Man for Man

A new job?


Tom had finally be convinced to take the job of Jan as "head of the test department, and customer loyalty." Jan's offer was very attractive, so that Tom had to predict. Jan had a medium sized company for fitness equipment in the precious sector and for a few years he had established a small side line specifically for the gay sector. This exercise equipment also had a Sexfaktor and of course had to sell in January to develop the appropriate toys and.


For Tom, the black muscle man was completely uncharted territory. Although he knew well from the gym and had already experimented with various private sex toys, but that he now demanded from scratch. Jan had seconded Tim, a very attractive blonde and trained man of 29 years, specifically for the training of Tom.

Tom wanted, and of course had the products. He drove even know accurately and as Tim had him put some stuff ready and their operation explained "I think you had the time to present the living object," said Tom and Tim did not think twice to ask Tom to show a new dildo. Tim got the part in various sizes and put them on before Tom. The dildo consisted of several rings, which could be adjusted so that they rotated in opposite directions, or if desired in the same direction. Also a model had the thick ring on alternate studs stood by. "What would you choose for you," asked Tom and Tim took a 22x5cm dildo with naps in his hand and stroked it fondly.

Tom realized that if this call Tims cock suddenly stiffened in the very bright narrow five hundred and first His own butt was huge as always clear semi-rigid and clearly visible to the left in his too tight from the old 501, as with all his pants pocket linings were separated. Toms cock also reacted immediately to the sight. "Go ahead, then, show me once how it works and is used" Tom commanded the blond guy. Tim was a little confused. Normally, he was used to show customers these things and try out at this, but how could he teach his new boss. Tom noticed Tim's embarrassment. "Will you show it to me at your or my ass?" asked Tom.

"What, you can fuck you?" Tim stuttered. "So if I have to sell these things, then I need to know what it feels like," Tom said calmly. "So my ass," Tom said, and turned his back to Tim. Tom leaned forward slightly and amaze Tim Tom attacked his ass seam of 501 and with a ratchet was a hidden velcro open and Tom presented the entrance to his hot ass ball. "Wow," exclaimed Tim. Tom turned around and noticed that a spot had formed on Tim's pants. Obviously, the young produced abundant type precum. Tom took Tim to the rock-hard cock and massaged it and Tim moaned contentedly.

Tim almost automatically now attacked Toms stand and felt the giant stands of black guys through the thin fabric batting. Toms Eichel had long since slipped through the pocket opening and the Vorsaftfäden him dropping on the substance of the spanned the muscular thighs. "So now show me how finally the dildo works. Precum you've got enough, because you can do without the lube" Tom smirked and opened the buttons Tim jeans but without the open collar button. He took Tim's rock hard boner out with some effort. "Not a bad part, almost as big as the dildo," said Tom, holding this end juice stand next to Tims.

Tom laid herself down with their backs to the desk and picked up her legs and relies on the heels of his heavy boots on the edge of the table so that Tim had the gorgeous muscular ass and shaved ass of Tom right before his eyes. Become brave by this sight, Tim walked with rocker Direction, runny bar to Tom and even touched his bulging glans Toms Arschvotze. Tims precum dripped and the tremor of the juice bar Tims distributed on Toms hole. With a trembling voice said Tim, the functions of the dildo. "I can not see it properly," said Tom, "you have to show it to me even closer." Tim leaned his penis but it came closer to Toms cunt. "Closer" Tom ordered and now Tim leaned his elbows next to Tom Tom also dripping with giant penis touched his arm, and Tim had a little penis penetrate Tom.

