Man for Man

A Matter of Honor


Jonathan crouched in the laurel thicket, his long Kentuckyrifle ready for any trouble, while he studied the narrow river infront of him intently. One end of a birchbark canoe lay smashedagainst some rocks near the far bank of the river, and a few minutesago he had seen a broken paddle go floating by. He knew what hadhappened, because he had seen the canoe over an hour ago a couplemiles upstream, with its lone Indian paddler apparently unaware ofthe falls in the river. Well, now the man knew -- the question waswhether he survived.


Jon stayed there for a full ten minutes, watching andlistening.But finally he began to move stealthily up the riverbank towards the falls. He made as little noise as possible, sincein this year of 1757 the man who lived the longest in the forest wasthe one who saw his enemy first. He had no way of knowing whatshape the paddler was in after going over the falls, nor whetherthere were any other Indians nearby, but he wasn't taking anychances.

In another 15 minutes he could hear the roaring of the falls,and he worked his way forward from tree to tree. He peered aroundthe next bend in the river -- and saw the Indian lying on a gravelshoal near the bank.

He stood there for several minutes, looking and listening.When he was sure there was no one else around, he went forwardquickly. He propped his rifle against a large tree and bentover the still form. He could see a long bloody gash on the man'sforehead, and his left forearm was broken and bent at an odd angle.He felt the man's neck -- it was warm and his pulse was weak,but he was still alive.

He squatted there, debating what he should do. He knew hecould splint the arm right there, but he would probably have tocarry the Indian back to his camp in order to nurse him back tohealth -- assuming he wasn't badly hurt internally.

Never one to hesitate when action was called for, he made hisdecision and quickly dropped the small pack from his back.Hepulled the Indian up onto the bank, and could see that he was young-- probably in his early twenties.He was wearing a buckskinbreechcloth and leggings, but no shirt, which meant that there wasprobably a small pack of clothing and supplies that had spilled outof the canoe. He was only about 5'10, and lean and supple, so hedidn't weigh more than about 160 pounds.

Working swiftly, Jonathan broke off a couple thick branches touse for splints. Not knowing any way to handle the problem easily,he held the man's upper arm down with his foot, grasped the wristand pulled sharply. He heard the bones grind a little, but the armstraightened out.So he took a leather thong from his pack, cut itinto two pieces with his hunting knife, and bound the splintstightly to the arm, to hold it in place. Then he wiped off thegash in the man's forehead, and was relieved to see the cut was notvery deep.

Now came the tough part -- getting him back to camp, which wasover two miles from here. Jonathan was tall -- almost 6'2 -- andlarge and well-muscled, from many years of living in the wilderness.He knew he could carry the man since he had carried deer that heavybefore, but he would just have to stop and rest from time to time.Besides, there was no other way to do it.

But first he took a couple strips of dried venison from hispack, and sat down and ate. As he chewed on the tough meat, heplotted out in his mind the easiest path back to camp.He gazed at the unconscious form of the Indian, who had thedark reddish-brown color typical of his race, and straight, darkhair. He had no paint on his face or body, so he was probably notwith a war party, which was good to know.

His limbs were slim but muscled, with noticeably long smooth legs.He had no hair on hischest -- just a slight trail down the center of his stomach where itdisappeared beneath his breechcloth. Except for the wound on hishead and a few bruises from the river, he was a good-looking youngman.

When Jonathan had finished eating, he drank deeply from theriver. Then he took his rifle and walked on up the river bank tothe falls.He managed to find the Indian's buckskin shirt, a soggyblanket, and a crude hunting knife. There might be a rifle aroundsomewhere, but he couldn't take time to look for it now. Hegathered up the things he had found and went back to where theIndian lay. These things he tucked back under a large rock awayfrom the river, along with his pack -- he could come back later andget them.

Finally he was ready. He placed his rifle where he could getit easily, and then lifted the Indian up and threw him across hisshoulder.Then he picked up the rifle and strode off through thewoods.


It was almost dark when Jonathan finally arrived at his smallcabin. He gently eased the unconcious man down to the ground andsat down to rest. He was weary from the long trek and sweatingprofusely, in spite of the lowering October temperature.But shortly he jumped to his feet and entered the cabin -- heneeded to get a fire started before it got dark and he could nolonger see. He pulled a small wad of tinder from a bark box in thecorner, and in the fireplace he built up a pile of dried twigs whichhe kept handy. He struck his flint and steel rapidly, and soon hada small flame started. He slowly added larger sticks till there wasa cheery blaze burning.

