Man for Man



It was a sunny afternoon on the weekend. Carl came to Mikie's house and walked into his bedroom as usual. Mikie was sitting on his chair working on some computer project.


"You ok?" Carl asked.

Mikie wsa fidgeting and grimacing with each move. "Yea I uh can I tell you something very private?"

"Sure man you know that, we've been friends for years" Carl said looking around to make sure nobody was nearby.

"I got fucked last night" Mikie confessed.

"Hey great, man, who was the girl, if you don't mind telling me?"

"Uh well that's the thing, I mean I got fucked" Mikie waited.

"First time?"

"Yea" Mikie didn't want to even look at Carl. They'd been friends as he said for years. They even jacked off together when they were teenagers. So they had few secrets from each other.

The one secret Mikie had was what he thought about when jacking off. Carl would mutter things about various girls in school, tits, and Mikie would laugh as they reached climax that had them splatter themselves and each other with their sperm each time. But he never admitted to thinking about the guys he saw in school, on TV or even the feeling of Carl's naked thigh pressed against his.

"You ok?" Carl asked putting his hand on Mikie's back.

"Yea kind of hurts though and I, uh never mind"

"Go ahead man, tell me, it's ok" Carl patted Mikie.

"It still feels like he's there, you know inside" Mikie had that feeling during the night. He woke up twice with the feeling inside him and it excited him. He hadn't masturbated like that in years. Even when he woke up his cock demanded attention.

"Well, he uh expanded your muscles so they haven't returned to normal I guess" Carl said.

"Yea I guess"

"But no damage, no blood or anything"

"Naw. I didn't plan it or anything. It just kind of happened, dunno why" Mikie said trying to inch closer to his big confession. He wasn't sure if Carl would approve althogh thus far he was being supportive.

"Yea well, you did it and now you know" Carl said

Mikie wasn't sure what Carl meant, but it was true. He had jacked guys, sucked them but not until the night before had he given his butt to another guy. He felt like it was a committment to being gay and all the other things he'd been doing for two years since high school was just play.

"There's something else" he said.


"I liked it, I mean it hurt and stuff, god it hurt, but I never did it before. I used my finger now and then you know"

Carl knew they both had fingered themselves when jacking off. Once Carl came into his room and found Mikie's sister's dildo on the bed.

"Hey what's this, your finger not big enough anymore?" he had laughed and held the dildo in the air.

Mikie never talked about shoving the thing in his ass repeatedly. His sister knew he had it and even told him so. "I know you have it, just buy me another one" she said. Mikie bought her one that vibrated thanking her for not telling their parents. "No prob bro just stay away from my boyfriends". she laughed.

He didn't. The first blow job he ever gave was to one of her boyfriends the summer after graduation. In fact he kept sucking the guys cock all that summer. She never knew.

"I uh guess that's understandable. Kind of like a girl loosing her virginity. It hurts at first but then...." Carl offered his view.

"yea guess so, like your first blow job" Mikie decided to talk about things further.

"Your cock hurt when it got sucked?"

"Naw when I sucked" Mikie said. There was silence.

"oh" Carl said and then was silent. "Why didn't you ever suck me?" he added which surprised Mikie.

"You never asked" Mikie laughed and nudged his friend.

"Shit the way you used to look at my cock, I didn't think I needed to" Carl responded.

But Mikie remembered he did stare at Carl jacking his cock. He assumed Carl was looking at his too. It helped him churn and explode.

Bradley was his sister's boy friend at least then. He would play basketball in the driveway when he came over until Mikie's sister demanded he come inside.

Mikie made sure he was shirtless, wearing short shorts when Bradley was due to come over. He wasn't quite sure why, but he wanted the older boy to hang out with him.

"Hey sis won't be home for an hour, I think she wasn't expecting you till then" he had said the day Bradley showed up at his bedroom door.


"Looks like you're busy" Bradley smiled as he stepped inside and closed the door.

Mikie was indeed busy on his bed thinking about Bradley sweaty chest the last time they played basketball. His hand was still around his hard cock though he pulled the sheets over him as soon as Bradley knocked and came into his room.

