Man for Man

A Fine Summer's Day


A Fine Summer's Day by justjames17

Steve awoke at 7am, he was naked and lying across the bed the top sheet pushed aside and drooping to the floor, it was a very warm night and now the sun was up the temperature was soaring and perspiration sheened his amazingly sculptured body. Steve stretched his muscles moving beneath his tanned smooth skin like a bunch of serpents writhing about in a silk sack. Steve caressed his torso smiling contentedly; he loved the sensation of the caress imagining it was a deliciously hot bloke massaging him. He sighed and cupped his full balls then stroked his steely stiffy wagging it about playfully as he thought, "Damn it I need a lover or at least a good friend."


Steve began his morning wank slowly jacking his sexy six incher, his generous foreskin slipped moistly back and forth stimulating his so sensitive purple crown. Steve groaned loudly expressing his enjoyment as he slowly increased speed and pressure, his flat tight belly ridged and rippled as he tensed his abs and clenched his anus dimpling his full buttocks.

"Aaaaah struth," Steve moaned as his big cum filled balls tightened causing his large scrotum to diminish and wrinkle, Steve's body tensed and shook with the urge to ejaculate. He arched up bridging off the bed, the springs sounding as his weight shifted, his raging rod throbbed in his grasp as sperm surged from his balls thundering up his swollen urethra to leap forth in long creamy strings that flew through the hot air to splatter over his incredibly tense flexing body. Five incredible spurts jetted out his cum cannon before the pressure eased and the last throbs oozed out coating his cock head and drooling like treacle down his still wildly pulsating prick and over his fingers.

"Damn it that was some climax," thought Steve as he lifted his juice coated digits to his panting mouth sucking the slimy spunk into his mouth and relishing the taste of his ejaculate. He cleaned up all the pearly pud juice he could salvage before massaging the remnants into his hot flesh. He sat up swinging his legs off the bed as he grinned to himself then pushed up onto his feet and padded to the bathroom to clean up and get ready for his day.

Steve sat at the table eating his meusli his mind wandering as he listened to the radio, he perked up at the news it was going to reach 35c and decided he'd head out to the lake for an afternoon of swimming and sun baking there. He washed the dishes and tidied his bed then opened the chest of drawers pulling out his tiny red togs and slipped them on pulling them up then positioning his goolies comfortably in the pouch. He loved the brief swim togs as they accentuated his muscular body exposing as much as possible and showing off his manhood to all and sundry.

He donned a pair of old worn cut offs and a tight t-shirt before grabbing his keys and wallet and heading out to his car, he opened the door and felt the heat gush out around him, he waited a few minutes winding down the windows before sliding in onto the hot leather seat nearly burning the bare soft flesh under his thighs. The long drive to the lake was broken by the sight of a lone hitchhiker standing on the dirt verge beside the highway, Steve slowed as he neared the lone figure his eyes locked the youth standing arm out thumb extended in the universal sign.

The young man was slim in build, wearing jeans, his torso was bare and bronzed by the sun, large soft puffy nipples adorned his pecs. The lad's honey blond hair glistened in the sun as Steve slowed to a stop beside him, he looked in through the open window ans smiled disarmingly at Steve, "I'm heading up to the lake if your going that way mate."

Steve grinned back at this young Adonis and replied, "Jump in mate I'm going there too."

The lad opened the door and slid onto the seat, "Whew it's bloody hot ain't it?"

Steve nodded as he changed gears, "Sure is I'm looking forward to that swim."

The lad chuckled, "Hehehe, I was thinking I'd have to walk all the way there has been stuff all traffic on the road so far. My names Clinton by the way."

Steve grinned, "G'day Clinton I'm Steve and yop its prolly the heat, peeps don't want to venture out into it."

"Could be right," The lad replied as he sat back closing his eyes and enjoying the sensation of speed and the wind of passage rushing in the windows cooling his sweaty body. Steve noticed his passenger's eyes close and he began looking closer at this young stud particularly the mound between his smooth thighs under the denim material of his jeans. What he saw had his cock stirring rapidly in his tight togs making things uncomfortable to say the least.

