Man for Man

A Fairy Enjoys the Ferry


I looked over the edge of the small passenger ferry that was now speeding me across the sea, hoping to see my own reflection in the water. But the boat was zipping along so fast and I was so high up from the water that this was impossible. It didn't matter: I knew that I was a fucking gorgeous stud. With my blond hair, blue eyes, and well build, I was an All-American twenty-year-old college student who attracted my share of attention from guys and gals alike.


But none of those guys and gals were around now. In fact, I was alone on the small ferry taking me across the water. Except, of course, for the man at the wheel of the boat, Harry. He was so not my type: a big, burly bear of a man with a small but noticeable beer gut. And since he wasn't my type at all, that kinda made him my type because I've always been drawn to guys that weren't right for me.

But he was nowhere to be seen now. I glanced in the direction he must have been in, but I couldn't see him and that meant he couldn't see me either. But just thinking about Harry was making me horny, and I could feel the bulge in my pants begin to grow.

What to do about my problem? I would be across the water in another fifteen minutes. If I was going to take care of my problem, it was now or never. Without any hesitation, I pulled down my pants. I never wore underwear, so now I was exposed to the world. I could feel the sun shining on my crotch. My seven-inch dick twitched, unused to being exposed to so much natural light. And I have to say, with all the light on it my cock looked even bigger than it was. I closed my eyes, breathed in the cool air of the sea, and then grabbed my dick, feeling myself up. I'd been touching myself all my life, so I knew just how to rub my own prick to get the most out of it.

And then I wasn't the only one who had a hand around my dick. Who could be touching me? It couldn't be . . . no . . . . but it had to be . . . . I opened my eyes and saw Harry standing there with a gleam in his eye. "Did you really think you could get away with this on the ferry?"

"I thought you'd be driving the boat," I stammered. His hand felt cold on my prick, but I liked it anyway. He was rubbing his hand up and down my shaft, like a seasoned pro.

"You don't know nothin' 'bout ferries, then," he said, with a smile. "Let's find out what yak know about dick." He took his hand away from my crotch and brought it up to my head. Patting me on the head, he pushed me down to the floor of the ferry. He didn't have to push hard because I wanted it just as badly as he apparently did. Then I waited for what felt like forever as I stared at the jeans Harry had on and wished they were suddenly off him.

Harry seemed to be making the same wish himself because the next thing I knew, he was tugging at his own belt and doing everything in his power to get his pants off. First went the belt, and as it got set aside, I casually wondered if he might be using it on me later. My ass throbbed in anticipation. Then he dropped down his pants. I was impatient now, because it was obvious that Harry, unlike me, was wearing underwear. And not just any underwear either, but pink boxers! Just as I started to laugh at this, Harry whipped down his boxers and my eyes grew wide as he withdrew a dick that had to be at least nine inches long.

"Fuck!" I said, not realizing until it was too late that I had just said that aloud.

"Maybe later," Harry said, with a laugh. "But for now, suck on this!" And he pushed forward, guiding his big bulging member into my mouth. I almost choked on it. It wasn't just that it was one of the bigger ones I'd had in my mouth before; Harry was shoving himself so quickly into me that it was hard to take all at once. But I was an experienced cocksucker, and I wasn't about to let this schlong get away.

Mmmm! It had been too fucking long since I chowed down on a pecker like this one. I could still feel the wind whistling past my hair as the ferry continued on. "Is the ferry going to be okay without you?" I managed to say between gulps of cock.

"It's going to stop in a minute," he said. And just like that, the ferry stopped moving. "Timer," he said. "I wanted more time to enjoy this. Now suck!" And again he pushed my head onto his bratwurst. I took in another gulp of his member, swallowing it all the way down my throat. I moved up and down on him, savoring every moment. For his part, Harry was enjoying every moment too. He leaned back against the side of the ferry, his bare bottom exposed to the sunlight, as I enjoyed all of this.


I pulled his dick out of me and he looked down, as if frustrated I would take my mouth away for him for even a moment. I gave him what he deserved, taking my tongue to his cock and licking it up and down. Up and down, down and up . . . he let out a soft moan, a clear sign he was enjoying my handiwork. I pulled away again and this time Harry looked like he was going to kill me. But I returned to him, leaning in close enough so I could take his left ball sac into my mouth. I sucked on his ball, loving it almost as much as I loved the stick attached to it.

I wasn't ready for him to cum yet, even though I loved having my face covered in cream; he'd hinted he was interested in fucking before, and I wasn't about to let that hint get past me. "Fuck me," I said quietly, looking up at the brawny ball of fur standing in front of me.

"What did you say?"

"Fuck me!" I shouted. "Put that pecker deep inside me!"

"You don't have to say that again!" He was practically drooling now as I picked myself up and turned over, leaning against the side of the ferry. I could feel the boat shifting beneath me as it sat in the water. The boat was rocking back and forth a bit, but now I wanted to make it rock even more--with the help of Harry and his massive manhood, of course!