The light flickered on the walls of the small cabin. It wasonly about 10'x12', but it was adequate to his needs -- a place tosleep, room to store some supplies, and space for a pile of furswhich he would accumulate during the long winter months. It wasconstructed from posts stuck in the ground and tied together withvines, with slabs of bark woven into the walls and roof. There wasa small hole above the fireplace to let the smoke out, and adeerskin hung down over the only doorway. It was certainly nothingfancy, but it protected him from all but the worst weather -- and itwas "home".

He went outside and hauled in bigger chunks of wood for thefire, which was soon throwing off plenty of heat.Then he liftedthe Indian up and carried him inside, and laid him on the pile ofhemlock boughs Jonathan used for a bed.He placed his hand on the man's forehead, and could tell he wasfeverish -- he would need something to eat and some medicine, if hecould be made to swallow.

But first he decided he'd better get the Indian's soggy clothesoff -- he would never get warm with them on. The moccasins slippedoff easily. Then he untied the leather cord from the man's waist,which held up his leggings and breechcloth. The wet leatherleggings wanted to stick to his skin, but with some tugging theyeventually came off. Then he pulled the breechcloth from under theman's buttocks.

Jon looked down at the soft cock and the small patch of blackhair surrounding it, and was a little embarrassed at the man'snakedness.He realized that he had never before thought about whatan Indian would look like naked -- but it was obvious now that hewould have balls and a cock just like any other man. But finally hepulled himself away and hung the soggy clothes on pegs sticking outfrom the wall, where they would eventually dry.Jon kept only two cooking utensils in the cabin -- a small ironpot and an iron skillet. He took the pot now and made a coupletrips to the nearby spring, to fill up the small water barrel thatstood in one corner. Then he brought in three armloads of wood, sothat he was set for the night.

He hung the pot over the open fire with some water in it, andthrew in a few chunks of meat, a cut-up potato, and a couple Indianvegetables. Everything except the meat he had to use sparingly,since they couldn't be replaced before Spring; but tonight hethought he'd better make the stew especially rich, since his guestwould need it when he awoke.

Then he sat down cross-legged against one wall and lit up hispipe, to wait for the stew to cook. He stared at the still form onthe bed and wondered where he came from, and what he was doing inthis part of the country. His eyes slowly scanned the muscularfigure and saw that the man was sweating profusely. He didn't knowmuch about medicine, but he thought that was a good sign. Hewatched the Indian's chest rise and fall slowly, and admired thetight muscles in his abdomen. And then suddenly he realized that hewas wondering what that cock would look like when it was hard. Heblushed in the semi-darkness, but had to admit to himself that hewas curious about it.

When his pipe had burnt itself out, he took a wooden spoon andate some of the stew, and washed it down with a drink from thebarrel. He had a crude cup carved from a buffalo horn that he usedfor the purpose. Then he swung the pot away from the flames so thefood wouldn't burn -- he could heat it up later, whenever he wantedit.


He sat down again near the fire and began working on a pair of half-finished heavy moccasins that he would need in the comingwinter. After awhile he got up and put another log on the fire --and noticed that the sick man was now shivering uncontrollably, eventhough the cabin was very warm.Remembering something his mother had taught him, he kneltbeside the man and started to massage his limbs -- that was supposedto help his circulation and prevent the shivering. His strongfingers kneaded the flesh on one thigh and worked slowly down tothe ankle, and that seemed to help. So he did the other leg andboth arms. Then he massaged the man's muscular shoulders andchest, and down to his abdomen -- but he was careful not to touchthe hairy patch at his crotch.

When he finished, he could see that the shivering had slowedconsiderably, so he decided he'd better do it some more. But as hishands worked on the man's thigh again, he began to remember a timewhen, as a boy, he and his brother had been playing in the barn.They had been wrestling together in the hay mow, and had bothdeveloped hard-ons; and they shortly stripped naked and exploredeach other's body, and played with each other's cock. Theyeventually jerked each other off, their jizz spraying all overthe place from the intense excitement. They had both been prettyembarassed about it and never talked about it again, but Jon alwaysgot excited when he thought about that scene.And now, as his hands moved over the Indian's tight flesh, hefound that his cock was starting to get hard. He lifted his handsaway and stared at the man's dick, and felt he should stop -- butinstead his hands went back to the man's leg and began caressingthe skin. His fingers slid gently up the thigh, and he marveled athow soft and tender it felt. His hand brushed accidentally againstthe limp cock, and he pulled away as if he had been burned. He satthere and stared at the cock, wondering again what it would looklike when it was hard.

