Man for Man

A Gay Study


A knock at my door had me stumbling through the living room in my underwear, my eyes bleared over. It was nearly 10:00am, but I had been out late the night before (Friday night) and a Saturday morning knock was not very welcome. If I didn't like who I saw through the peephole, I wasn't answering.


Harmony. Harmony Jefferson was at the door. A hell of a name for a hell of a good-looking stud. His mother and father had been hippies back in the 1960's which explains the name, and not his chosen career as an actor. Well, sort of an actor. Black haired, a chiseled chin, sharp, clean cheekbones with velvet-soft skin and liquid-dream blue-green eyes, all of this atop a body whose muscles had been carefully sculptured for mass sexual appeal, just the slightest touch of androgynous beauty overlaid over all. When this vision smiled out of the big screen or small screen, you damned near creamed in your briefs. Too pretty, that was Harmony's real problem. Hollywood uses them up, then spits them out. If they're lucky, they remembered to save some of the money coming in while the getting was good, and they manage a decent life after that, teaching college classes or such. If not, you find them in a cheap motel room, dead of a drug overdose.

But Harmony was still on his way up. Working at a cater-waiter and/or car valet part-time here and there, and performing as extras when he could, and trying out for part after part, and getting small parts here and there, a couple of lines on a TV show that ended up on the cutting room floor, leaving him only five seconds in profile, a short scene on a cop drama playing Punk #3, a single line of dialogue. Nobody can build a career on, "Hey, whassup?" no matter how much he wants to. So Harmony was still trying.

Why was he knocking on my door at ten o'clock on a Saturday morning? He knocked again and I opened the door partway. Let the door hide me.

"Hey, Mack, I need your help."

"On what?"

"Turn me into a gay man. Show me how to love men instead of women."

I had to grin at that. "Oh, how long I've waited for you to say that! Come on in, and we'll get started right now!" And I opened the door so he could see me wearing only my rather worn-out pair of briefs.

"I knew you'd understand." Harmony said.

Unfortunately, I did. Harmony wasn't asking me to take him to bed and love him out of being a straight guy. God, only I wish! "So what's the part?"

"The gay neighbor on a television pilot." Harmony explained. "Kind of like a gay Kramer on Seinfeld, they tell me. A bit quirky, with revolving boyfriends to keep things stirred up."

"Sounds good." I said charitably. Television pilots...well, let's just say that the odds are heavily against them. There's like a hundred of them shot for every half-dozen they actually put on the air. Most of them are never even seen. But if he was lucky...yeah, Harmony would be on his way up.

"So teach me how to be gay." Harmony said. "Like, how do I act around other guys, just like with girls, or is it different?"

"Jesus, I don't know." I admitted. "I've never tried it with a girl. Nothing to compare it to."

"Aw, come on, you've seen how we straight guys act. On television and such. What's the difference?"

I sat there on my couch in my underwear while a vision of male beauty sat on the chair next to me and thought about the difference. "Not that sure there is one. Except...well, sometimes you're on the make, and sometimes you're the one being made. Sometimes it's going on both directions at once." I concluded. "I mean, a guy sees you, and you see him, maybe he's not quite your type, so you keep looking, and then there he is at your elbow, trying to act cool and laying a line on you." I smirked, and continued, 'Did it hurt? You know, when you fell out of Heaven to be here with me?' That sort of thing." I laughed. "There's a reason girls sometimes break out laughing when you lay that on them."

"But what about the touches?" Harmony went on. "I mean, when I see a girl I like and her back is to me, I'll give her a soft touch on her shoulder, stroke it down and let go before she can turn around and be really offended by it."

I thought about it. "That'd work on a gay man, too."

"What about that grope at the crotch I've seen in the movies?"

"Some of the bars can be rather sexual in nature." I agreed. "Especially late at night, you can have guys dancing shirtless on the stage and guys kissing and grinding against each other all over the place...."


"That's what I need!" Harmony said. "Can you take me to a bar like that?"

"You want to go to a gay bar? You sure about that?" I mean, I take Harmony into a place like that, I'd have to beat them off with a stick, they'd be all over him like flies on a cow dropping!

"Yeah, sure!" Harmony said. "Look, I have to go into work now, but I'll be off at ten o'clock. Can you meet me after and take me out on the town, gay style?"

"Who am I, a tour guide?'

"No, no, I want to spend the night just as if I were a gay man."


"Yeah, I'll flirt with the guys, dance with them, heck, I'll even let them grope me, and do a little groping back."

"Whoa, man!" I said. "You sure about that?"

"If I want this part, I have to know how a gay man acts."

"Well..." I said. "I guess we can get away with it if I play your lover. Things get too heavy, I can step in and play the offended lover and pull you away."

