Man for Man

A Great Day


I was feeling really horny on Tuesday and in great need of relief. Since I work at a midsize southern college there's usually no shortage of hot young guys to hook up with, but I was tied up in meetings all morning and even over lunch. As so as I was finished with that meeting I headed straight for the adult bookstore that's not far from the edge of campus. It's got a small arcade that I visit fairly often... only six booths but they have glory holes and because it's so close to campus, there's usually a few young hotties there. Plus the patrons are pretty horny and aggressive, as opposed to the stand-around crowd you see at so many of these arcades.


The middle two booths were taken as was the one on the far end, but the booth beside that one was empty so I decided to check things out. I peered through the glory hole and saw a young guy stripped completely naked and stroking an impressive cock. I stuck my finger through the hole and he slid his very hard 7-incher through. I crouched and began licking the wide head of this beauty, up and down the shaft, and then finally swallowed as much of it as I could into my mouth. I heard him groan through the wall, and his dick pulsed in my mouth and I gave it a real workout. After just a couple of minutes it began to throb and expand and suddenly he began cumming, pumping a huge load into my mouth. He slowly withdrew and before I could move, he put his finger into the hole wanting my dick.

I stood up, unzipped and pulled out a very hard cock. At this point i should point out that I've been blessed with a pretty massive dick, about 10 inches long and very thick. He let out a low whistle as I pushed it through the glory hole, and immediately felt the tip of my dick engulfed by his hot lips. He definitely knew how to suck cock, and began taking more and more of my length with every downstroke. Then he suddenly stopped, leaned forward and whispered "why don't you come over here and fuck me bareback with that monster?" It sounded like a good idea, so I zipped up and exited my booth.

He unlocked his door and I stepped inside the cramped space. He was nice looking, a slim jock type with blonde hair. He looked familiar, so I figured i must have seen him around campus sometime. He bent and sucked my dick for a few seconds to make sure it was nice and wet, and then turned and offer me his nice round ass. I guided my cock to his hole and pushed. Surprisingly my cock slid into him fairly easily despite its size. He sharply drew in a breath as I entered, but I could tell that he was loving it. He began pushing back against me as I starting pumping. He was very tight and hot, and I was loving it too. I heard someone enter the next booth and knew they were watching us. After a minute he pushed his hard cock through the hole, and with a little bit of shifting my new friend was able to take it into his mouth so that he was filled at both ends.

The feel of this tight ass and the sight of him blowing another guy was too much, and I could feel the cum rising in my balls. I pulled out and shot my load, slumping into the corner. The other guy came about the same time, because I could see some of his cum escape from my fuck buddy's mouth. He stood and kissed me, letting me taste some of the other guy's cum in his mouth.

As I zipped up and arrianged my clothing to leave, my friend reached into his clothes and pulled out a pen and a scrap of paper and wrote down his phone number. I tucked it into my pants, gave him a quick kiss of thanks and left.

After I returned to my office I thought about this encounter and got horny all over again. At 5 o'clock I headed to a building a short distance away which has a secluded men's room where I can sometimes score a quick blowjob. It's got a nice double door arriangement that gives you a few seconds warning if anyone enters. There are three stalls, and sure enough, someone was seated in the middle stall. I pushed into the first stall and took out my dick, which was soon very hard. We started the whole foot-tapping routine, and just when it seemded like something was about happen a workman came into empty the trashcans. It only took him a minute, but the guy in the middle stall must have freaked out because he zipped up and started to leave. He went to the sink and washed his hands, while I remained seated there getting frustrated. Fortunately for me there is space between the stall door and the frame, and as he dried his hands he turned to check me out. He was in his late 40s, dressed in a shirt and tie like I was. He was a nice looking guy with salt and pepper hair and deep blue eyes. Those eyes got big as he saw me jacking a big fat cock, and he moved forward as though mesmorized. I reached up and opened the stall door, letting him get the full view. He checked the bathroom door and then unzipped again, pulling out a fat dick of his own. As he stroked it to hardness I noticed he was wearing a wedding ring. "Nice," I said. "Your's is amazing," he whispered.

I motioned for him to step closer and as he did, I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth. He sort of gasped and began making little cooing sounds as I used my tongue on his cock and licked some precum from his slit. As I swallowed most of it he steadied himself against the wall and kept double-checking the door. It was exciting: there we were just standing there in the open without much chance of covering up if someone did walk in.

His knees seemed to buckle and he began to cum, sending the first load down my throught but then splattering the floor as he pulled back.

He used a paper towel to wipe up, then whispered "Let me do you." He knelt and began sucking my dick, pushing it into his throat as far as he could. I gave into the wonderful feeling, putting my hands on his shoulders as he sucked cock. His technique was a little rough but it felt good, and after a couple of minutes I started to cum. He clamped his lips tightly around my dick and swallowed every drop. When I was finished he licked my clean, stood, checked the door one last time, have me a smile and a nod and disappeared.

I got home and took a long hot shower and realized I was still horny after all that. I almost called the number of the guy I'd fucked earlier, but decided to save him for another day. I did call my favorite fuck buddy, a high school senior named Kurt who supplements his job loading trucks by working as an escort. That's how we met six months ago, but he loved my cock so much that he always did me for free. Kurt is tall, with dark curly hair and a deep tan. He played basketball and soccer in high school and is in great shape. He showed up about 8 dressed in a grungy t-shirt, a ballcap and his sexy nylon track sweats. We sat and chatted for a while and then he said "so you want to go into the bedroom?" "Sure" I said.

We both stripped, Kurt pulling off his sweats to show he had nothing on underneath. Kurt is very well hung -- not quite as big as me but close -- but is definitely a true bottom. As soon as I was naked he knelt on the floor and took my cock into his wet mouth, sucking me to full hardness in a matter of seconds. His sucking felt great but I was staring at his own rising cock and wanted to taste it. I pulled my cock out, pushed him onto the bed and began sucking his cock for all I was worth. He groaned loudly as I licked his balls, and then I lifted him slightly so I could tongue his asshole. "Yeah," he gasped, "get it wet so you can fuck me."

After a few minutes I pulled out a condom from the bedside drawer, worked it over my dick and applied some lube. Pushing his muscular legs back so that his ass was exposed, I entered him with a smooth deliberate stroke. Kurt really is a great fuck, and he milked my dick with his silky ass. I fucked him for a long time before I was ready to cum, and at that point I withdrew, pulled the rubber off and lay on the bed so we could 69 each other. We both sucked cock hard and fast and soon both of us were blowing our loads. We recovered enough to clean up a little, but Kurt curled up and fell asleep in my bed. As I lay there my last thought was that it had been a marvelous day.

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