Man for Man

A Lesson Learned


Chapter One

The entire team is standing under the broiling hot sun as the cheerleaders rush off the field. Fourth down and goal with two seconds to play in the third game of the season. We are down by five points so unless we score a touchdown on the next play our twenty game winning streak is over. Kyle Larssen, our quarterback, is leading the offense to the line of scrimmage. He checks over the defense and then, grabbing his crotch, backs off and asks the ref for an equipment time out.


"Kyle will like absolutely do it," Cheryl Anders insists as she sits down next to me on the bench.

Cheryl is the senior captain of the cheerleaders, blonde, gorgeous and not too bright. She looks right through me as if I don't exist. No surprise really because that is how all the seniors in high school look at the freshmen. They would surely look at me differently from the other freshmen boys if they knew what I know.

I know that I am a confirmed homosexual. Yes, a faggot and a cocksucker. I also know what it would mean if it becomes public knowledge at school that I love to suck dick. At the very least I'll be totally humiliated simply because I am queer. It also means I'll be ridiculed, laughed at by the silly, jealous girls who won't suck a boy's dick and submissive to the boys who will naturally expect a faggot to provide them with frequent blow jobs. Which means I'll be on my knees every day and favorite way to suck dick, with sperm in my belly and sperm on my face and boys watching me suck dick while waiting their turn with the class cocksucker. There's over four hundred boys in my school!

Yes, I am a faggot and I do love to take off my clothes and get down on my knees to suck dick. But I am not ready to put on a sex show or be used like a slutty cumdumpster except in my dreams.

"He'll do it because he's like dreamy," Pamela Jacobs says, adding her words of questionable football wisdom to Cheryl's.

Oh, I think Kyle is dreamy too, a sexy hunk of a boy who is everything I'm not and would like to be...if I wasn't a faggot cocksucker, of course. He is the kind of boy I fantasize about when I'm naked, jacking off or simply thinking about sex. A boy who could easily have me for his personal cocksucker and have me kneeling happily at his feet anytime and anywhere he wanted to use me for a blow job. But dreamy is not going to score us a touchdown or get my mouth anywhere near his dick.

"Steven," Coach Larkin calls out to me. I hurry over to where he's standing with Kyle.

I am the second assistant manager of the team. I actually volunteered for this menial position that no one but a fool would want because it appealed to my submissive nature and slavish desire to serve. I spend most of my time in the locker room collecting the wet towels, dirty uniforms and best of all, the damp smelly jock straps that makes the job a dream. I also get to drool over the bare bodies of the thirty six boys whose musky ball sweat and wiry pubic hairs I carefully lick out of those sexy jock straps.

I have a frequent dream at night, a messy, ball draining wet dream that leaves yellow stains and crusty spots on my sheets. A vivid, thoroughly humiliating dream where I eagerly service the entire team in the locker room after practice. I am naked in the dream with a jock strap on my head, aroused and laughed at by all the boys while I jack off and lick my sperm off the floor. Then I crawl around on my hands and knees, from one boy to the next, begging for cock until everyone has been sexually satisfied in my battered mouth and my belly is bursting with thirty six loads of sperm.

"Yes, Coach Larsen."

"Into the locker room with Kyle and fix his cup. Make it quick."

I discovered I was a fag, that I loved to suck cock and eat cum two years ago while on a summer vacation with my parents on a farm in the south of France. I shared a room with the farmer's teenaged son who, on our first night in bed together stripped me naked and then did wonderfully naughty things to my developing body. His soft hands and wet lips roamed all around, exploring and caressing every inch of my body until I was shaking like a leaf in the wind. His head went down between my trembling legs, he kissed the tip of my stiff little penis and licked all around my testicles...and then he took me in his mouth.

Masturbation was a newly discovered thrill then and although I constantly played with my little dickie and baby balls I had not produced any sperm yet. No sperms that is until this French boy took my small erection between his warm, wet, wonderful lips and sucked me to a real climax. My first wet cum went directly into his mouth.


