Man for Man

A Little Guy Time


Our wives had gone off on a weekend shopping trip and Bill invited me to spend the night at their place, go to dinner, a movie, whatever. Sounded like a good idea to me. I looked forward to a guy's night together. We were brother-in-laws and I'd always been kinda interested in him if you know what I mean. Bill was a `straight' cocky guy, an only child that always got his way, and seemed to end up on top in most all of life's situations. There had always been an undertone of sexual flirting between us masked in jokes. In some ways it was like the joking most guys do, but I always sensed there was something more there, something sexual. I'd fantasized about taking him, seeing him naked, sucking his cock, but knew better than to ever take that first and all. He'd once shared an intimate moment he'd had with a guy once who was giving him a massage. I don't think they ever took it farther than a touch or two and I knew he harbored a sense of guilt about the experience. I certainly didn't think he was into guys at all, but had always hoped and fantasized about what it would be like to get in his pants. And I don't think it was just lust, but a desire to take the emotional relationship farther. Of course my private passion for cock was a deep dark secret that I'd not shared with him or anyone else in the family.


He showed me to my bedroom for the night and I threw my bag on the bed.

"Hope it's comfortable for you," he commented. "Bed doesn't get much action if you know what I mean. Too bad you're sleeping alone."

"You mean you're not going to join me," I asked with a laugh.

"You couldn't handle it," he mocked.

"Bet I could," I continued.

"You didn't forget you PJ's, did you," he went on, changing the subject.

"Never wear em," I returned. "Naked is the only way to sleep."

"Brave boy," he replied. "I'll have to keep my camera ready."

I laughed.

We went out for dinner and a movie and returning home, he handed me a beer from the family room fridge. I thanked him and we sat as he flicked through the television channels.

"What no porn since the girls are out," I asked.

"Damn," he replied. "I should have picked something up."

"Yah" I chastised, "You should have. Now what are we going to do?"

"Well," Bill continued. "Guess it's every man for himself."

After a couple more beers, we decided to hit the sack. I bid him goodnight and went to my room next to his. I left the door cracked as I began stripping off my clothes. I was folding my pants and laying them across the dresser, standing naked.

"Nice view," Bill said, as I jumped, surprised at him standing in the doorway. He had pushed the door open and stood staring, wearing only his jockeys.

"Very funny," I replied, not covering myself or moving out of his view. "Aren't you a little overdressed?"

I thought about asking him if he'd come to kiss me goodnight, but knew it would be going a little too far. He laughed as I checked out the bulge in his shorts. Neither of us said anything, just stared at each other waiting for the next move. After a couple seconds, I reached down and adjusted my cock that was starting to respond to being watched. He didn't take his eyes off my dick, watching it grow slightly. Then he nonchalantly reached down and adjusted his own package.

"Just wanted to make sure you were set before I turned in. Want me to bring you another beer," he asked, stalling. I wondered.

"Sure," I said, not wanting to end the possiBillities.

I sat on the bed, on top of the spread. He quickly returned handing me the beer. I took it from him, my cock semi-hard now.

"So," he stuttered, studying my dick, "I see you shave your balls and trim your pubic hair."

"Yes," I replied, "I like it neat and nothing like the feel of shaved balls. Wish I could check yours out. No fare. Why don't you get rid of those shorts and show me what you've got."

He laughed and slowly with hesitation raised his hands to the sides of his shorts and watching me, slid them down below his hips.

He did have a very nice uncut thick cock much bigger than I'd imagined, big balls. I smiled and could tell from the look on his face he wasn't at all comfortable with us doing this.

"Oh yah," I commented, "nice, very nice. Damn, you're bigger than me."

He didn't respond, just stood, obviously uncomfortable.

In my mind, it wasn't the cold beer that was swirling down my throat, it was his cum and his hot dick fucking my mouth. I knew I should be thinking of something else, I knew my cock was heading toward a full-blown hardon, but I couldn't help it. Nor did I want to hide it.

"So, is the bed okay," he asked. Was he still stalling?

"Not bad, a little too soft, but okay," I answered not knowing where to take it from here.

"I've got one of those orthopedic beds that electronically adjusts to your body," he went on. "Really nice."

"I should try that out," I continued, still hoping, knowing I really couldn't be more obvious.

"Come on over," he offered. "Give it a roll."

"Okay," I jumped. "Let me slip on some shorts."

"Don't bother," he quickly replied before thinking.

He pulled his jockeys back up, turned, and left. I jumped out of bed and followed him out the door.

Once in his room, he got in under the spread and slid to the opposite side. I followed suit jumping in beside him. I lay back, arms behind my head, closed my eyes and gave out a little moan.

"Nice," was all I said. He was as far over in the bed as possible without falling out.


"So you want it hard or soft," he laughed holding the bed control.

"Definitely hard," I replied as I gave my cock a squeeze. "The only way to take it. Never hard enough."