"Great!" Harmony said. "I knew I could depend on you." He got to his feet. "You're great, Mack, really. We'll go out tonight, watch the crowds, hell, we'll even sit and make-out a little bit, you and me. I'll see you tonight at ten, then."

And he left, leaving me sitting on the couch. "Yeah." I said to the empty chair. "Sure. Tonight." That was the loneliest Saturday I ever spent in my life.

I tried to dress like I always do for a Saturday night on the town. Damned if I know if I did it right or not. Too much bling on my chest? Three chains, I always wore three. Two of them were thick, one thin, was that too much? I had my shirt unbuttoned three buttons down. Would I unbutton three if I was going with a man I loved? Maybe only one. Nah, that didn't look good. Two, then. Hmm, maybe I should still go with three. Or take off the chains. But if I did, I'd look like a priest, with the black shirt and black pants. I needed the bling to make the clothes work! Jeez, maybe if I went with a different color shirt, a purple one. And a black vest.

I finally ended up at Harmony's work wearing a sea-foam green shirt with charcoal colored pants and vest, and one very large chain on my neck.

Harmony came out the back door and all I could think was what I said. "Oh, my God!"

"How do I look?" Harmony wanted to know.

"Like the trashiest queen I ever met." I said. "Jesus, Harmony, you got anything else to wear?"

"What's wrong with it?"

I tried to explain that the supertight, low-rise jeans were not only outdated, but they showed the crack of his ass. Not that I didn't feast my eyes on that a bit before I admitted it to him. The shirt didn't appear to have any buttons on it at all, it was open down to the waist and what he wore around his neck was not a chain, it was a necklace, you know, like a woman dowager would wear to a dress ball. He'd done his hair up into a 'do I can only call effeminate.

I dismantled it as best I could. He put back on his black pants from the waiter's job and lost the chain. The shirt, which genuinely was button-less (the top of a karate gi!), we kept but tucked it in much more tightly. A quick job with the comb to dismantle that frou-frou hairdo and we were ready to hit the town.

At first, Harmony was quiet. Watching the guys dancing, drinking some drinks, just a guy out on the town enjoying himself. About eleven o'clock, things started getting hotter, the boys were ready to start getting serious about finding their catch of the evening.

I came back from the bathroom to find Harmony with a guy sitting where I had been. The two of them were kissing all-out, I mean wrapped around each other kissing. I was dumbfounded. Harmony's partner was a pretty good-looking stud, I had to admit, but even so....

"Harmony?" I said when I got to them.

"Mph!" was all I got, Harmony kissing the guy.


"Mph, mmh, oh, oh, hi, Mack!" Harmony said to me. He didn't let go of the guy.

"Just what the fuck are you doing?"

Harmony smiled, and when I saw that smile I realized that Harmony was pretty well intoxicated. I hadn't thought he'd drunk that much, maybe some drugs had been slipped in by Harmony or someone else here while I wasn't looking, or something. But he was definitely out of control.


I decided to play the offended lover. "Get your fucking hands off my boyfriend!" I demanded of the other guy.

"Why should I?" the other guy asked.

"Come on, Harmony, we're going home!" I said. "Now!"

"But I want to stay here!"

Now I was really upset, mad, jealous. How dare Harmony come in here and throw himself at this guy! He was with me, dammit, me! "We'll talk about this when we get home, now get your butt up from there, now!"

"Hey, Mack, I'm sorry, really, we were just talking while you were gone and then he kissed me and I just sort of...well...." Harmony shrugged, smiled. "I kind of got into it."

I snatched Harmony's arm and yanked him away from that guy. How dare he kiss that guy when he was going to do that with me! He hadn't even danced with me! Shit, what kind of friend was he, anyway!

I dragged Harmony all the way outside and into the parking lot. "Mack, Mack, slow down, hey, man, what's the problem?" he wanted to know.

"The problem? I go to the bathroom, and when I come out, you're wrapped around this guy! What's the problem with you, that's the problem?"

"Hey, I came here to find out what being gay is like!" Harmony said. "I figured, hey, this guy was coming on to me, I could see what it's like to make out with him."

"But you weren't supposed to do that with him! You were going to do that with me!"


"Me! You said this morning that we'd go out, we'd dance, we'd even make out a little, you and me. That's your exact words!"

"Jesus, Mack, I didn't mean... Yeah, I said that but..."

"But what?" I demanded. "I'm not good enough for you?"

"Of course you are!"

"Then why didn't you make out with me tonight, like you'd said you would?"

"I was going to. Maybe."

"Maybe! Maybe! Christ!" I screamed out. Okay, maybe I'd drunk a bit too much, myself, or maybe the guy who'd slipped something in Harmony's drink had done the same to mine. Some people do the damnedest things at these bars. All I know is that I was screaming mad at Harmony for kissing that guy.