I didn't know how to react or what to say when the boy, with tears of joy in his eyes, said he was a homo. He thanked me for letting him suck my prick and thanked me for cumming in his mouth. I kept perfectly still and silent when he kissed me full on the lips...the taste of my sperm was strong and delicious, and pressed his naked body next to mine. I slept through the night snuggled next to him, awakening at sunrise to find him kneeling between my legs and sucking my cock again.

This time he flipped around so that his erect cock was brushing across my lips. Without a conscious thought of whether it was right or wrong, queer or normal, my mouth opened wide to receive his throbbing dick. The shiny head, oozing precum, and the thick shaft slipped easily through my quivering lips as though that cock belonged in my mouth. It felt so good gliding smoothly along my tongue and it tasted so good that I knew this was right for me. Yes, I knew at once that his cock...maybe any boy's cock...did belong in my mouth.

My mouth felt empty when he pulled out, but then he put me on my knees on the floor between his legs and asked me to lick his balls. Then he put his cock back home. He told me to suck him which I happily did, all the while thinking that this was exactly where I belonged...on my knees, naked, with a dick in my mouth. That thought stayed with me even after he climaxed and filled my mouth with spurts of warm sperm and stays with me today.

One dick in my mouth, one blow job and one taste of cum and I knew I would get naked and get on my knees and suck his dick again that day and every day for the rest of the summer. What I did not know, could not know was that my life had been changed forever. Changed from heterosexual to homosexual, from normal boy to queer boy. Like it or not I was now a cocksucker, a faggot...and there was no going back to normal even if I wanted to. Even if I never looked at another boy's cock again I would still be a faggot. If I never took another cock in my mouth again I would still be a cocksucker...a cocksucker for the rest of my life.

I follow Kyle to the locker room to fix his cup, thinking that my fantasy is about to come true. Maybe not the blow job I would love to give him, but at the very least I'd get to smell and touch his cock.

"Get my pants open," he says as I kneel down before him. "My cup is loose and needs to be snapped back into place in my jock. Gotta protect my dick and balls."

His pants and jock strap are soaking wet. The smell of his sweat brings tears of joy to my eyes and a surging erection in my pants. I take my time with his cup and jock strap, smelling his hairy crotch and fondling his balls with my nose until he laughs and pushes me away.

"There was a boy at football camp," he says looking down at me. "A jock sniffer like you who liked the smell and the taste of ball sweat. Got my balls licked and got my first blow job from that faggot."

"Did you like it?"

"I sure as shit did. My girlfriend gives me blow jobs from time to time. She's a pretty good cocksucker, even though I gotta wear a stupid rubber so no sperm gets in her mouth. But that jock sniffer boy, shit, that faggot was a great cocksucker. I named him Trojan after the scum bag I didn't have to use. I got off in Trojan's mouth and the human scum bag swallowed my load."

"No girl can suck dick like a faggot," I say to Kyle. "Because her heart isn't into giving blow jobs the way a fag's is. Girls were born to fuck with a dick and faggots were born to suck it."

"I guess a faggot would know about that."

"I do," I say, all but admitting to this boy of my dreams that I am a faggot. He might slug me for being a queer boy, or laugh at me and walk away or guess at what I'm really saying and make me a happy fag.

"I also guess you wanna blow me sometime?"

I think my heart missed a beat. "Any time you say, Kyle, if it stays between us. I do wanna blow you, but I'd hate for the whole school to know that I sucked your dick."

"That's cool with me," he says. "No one needs to know I let a faggot suck my dick."


"I'll lick your sweaty balls and suck your cock right now if you scum bag required. I'll suck your cock really good, like Trojan. And you can cum...Oh, Kyle, I really want you to cum in my mouth and watch me swallow your sperm."

"Right now I've got a touchdown to score. I'll see you for a blow job, faggot, after I win the game."

Alone with my thoughts in the locker room, I don't see Kyle score the winning touchdown. He will score again after the game, I hope. A big score with me on my knees in the locker room and Kyle with his big dick scoring a touchdown in my cocksucker mouth.

Chapter Two

"The cokes are in the fridge and the chips are in the pantry. I hope your friend likes corn chips because that's all they had."

"Thank's mom," I respond absently, glancing at the clock on the kitchen wall.

