what happened earlier. Scott explained that he felt bad about me walking in on him jacking off, but he really thought he could take care of business before I came out of the bathroom. I told him that it wasn't a problem really and that we all have to take care of things and with sharing a room, it may be kind of difficult to have our privacy. He explained that he wasn't shy and that nudity doesn't bother him and he also didn't have a problem jacking off in front of me. I told him that was fine, but he should know that I am gay. He said that he was gay as well, so it really took a lot of the discomfort away. I told Scott that I had found him attractive from the day we met, but that wasn't why he got the job. He told me that he was very attracted to me as well.

So, we set some ground rules that we could see where this goes, but that if it affected business in any way, we would have to stop. With the ground rules behind us, I moved over to sit next to him on his bed and moved my lips up to his. We fell into a very passionate kiss and had our hands all over each other. We both stood up and started removing our clothing. Once naked, we just eyed each other and lusted after each other. Scott had a very large cock, 8 inches, cut with a huge mushroom head. We wrapped our arms around each other and fell back on his bed. We kissed for a long time and I moved my way down his body devouring every inch of him as I went. I took each of his nipples into my mouth, licked and gently chewed on them. As I did this, his cock grew bigger and harder. I moved down and took his big cock into my mouth and began sucking him ever so slowly. He tasted so good. He turned me around so that we were in a 69 position and began sucking my cock as I sucked his. It felt so good. As we were sucking each other, I was tensing up and I could feel him tensing up as well. We were both moaning and before I knew it, we were cumming in each others mouths simultaneously. We were moaning so loud that I was sure anyone nearby could hear us. We didn't care though, we just went with in.

After we had both swallowed each others loads, I turned around and laid my head on his chest and gave him another kiss. As I kissed him, his cock was growing again, so I reached down and began stroking it as we made out. He was fully erect again, and neither one of us said a word. He began playing with and massaging my butt and rubbing his fingers along my ass crack. I turned over and lay on my stomach, and Scott got behind me and put his face to my ass. He slowly slipped his tongue in my ass and began rimming me like there was no tomorrow. He slipped his tongue deeper and deeper inside of me. I was in awe, screaming out in pleasure. Scott then put his cock up to my ass and slowly slipped it in. He began pumping his cock into my ass faster and faster. "Oh yea Scott, fuck me, fuck me". He was thrusting deep into my ass and he wrapped his arms around me and pushed as deep into me as he could. He was ramming faster and faster and then he started screaming and I could feel his cum shooting inside of me. He kept pumping and pumping until every last drop had shot into my ass. Then he just collapsed on top of me.

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