Now it had happened to Tim's mastery. He pressed his groin slightly forward and his head disappeared without problems in Tom. Deeper and deeper he penetrated the horny black guys. Tom groaned with lust, the rotating dildo still in front of the face. Tim started to slowly fuck his boss. He set the rotation of the dildo to the highest level and put this on Toms dick in his non-existent back pocket. So the mega black belt was massaged while Tim Tom fucked harder and harder. Tom produced whether this treatment very much precum. Tim now violently fucked in the great ass "Yes, this is a black bull to fuck horny ass. I'll give you my mare" croaked Tim. Harder and harder he fucked the moaning Tom. Tom enjoyed this harsh treatment. "Yes, give me your belt low and same me full," shouted Tom. Tim could not hold and also Tom was ready. At the same time as Tim deep in hard spurts erupted into Tom, Tom pointed juice in several fountains on the desk. Breathing heavily, the two were each other. Tim slowly pulled the still rotating dildo from Toms pockets. At the same time he pulled his still hard stand slowly from real black ass. Tim set the rotation of the dildo a little lower and put it to Tom in front of sperm shiny fuck hole. He slowly pushed the tip into the gasping muscle guy. Tom flashed briefly as he felt the tip of the dildo gyrating on his sensitive input. Tim enjoyed seeing the black macho writhe on the table with lust. "Let's see what you abkannst" he grinned at Tom. "Much more than you dream of," said Tom. Him much it hard to keep his temper, but he did not want Tim to make easy. Tim slowly pushing the opposite circular rings of the dildo into Tom's grotto. He observed closely the response of the fierce breathing Toms. As the first rotary knobs ring slid slowly through Tom Tom stopped short of breath sphincter and he let out a guttural groan comforting. Deeper and deeper the blond guy was now the rotary knobs of the Rings Dildos slide in Tom. Tom's head jerked back and forth with lust. "I like that you probably you muscle mare" Tim said sarcastically. Tom could hardly hear it, he was so focused on the horny feelings in his ass, so abundant in the pre-cum flowed from the burning tip of the cock.


Tim presented the rotational speed slightly higher and Toms abdomen pushed slightly into the air. The dildo in his ass said Tom more and more in almost uncontrollable ecstasy. Tom had lost his temper. "Fuck me, faster, deeper, give it to me," he shouted to Tim. "Yes it is. If you do what I command you" Tim said sternly. "Anything you want to hear not only, PLEASE, PLEASE," cried Tom lust. Tim presented the rotation higher and Tom cries and more incomprehensible. Tom said to have hundreds of mini orgasms and actually injected him always some radiation sperm from his hard boner was always cured by the position and the jeans. Tom felt as if it burst eggs. Tim could just Toms thick balls in the bulging sack twitch see. Tom had been seized under the pelvis and pushed his hips as far up against, the dildo as it went. He just wanted to feel more of this sexy thing in itself.

Tim suddenly pulled the plunger out of Tom's ass and feel like this fell groaning to the ground. "Damn, you bitch, do not listen to" Tom shouted at the grinning Tim. Tim now took a somewhat larger the rotating dildos and put this on to Tom's twitching fuck hole. "Want to?, Little fuck pig" Tim asked sarcastically. "Yes, no matter Fuck me with everything what you want, just do not listen to" Tom screamed and Tim slid the big rotating dildo in the blazing black muscle ass. Tom reared. His body was just an uncontrollable twitching. Tim pushed the gyrating dildo faster in Tom and rubbed him hard while the black bull eggs. Tom suddenly made a gigantic sperm fountain this throbbing big cock. Repeatedly followed spurts of semen. It was as if it would never end. Tim could not believe what this man muscle of sperm produced. Tom shrugged still in ecstasy. He could not stop to spray the eggs even though he did almost hurts. "Pull it out, or I'll go broke" Tom commanded hysterical. Tim obeyed. So still no one had creamed off. Tim could not believe that Tom had produced quantities of sperm.

It took quite a while to Tom again under control. Even before he was quite himself, Tim had packed him back and legs spread. Tim continued his hard crossbar again to Tom trembling rose and pushed his raw in a boost in Tom. This could be only a throaty scream. Tom tried to cling to the table, but attacked his hands into space and slipped on the table the whole distributed sperm. Tim hammered in the black muscle ass. "I'll finish you, until you can no longer run" Tim and Tom gasped could only moan yet. He had a dry mouth, so that he could hardly speak. "Yes, fuck me hard," panted Tom "pump me full of your juice." That sure is not Tim told twice. He took a hot fuck in Toms ass. Still precum ran from Toms hard cock. Tim moved to Toms now nipples rings and twirled it, so Tom even more lust screamed and writhed under the harsh treatment the blond man. Tim again captured his cock completely from Tom to immediately penetrate completely. The Tom was almost mad with lust.

