Man for Man

A Lot to Catch Up On


When we were little kids, my brother Mike and I were inseparable. We did everything together. But as we got older, I guess we drifted apart. We were just going in different directions--while he spent summertime swimming and practicing for track tryouts, I liked to work on my car or sit in the shade under a tree, writing. Because we were doing such different things, we spent less and less time together, so when I first heard what my mom had planned for us, I was nervous.


It was the evening of the first day of summer vacation and I'd just gotten back from cruising around in my new Toyota Camry. Yeah, so maybe it isn't the kind of car that every seventeen year-old boy dreams of, but I never claimed to be like anyone else. To me, the Camry has it all. Kinda trendy, kinda high-class, kinda eccentric. Just like me. My family was big into cars, so for my seventeenth birthday my parents bought me my car. The novelty of it hadn't worn off yet, and I was offering to give everyone a ride.

Getting out of my car, I made a big show of locking it with the keyless entry remote. Yes, I was showing off. I'll admit it! But the stupid neighbor boy and a bunch of his friends were sitting in his old, rusted Ford Escort, trying to blast their music with blown stereo speakers, and I just had to snub them, if only a little bit. I went inside and bounded up the stairs to my room, shutting the door behind me. When I'd went out earlier, I hadn't thought of how hot it was going to get, so I stripped out of the black, ribbed shirt and cargo pants that I was wearing and stood, looking at myself in the mirror.

I used to have a thing about my own appearance. Last summer, I'd hated the way I looked. Everyone told me I looked fine, but I needed to feel better about myself, so I started working out. Not too much, though, because the last thing I'd want to be was an Arnold look-alike. My arms were toned, my chest was smooth, and I'd even managed to get a tan. Some people don't realize how hard it is for redheads to get a tan, but it's kinda like going to the Gap and finding the perfect shirt in your size on the bargain rack. In other words, it doesn't happen very often.

I leaned in closer, studying my face in the mirror. My red hair was spiked up in the front, and I could even see the few streaks of blond where my natural highlights were showing up because of the summer sun. My long eyelashes and the splash of freckles across my cheeks and the bridge of my nose gave me a boyish quality that I really liked. Unlike most redheads, though, my eyes aren't green--they're brown. Really dark brown, almost black. Everyone tells me they're sexy, so I guess they can't all be wrong. But I try not to think about things like that much, because the last thing I want to be is conceited.

"Sean!" came a voice from the hallway. It was my mom.

"Just a minute," I called back, and pulled on a pair of slightly baggy, white cargo pants and a tight, navy blue tank-top. Going back downstairs, I found my mom in the kitchen. Multi-tasking is my mother's religion--I guess that's what you get when you're principal of an elementary school, mother of two active boys, a fitness nut and on just about every committee in town. At the moment, she was doing her hair, making lasagna, and writing and end-of-year newsletter for the teachers at school. Anyone else would probably have messed it all up horribly, but she always managed to pull off things like that.

"I have a favor to ask of you," she said, not looking up from her paper.

I sat down on one of the stools at the cooking island in the center of the kitchen. "What's up, mom?"

"Well...would you be terribly disappointed if your father and I just sent you and Mike up to the cottage to open the place up for the summer by yourselves? You two are old enough now that if you use common sense and don't do anything stupid, you should be allowed to stay on your own."

I got this feeling in the pit of my stomach, and was surprised by what I was thinking. For some reason that I could never put my finger on, I had always wanted time alone with Mike. I told myself it was because we had a lot of catching up to do, since we hadn't spent a lot of time together lately.

"Um...where would you guys be?" I asked.

She opened the oven door with her left hand and then placed the tray of lasagna in while she was still writing with her right hand. Sometimes she still amazed even me.

"'s our twentieth anniversary next month, and we thought we'd celebrate early... I'm going to surprise your father with a trip to San Diego. He's always wanted to go there...we figured we'd spend the first month out there..." here she paused, and looked at me for the first time, "that is, if you think that you and Mike can handle it..."


"Oh, I'm sure we'll be fine," I said.

She smiled. "Great. Why don't you go tell your brother? He's out in the pool."

I nodded and left the kitchen, heading down the hallway to the pair of sliding glass doors that led to the patio. Beyond that, around a corner, was the pool. We'd had a normal-looking above-ground pool before Mike really got interested in swimming, but my parents decided to reward him, and last year we'd had a new, Olympic-sized, in-ground pool installed. Mike had been thrilled.

He was floating there in the water when I approached, looking up at the sky. Mike was always fascinated by the sky. As little kids we would always lie next to each other in the grass, looking up at the clouds for hours.

