Man for Man

A first date


I stand in front of a dark stained door in a well-preserved old buildings and Leipzig have just rung. It is always exciting for me a new and slightly verunsichernder moment. What kind of man confront me now? Will I be disappointed or excited? And how will he react to me? Is it embarrassing when we are on the first sight are not sympathetic? I just do not the routine.


This time I had responded to an ad in which a hairy mid-forties looking for a nice man with a nice cock who likes to be blown by him extensively. He wished to be subsequently mounted active and persevering in any position! And I find that I have a nice cock and even just looking for a more permanent sex partner, I offered him my belt, "Pretty straight grown, handy and willing I would like to introduce him to you sometime soon in the original and you let him try.." Impersonated a few email messages, clarifying our sexual desires, and now I'm standing here in front of his door.

As it rises, sees a round, pleasant head with blond Strubbelhaaren and a close-cropped mustache at the door beguckt me short from top to bottom and then says gently, "Come on, come on in.. I am glad that you finally here are, "he went on, as the door was closed and now I can on my part a more complete picture to make of him. He seems to want to waste any time, because except for a tiny apron, which with a cord is attached behind his back and held by two thin straps around the taut thighs in place, he is naked. Has kept physically fitt, the slight paunch makes him comfortable. His chest is of fair hair well covered, the crease up loose and form a narrow track to where I can see his cock, yet. speak He is extremely appetizing as he did so with a bare ass in front of me goes into the room. vibrated hard and bulging of walking. I grabbed one ass cheek with his left hand, he turned to me and kissed me. Can I'm not so keen on it, I think, not as good, but he had a very pleasant movable type, to indicate with his tongue, how will he take care of my dick.

I noticed how the moved, and revolted against the prison pants. With him did the same and since I just had the tiny ribbons in hand, I pulled on the strap and stepped back. "An awesome piece," was all I could say, first of all, when I saw the soldiers there flagpole. I like men with normal construction everyday, not a super guy from the magazine, and this one was among the first choice. "And you are looking for a guy with a nice dick? As it is difficult for me." I mean, that was a tempting part without impress with extraordinary proportions. Smooth, velvety-looking skin, untrimmed, with a shiny wet acorn, which peeked out from the generous foreskin, some emerging veins gave the tight bolt profile, and among them was emblazoned a decent hanger in which been emerging plump eggs. So I should be allowed to play!

"Not spinning around. Now I want to see your beautiful cock and enjoy." While he was down the scrap of fabric geglittenen acquitted, I went to bed and lay down. I let the feet rest on the ground, I sat back and leaned slightly with half-raised upper body on your elbows, finally, I wanted to enjoy the expected sight. The legs were spread to receive him. He grinned and quickly came closer. First he opened my shirt, exposing my chest. I am also well insists, he seemed to like it.

Then he undid the belt, then the top pants button, and then he pulled down the zipper of his pants and snapped apart. Yes, I was somewhat prepared for active behavior and had attracted quite contrary to my usual habit no underwear. In the disclosed pants triangle made my penis, like myself, I found a good impression. He stood at attention and saluted with a glistening drop of pleasure at the top of my half-exposed glans. Nearly 16 centimeters and 5 centimeters in diameter are an offer. And in loving treatment my cock has a circumference of 14 centimeters at its thickest point. Emotionally and incited by lust, we both probably had the impression that my pipe would be even bigger and he said with deep satisfaction in his voice. "This thing is insane" Michael, that was his name, hastened to take off my pants completely slid closer on his knees and began to lick my balls. I could not help but groan deeply and my cock bobbed up and down excitedly. Grabbed me by holding on to his hips, he took a lot of rest and time of each egg into his mouth, where he rubbed it with his tongue mend it back and herkullerte, and bite very gently around it. My dark brown hair mixed bag with his blond beard.

He had touched my ample hammer yet, as he gleefully with his tongue to the bottom performers drove down to lick at the head of the well-trodden juice. Deep he sucked then the whole cock into his mouth and slid him tightly clenching around the shaft, back up. With a smack my penis popped out of his mouth. We watched, laughing, everyone glad that seemed to meet our needs so shiny. With his right hand he grabbed my cock and finally retired with a nice force the foreskin. Then he licked the spot on the bottom, at the frenulum of the penis is attached to - a place where I react very cool. I began to vibrate noticeably jerked my pelvis, so that the hard dick in his fist was in motion, and I went over to the loud groans. The fuck movement he took on at once and every time he let his tongue slide along on the glans when I bucked up. When he had in a long time, in the licking and powerful suction alternated with wank, let go of my insatiable cock, I was reasonably managed.

For your own recovery, I offered now with him on all my Blastalente. It was wonderful to keep this superb belt in hand, to feel in the mouth, me to go with him in his face and your heart's content because I aufzugeilen. "Fuck me, I'm ready, that I can hardly stand it," he pressed writhing out from under me. He would lie on his stomach while I grabbed a condom, I overlaid and then prepared his ass for my reception. He willingly went, leaning forward with his head resting on the bed and kneeling heraufstreckend the ass to me, his ass cheeks apart itself, so that I could be insalivating hole good with his tongue. When he gave me the pleasure itself. Tentatively, I introduced a finger, but Michael was the usual getting fucked and ready to receive my stand. I jerked him briefly in the form and then slid to his noticeable pleasure into him.

I tried to penetrate as deep as possible to get his prostate and had to cheer about when he failed to play-acting with his whole body, to some degree of success. He pushed me against his ass, reinforcing my hole. Gradually, I found a quiet, but strong zustoßenden rhythm of long and short bumps and occasional wide sliding out to read his slide tightly drawn asshole several times briefly over my sensitive glans subsequent reactions. Then I came back. Michael groaned and fired at me. He sat up and leaned on the bed now from top edge. His body was working with my synchronously or he countered. He used my spanking as a massager, he conducted him to the inside provocative points. Switzerland ran down to us, and he jerked off. I withdrew, turned him on his back, put pillows under his ass until it was in a convenient height and pushed my cock back into him. I wanted to watch him as he jerks seized from himself and to his stand and he took down a. Otherwise, I had packed his legs down to me, playing with his nipples, or conducted his hips in a slightly more favorable situation for me.

It must have been a joyful noise, to hear us moan both deeper and breathless. I felt like I wanted to quit and almost begging for a fuck break, and splashed, accompanied by loud sounds rut, strong from within him. Almost before I involuntarily jerked back and touched with my still stick around in his tight hole to give away to all the juice that wanted out. Then I let me just shut down next to him and encouraged him to crown his racing success with masturbation. It exploded and threw his semen on us. Slowly coming to rest, we caressed us, each other's arms lying, and mixed both our Switzerland and sperm happy and enjoyable and with each other. The subsequent showers had nice. Playing around at each other moments, we treated ourselves to a break nor a pleasurable mutual masturbation and bubbles, which was topped again by sparkling success and then we agreed to meet again soon on

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.