More than an hour to go before Kyle arrives for his lesson and a blow job and I already have a hardon just thinking about him. I had my usual wet dream during the night, soaking my jockey shorts with wet, sticky sperm, but maybe I should have jerked off again this morning to settle down. I didn't because he seems to like it when I get a boner and cum when he's in my mouth. I'm ashamed to admit it but I like it too, cumming with his dick in my mouth, and his joyous laughter when I lick up my sperm.

"Is that the right time?"

"Yes it is, Steven, ten thirtyfive. Why so jumpy this morning?"

"Kyle is coming here to study and I want to be ready."


"Kyle Larssen, captain of the football team. I've been helping him with French. There's a big test on Monday and he's got to pass or he's off the team."

"That's very kind of you, helping a classmate on a Saturday. I guess the summer we spent in the south of France when your father was alive wasn't wasted. What was that boy's name? Remember? The two of you were like brothers babbling away in French."

"Pierre Lescrout." I could never forget Pierre or the great sex. Thanks to Pierre I learned I was a fag.

"Pierre, of course," Mom says. "What a nice boy, sweet and kind. What time is Kyle coming? I'd like to meet him."

"Around twelve, after you leave for work. He will be back again for more lessons so you can meet him some other time."

I have this all planned out and my mother will only complicate matters. She has no idea that her son is a fag and I'd like to keep it that way. A blow job first, nice and slow, after I lick and kiss his balls and slave over his naked body. Then we will work on his French for a while followed by another slow blow job.

All of the blow jobs I've given Kyle since September have been hurried affairs in the locker room. I'm the boy on his knees with a cock in my mouth, the obvious fag with the most to lose, but neither of us wants to get caught in a homosexual act. His erect dick thrusts quickly into my wide open mouth, I suck hard until he cums, I swallow his sperm and we're done. Good enough to satisfy his need to empty his balls and my need to suck. But I'm a needy faggot and I want to be more than a human cum dump.

Today, if Kyle agrees to get naked with me, I plan to test the outer limits of my fagness. I plan to see how low I can go as a fag, what I can and will do with and to his body besides simply sucking his cock.

"Lick my hole again," Kyle says, rolling over on his back. "I can't believe how good your tongue feels in my asshole."

I quickly move into position between his legs, lick up the precum from the tip of his dick and get to work on his hairy ass. The day has gone even better than I could have hoped. Kyle reluctantly agreed to take off his clothes in my bedroom and I then did unspeakable things to every inch of his beautiful naked body. Humiliating things that would make a lesser faggot blush with embarrassment.

"Oh, shit, I'm gonna cum," Kyle says. "Get your mouth out of my asshole, cocksucker, and on my dick."

I take his meager load of sperm in my mouth, his fourth cum of the day. Kyle is drained and so am I. Time to take a break. "We should study your French now," I say. "Like for an hour so you'll pass the test. Then I'll do you again, I promise, whatever you like best."


Kyle agrees, but first he wants to take a shower. His body is sticky with sperm, sweat and spit. To my delight he also agrees to let me shower with him and wash his body.

"If you drop the soap I may have to fuck your faggot ass."

"Promise," I reply as we head to the bathroom. I am not so sure that I'm ready to be fucked. I know it will happen to me because all fags get fucked eventually.

"Do you want me to fuck you?"

"It's up to you, Kyle. I'll take your cock up my ass if you really want to fuck me. Wow, then I'll be your pussy boy and your cocksucker."

I take the soap and begin to wash his body which brings new life to his dick and mine. I drop the soap accidently on purpose, bending over and spreading my cheeks so that my asshole is available to his dick if he wants it.

"You want me to fuck you, faggot?"

"Yes, Kyle, please fuck me. I want to be your pussy."

"There's something else I got to do first," he says, turning off the water. "Face me on your knees."

His urine is golden yellow and warm. The steady stream splashes off my body moving up slowly towards my face. Oh no not in my mouth, I think in horror, repulsed by the thought of drinking his piss. Sweat and sperm, sure, even spit is okay. But pissing in my mouth is gross.