Then he screwed up his courage and ran his fingers through theblack crotch hair, noticing how stiff and coarse it was. He forcedhis hand down around the balls, and finally lifted the soft prick inhis palm. But he was sweating, and his own cock was throbbinginside his breechcloth.

He quickly stood up. This was too much! So he stepped outsideinto the cold night air and waited till he had cooled off.Then hewent back inside and covered the naked man with a blanket, so hewouldn't be tempted again.

An hour later he had finished one moccasin; so he put it away,and banked the fire for the night. Then he undressed and wrappedhimself in another blanket on the floor, and went to sleep.Sometime in the middle of the night he awoke and becameinstantly alert -- he had heard something. He listened intently,but all he could hear was the normal night sounds outside the cabin.But then the Indian groaned quietly, which must have been the noisethat woke him.

Jon sat up and looked over at the man on the bed, and could seethat the blanket had come partway off him. So he stood up andknocked up the fire, and put a few small sticks on it to give offsome light.

The man seemed to still be asleep, but he was tossingrestlessly and sweating heavily again. Jon brought over some waterand dribbled it onto the man's lips. His tongue came out and lickedat the water, so Jon gave him the rest of the water in the horn andhe swallowed it readily. He brought another cupful for him, andthen took an old shirt and wiped the sweat from the man's face.He knelt next to the bed and watched, but the Indianimmediately fell back asleep. Jon was naked in the cool night airand ready to get back into his own bed, but as he reached to adjustthe blanket over the man he noticed a distinct bulge at the man'scrotch. Still being curious, Jon lifted the blanket away and gazeddown at the man's naked body. In the flickering firelight he sawthe Indian's hard cock laying on his abdomen, pointed towards hisface.

Jon just stared -- it was beautiful! Not as thick as his own, but a good 8" in length. As he gazed at it, his own dick started tolengthen also, and his face grew hot. His hand began to strokehimself and his mouth became dry -- he just stared and stared. Hedidn't understand why this affected him so.His cock quickly extended to its full size and he caressed itroughly, loving the sensations in his gut -- he hadn't jerked off inat least two weeks. As he played with himself, his other handreached tentatively towards the Indian's stomach. His heart beatmadly as he rested his hand on the man's hard dick. He stopped andwatched -- but the Indian didn't move. He must be sound asleep.He really didn't know quite what to do, but his guts wereboiling and he knew he wouldn't last long. He ran his fingerseasily through the black hair and fondled the man's balls, as hestroked himself a little faster. He was breathing heavily, andtried to be quiet -- he certainly didn't want to wake the man.Then he wrapped his fist tightly around the Indian's hot cockand just squeezed it lightly. He held it there, gazing at the man'ssolid muscles, while the pressure built up in his loins. And thensuddenly, with a quiet groan, he came! His stomach tensed and hisjizz spurted out into the night air -- three, four, five times --and splashed onto the dirt floor! God! It was wild!!!He released his grip on the man's still-rigid cock and sat backon his heels, as he milked the last drops of come from his dick.Then he stood up and wiped his hand on the old shirt.He covered the Indian with the blanket and got back into hisown bedroll; but he lay awake for a long time, vividly picturing inhis mind the sight of the man's big prick and muscular body,wondering why he should be so excited by it. But finally he fellback asleep.


___Jon awoke early in the morning and dressed quickly. The Indianwas still sleeping, so he grabbed his rifle and slipped outside tomake his regular morning scout. He moved quietly through the woodsin a big circle around the cabin, looking for any sign that mightindicate the presence of strangers.In 30 minutes he was back at the cabin, satisfied that therewas nothing amiss. Inside he built up the fire and swung the potover it to heat up the stew.

He heard a slight noise, and turned to see the Indianstruggling to sit up. He went over and gently pushed the man backdown onto the bed. "Easy, fella', you've been hurt pretty bad."The Indian just glared up at him -- he probably didn'tunderstand English. So Jon tried speaking in the Seneca tongue, aswell as he could."My name is Jon. You've been hurt pretty bad."The man's eyes lit up a little, but he didn't reply. So Jonwent over to the water barrel and dipped out a horn of water andtook it back to the bed. He raised the man's head and helped himto drink."You need something to eat, and some medicine for thefever. I'll have it ready in a few minutes."He went over to the fire and dished out some of the stew onto awooden plate for himself. Then he selected a few dried herbshanging on the wall and dropped them into the remainder of the stew,and stirred it for a few minutes. When he thought it was ready, hetook the pot over next to the bed.He helped the man to sit up andfed him a small spoonful. He chewed and swallowed, and opened hismouth for more. But after a couple minutes the man took the spoonfrom Jon's hand and began to feed himself. So Jon sat there andwatched, while he ate, too.