Steve sucked in his stomach and reached in to adjust himself into a more comfortable position, his movement caused Clinton to open his eyes and glance across, he saw Steve adjusting his cock and he smiled to himself and closed his eyes once more. The rest of the trip passed uneventfully and soon Steve turned off the highway onto the winding narrow road to the lake pulling up in the shade under a huge old oak tree. He turned off the engine and looked out at the glistening blue water of the lake, "Well we are here and amazingly we are the only car here there's not a person to be seen."


Clinton opened his eyes and stretched giving Steve a fabulous view of his torso, the small tufts of hair in his pits and those soft nipples stretching and elongating as he stretched his arms above his head. Steve licked his lips as he watched the supple smooth body flexing beside him, he almost drooled with lust thinking how he could make love to this cute young stud. The two lads left the car and Clinton began removing his jeans exposing a pair of bikini briefs that showed off his firm bubble bum to perfection.

Steve whistled softly to himself admiring the view and thinking how incredible it would be sliding his boner up that beaut bum, Clinton hopped on one foot at a time as he tugged off the jeans then tossed them onto the sandy loam next to the car. Steve couldn't drag his eyes away from the sight of Clinton's family jewels jiggling in the soft cotton briefs, his mouth watered at the thought of sucking the lad off and hearing him moan and whimper with pleasure.

Clinton grinned and whooped then began sprinting towards the lake his smooth muscular body a sight to be seen as his goolies bounced about and his firm dimpled arse cheeks flexed and moved in his briefs. He bounded up and along a rock shelf then bounced on his feet leaping up and diving into the deep water. His body scarcely caused a ripple and Steve bounded after him leaping high and clutching his knees to his chest he bombed into the calm water sending spray soaring as if a small depth charge had exploded. The up thrusting spray glistening in the bright sun as it reached its pinnacle and spattered down again, Clinton surfaced and laughed shaking his head sending droplets spinning through the still air.

Steve came up and floated beside him his bright red bulge poking out of the water, Clinton looked at that inviting sight and his hand began to move as if of its own volition, his fingers softly brushed against Steve's thigh then stopped awaiting a reaction. Steve lay there smiling and this gave Clinton more courage as his hand moved up onto the top of Steve's leg feeling the taut muscles under the wet silky skin, slowly the hand crept up towards the tight speedos. Steve was beginning to shiver and his dick started to grow, Clinton noticed immediately the increase in proportion and he knew Steve was okay with his actions.

Steve whispered hoarsely, "Oh Clinton that feels awesome mate you are getting me so sexed up."

Clinton grinned and slid his other arm under the floating Steve supporting his tight buttocks and helping him stay afloat, he bent over and rested his cheek on Steve's incredibly taut firm belly as he watched his exploring fingers rub Steve's growing boner. Steve moaned his delight and Clinton moved his head down till his mouth was resting right against Steve's now fully erect cock, he stuck out his tongue and ran it over the pulsing prick eliciting a moan from his new friend. His mouth opened and he took Steve in his mouth gently biting that wondrous wand, juice oozed through the straining lycra and he sucked it away relishing the taste.

His fingers under Steve's buttocks found the waistband and eased inside down the pronounced cleavage between the firm mounds of muscle and flesh, Steve moaned loudly as Clinton's long finger found and pressed against that resisting wrinkled muscle. Steve relaxed his ring and Clinton's digit eased up his tight hole, his erection throbbed crazily and Clinton tugged the tight togs down and under Steve's big balls before he took that hot horn deep in his mouth sucking and licking it making Steve go crazy. The cheeky finger was poking and stroking Steve's love button coaxing juice out into Clinton's hungry mouth.

Steve couldn't control himself his body going haywire was soon erupting and spewing sperm into Clinton's encouraging mouth until he was drained dry and his cock flexed and jerked firing blanks. Clinton pulled away grinning and licking his pink lips, "Man you taste delicious thanks for the fast food."

Steve moaned as Clinton's finger slid from his still flexing ring, Clinton brought the finger from under water up to his mouth and sucked on it, Steve moaned at the sight of this hot lad doing such a thing, it looked so dirty but turned him on big time. Steve's legs sank down and the two lads hugged and kissed frantically rubbing the full length of their bodied together, their cocks sliding up and down together. They broke apart and swam to the small beach near the rock shelf and lay in the warm shallows Clinton on top of Steve his rock hard rod poking and prodding against Steve's soft cock as they kissed sensuously.