"You don't have to take my piss, fag, or suck my cock again either."

The taste of his piss isn't too bad, salty and tangy, but I hope this wont happen again. I ask and to my surprise he agrees not to piss in my mouth again. "I really like pissing in your mouth," he says, "but I'll give you a break if I can fuck your faggot ass."

Kyle is not gentle and the pain of penetration brings tears to my eyes. My asshole is on fire and just when I think I can't take his cock inside...the burning pain yields to a warm inner glow. "Fuck me, Kyle, fuck me," I cry out. "Harder, deeper, faster...your dick feels so good inside me."

"Gonna cum, faggot. Yeah, cum in your pussy."

I feel the spurts and then I feel empty when he pulls out of me. "Was it good for you?" I ask. "Will you fuck me again later?"

"You bet, pussy boy, you bet."

Chapter Three

"You're a good cocksucker," Kyle remarks as he thrusts his dick deeply into my mouth. "Almost there, suck me harder. Oh, fuck, yeah, I'm cumming in your mouth. Take my load."

I happily take the warm sperm and hold it in my mouth before swallowing to fully enjoy the taste of his cum. Then I carefully squeeze the last drop of cum from his spent dick and make a big show of licking away the precious pearl of sperm.

"Thanks for letting me suck you and cumming in my mouth, Kyle," I say. "I'm glad you liked the blow job. Do you want me to lick all around your balls before our next class? They're kind of sweaty."

"Sure, faggot, go ahead and lick the sweat off my balls."

Blowing Kyle in the locker room during lunch period was a special treat for me. His warm creamy sperm, my most favorite dessert, was always on the menu. I could suck his gorgeous cock, eat his sperm all day and never grow tired of the funky taste. That he still enjoyed using my mouth after all these months was the best part of any day. He doesn't fuck me as often as I'd like, but I don't dare complain. The joy I felt at his praise for my cock sucking skill was short lived.

"A good cocksucker, Steven, but Cheryl's done something to her mouth that's got you beat."

No way, I think, kissing the very tip of his dick and rubbing it all over my face to show how much I love his prick. That a silly girl could be a better cocksucker than me was impossible. What could she have possibly done to her mouth to out suck a fag.

"She gave me an outrageous blow job wearing just a bra and thong panties," Kyle continued as I take one of his sweaty balls in my mouth. "Her red lipstick was a turn on too. I'll keep you around as my backup my personal faggot, but from now on Cheryl's got first call on sucking my dick."

Kyle isn't smiling. He's dead serious and I am heart broken. "What did she do?" I ask. "Please tell me what she did to her mouth and I'll do it too."


"I sort of promised not to tell."

"Kyle, please, you have to tell me. I'm your personal faggot, like you just said. You know I'll do anything for you, but I gotta have your dick in my mouth. I'll wear lipstick if you want, dress like a girl in a bra and thong panties too..I gotta suck you and have your cum."

Kyle says nothing for a minute or two. Whatever he's thinking is making his dick hard. I take him into my mouth, balls deep, and look up at his contented face. On my knees with his dick in my mouth is where I belong, where I need to be. Happy and secure with my status as a homo, a queer boy, an inferior fag...I could not let a girl be a better cocksucker than me.

"Anything?" he asks with a smirk on his face. "Well maybe if I could...."

He doesn't have to finish because I know exactly what he wants. I had done it only once before and he knew I didn't like it very much. Well, I would do it again now and love it, at least make him think that I loved it and try hard not to gag or throw up. I move back on his cock leaving just the head on my tongue and ask the obvious question. "Do you have to go?"

"Yup, gotta go."

"Go ahead, Kyle," I say without much enthusiasm, hoping he didn't have a lot to drink at lunch. His semen and sweat excited me, even saliva when he spit in my mouth was a grossly humiliating thrill. One more body fluid, however nasty, wouldn't kill me and I had to find out what Cheryl had done to her mouth to make her a better cocksucker than me.

"That's not how you ask for my dick, cocksucker," Kyle says with a laugh. "Or my cum."