He laughed as he looked down at my semi-hard cock. I flexed it a couple times to keep his interest. In my mind I kept debating the next move. Should I? Or would it explode in a total disaster? I wanted to, I needed to, but he was my brother-in-law, my wife's sister's husband. What if he did and then couldn't handle it?

"Yah, this is great," I continued, moving my hips back and forth on the firm form-fitting contours of the mattress. I let my left leg bump against his under the covers and left it there running my toes along his leg. "Man if the girls saw us now, this would be hard to explain. Better go, I'm dead tired and need to sleep."

It was now or never. There wouldn't be another opportunity like this.

I waited; he said nothing, just kept looking at me.

I looked at the door, back at him, thinking.

"Look," I finally said in a serious tone, "I don't want to leave. I wanna play if you're up for it and by the look of those shorts, you ARE up for it. I know this is weird, and if you're not interested we can forget I ever said anything, but I want to and if you're willing to give it a go, I'll make sure you don't regret it, make sure you enjoy it."

I waited as the hour-long seconds ticked by.

And then, just as I began to slide out of his bed to go back to my room, he reached over and grabbed my arm. My heart leapt as well as my dick. I took that as a `yes' and sighed. He was mine. I lay back down beside him.

"I know this is difficult for you," I went on encouraging him. "Just tell me what you'd like to try and I'll do it for you. It's all up to you. A hand-job, a blow-job, a fuck -- the choice is yours. You can participate or just lie back and tell me what to do. And you don't even have to return the favor. How many times have you had an offer like that?"

I know that Bill always liked having the upper hand, liked being in control and me surrendering sexual supremacy would be a real incentive for him. He stammered for a minute, thinking, as I hoped he wasn't having second thoughts.

"You'd actually give me a blow-job?" He asked.

"Sure would and you'd love it," I beamed.

"You've really done this before," he asked.

"A couple times," I quickly replied. If he only knew how many cocks I'd sucked.

"Dorothy has never, she wouldn't, I stopped asking her many years ago," he stammered.

"Do you want the light off or on, eyes open or closed? You can imagine I'm some hot blond chick if it helps."

"Leave it on," he confessed. "I want to watch you do it if that's okay."

I threw the covers off the bed and crawled down to the foot pushing his legs apart. I watched his face, a look of fear and yet a pleading desire for me to continue. I reached up and grabbing the waistband of his jockeys, I pulled them down as he lifted his butt, surrendering. I pulled them off and threw them over my shoulder.

As I began to run my hands over his feet and up his legs, I watched his cock twitch in anticipation. He kept his eyes on me, unsure yet needing it. I slowly ran my hands up his shins and over his knees. I pressed my fingertips into his skin, running my fingers hard along his legs, up and up and up. As I moved closer and closer, his cock sprung to full-hard, pointing toward the ceiling. He looked at me, at his cock, back at me and almost smiled. It was between six and seven inches and quite thick, the head pushed out of the foreskin bright shiny purple inviting me in.

I leaned down, kissed and lightly bit the flesh of his inner thighs, he moved his legs farther apart. I watched his heavy balls fall between his legs as he spread them further. And then I slid my tongue from his warm thighs to his hanging balls, I ran my hot tongue over them, one then the other. He moaned, rolled his hips up and down with encouragement.

I lifted one ball then the other and let it drop off my tongue. I then lifted one ball and carried it with my tongue into my mouth, closing my lips around it. I sucked firmly as he squirmed, his head pressed hard back into the pillow. I tugged until the boiling sphere pulled out past my lips and dropped. I did it again to the other. I then opened my mouth wide and took both of them and rolled them from side to side as my tongue pressed deep between them. His hands clawed at the sheets twisting fistfuls in his delight and pleasure. I lifted, rolled, pulled at his balls, he moaned louder and louder and then with a `pop' they fell free to the white sheet between his legs.


"Are you ready," I asked with a smile.

He raised his head and through impassioned lips he moaned and grunted "yes."

I leaned in and kissed the tops of his balls again. Starting deep between them, I ran my tongue up to the base of his cock, I pressed hard on the shaft as I moved toward the head. The thick purple veins moved back and forth as my tongue moved forward. His cock throbbed, pulsed with white-hot passion as I moved along it. I pulled my tongue back into my mouth but without ever losing touch until my lips wrapped around the shaft. I bit lightly on the sides, my tongue pressing the warmth of his manhood. I moved father up, and at the base I let my tongue press beneath the foreskin, tasting for the first time his precum, hot and salty-sweet. I took hold of the shaft and pulled the skin back exposing the full head as I kissed and kissed and kissed.

I looked up and he watched me intently, smiling with lust and desire. I then kissed the head round and round and let it push past my lips into my hot and warm mouth. I then pulled up and down over the rim of the exposed head of his beautiful cock. Back and forth with my lips pressed hard to maximize his pleasure. Back and forth I rode the head of his cock going deeper each time. My tongue continued to work the head as it pushed in and out of my mouth. His breathing could be heard loud and lustfully in the room as I made love to his cock. Deeper and deeper I drove his rod into my mouth. I relaxed my throat and swallowed to take him fully, every manly inch. I worked his balls with my hand as I pumped his demanding cock, as I made love to him. As I buried his cock completely down my throat, I held tight at the base, my nose buried in his pubic hair, my tongue massaging the underside of his cock, he was all mine.