He glanced in my direction, then stood up. He was wearing a pair of yellow swim trunks, which went perfect with his complexion. I look like my mom's side of the family, but Mike looks like our dad. His dark brown hair looked good even wet and messed-up, which didn't seem fair because I spent nearly an hour every morning trying to make my hair look half as good. Though it was early in the summer, he had a great tan. His eyebrows were just a little bit thicker than mine, dominant-looking and sexy, and his eyes, which were just as dark as mine, had these shimmers in them that made my heart stop for a moment.

Wait...what was I thinking? This was my little brother! Okay, maybe little wasn't the word, since he was just as tall as I was, and a little bit more muscular. He was a few months shy of sixteen but he could have passed for a few years older than that. He grinned at me, and I started to feel my face getting hot. Luckily it was starting to get dark out, so I don't think he noticed that I was blushing. I walked over and sat down on the edge of the pool.

"Hey Sean," he said in that voice of his. Then he grinned at me. Was he TRYING to tease me?

"Hey," I said back. "So, did mom tell you about her plan?"

He swam over to the edge of the pool so that his face was only a few feet away from mine. I wondered why I'd never realized how gorgeous he was. I sighed inwardly, thinking that it wouldn't be long before there were eight hundred giggling ditzy girls calling at all hours of the night, asking to speak to him.

"Nope, she didn't," he said, still grinning. "What's up?"

Taking a deep breath, I told him about the plans for the next month. His eyes widened, as did his grin. "Are you serious? You and me, alone, at the cottage?"

I couldn't tell whether he was looking forward to it or not. Suddenly, though, I knew I would enjoy it. "Well...yeah..."

"That's awesome! We'll have so much fun. We have a lot to catch up on," he said, and winked at me. "Tell mom I'll be inside in fifteen minutes...I need to swim a few more laps."

That wink was all I thought about for the rest of the night. I'm sure he had meant it in one way, and that I'd interpreted it in a totally different way, but I didn't care. I could dream, couldn't I?

And damn...did I ever dream that night. Since Mike and I had agreed to leave early in the morning, I'd went to bed early. I just kept picturing his body, and what it would feel like to run the tips of my fingers along his jawline, or to run the back of my hand across those perfectly toned abs of his. I guess I should have felt guilty, but I didn't. When my alarm went off at four the next morning, I was as hard as a rock. Well...probably even harder than that. I'd been so busy lately with other things that I'd forgotten about my sex drive. But now it was back, and in overtime. I could hear the shower running in the bathroom next to my bedroom, and I knew that Mike was already up. I didn't want him to walk in on me with my hardon in plain sight, so I decided to walk around naked, packing my things, until it got soft again.

I should have known that that didn't happen! Finally, fed up with waiting, I put on a pair of boxers and tucked the head behind the elastic waistband. I threw on a baggy t-shirt, and looked in the mirror. It did a pretty decent job of hiding my six and a half inches.


Just as I was about to leave my room, the door opened quietly and Mike came in, dripping wet, nothing but a towel around his waist. "Good morning! I just wanted to see if you were up."

Oh, I'm UP all right, I thought, but I didn't say anything. Mike jumped up and down in the air like a little kid on Christmas morning. "Man, this is gonna be so great! I can't wait to get up to the're gonna have to go swimming with me, Sean."

"Of course," I told him, "but it'll probably take all day before we get the cottage cleaned up. We'll have to take the covers off all of the furniture and rearrange stuff..."

"That's even better! Then we'll be all sweaty and the lake will feel even better." With that, he hurried out of the room to go get dressed. For a moment, I wondered if he had been holding the towel directly in front of his cock just out of modesty, or could it have been for another reason?

I was worried that we wouldn't have anything to talk about on the drive up to the cottage, but the three hours passed like they were three minutes. We discovered that we had the same tastes in music, so we blasted the stereo as we left everyone else in the dust behind us. We'd left our house at about five, and we got to the cottage at eight.

Our cottage is one of those places out of a movie. Usually when people think of a "cottage," they think of a little cabin or something. Wrong! Ours is huge, and it sits on the edge of a private lake. There are only ten or twenty other houses on the lake, but our property is the most secluded. I drove the Camry right up to the front porch so that we could unload our stuff easier.

Mike jumped out first, and said, "Looks like the lawn needs to be mowed already!"

"Yeah," I said as I joined him. He looked good enough to eat in those khaki shorts and a polo shirt with little red, white, and blue stripes. "Looks like we've got a lot of work to do."

"No--you've got a lot of work to do," he said. "I'll sit on the porch and relax, and then when mom and dad get here next month, I'll take the credit for everything."

I rolled my eyes. "Fuck you."

He grinned. "Don't you wish," he said, and sauntered up to the front door. My mouth hung open like a cartoon character. Was I dreaming??

"Come on," Mike said impatiently. "You've got the keys!"