"Please, Kyle, please piss in my mouth," I respond in my most submissive voice. He wants me to beg for it, beg to be used like a common urinal, use my fag mouth for his toilet bowl and fill my belly with warm piss. The idea is so disgusting, so degrading, so humiliating...and I have no choice. "I really want to drink your warm piss, Kyle, I need your warm piss inside me. Please, Kyle, please do me the favor of pissing in my mouth."

Kyle leaves the locker room with a satisfied smile on his face and an empty bladder. I forget about the acrid taste of salty urine in my mouth and the pint of piss sloshing around in my belly because I have a much more important thing to think about. Where I could get a tongue stud like Cheryl.

Chapter Four

"Decorative or functional?" The girl behind the counter asks.

At last I have finally come to the right place after being laughed out of several jewelry stores. I should have tried the adult book store first and saved myself time and a heap of embarrassment.

"So you do tongue studs?"

"Of course we do tongue studs," she confirms. "Tongue studs are very popular with guys and girls. Other body piercings too and all kinds of tattoos. Do you want a decorative or functional stud?"

"What's the difference?"

"Decorative tongue studs come in many colors, to match your clothes, your makeup or your mood. They're made of plastic, changeable and cheap, but won't stand up to any real use. Functional tongue studs are made out of steel or titanium, have a thicker post, and are guaranteed to please your male or female partner when having oral sex."

I blush a little before answering her question. "I'd like a functional stud please."

"Hetero, homo or bi?"


"Are you heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual? Straight or gay or do you go both ways?"

"Does it matter?" I ask, reluctant to tell this girl that I was a homosexual.

"Oh, it matters very much. Straight tongue studs have a smooth finish so you can excite your girl friend to a high state of arousal when you go down and tongue her wet pussy. Believe me cause I know from personal experience that you will give her an intense, mind blowing orgasm that she will thank you for, but you won't irritate her sensitive clit."

No way was this cocksucker ever going down on a girl or lick a nasty wet pussy.

"Gay tongue studs are textured to provide the maximum stimulation to the head and shaft of an erect penis. The best head a male partner will ever experience is what I've been told by many homosexuals who engage in oral sex. 'Now I'm a fag with a real cocksucker's mouth,' is how one openly gay boy described himself after I fitted him with a tongue stud. 'I was a pretty good cocksucker before,' he told me, 'but now with this tongue stud I've got a cocksucker's mouth that my partners love to use again and again...and will never forget."


Oh, yeah, that's what I wanted to be. A fag with a real cocksucker's mouth that Kyle would use again and again and never forget. "Textured," I whisper as if saying the word quietly wouldn't shout out that I was not only gay, but a cocksucker too. She smiles at me sweetly, nodding her understanding at my discomfort.

"Gay is cool," she offers. "Lots of boys your age are gay and perform oral sex. More boys like boys and like to suck dick than you might think. Cocksuckers are people too and not just queer. Are you out or in the closet?"

"Sort of in the closet, I guess. A few boys know that I suck, but I'm not really out."

"Do you have a special boyfriend or plan on having oral sex with many different boys? I'm only asking because I can insert the tongue stud to stimulate a specific cock size or for the average erect cock which is about five inches long."

She knows I am gay, a cocksucker, and yet she doesn't laugh or call me a faggot or queer like so many other girls would. I feel comfortable talking honestly to this understanding girl. The words come rushing out easily, bottled up feelings and thoughts, secrets and desires that I have never revealed to anyone before.

"My boyfriend's cock in my mouth mostly, though I have given head to a few of his friends. He asked, no, he ordered me to service four of his friends from out of town. He said it would be like a party...a party in my mouth and that everyone would cum. I begged him not to humiliate me...expose me as a cocksucker to other boys. He just laughed and threatened to end our friendship if I didn't agree to have the party in my faggot mouth. I couldn't let that happen because I love his dick in my mouth...even if I had to give blow jobs to every boy he knew."

"You must really like this guy," Monica says, "And not just his dick. Letting him use your mouth for sex that way. I mean a party in your mouth is kind of funny, but it must have been awfully embarrassing."