When the pot was empty, the Indian said, "More water." So Jonfetched him another hornful. Then the Indian lay back and staredat the ceiling.

Jon took the pot and utensils out to the spring and rinsedthem off, and returned to the cabin. Then he filled his pipe andlit it from the fire, and sat against the wall and waited.After about tem minutes Jon spoke, "I saw your canoe headingdown the river, but I didn't know if you were aware of the falls ornot."

The Indian looked over at him. "No. This is a new placeto me."

They talked slowly for half an hour, struggling occasionallyover unfamiliar words. Jon learned that the man's name was Tayogaand that he was a Huron from north of Lake Erie. He was down hereexploring and hunting.

Jon explained how he had gone down to the river and pulled theman out, and brought him up to the cabin; and that he would go backlater today and bring back the equipment he had left there.But then Tayoga became drowsy from the medicine, and shortlyfell asleep. So Jon took his rifle and went back down to the river.He searched both banks of the river, but all he could find was theIndian's bow. So he pulled his pack on and gathered up the otherthings, and made his way back to camp.Since Tayoga was still sleeping, Jon ate some dried meat forlunch and went out to hunt. He shot a small deer near the top ofthe hill, and cleaned it and carried it back to the cabin.It wasalmost dark when he arrived, so he hung the carcass from a nearby tree, high enough so that wolves couldn't reach it. It would becold enough to keep through the night, and tomorrow he would cut itup and dry the meat over an open fire, so that it would last for thewinter.

When he finally went inside, Tayoga had his breechcloth andmoccasins on and was sitting in front of the fire, with a blanketdraped over his shoulders. He looked up at Jon and spoke, "Yousaved my life. Tayoga does not forget."Jon just smiled. "Glad I was handy."___

The next day was cloudy and chilly, and Jon spent the daytaking care of the fresh venison. Tayoga helped as well as he couldwith just one hand, but he tired easily and Jon made him lay downfor a while. He kept several chunks of the fresh meat to use overthe next few days, and dried the rest. The hide needed to bescraped and tanned, too, but that would have to wait. That nightthey dined on fresh venison.

The following day looked like an early snow might be coming,and Tayoga agreed. So Jon spent the day cutting and splittingfirewood, and stacking it near the cabin.He didn't like to becaught short in bad weather.


Sure enough, late in the afternoon the clouds opened up andthick flakes began to fall. It quickly coated the ground andstarted to pile up, but Jon knew that this time of year such a stormwouldn't last long. Still, he and Tayoga would be pretty muchconfined to the cabin for a couple days.That evening after supper the wind picked up and thetemperature dropped, and Jon was glad they were not stuck out in theopen somewhere. Tayoga was feeling much better, but his broken armwas very painful. He agreed that it would be several weeks beforehe would be able to paddle a canoe, and Jon told him he was welcometo stay as long as he liked. Tayoga didn't talk a lot, but theyseemed to get along fine, and he helped Jon whenever he could.___

Late in the evening they were sitting in front of the fire,side by side, listening to the storm outside. Tayoga was not verytalkative, but eventually they told each other about their earlierlives, and swapped ideas about hunting and living in the wilderness.Finally the talk died, and they just sat there looking into thefire. The cabin was quite warm, so they were wearing just theirbreechcloth and moccasins. Tayoga seemed lost in thought, buteventually he spoke, "Jon-a-than, I owe you much. What can I doto repay you?"

Jon looked over at him. "You don't owe me a thing, Tayoga.Just forget about it."

Tayoga stared into the fire."That is not the way of mypeople. It is a debt to be paid.""Ahh, forget it. Someday you may do me a favor."They were quiet for several minutes. Then Tayoga reached overand took Jon's hand, and placed it on his bare thigh. Jon wasshocked -- he almost couldn't breathe! The Indian's skin seemed tosear his flesh and he quickly pulled his hand away.Tayoga glanced at him. "Why do you pull away?"Jon couldn't look at him. "It's not right."Tayoga studied the flames for a few minutes and then spoke,"Among my people, the path of a man's life comes from his dreams.Hah-wey-ni-ho, our Great Spirit, sends the dreams to him, and thetribe's medicine man helps him to understand what they mean. Fiveyears ago I received my medicine dream, and I know that I am tofollow the Way Of The Loon."