Tim grabbed his side and he already had a large double dildo in her hand. Again, he pulled his cock from Tom and at the same moment he found the whimpering Tom the dildo in his ass. In the interplay he pulled out the dildo and his cock clean. Again and again and again. Tom said to be fucked by two guys. "Oh fuck yeah me faster, give me your juice. Rammelsberg by me." Tom stammered. Tim slowed the game and put his cock in as Tom did he stopped short. "If you want more," he asked the twitching Tom. "Yes, more, more more fuck. Please do not stop," Tom moaned with lust. Tim moved his pelvis slightly forward and back and he slowly led to his own cock still the dildo. Tom gasped, "You pig." he yelled at Tim. But Tim fucked undeterred by both parts. Tom squirmed more and already shot him once his sperm out of the giant pipe on the table and his now wet jeans before sperm. By twitching his ass muscles it was for Tim ever closer in Toms ass, and he erupted again a huge load in her black ass muscle. Tim pulled his cock from Tom but he stuck the dildo. "What are you doing" Tom asked, almost fearful voice trembling.


"Warts from. I told you I get ready," Tim laughed sardonically. "I can not go fast" gasped Tom. "There is still a lot," Tim said firmly, Tom resigned himself to his fate. He felt drained but still horny. Thus he never had one done. Tim pulled meanwhile Tom's shoes and jeans. With the bright 501 he wiped the oodles of Toms sperm from the table, then he put his greasy jeans on Toms muscular torso. Tim also had a close 501 represents undressed and climbed onto the table. He stood over Tom and looked down at them. "So now it gets really going," Tim grinned. He lifted his legs to Toms and Tom was now only on his shoulders. The long double dildo for about half of his black ass shuttled to and from what Tom prepared a cool feeling in the ass. In this position, Tom was helpless. Even Tim sat down at his rock hard boner at Toms ass and pushed again to the bobbing dildo in Toms ass. Toms gigantic hard cock was hanging in front of his face. Tim pressed Toms pool down a bit and so touched the black monster cock Toms lips. Tom immediately licked his own precum from his belt. "I knew it that you säufst your own sperm" laughed Tim.

Tim grabbed now behind him and turned the dildo bobbing up. He pushed the other end stuck in Tom rubber cock into his well-lubricated asshole. "Yes, hot fuck" Tim gasped and moved on and off. He fucked Tom while he was being fucked by a dildo. "Yes, fuck me harder and rammele yourself with the hard part," Tom fired at the moaning Tim. Toms precum dripped into his wide-open mouth and over his bulging glans was pushed into his own mouth. It was almost too much for them. The sight alone as the black muscle stud blowing his own dick was gigantic. Do. Fucked the fucker Tim Toms ass and then it shot out of his pipe again Tom Tim grabbed Toms twitching boner and conducted so that the jets were shot directly into Tom's open mouth. That was too much for Tim. It erupted again in the twitching Tom. "Go swallow your juice" ordered Tim and Tom swallowed his own cum with relish. Tim read Toms legs slowly slide down with the dildo slowly took off Tim's ass. Groaning enjoyed the blonde muscle type feeling in his ass. The other half, however, he had put in Tom.

Tom was now totally exhausted and panting on the table. "Can probably no more?" Tim asked sarcastically. "I'm still not done with you my long black muscle bull," laughed Tim. Tim had already climbed on the table and knelt on Tom. "Shut up," ordered Tim and Tom obeyed almost automatically. Tim gleefully pushed his hard mega boner in Toms mouth and immediately he began to thrust his pipe in Toms throat. Tom had overcome the gag reflex quickly and unhindered, Tim deep throat fuck in Toms. Tom talked to the sperm taped hands to Tim's pool. "So now you get my juice still in his mouth," Tim gasped. He was totally twisted lust. Tim was just as often and as much as possible to use this black muscle man and inseminate.