"I really do and it was, but I learned something very important too about myself. They laughed at me when I took off all my clothes and got down on my knees. They called me a faggot and a queer and a cocksucker and slapped my face with their dicks. I got an erection, Monica, which only added to my shame and humiliation. Naked and on my knees, four boys about to have a party in my mouth...and I got an erection. I was shaking with both embarrassment and sexual excitement, but I opened my mouth for their dicks and I sucked. Three boys ejaculated deep in my mouth and I swallowed all their sperm. The fourth boy fucked my mouth, pulled his dick out and creamed my face with his cum."

"Oh, my, what an experience."

"They weren't done having fun with me yet. I had to jack off while they watched, cum in a cup and drink my own sperm."

"Those boys were straight?" She asks sympathetically. "And your boyfriend is straight too?"

"Oh, yeah, they're absolutely straight. Getting a blow job from a gay boy like me doesn't make a straight boy gay. Using a fag makes a straight boy superior."

"And you feel inferior to straight boys? Less of male because you suck cock...because you're gay?"

"I don't just feel inferior because I suck cock. Don't you see, I am inferior in a sexual way, less of a male and maybe just a little bit female. When I'm naked, down on my knees with a dick in my mouth, any straight boy's dick I discovered that day, well, it just seems so right to natural to submit. The truth is, what I learned that day is that I not only like a dick in my mouth...I need a dick in my mouth. I love to suck cock and I need to suck cock."

"Hmmm. Since you like to suck so much I guess there will be many different cocks in your mouth eventually."

"I guess so. I hope so."

"Then I suggest we insert the stud in the middle of your tongue to pleasure the average size cock."

"Okay," I say as she picks up the phone.

"Hector it's Monica at the front counter. Please bring me a gay tongue stud from the stockroom, the deluxe package."

A slim Latino in orange shorts, tank top and flip flops arrives in a minute. A boy, judging by the pronounced bulge in his crotch, but pretty enough to be a girl. He puts two rather large boxes on the counter and turns to me. "For you?"



"You are going to absolutely love it," he says in a high, swishy voice that screams out gay. "Or rather the guys you suck will love it. I've had my tongue stud for over a year and the straight studs just can't get enough of my mouth. Guys line up for a turn in my mouth even if other cocksuckers are available. I'm Hector by the way. What's your name?"


"Hey, Steven, do you like cum?"

"Hector, please," Monica interrupted. "That is a rather personal question."

"Not to a cocksucker," Hector replies. "All fags like to suck dick, but not all fags like the taste of cum. We want to do the right thing for our customer. If Steven likes cum then he needs the hollow titanium tongue stud. The tiny bit of cum that gets trapped inside is like an extra treat between blow jobs. A little cum goes a long way."

They both turn to me for an answer. "The hollow one," I say. "I really do like the taste of cum."

Monica explains the insertion procedure which she will do with Hector's assistance. "You won't feel any pain," she assures me. "A little light headed and drowsy from the mild sedative, but that wears off in thirty minutes."

Monica gives me the pill then a form to sign. "It's a consent and waiver of liability," she explains, handing me a pen. "Required for all body piercings and tattoos."

"Where do I sign?"

"Here," Monica said, pointing to a dotted line on the form.

"No, no, sign here," Hector says, pointing to another spot further down on the page. His finger nails are long and polished. "If you want to make your guy extra happy then sign up for the deluxe piercing package."

Feeling woozy and light headed, all I hear and understand is making my guy extra happy. I sign where Hector said I should sign, close my eyes and stick out my tongue to be pierced.

"Ears, nipples, naval, cock," Monica says. "We'll do his tongue last. I hope he realizes what he signed up for."

I take off my clothes as Monica instructs and put on a robe. None of it makes any sense to me. Neither did the freezing sensations and pin pricks around my body, nor the hands in my crotch...and then I fall asleep.

"We're done, Steven, wake up."

"I was out like a light."

"That happens sometimes," Monica says. "Not a problem. Here's a mirror, take a look."

The shiny metal ball in the middle of my slightly swollen tongue stands out like a beacon. "It looks bigger than I thought it would look."

Monica shrugs and leaves me alone with Hector.

"Kyle is your straight boy friend?" Hector asks.