Jon looked at him. "The Way Of The Loon?""Yes. I am to spend my life with a man, not with a woman."Jon swallowed deeply and looked back into the fire. Hewondered if that meant what he thought it did. "What does thatmean?"

"That I am to be the mate of a man, and share his life.""You mean that is permitted among your people?""Yes, if that is what my dream tells me. The whole tribeknows that I must follow what my dream says, and that isaccepted."

"Well, among white people such a thing is not allowed. It isconsidered sinful."

Tayoga thought about that for a bit."I do not understandthis sin.I have heard the Black Robes talk about it before.Hah-wey-ni-ho has given me this body, and I have learned many joyfulthings to do with it. How can such joy be bad? Why would he makesuch feelings possible and then tell me it is bad?"Jon had wondered about that himself, and was beginning to wishhe hadn't been so quick to pull his hand away. "I don't know,but that's what I was taught."

Tayoga looked into Jon's face, and let his hand rest on Jon'snaked thigh. "You have been good to me. The only thing I have togive back to you is myself, and I wish to do that. Is this bad?"Jon was embarrassed and confused. The more he thought aboutthe idea, the more it excited him.But it was wrong! Or at least,that was what he had always been taught. Now he wasn't so sure.But he didn't push Tayoga's hand away, and his dick was gettinghard.

After a few moments he replied, "No, it cannot be bad. Youdo me a great honor, Tayoga, but it just takes getting used to."They sat there for several minutes, staring into the flames.Then Tayoga began to softly caress Jon's thigh. Jon blushed in theflickering light, but his cock was hot and hard. He placed his handon top of Tayoga's, and pressed it tightly against his leg to keepit from moving. His mind struggled with his dilemma, but his bloodwas heating up and his heart was beating faster.Then Tayoga spoke again, "Jon-a-than, your mind struggleswith this question, but I think your spirit already knows theanswer. I have seen you looking at me, and I felt your hand on mybody the other night -- and I heard you when you came."Jon gasped quietly -- and then his muscles relaxed. "Ididn't know you were awake. I've been wondering ever since why Idid that, but now it looks like it was meant to be." He moved hishand over so it was resting on Tayoga's bare thigh, and looked intohis eyes. "But I've never done this before -- I don't know whatto do."


Taygoa looked back at him, "You do not have to know. Just dowhat I do -- or what your heart tells you to do."Then Tayoga stood up and put some more sticks on the fire, sothere was more light. He untied his waist strap and let hisbreechcloth drop to the floor, and stood naked in the flickeringfirelight, with his half-hard cock arching away from his muscledbody.

He reached his hand down to Jon, who took it and came to hisfeet. Tayoga reached over with his good hand and loosenedJon's strap, and his breechcloth fell to the floor also. Jon'sdick was hard and throbbing, and stood out proudly from his torso.Tayoga's hand caressed gently over Jon's stomach, and then took thehot cock into his hand. Jon closed his eyes and stood there, everymuscle tense, wondering what Tayoga would do -- but thrilling to thesensations.

Tayoga stroked the dick several times, and then ran his handthrough the surrounding hair and played with the balls hangingbelow; and he stroked the cock some more. Then he reached over andtook Jon's hand, and pulled it down so that it was resting on hisown prick.