"Oh--yeah." I fumbled in my pocket, pulled out the keys, and tossed them to him. He caught them, found the right one, and opened the door. "Coming?" he asked, and disappeared inside. I still couldn't believe this! Still convinced that I was reading into the situation too much, I followed him inside.

It took us most of the day to get everything set up inside. Our mom is particular about dust covers and all that stuff--so everything had to be uncovered, unwrapped, and aired out. We'd packed sandwiches that morning, so we collapsed on one of the couches in the living room, eating. Out of breath, Mike leaned his head on my shoulder. The feel of his hot breath against the side of my face made me rise to attention in less than a second. Not wanting to pull away, but not wanting him to see how hard I was, I was trapped. Reluctantly I pulled away.

"Jeez," Mike complained, "you aren't even a decent pillow. Will you sit still?"

He might have meant to try to lay his head on my shoulder again, or maybe he was aiming elsewhere--I didn't know and I didn't care. Somehow or other, the next thing I knew, his head was in my lap and he was looking up into my eyes, that grin still on his face. I was in heaven. There was no way he couldn't notice how aroused I was. I waited for him to say something about it, but he didn't. He just looked at me, grinning. I shivered, but it was a good shiver.

"I'm glad we get to spend this time together," he said. "I think we're gonna have a lot of fun."

I couldn't find my voice. Clearing my throat, I managed to say, "Um...yeah. We sure will."

Without warning, he got up. It was silly, but I felt this sense of loss. He headed for the stairs, saying something about the last one to be in the lake was a rotten egg. By the time I'd gotten my swimsuit on, he was already out on the dock and diving into the lake. Following his lead, I ran across the front yard and out onto the little wooden dock. Mike was out aways from shore, treading water so that only his shoulders were visible above the water. "Come on in, Sean!" he taunted me.


I loved swimming in the lake, but it was early in the season, and I hated really cold water. "How cold is it?" I asked him.

"It's really warm for this time of year!" he said. "I was so surprised."

I shrugged, took a step backwards, and did a cannonball into the water. I don't know why I believed him--the water was as cold as ice. As I resurfaced, I heard him laughing, and I splashed water at him. "Damn you! That wasn't funny!"

Mike was beside himself, laughing. "Oh yeah it was! You fell for it, all right!"

"Mike," I said angrily. "It really wasn't funny."

He did his best puppy-dog face. It made me melt inside. "Aw, come on, Sean. I had to do it. You look so adorable dripping wet."

I froze, not sure what to say. "Um...right."

Mike rolled his eyes. "You gotta loosen up! Come on, swim some laps with me."

Swimming wasn't really my thing, but I desperately wanted Mike's attention. Luckily, I was saved--after swimming just one lap, there was a rumble of thunder overhead. Glancing over at me, Mike said, "Looks like it's gonna rain...we should get out of the lake!"

"Excuse me?" I said in mock annoyance. "Mom left ME in charge, not YOU."

He laughed. "Yeah. Whatever." Putting his arm around my shoulder, he steered us both in the direction of the shore. "I'm beat, anyway. I can't wait to get to bed."

When we got back inside, he said, "I'm gonna take a shower," and bounded upstairs without waiting for a reply. The sky seemed to be getting darker every second so I went around the downstairs floor, turning on the lights in every room. I was still dripping wet and hoped that Mike wouldn't take too long in the shower. I was horny, and...

...with a start, I wondered if Mike ever jacked off in the shower. Well, of course he did, he was a healthy fifteen year-old, wasn't he? Still...I didn't even realize what my intentions were until I was halfway up the stairs. With each step, I was getting harder and harder. I had some fake story cooked up about just needing to get my toothbrush out of the bathroom, but it turns out I didn't need it, because as I passed the door to his bedroom, I heard a soft moan.

My swim trunks were even more uncomfortable now--but looking down I saw a darker stain on the front than what was from the water. Great. The only think I needed was for Mike to see the spot of precum on my trunks. I'd have a lot of explaining to do then!

The door was open a few inches, and gathering my courage, I peeked in. Mike was naked, on his bed, with his back to me. He was stroking himself furiously, but I was missing the show from this angle! If only I--

Mike turned around at once when I pushed the door open. I didn't think it would make any noise, but I'd forgotten that the one hinge on his door always squeaked. His face was pale, like he'd been caught doing something much worse than masturbating. "Sean!" he said, and bit his lip, looking uncomfortable.

Try as I might, I couldn't keep my eyes on his face. Besides the one time when I was twelve and we had been comparing our cock sizes, I hadn't seen that. Even though he'd pretty much gone soft from the shock of me coming into the room, the boy was huge. I thought I was pretty good-sized, but my little brother had me beat easily! We were about the same length, both uncut, but his was a lot wider around than mine. My cock was as hard as ever, making a huge tent in the swim trunks.