I nod.

"And you're Kyle's fag?"

"I am his fag."

"Kyle will love what you've done for him...for his cock when you suck him. Does he let you lick his asshole?"

"I can kiss his ass cheeks and lick his ass hole once in a while. Not as much as I'd like because he smells so good when he's all hot and sweaty after practice. He does let me lick his hairy balls and arm pits...I love the smell and the taste of his sweat."

"Not surprising. How long have you been his fag?"

"I gave him a blow job in September. First time for me with his dick in my mouth and his cum, though I have sucked a cock before. I loved the way his big cock felt in my mouth and the taste of his cum so I knew I would suck him again if he'd let me. That's when I became his fag."

"Has he fucked you yet? Made you his pussy boy and pumped you full of cum?"

"Yeah, he fucked me once in the shower after pissing in my mouth. I didn't like it much when he pissed in my mouth, but his dick in my pussy was the best."

"Get over the piss thing, Steven," Hector says firmly, "I did. We're just faggots, remember. Nobody cares what a fag likes or dislikes...cum, sweat, piss...only that we do as we're told."

"I don't see that happening with anyone but Kyle."

"It will happen," Hector said. "Kyle first, but one guy can't use you enough to keep you happy. You'll need other guys to fuck you and you'll get them too, now that you have a tongue stud and all the rest too."

"What rest?"

Hector holds up the mirror and shows me the rings in my ears. I am speechless. Then he takes off the robe, leaving me naked, and shows me the rings in my nipples and belly button. I am numb. When he shows me the ring around my cock I cry out, "What have you done to me?"


"The deluxe piercing package," Hector says. "You look fabulous."

"Oh my god, with all these rings. Oh god, Hector, I look so queer. I like a fag."

"But darling," Hector says sweetly, "that is exactly what you should look like because that is exactly what you are. A cocksucker, a flaming faggot that boys will absolutely adore!"

"Yes, but no...I mean yes you are right. I know I'm a cocksucker, a faggot, but how can I go outside like this? How can I go to school? I'll be humiliated...a laughing stock. I'll be...."

"Popular," Hector says as I begin to cry. "The class queer. Just think about all the lovely cocks you'll get to suck, the balls you'll get to lick and all the yummy cum you'll get to eat. Boys will be all over you, Steven, lined up for blow jobs and a turn in your faggot ass."

"But I'm not out," I protested. "Except for Kyle...oh, and four of his friends that he made me suck off. Nobody knows that I like to suck dick...that I'm a cocksucker. Nobody knows that I'm a fag."

"They will now," Monica says as she returns. "Nice body."

I blush, embarrassed to be naked in front of her. She didn't seem to care in the least that I am naked as she examines her handiwork.

"Everything looks good," she says with her hand cradling my balls. "How does the cock ring feel? Not too tight around your testicles?"

"It's fine," I sob as she carefully inspects the ring around my limp dick.

"I need to check the fit when you've got an erection and when you ejaculate. You've got a pretty small dick and balls, but cock rings can be dangerous if the fit isn't right."

"No, really, the cock ring is fine. Can I get dressed now?"

"Not until you show me your erection and masturbate to orgasm," Monica insists.

"I can't, Monica, not while you watch."

"How about if I suck you off?" Hector offers. "Monica can watch while I give you a blow job and when you cum in my mouth."

"Are you sure?" I ask.

"Sure I'm sure," Hector replies. "She wont be the first girl to watch me suck cock and swallow a load of cum. I love to dress up like a sexy sissy boy slut and perform in front of girls and boys."

"I haven't had a blow job in a very long time," I say, forgetting about Monica as my limp dick surges to life in anticipation. The ring was comfortably snug around my stiffening cock and rapidly rising balls.

Hector's mouth is heaven. His tongue stud on my balls and asshole has me shivering and shaking like a bowl of jello. I was already close when he took me in his mouth, exploding a geyser of cum when he stuck a finger up my ass. "Great blow job," I say as he shows me and Monica my heavy load of sperm in his mouth.

"That's what everybody says after using my mouth. The tongue stud makes all the difference between a good blow job and a great blow job."