Jon looked down at Tayoga's cock and caressed it, and watchedas it grew to it's full length. They stood there for severalminutes, playing with each other. Then Jon grew bolder and gave into his desires, and let his other hand slide over the Indian'staut skin -- across his chest and small nipples, down to his muscledabdomen, and finally around to his hairless ass cheeks. His mouthwas dry and his heart was pounding fiercely in his chest -- and heknew that he really wanted this.Then Tayoga stepped forward and put his good arm around Jon'sshoulders, and pulled their bodies together. Jon hesitated, butthen wrapped his arms around the Indian's body and they hugged.Their hard cocks were trapped between their bodies, and heat seemedto flow between them. Jon just closed his eyes and let his handsroam over the Indian's back and buttocks, enjoying the feel of thesmooth skin beneath his fingers.Finally Tayoga moved back and dropped to his knees, his facejust inches away from Jon's huge prick. Without hesitating, hethrust his face forward and took the dick into his mouth.Jon just looked down at him, shocked. Such an action hadnever occurred to him, and his stomach recoiled from the idea. Butthen the hot wetness around his cock worked its way into his guts,and he stood there with his eyes closed while the Indian began tosuck on him. He stroked it slowly and evenly, in and out -- inand out. Jon's blood boiled from the new sensations and he gaspedfor breath. God! He never knew it could feel this good!Tayoga reached around and grasped Jon's ass cheek, and pulledhis body closer, forcing the hot cock all the way into his mouth.Jon could feel the head of his dick striking the back of Tayoga'sthroat on every stroke. He could feel his balls tightening. Hewhispered hoarsely, "Damn, you'd better stop! I'm gonna come!"But Tayoga didn't stop -- he made his mouth tighter and strokedfaster, and squeezed and tugged at Jon's ass. Jon grabbed theIndian's head and thrust his hips into the steaming mouth. "YEAH!!NOW!! I'M GONNA COME!!!" And he did! He came -- and he came -- andhe came!!!He could feel Tayoga swallow, but he just kept stroking.And Jon spurted again and again!!!But finally, when Jon's cock started to soften, Tayoga stopped.He sucked the last drops of come from the tender cock head andlet it slip out. Jon looked down at Tayoga. "My God! That wasincredible!"

Tayoga smiled and licked his lips. "That is my gift to you.How can that be bad?"

Jon laughed, and pulled Tayoga up onto his feet and took him inhis arms.They just stood there for several minutes, resting.Eventually Jon pulled away, and began to stroke Tayoga'sstill-hard dick. He watched the Indian's body react for a fewmoments, and then looked up at him. "I guess you must have donethis before."

Tayoga smiled back at him. "Yes, I have had a good teacher.But I have still not found my life's partner. That is the primaryreason for my trip down to this country."As Jon continued to stroke Tayoga's cock, he stared at thesolid muscle with the dark veins wrapping around it. He ran hishand over the tender thighs, and caressed the balls, and stroked thebeautiful cock some more. His gut told him he wanted to taste it inhis mouth and feel the soft skin on his tongue, but his head stillstruggled with the idea. He licked his lips, and his heart beatfaster.


Tayoga seemed to know what Jon was feeling, and spoke softly,"Do not be afraid. Do whatever you want."Jon swallowed deeply and slowly sank to his knees. He heldthe throbbing prick in his hand and gazed at it, right in front ofhis face.But finally his tongue snaked out and licked tentativelyat the gleaming cock head. Tayoga didn't move -- he just stoodthere and watched.

Then Jon leaned forward and let the pink head slip into hismouth. He held it there and slid his tongue around it, enjoying thefeel of the velvety skin. His heart was pounding in his chest, andhis own dick began to lengthen again. Then he pushed his mouthforward and let the Indian's cock slide deeper into him. When thehead reached the back of his throat he started to gag, so he pulledback a little, surprised at that reaction.But then he started to stroke on it with his mouth, and watchedit sliding in and out in front of his face. He just closed his eyesand sucked it, for a long time.After several minutes, he could hear Tayoga's heavy breathingand could feel him thrusting a little. Jon opened his eyes, andcould see Tayoga's stomach muscles tightening. He remembered theway the Indian had done it, so he made his lips tighter and strokedfaster. Tayoga moaned quietly in his throat, and his hand camedown and ran through Jon's hair.Jon worked his head even faster -- he felt the cock headpulsing inside his mouth, and he knew Tayoga would come very soon.But then suddenly he got a little scared -- he was afraid of thetaste of the stuff in his mouth. So he quickly pulled his mouthoff and took the hot cock in his hand, stroking it as fast as hecould.

Tayoga groaned loudly and thrust forward with his hips -- andhe came!!! His jizz spurted forcefully and splashed right onJon's cheek! He spurted again and again, and the stuff sprayed allover Jon's chest!

Finally, when Tayoga stopped spurting, Jon stroked the hotdick a few more times and stopped. His own heart was throbbingpainfully in his chest and his prick was rock hard again.Jon looked up at Tayoga and smiled. Tayoga smiled back, "Thatwas good, Jon-a-than." Then he took his finger and wiped the globof come from Jon's face. He held the finger out towards Jon'smouth. "Here -- there is no taste to it." Jon hesitated, butthen sucked the finger into his mouth and licked it off. He wassurprised that it didn't taste bad at all -- next time he wouldknow.