Clinton worked his erection down under Steve's balls pushing against his bum cleft through his speedos, Steve instinctively spread his legs allowing the hot stud to poke him even more. Clinton whispered, "Steve I'd love to bone that beautiful tight muscular bum."

Steve moaned then nodded, "Well babes I've not been rooted for a long time I don't know if I can take you."

Clinton whined, "Ooooh I'll be so gentle you'll love it mate, I know you like having your prostate rubbed just think of having my fat knob doing the task instead of my finger."

Steve sighed, Yeah that sounds so sexy mate but if I ask you to stop will you do it?"

"I'll do anything you say mate, you will be in charge." Clinton replied.

Steve nodded and Clinton pulled off the red togs baring Steve's pale white crotch and buttocks, he admired the tan lines and how fair Steve's flesh was, "Turn over onto your belly Steve."

Steve did as asked and there in front of Clinton was the perfect male arse, the deep cleft separating the full round smooth buttocks, not a hair in sight as he grasped the white mounds squeezing and rubbing them enjoying their soft yet firm rubbery ness. He pulled them apart to find Steve's tiny sweet pucker, the tiny dot of his entrance almost invisible in the anemone like sphincter, Clinton hawked up a glob of spittle and drooled it out and down onto the perfect portal. His long middle finger reintroduced itself to the tight molten hot chute hidden inside Steve's arse, Steve squirmed a little as he bit his lip but didn't gasp in case Clinton would stop the intrusion.

A second finger joined the first after more spittle was added, it hurt a little but again Steve kept mum not wanting to upset Clinton, more massaging and stretching of that pliant muscle soon had a third digit embedded twisting and scissoring about opening him up. Clinton whispered, "Its time big boy are you ready?"

Steve nodded not trusting his voice and Clinton took his eager erection in hand introducing it to the now red puffy ring, Steve brought his hand up to his mouth and bit it to stop him crying out as the blunt bludgeon stretched him open and surged inside. The ravaged muscle compressed tight around the invader and Clinton shuddered with pleasure then began pushing deeper and deeper filling Steve's flexing rectum. Steve moaned and lifted his head eyes tightly shut as he grimaced from the burning sensation, he wanted to cry out but couldn't wreck Clinton's pleasure.

Clinton finally bottomed out and lay on top of Steve just flexing his cock in the hot silky confines, Steve now began squeezing that invader his bowels rippling up and down the hot hardness as his body adjusted and began to find pleasure in the sensation. Clinton pulled slowly back and pushed slowly in long dicking the hot hole, Steve moaned his joy and was soon begging for more. Clinton sped up and after a short time he was slamming in and out flesh slapping loudly on flesh his climax rapidly approached as his balls tightened and dick swelling throbbing like crazy he bellowed, "I'm cumming; Oh gees I'm going to fill you and give you my babies."

Steve writhed under him, "Yeah! Oh yeah! Breed me stuff me mate."

Clinton lost all control as his cannon exploded sending gout after gout of wriggles gushing up that hot dark tunnel, his cock ruled his body as it gushed and flexed pouring sperm into the willing receptacle of Steve's guts. He collapsed hot sweaty and shaking from the stress, Steve's hot arse milking his still throbbing pole making him groan in utter bliss. Finally his deflated dick slurped from Steve's battered bum in a drool of cream, he lay there exhausted and a spurt of juice exited the flexing sphincter to land on Clinton's thigh and run down onto the grass under him.

Steve breathing hard gasped, "Whew! That was totally, gasp, awesome, pant, I've cum again mate, puff, you rooted it out of me."

Clinton groaned and replied, "WOW! You are one molten hot dude Steve, I don't think I've ever blown so much in my life."

Steve rolled over and looked at Clinton's red sweaty face, "You got a boy friend Clinton?"

Clinton shook his head, "No mate I've never had one but I've only been with a few blokes so far but if your asking me to be your boy friend the answer is Oh yeah I'd love to be yours if you'll have me."

The two blokes kissed and hugged each other lying there on the soft green sward, Steve finally asked, "Where do you live Clint?"

Clinton sighed, "Oooh I live in a flat in Holmesglen, with three mates from school but I hate it they are total slobs and pot heads."

Steve pecked him on the nose and seaid, "I live near Holmesglen and I'm not a slob or a pot head if you'd like to change addresses."

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