Tom had slowly in the back handle. He reached beside him and took something of the spread on the table with his fingers and smeared semen so that a Tim's fuck hole. "Yes. Match me at the fuck hole around while I fuck you" moaned Tim and Tom took more sperm and made Tim's input beautifully moist. Tom lifted his pelvis slightly and tried to stop his still juice suitable hard huge cock on Tim's ass to come. "This is nothing," Tim gasped, "You're the mare," he pursued and rammed harder and harder in Toms mouth. Tom had meanwhile resorted to the side and is one of the rotating dildo was on the used yet. While he fingered with one hand, he was Tim's fuck hole Tim Lust channel input with the dildo closer. Tim was so concentrated on the face fucking that it is not the mitbekam. Tim gasped and more violent and Tom, it would not be long before Tim spurted his cream into the throat felt. Tom sat on the circular dildo on Tim fuck hole and pushed him into a piece.

Tim tensed all over. "You pig, or pull him out ..." He got no further than Tom the dildo now little more than halfway into Tim stuck. Tom could not even ask because Tim's hard strap him so deeply stuck in the throat. Tim moaned and Tom noticed that Tim extremely much precum from the cock ran down her throat. "Stop it" Tim "whimpered No, but ..., helloworld, more deeply. Fuck me! "Tom now pushed the dildo deep into Tim's quivering ass." Fuck me go, do, hard. Squirt I do Come on, "Tim shouted hysterically. But Tom stopped and now it was Tim just like Tom recently. Tom noticed that Tim whenever he uttered a such a short scream, a little cum jet was shot in the neck. Tom enjoyed this cool game. "Please fuck me faster" lamented Tim Tom "my balls burst" really began to Tim with the rotating dildo fuck. "Oh yes, faster, harder, FUCK ME" cried Tim and Tom as the increased fuck speed shot several huge jets of semen in Toms throat.

Tom did not have to swallow so deep Tim had his pipe him down throat. "Stop, please," pleaded Tim and slowly pulled his still hard boner from Toms mouth. "Please stop, or I tilt to" "Ah," groaned Tom, "I thought you wanted to educate me on the mare," he grinned at Tim. "Yes I'll do it if you take the last part of my ass," whined the little Tim was able to move yet, let alone fight for. Tom slowly pulled the dildo out of your ass the whimpering Tim, where he pressed his pelvis back slightly. Glad to finally be rid of the part was Tim conduct themselves. At the moment when the dildo out of Tim's ass slipped and he showed himself to tip forward to lean his hands, Tom pushed up his pelvis and his black monster cock slammed into Tim's ass.

"Ah," exclaimed the above rumbled Tim. "He's too big," but Tom drilled relentlessly and Tim wanted to go off the front, but he slipped and had to get up, he rammed in Toms cock himself deeper into his ass. "AAAAAAAHHH!" Tim cried with lust. Such a monster cock he had never had it. "So now I'll show you how even a black muscle mare fucks a white wannabe stallion" laughed Tom. "Go get your ass and you ride the thing itself in," Tom ordered. Tim reluctantly obeyed. He expected that it would hurt him, but on the contrary, Toms gigantic pipe penetrated deeper into Tim as this had ever experienced. Tim had now Toms monster cock completely fucked. "WOW is the Wicked," Tim moaned. "Go fuck yourself to start, or should I turn around and then ramming" said Tom.

"Yes I do already," Tim said obediently, and began slowly to on Toms piston to move up and off. "Yes, good, fast," ordered Tom and Tim obeyed. boner from Tim's hard precum flowed abundantly on Toms chest. "To have Aha, so it pleases my little black mare a piston in the ass," laughed Tom. "Yes, the saugeil" gasped Tim who moved faster and faster up and down. "Go fuck yourself through thick" gasped Tom noticed the now that his juice rose. "Yes," Tim moaned, "yes, yes, yes, yes, oh yes, I will's" Tim and already made a huge fountain of cum from the cock and Tom to his face and open mouth. At the same moment Tom unloaded a huge load deep into Tim's ass and flooded Tim Lust channel.

"That was by far the most awesome introduction to a new job I have ever had," Tom laughed at the still sitting on him Tim. "Oh, yes!" Tim said with a trembling voice as he slowly rose from Toms still stiff boner, "that's true."

Tim was now around the table on the Tom was still in the Spermasee and slowly he pulled the Tom still stuck in his double dildo out of your ass. Tom whimpered softly. "Now, if we would not have to prepare for the sale date, I would climb my black sperm mare again," laughed Tim.

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