___For the next couple hours they sat in front of the fire,sometimes talking and sometimes not. They were naked and sat withtheir legs touching, sharing a blanket wrapped around their backs toward off the stray drafts of cold air that occassionally snuckthrough the cabin walls. Jon quickly got over his reluctance totouch the man's skin, and let his arm drape down across Tayoga'sthigh.

Tayoga told Jon about his medicine dream and what it meant, anddescribed a few of his experiences with another man of his tribe whoalso followed the Way Of The Loon.Jon was shocked when he heardhow one man could fuck another; but after thinking about it he knewit could be done -- but he didn't see how it could ever be enjoyableto the one getting fucked.

Eventually Jon went outside to take a leak. He was stillnaked, and he felt that the temperature was below freezing. But thesnow had stopped falling and a fresh 3" layer of white coveredeverything. The clouds had blown away and a bright moon created aghostly aura about the clearing -- and it was beautiful!He turned back to the door of the cabin, "Tayoga. Come here."The Indian's muscular body showed briefly in the light at thedoorway, and then Tayoga stood naked next to him."Look. Isn'tthe sight magnificent?"

Tayoga quietly surveyed the scene and nodded. "Hah-wey-ni-hoprovides us with many pleasures in this world." They stoodtogether silently for a couple minutes, and then Tayoga looked intoJon's eyes. "You are a good man, Jon-a-than. You are not likethe other white men I have met. The spirit of the forest dwellsinside you, and that is good."

But shortly the cold began to penetrate Jon's body and he ledthe way back into the cabin. They went over to the fire to warm up,and Jon put some more logs on it. "You should sleep in your bedtonight," Tayoga said, "I can sleep on the floor. This is yourhome."


Jon stared into the fire for a few moments, and then put hisarm around Tayoga's shoulder. His heart fluttered briefly as hereplied, "Why can't we both sleep in the bed?"Tayoga smiled easily at him."I would like that very much,but it was not my place to ask."Tayoga banked the fire for the night while Jon spread thehemlock boughs out to make a little more room. Then he spread ablanket on the bed and they both lay down, and pulled anotherblanket part-way over them.

After a few minutes Jon rolled over on his side facing Tayogaand let his hand rest on the Indian's stomach. Tayoga responded by laying his hand on Jon's thigh. Jon caressed the smooth muscles fora while and let his hand drift down to Tayoga's prick -- and hefound it had started to grow again. So he ran his fingers throughthe coarse hair and down over the tender thigh, and then wrapped hishand around the hardening cock. He smiled, "You may have startedsomething, my friend. I'm finding I enjoy playing with your body."Tayoga looked back at him. "That is good. I have offered mybody to you hoping you would like it, for I enjoy it, too."Jon stroked the man's dick, and then on an impulse leaned downand kissed him on the lips. Tayoga just looked blankly at him anddid not respond, so Jon asked, "Don't Indian's kiss?""Was that a kiss?"

Jon chuckled. "Yes. Do it like this." And he leaned downand kissed Tayoga again, long and slow. The Indian pursed hislips, trying to copy Jon, and kissed him back. Then Jon pulled up."White people do it all the time, when they want to show they careabout someone."

"I think it is good, but I will have to learn how." He liftedhis lips up to Jon and they kissed again, and Jon continued to playwith Tayoga's dick.

When they broke apart, Jon smiled, "But of course you are onlysupposed to do it with a woman.""I think I would rather do it with you." They both laughed.Then Jon pushed the blanket back, and leaned down and tookTayoga's hard cock into his mouth. He was no longer nervous aboutit, and began to suck on it -- up and down -- up and down. Hetried to concentrate on what he was doing, making his lips tightand taking as much as he could in his mouth. Tayoga just lay thereenjoying the sensations, his abdomen tightening and thrustingslightly.

After several minutes Tayoga lifted Jon's head away and lookedinto his eyes. "Jon-a-than, I would like you inside of me -- allthe way."

Jon swallowed and looked back at him for a minute. "You wantme to fuck you?"

"Yes.""But won't it hurt?"

"Do you have some grease that you use for cooking?""Yes, in a can by the fireplace.""If you put some on your finger and use it first, that makes itmuch easier."