Mike started to say something, then closed his mouth. He cleared his throat, and tried again. "Um..." Then I saw his eyes trail downward.

"Mike, I can explain, really, I--"

And then he burst out laughing. "Oh my God!"

I blinked. "...What?"

"You're hard!" he said. For some reason, he was acting like it was the funniest thing he'd heard all year. I felt myself blushing furiously. As his laughter trailed off, he looked again at the tent in my shorts. Amazingly, his own cock started to get bigger. And jeez, I thought it was big at first!

The wind howled outside the open window. Mike rose with one fluid movement, shut the window, and then turned to face me. "Holy shit," he said, more to himself than to me, "you're hard."


I still wasn't sure what to do, but he didn't look like he was upset that I was hard! He took a step towards me, his hardness sticking straight out at me. Not being able to stand it anymore, I unconsciously moved my hand to my own hardon, stroking it through the fabric of the swim trunks. Mike came even closer.

When he spoke, his voice was barely above a whisper and it made me shiver. "No, no, no. Take those'll feel much better that way."

I was dumbfounded. The most I could manage was "Huh?"

Laughing quietly, he shook his head and put a finger to his lips. His hands were so perfect, strong-looking yet soft, and his wrists seemed like works of art in their own right. He had just enough hair in the right places to be sexy--not too much, not too little. I imagined what it would be like to run my fingers over the tiny hairs on his arm, and realized too late that I was doing more than just daydreaming--I was actually doing it. Mike drew in his breath sharply, and his grin widened. "Jeez. Who would have known..."

"Mike, I don't understand--"

He looked into my eyes. "Are you saying that I'm the only horny one here?" He reached down and cupped my hardon through the fabric of the swim trunks. "`Cause THIS is telling me something different."

I swallowed hard, my head spinning.

Mike laughed. "I thought so! Here." And then he was sliding the swim trunks down around my waist, and I was naked. "Sean, you're freezing!"

"Well YOU took so long in the shower," I said jokingly.

"Aww, poor baby. I'll just have to make up for it. Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to have someone else...jerk you off?"

"Of course," I said defensively. "Who hasn't?"

" you wanna find out?"

I didn't reply, but instead I boldly reached down and slid my hand down his hardon. With the other hand I reached underneath his balls and pushed up. Judging my the noises he was making, I was doing something right. "Sean..."

"Lie down on the bed," I whispered in his ear. Curling up next to him, I started stroking him again.

"Ahh...fuck...oh Sean, that feels so good..."

"Good," I said back. With my free hand I started stroking myself, but when Mike saw what I was doing he said, "No--let ME."

When he wrapped his hand around me, it was like the feeling you get when you're riding a roller coaster. His grip was a little bit tighter than what I used on myself, but I didn't heart was racing so fast that anything would have felt good.

I looked down, surprised at the amount of precum on his head. Without thinking, I reached down and licked it off. Mike about jumped out of his skin, bucking backwards, his breathing even more ragged. " it again..."

He moved his arm so that he could still stroke me, and I liked the tip of his huge cock again. I don't know which aroused me more--the taste, or the sound that he made every time I licked him. I'd never really given anyone a blowjob before--sure, I'd read about it lots of times but that isn't really the same thing--but I took him into my mouth as far as I could go. He bucked backwards again, and his grip on my hardon tightened. I felt my balls start to tighten, and I struggled to hang on. How could I tell my brother I was about to cum when my mouth was full?

I moved my lips along the length of him, up and down, while struggling not to cum. I didn't want to make a mess everywhere, but Mike didn't let up, and he started stroking faster and faster. His other hand was clenched in a fist, and he closed his eyes. Gasping for breath, he said, "Sean...Sean...I-I'm gonna cum!"

No sooner did he say that then he rammed his cock deep into my mouth, and I struggled to control my gag reflex. He thrust in again just as I finally let loose. I don't think I had ever cum that much--I heard the first two shots hit Mike's bare skin, and I kept pumping, just as he shot his hot load into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, but he came even more than me, I lost count after six shots, but I was still sucking. I guess I got a little carried away because he started giggling and said, "Ahh! That tickles!"

Getting the hint, I finally stopped. Mike flopped backwards onto the bed, out of breath and exhausted. I collapsed on top of him, awestruck at what had just happened. I lay my head on his chest, and he traced a circle on the back of my head, playing with my hair. He sighed contentedly. "That...was JUST what I needed."

"Just what YOU needed?" I asked. " have no idea."

As I was drifting off to sleep, I heard him say, "This is gonna be one interesting summer..." and then I was gone. I didn't dream--which was good, since no dream could have been better than what had just taken place.

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