"I want to find out what being gay is like...."

"So you go to a bar and make out with a stranger?" I said. "Being gay is nothing about that. That's just sex, just sex like you can find at a straight club. Being gay is nothing like that!"

"So what is it like?"

"Come home with me and I'll fucking show you!"

"Okay, okay!" Harmony agreed. "Jesus!"

We drove to my place, only a mile away and were back into my place. "Okay, here's what it's like to be gay. Let's say that you and I were out on the town and had a nice time just being together, you and me. No noisy dance music, no shirtless guys up on the stage, just you and me and a nice evening, and now we're home."

"Okay." Harmony agreed. "What happens next?"

"Well...I'd offer you a drink." I said. "Would you like a drink?"

"Not really, not after the bar." Harmony said.

"Okay." I said. "So we'd sit down next to each other. Then it's pretty much just like it is with a woman. You want the guy, he wants you, so the rest just kind of happens."

"Who reaches for who?"

"It just sort of happens." I said. "When you're at this point, both guys know what's going to happen, one takes the plunge and the other just plays along."

"You mean like this?" And Harmony leaned in and his face went toward mine.

I kissed him back, hell, yeah, I did! There was the taste on his mouth of the drinks he'd had, plus something else, probably that other guy he'd been kissing. Bleah! But it wasn't much, and the rest of him was pure Harmony. And he wasn't hesitating, for a straight guy who was an actor studying for a part, Harmony was kissing like a guy who wanted to kiss another guy! I mean, lips meshing, a bit of tongue-play, the hands doing their part on my back and arms.

After some unknown amount of time, maybe a minute, he let me go. "How did I do?"

"Pretty good!" I panted. "You sure know how to kiss like you really mean it."

"So do you think I'll get the part?"

"You ought to. Still, a bit more practice couldn't hurt." I said and reached for him again.

And he met me again, this time, his tongue did more than simply brush my lips, it dug into my mouth with probing force. I had a sudden image of this tongue diving into my ass and I quivered, groaned, thrust myself up against him, lifting myself up onto the couch, I got a knee on it and now I was bearing him down, he shifted to rest his head on the armrest and his own leg came up onto the couch, I chased it with my other leg and then we were grunting and grinding against each other.


After five minutes or so of kissing his mouth, I reluctantly left it, not that I had tired of it, but to seek out the rest of him. I wanted so much to kiss that soft cheek, that delicate lobe of his ear, the tender flesh of his neck. My reward was to hear Harmony grunting, feeling the hard rod of his erection in his pants pressing against my leg.

"How am I doing?" Harmony asked me. "Am I doing this like a gay man would?"

"Yeah, you're doing great." I panted heavily. "I'm totally convinced. You're a very good actor." Oh, God, he was acting! I was making a fool of myself while he practiced his art!

"So far, nothing here I would do as a guy making it with a woman." Harmony said to me.

I gulped hard, striving to return this to a more educational level. "Well, sure, kissing and hugging and stroking aren't really all that different. It's when you get down to the main event it really starts looking and being different."


"Yeah." I affirmed.

A short pause. "Then we ought to take this to the bedroom so you can show me what's different then, shouldn't you?"

I gulped hard. God, I was trembling. "Are you sure you want to? I mean, so far, we haven't done anything we can't back out of. We go in there, I'm not going to want to stop, if you see what I mean."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." I realized Harmony was panting, too.

"Sex with a man isn't like with a woman." I warned. "You sure you want to? I mean, really sure?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm sure."

"Okay, then." I got to my feet, barely able to stand erect, my cock jutting out in front of me. Harmony's eyes were fixed on them, glazed, his mouth open, eyes widening. "Are you sure?" I asked him again.

His response was to lunge forward and gnaw at my basket. I could feel his teeth biting at my rod, too much cloth to hurt, but oh, God, oh, God! I reached down with my brain throbbing and I pulled him up to stand with me. "Come on, let's go!" I panted.

We practically raced to my bedroom, Harmony was in the lead, and when he saw the jumble of covers on my bed, he yanked them off my bed at its foot to form a puddle there, and, stripping off his clothes with a speed any fireman would envy, he bounced onto my bed, the purple sheets setting off his pale white skin with an exotic flair. I was still in pants and shorts at that point, I got them off and stepped over to the bed more deliberately. The highest point of Harmony's beautiful body was his cock, but every part of him begged me, begin here, here, no, here.

"Oh, man!" I breathed in my indecision and Harmony responded by reaching up and grabbing hold of my cock.

"Come on, get in here." he urged me and I could only comply. He held onto me as I laid my body on top of him, and by lying partially on one side of him, I was able to grasp him as well. We kissed, our hands hanging tight to our erections, verifying that yes, yes, it was there, it was still there.