Jon stroked Tayoga's dick slowly as he thought about it -- hehad never even fucked a woman before. But he knew he could dothis, and his churning guts told him that he wanted to.Finally he threw the blanket off and went to get the can ofgrease. Tayoga rolled over on his stomach and spread his legs, andJon came back and knelt between them. He scooped a little grease onhis finger, and spread the muscular ass cheeks with his other handso he could see. Then he slowly slid his finger into the puckeredasshole. Tayoga lifted his ass a little as he felt the intrusion.When Jon let his finger slide out, Tayoga turned to look backat him and said, "Put some on your cock, too." So Jon took some moreand smeared it liberally over his hot prick. Then Tayoga lifted hisass up in the air a little, and Jon moved closer till his throbbingcock was positioned right at the puckered hole. Holding his dick toguide it, Jon pushed against the sphincter -- but it didn't want togo in.

Tayoga lifted his head. "Go ahead -- push it."So Jon leaned forward and pushed harder, and after a moment ofhesitation the head popped in. Tayoga just said, "Push it --farther." Jon shoved harder, and Tayoga pushed back at the sametime -- and Jon's prick slowly buried itself into Tayoga's ass.When his pubic hair was flattened against the Indian's asscheeks, Jon stopped. His breath gasped -- it was so hot andtight!! He was afraid he would come right away, so he just held itthere for several moments till his blood cooled a little.But finally he leaned forward on his hands and started tostroke his big cock into the man's ass -- in and out -- in and out-- slowly and evenly. Tayoga groaned at first, but then his asswas lifting and thrusting back to meet Jon's strokes.The sweat began to roll down Jon's sides. "God, Tayoga, thisis fantastic!"

"Do it harder!"So Jon pushed roughly each time, and felt his abdomen crushagainst the quivering ass cheeks. He thrust and he thrust -- hecould see Tayoga's head forced down into the bed on every stroke.He watched as his throbbing cock slid into Tayoga's ass, and thehairless ass cheeks flattened against his stomach.The heatsurrounding his dick made his blood boil, and the sensations creptdown into his balls! He stroked harder, slamming into Tayoga's ass!He was afraid he might be hurting the man, but Tayoga just groanedin his throat and kept pushing back to meet the thrusts.Jon tried to hold back -- but he couldn't! "I"M GONNACOME!!!" Faster and harder -- and he came!!! His jizz spurtedinto the flaming asshole -- again and again!! Tayoga groanedlouder, and took it all!

But finally Jon stopped, exhausted and breathing heavily. Helowered himself down onto Tayoga's back, not wanting his cock toslip out, and they settled down onto the bed. The sweat from Jon'sbody dripped down onto Tayoga's back, and they just lay there andrested.

After several minutes Jon felt his prick softening, so he letit slip out, and then he rolled off Tayoga onto the bed. Tayogaturned towards him and let his arm rest on Jon's chest. Jon kissedthe man gently. "God, Tayoga, I didn't know it could be thatgreat!" The Indian just smiled back at him.They lay there for a while, and then Jon realized that Tayoga'sdick was still hard and pressing against his leg. He reached downand grasped it, and squeezed it gently. Tayoga twisted his hips alittle so his cock was more readily available, and Jon beganstroking it with his hand.He thought briefly about offering to letTayoga fuck him, but decided he wasn't ready for that yet.He looked into Tayoga's eyes. "It's your turn, my friend.How do you want to do it?"

Tayoga thought for a minute. "Get up here and put your prickin my mouth. I will do it." So Tayoga rolled over onto his back,and Jon got up on his knees with his soft dick in front of theIndian's face. He leaned forward on his hands and Tayoga took thebig cock into his mouth. Tayoga's tongue started to work on thedick while he began to stroke himself. Jon just held his body stilland watched.

It didn't take long. Tayoga's muscles strained as he beat hiscock. His legs spread a little and his toes pointed as he felt thesensations building. Jon felt his dick begin to lengthen a littleas he watched, so he started stroking easily into the hot mouth.Tayoga stiffened and groaned in his throat -- and he came!! Hisjizz sprayed across his chest and stomach!When Tayoga finally stopped shooting, Jon pulled out and laydown beside the man. Tayoga just smiled, and rubbed his come intothe flesh on his stomach.

After a bit the chill in the air began to creep into Jon'sbody, so he reached down and pulled the fallen blanket up over them.He rested his arm across Tayoga's chest and kissed him. "Thankyou, Tayoga, for a wonderful gift."Tayoga kissed him back. "That is what I wished."As Jon began to drift off to sleep, he wondered what it wouldbe like if he and Tayoga could live together -- permanently.

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