"It's ok man. I get boners all the time and your sister is a cock tease" Bradley peeled his shirt off and adjusted his crotch.

"Yea I bet" Mikie laughed

"Let's see what you got" Bradly pulled the sheet. Mikie let it go revealing his erection.

"Hey nice one bro. Not like mine though" Brad pulled his shorts down. He wasn't wearing underwear and his meaty cock dangled. Mikie wasn't sure if it was growing hard or just was big.

"Go ahead, it's ok" Brad stepped close. Somehow he knew what Mikie wanted to do.

Mikie felt the cock in his hand. He had touched other guys cocks but none were like this.

"Kiss it" Brad said in a strong voice.

Mikie looke up at the older boy's smooth body. It was developed like a jock, there was a line of hair groing form his belly button down to his pubic patch. He kissed the cock.

"Now lick it"

Mikie licked the cock and it grew bigger, fatter and harder.

"nice you know how to treat a guy, you can put it in your mouth, I won't cum in your mouth"

Mikie put the thick cock in his mouth and licked it. He heard Bradley moan and did it again. The boy moaned again. "Shit yea, work on Bradley's cock boy"

Inch by inch the fat meat moved into his mouth, he tongued it on the bottom and swirled his tongue round the head. Bradley began to slide it in and out.

"Tighten your lips, no teeth kid"

Mikie did as he was told realizing he was sucking his first cock. He moved to his hands and knees and grabbed his own cock with one hand.

"That's it, boy go for it, get into it" Bradley encouraged him putitng one hand behind Mikie's head and continuing to fuck it.

"Oh god we better finish or your sister will find out" Bradley said as he quickened his fucking action.

"Get ready, just swallow, don't gag" he instructed. And soon Mikie felt the sperm splatter against the back of his throat. He chocked a little but swallowed and swallowed again and again.

"There nice, lick it off" Bradley held the cock still dripping onto Mikie's tongue. He licked and savored the salty taste.

"Hey kid you're good. Your sister isn't that good. Now let me watch you jack off"

Mikie stared at the boy as he jacked and gasped. He was being watched, his naked body was on display, his hand was sliding on his cock and he was out of control. And he could see Bradly smiling at him. He came all over the sheets.

"good one, let's go do some bball before she comes home"

Mikie's sister came home and kissed Bradley hello, they started to go indoors. Just as they were leaving Bradley said to Mikie, "tomorrow same time"

Mikie could see Brad freeballing cock making a little tent and he hoped it was because of what he said.

Even after his sister broke up with Bradley, he continued to give the boy bj's until he left for college. Then there was another one of her boyfriends, Kyle.

He confessed it all to Carl.

"I imagine it was a natural thing to go from all that to what happened last night" Mikie felt the weight of his secret was lifted off his shoulders. But he feared what would come next from his best friend.

"So going to do it again?" Carl asked

Mikie said "I suppose, you know if it's right, somebody I trust and stuff. I guess I'm a fag".

"You guess? You suck your sisters boyfriends, get off watching me jack off and get plowed in the ass by some strange guy, and you guess?" Carl asked laughingly "Besides man I'd say you're gay not a fag, I hate that word".

"Yea, sorry" Mikie said afrait to look at Carl's face.

"Hey man no problem, we're friends and that's what friends are for" Carl put his arm across Mikie's shoulder.

"Besides, I've always wondered why you didn't give me a blowjob" he laughed.

"I didn't want to loose you as a friend" Mikie's eyes were tearing as he looked at his friend.

"Never" Carl said "now what do you say about letting me fuck you?"

Mikie stared.

"Shit man never tried it and you can fuck me afterwards if you want"

"I still hurt a bit" Mikie said.

"Out of pain comes pleasure and we all need a little pain in life" Carl said as he stood and took his shirt off.

He was taller then Mikie and slim built. His chest had developed a bit since high school. His smooth skin had grown some body hair here and there. His cock was just as Mikier remembered.

He moved to the floor to take it in his mouth to make it hard as possible before berring Carl to do what he really wanted.

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