"Could I blow you now, Hector, to try out my tongue stud?"

"Go for it, faggot," he says as I drop to my knees and take his stiff dick in my hand. "Let's see how good a cocksucker you are."

Monica steps between us. "You can't give Hector a blow job!"

"Why not?" I ask.

"No cocks in your mouth for twenty four hours," she replies. "The hole in your tongue has to heal or you could get an infection."

"Oh," I say, rubbing Hector's rock hard cock and precum around my face. He really needs to get off and I want to help him. "How about a hand job, Hector? I can't suck your cock, but at least you can get off and you can cum in my mouth."

"No sperm in your mouth either," Monica warns. "You fags are impossible. If you want to have sex with Hector then why not let him fuck you."

"Please, Steven," Hector begs, "Please let me fuck you. I'll be gentle with your pussy...promise."

"I'll get the lube and condoms," Monica says when I nod submissively.

Hector is feasting on my asshole when Monica returns. Not a moment too soon because his studded tongue is driving me crazy and now I was the one doing the begging. "Fuck me, Hector, oh god please put your dick in my pussy and fuck me," I cry out repeatedly.

"I think he wants to be fucked," she chuckles as Hector rolls a rubber down his dick.


"Of course he does," Hector replies so matter of factly that I am taken by surprise. "That's just how it is with faggots, Monica, we suck and we fuck."

"What do you mean?" she asks as Hector makes me bend over and runs his dick between my cheeks. "How is it with fags?"

"We're cocksuckers first and then cum eaters when we realize we're queer for guys and their dicks. Cocks and cum is all a real fag thinks about...beautiful blow jobs and the reward of a mouthful of sperm. That's how it starts for a queer boy, Monica, but all fags want to get fucked, need to get fucked eventually. We're just like any normal girl who wants a hard cock in her pussy because it feel so good to get fucked. Ain't that right, Steven? You do want a dick inside your faggot asshole want to be my pussy boy?"

"Yes, yes," I readily agree, though I'm not so happy that Monica is there to watch me get fucked. I get lucky when the phone rings and she has to go answer it. "Do it to me, Hector, fuck me like a girl and make me a pussy boy."

Chapter Five

"I haven't sucked a cock in a week," I say to Hector when he calls to find out how I'm doing. "Not since I got the tongue stud, cock ring and the other body piercings."

"Seven days without a dick in your mouth is an awful hardship for a cocksucker," Hector says. "Seven cocks a day would be better. What happened to Kyle, your boyfriend?"

"I was going to blow him in the locker room, surprise him with my tongue stud. I took off my clothes and got down on my knees like an obedient cocksucker...ready to suck his dick...and he laughed. He looked at my body, at my pierced nipples and cock ring and instead of sticking his dick in my mouth he laughed. Oh, Hector, all the boys laughed at me and so did all the girls when Kyle dragged me out to the school yard naked and put me down on my knees. Then he made me say it out loud so everyone could hear...shout out loud that I wanted to suck his cock. I would have done it too, sucked his cock, even licked his balls and swallowed his cum and let him fuck me in front of all those boys and girls because...because I was so incredibly turned on by the humiliation I felt."

"You lucky boy. I bet you had a boner and felt a tingle in your boy cunt?"

"How did you know?"

"That's what happens to all fags. I just love to be naked and humiliated in front of a big crowd, Steven. Girls and boys watching me suck and fuck like a cheap slut really turns me on."

"But even with all those boys watching I didn't get to suck a single cock or lick a single ball or swallow a single spurt of sperm so it was all for nothing. All I got was pissed on and now everybody at school knows I'm a faggot."

"But that's a very good thing, Steven, because you learned a lesson. You are a faggot and that's never going to change. Now that you've been publically outed as gay you can act like a faggot in public, dress like a faggot and openly enjoy all the abuse and humiliation that comes with being queer. You don't have to hide the fact that you like boys more than girls, that you love to suck cock and get fucked."

"Wow, Hector, you're absolutely right. Cock is my life. I am a faggot, I will always be a faggot, a cocksucker and a pussy boy...and I don't ever want to change."

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