And then, without notice, he pushed with his leg and threw me over on my back. He followed with his body as he mounted my face never pulling his cock out. He got up on his knees his hands grabbing the top of the headboard and began fucking hard and deep into my throat. I watched his eyes, wide and crazed as he fucked like a wild man, pressing his cock fully down my throat to the base, as his balls slapped repeatedly against my chin. He fucked my mouth, moaning louder with each repeated thrust. The thick folds of foreskin filled my mouth as the bulging head went deeper and deeper into my open throat. I sucked hard to close the space between my inner mouth and his beautiful dick.

And then through his rasping voice he told me he was close. "Do you want me to pull out," he asked.

I couldn't answer.

As he gasped, readying to empty his load, he began pulling back. He was going to pull out; I grabbed his hips and held him in place. He knew. With one last grunt, he exploded, shot after shot of hot cum filled my mouth, my throat. Hot and boiling manjuice filled me as I swallowed each drop, sucked every bit.

It was at that moment that my own cock exploded all over my legs as I lay on my back being face-fucked by my brother-in-law.

When the last thrust finished him off, he rolled off me, onto his back breathing hard and fast on top of the sweat-drenched sheet.

I rolled over too and took his spent cock back in my mouth and gently sucked it's warmth and last bit of hardness. I made sweet and gentle love to it as it continued to subside, to grow soft and limp. As my tongue grazed the slit of his cockhead, he winced at the intensity and sensitivity of his pleasure. I slowly raised off and kissed it one more time.

He lay breathing deep and hard, regaining his strength. I ran my hands over his body, floating lightly in the warmth of the afterglow.

"Are you okay," I asked hoping he wouldn't regret what we'd done.

He didn't answer for a minute and then opening his eyes, he stared into my face, not smiling, not frowning, just staring. He reached up and pulled me down against his chest and hugged me tight. Our cocks nestled next to each other, soft and warm between our bodies.

"Thanks," he whispered as though someone might hear.

I hugged back, grateful for the opportunity. I knew it was important now to follow his lead. If he wanted, I'd go back to my room. I waited.

He pushed me back down to my side and pressing against me, he rolled me over facing away from him. He pushed his wet cock between the cheeks of my ass, spooning tight, his arms wrapped around me. He ran his hand down my chest onto my limp cock and wrapped his fingers around it.

Within minutes he was breathing deep, sleeping, gone. I followed suit.

When I woke the next morning, the bed was empty and I wondered what to expect from Bill this morning. Sometimes, after the act, a newbie's guilt can be extremely hard to handle. I know he wanted it, but how would he feel now.

I got up, went to my room and slipped on a pair of jeans and t-shirt and joined Bill sitting at the kitchen table.

"Morning," I groaned stretching.

"Hey," he smiled, good sign. "Grab a cup of coffee."

I didn't ask anything about the previous night, I thought it better to not mention it in case he couldn't handle what we'd done. He said nothing about it.

Throughout breakfast and the incidental conversation, I waited for him to make some comment about our night, some sign that he was `okay' with what we'd done, with what I'd done. Nothing was said.

After breakfast, I announced I was going to take a shower. I thought about making a joke about him joining me, but thought better of it, decided to keep serious. I grabbed my things from my room and went into the bath. I left the door ajar. I started the water, stripped off my clothes and stepped into the warm stream still worrying about his reaction. As I showered, I wondered if he might pop in, kinda hoped he would. Once I'd finished, I dressed and returned to the living room. He sat sipping his coffee.

"Hey," he started, "wanna take a walk in the woods out back?"

"Sure," I replied disappointed and still worried that he regretted what had happened.

We walked out back to where the woods started and I followed as he ambled through the thick undergrowth. We'd walked for a short distance when we came to a clearing, circled by tall pine trees and a soft bed of brown pine needles. He set on a stump relaxing, staring at me.

"I think we need to talk about last night," he started.

"Sure thing," I replied, nervous.

"First of all, we need to swear this will go to our graves. No one can ever know what we did."

"Absolutely," I assured him, "this is just between you and me. I enjoyed it immensely."

"I did too, actually" he went on, "I never thought I'd do anything like that, but it was great. If anyone ever finds out, we're dead."

"I think and hope it's made us closer," I added. "It's like closer than a brother. I've always wanted for that to happen. If it's too much for you to handle, we can just forget it, never mention it, pretend it never happened, and move on. But if you ever want to do it again, you know I'm willing."

He didn't say anything for a while, just sat thinking.

"I'm going to a car show next weekend," he added. "How'd you like to go with me? Just you and me."

He smiled and so did I.

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