"So what's next?" Harmony asked me.

"Depends on what you want." I said. "Sometimes, the guys just whack each other off, just like when you were kids."

"Yeah, yeah, I know all about that, what else?"

"There's oral sex, one of us sucking the other, or us sucking each other at the same time."

"Yeah, that might work." Harmony said.

"And then there's anal sex." I concluded. "You know, one of us fucks the other in the butt. We could trade off on that. And there's...."

"Wait." Harmony said. "Fucking each other. Yeah, that's it."

"You want to fuck me?" I asked.

"Yeah, I want to fuck you." Harmony agreed. "Can I do that, Mack? Can I fuck your ass, feel what it's like to ram a guy's ass. Can I do that?"

I barely hesitated. "Yeah, Harmony. You can fuck me."

"Thank you." he said to me, the simple gratitude.

"There's lube in the nightstand." I said. "Get yourself slicked up. Or do you want me to do that?"

"I'll do it." Harmony said. He stroked his cock while smiling down at me, me grinning up at him like a jack-o-lantern from the feel of it.

"Use plenty of it." I warned him. "I want this to be the greatest fuck I ever got."

"I'll do my best." Harmony agreed as he moved to get into position. "I've never done this with a guy before, remember."


"I remember." I sighed. "But the main action is the same. Just fuck me like you would a woman's pussy, that'll do it."

"You got it, Mack." Harmony said. There was a fumbling time, I was trying to get us face to face, with my legs over his shoulders, but he couldn't quite manage it. After a time, I settled for rolling onto my side, and that let Harmony see what he was doing. That got his cock into my butt, and I groaned as that hard schlong slid into me. God, I wanted this man so bad, my body just let it slide into me, no real resistance at all. He'd done a good job of lubing his cock, but even that wouldn't make it pain-free, anyone can tell you, this had to be the work of desire on my own part.

"Oh, oh, yeah, oh, yeah!" Harmony moaned when his dong was buried in me. "Man, this feels good, better'n any cunt, man, better, God, better!"

"Yeah, I love it, too." I groaned. "Come on, get to fucking me, I need that straight cock of yours pumping my gay butt, come on, buddy, let me teach you what gay sex is all about, come on, buddy, get that ass of yours bobbing, come on, come on!"

"Oh, man, yeah!" Harmony began to fuck at me, tentative and gentle at first, but at my urging, he began to get more and more energetic. "Man, most women would be screaming by this time." he grunted as he plunged in and out of my ass. "Is this what gay men do?"

"You don't have to pamper a man." I gasped. "We men, we like sex just for what it is, all raw and sweaty and hot. Woman get it all mixed up with love and romance and you have to treat them like they're made of tissue paper. Me, I want a man to really pump at me, come on, ride me, Harmony, ride me hard, buddy, you aren't going to break me in half, give me a good, fast fuck, buddy, fuck me hard, man, fuck me hard!"

"Oh, man, yeah, God, yeah!" Harmony was humping me frantically now. He was getting really turned on, the thrill of exotic sex for him, of course, for me, the hot man that was attached to this prong in my butt, He was panting over me, his face flushed with his passion, his cock a hard throbbing rod in my ass, and then there was the building staccato sounds of rising joy, the catch, the hesitation, and then the long, guttural moan as Harmony's cock released its load into my ass, a hot, fast flow that gushed into my bowels. I looked up at that face contorted in its magnificent ecstasy and I closed my eyes, sighed, and felt my own climax rushing up into my brain. Not the same as an orgasm in my cock, this was one from my ass, it builds up and kind of softly, smoothly brings itself into my mind, I hit my climax, and my cock ejaculates, but it's more internal, more integrated. I shot my spunk onto the bedding and Harmony collapsed on top of me, panting hard, and I grunted, turned and got him into my arms.

Man, oh, man." he gasped out. "Did you come? I felt something hot hit my arm."

"Yeah, I came." I agreed. "Really nice, when that happens."

"Yeah, but...but how?" Harmony was baffled.

"Take it as a compliment." I said, kissing his cheek. "You were fucking my ass and that felt so good, having you inside me, it just sort of happens."

"Really?" He needed reassuring.

"Yeah, really." I said. "Your ass can be a source of a lot of pleasure once you get used to it. Takes a lot of getting used to, though. You have to have a lot of gay sex for that to happen."

"Oh." Harmony said. "Well, then, if that's what it takes, we'd better get started on it, then. I got all day tomorrow free, if you don't mind teaching me how to do it."

"I don't mind at all." I confirmed.

"Great. This will really get me into the part." Harmony enthused.

"I love a man who believes in suffering for his art." I said as I kissed him good-night.

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