Harry grabbed me from behind, pulling me close to him. "Are you sure you can take all of this?" he whispered in my ear. I could only nod. Just the anticipation of the sex made it impossible to talk or think about anything but him. How had an innocent afternoon ferry ride been quickly transformed into this lust-filled encounter? In mere moments, I felt Harry's hands brush up against my back and my ass. I glanced back only to see his hairy arms touching my ass, as if he was getting ready for what was about to happen.

"I don't happen to have any lube on me," Harry said, with a chuckle. "I mean, I'm a great sea-man, but this is one thing I wasn't prepared for."

"Well, then I guess we can't--" I was interrupted by Harry--or, more accurately, Harry's tongue. For now, it was his turn to lean down, and in a second, he slipped his tongue deep within my cracks. It had been too long since I'd had a man licking me like this, and I couldn't control myself as I moaned and groaned for all the sea to hear. "Oh, fuck yeah!"

"I'm getting there," Harry said. He pulled himself up and brought his body close to me again. With one hand, he pinched my right nipple. With his other hand, he grabbed my firehose, stroking it slowly and gently. Then the hand on my nipple moved over to my ass, as one finger pressed deep into my asshole. It was almost everything I could want...but I needed the prick itself to prick me, and I needed it now.

But first, he had to be totally prepared. I looked back again, and it was worth the look: Harry was stripping off all of his clothes now, even though we were out in the middle of the water where any passing boat could easily see both of us. If he was going to fuck me, he was going to do it right! I breathed in, taking in the sight of this gorgeous man. Was he really the same guy who'd been ferrying me across the water daily for the past two years? And were we really doing this? I pinched myself: it was real.

"I don't know if you're ready for this," Harry said, as he moved forward again. I grinned. This probably wasn't the best time to tell him that I'd had a foot long schlong inside me before, although Harry's member was thicker than that previous dick had been. And I wasn't going to deflate Harry's dick or his mood by bringing that up now. He grabbed me from behind again, then pressed his cock inside me, pushing in slowly at first as if getting used to it for now. I took it like a pro, letting him into my ass and enjoying everything he was giving me. He licked at my neck as he then buried his sausage deep inside me. I grinned as he continued to drill me.

If someone from a nearby boat had been watching us at that moment, he would have been unable to distinguish where Harry ended and I began. We were joined at one, no small accomplishment given he was twenty years older and sixty pounds heavier than I was. An attractive, young college student and a married bear of a man . . . but for now, we were practically the same. He fucked me as I'd never been fucked before, his rod pressed as deep into me as it could possibly go. Harry grunted as he grabbed for my dick again. While he enjoyed my ass with his cock, he stroked my cock long and hard, and I squeezed my eyes shut tight for a brief moment as it took everything within me to keep from cumming right now.

And when I opened my eyes, I got the surprise of my life: a seagull had landed on the edge of the ferry, just feet away from me. In all the excitement Harry hadn't even noticed it even though this bird was anything but small. I laughed as it seemed to be staring at us. This only made me even hornier now. Harry glanced at the bird for a second before he looked back at me. "Let me guess: you like to be watched, huh?"

I could say nothing with Harry's dick deep inside me. I could only moan and grunt as he kept jerking me with one hand. I knew I would be shooting soon! And Harry seemed to sense this too, because he took his other hand to my dick now, with one stroking at the top of my dick and the other lower down on me.

Yes, yes, yes! With a cry of relief, I shot my spunk out. It splattered all over . . . the seagull! The startled bird flew away, as Harry and I had a good laugh over what had happened.

But laughter would only take us so far. Harry's face became serious again as he pulled out of me. I gasped, taking in the fresh air outside as I turned around. My dick was still dripping goo as I stared down at Harry's own quivering one-eyed monster that was just as hard as ever. What was I to do about that? He gestured at my crotch -- and I dived downward, starting to lick up his inner thigh. I wasted no time in getting to the good stuff, covering his cock with my mouth. I swallowed down his dick again, enjoying it just as much as I had the first time. This was what life was all about!

After all the excitement we'd been through in the last few minutes, it took no time for Harry to give up his spunk, but I wasn't prepared for what happened next. "YES!" Harry shouted aloud, his voice carrying over the sea. "YES!" I would have been yelling the same thing, if not for the dick shooting the good stuff into my mouth. I couldn't take all the jizz at once, there was so much, and as I pulled away, Harry continued to give me the rest of his protein shake all over my face. He wasn't going to be wasting this on a bird! I giggled as a now sweaty Harry wiggled his member in my face and I finished licking off everything I could get from it.

Now Harry pulled me up to my feet. He put a hand over my face, wiping his own juice off my cheek. He put it to my mouth, and I licked it slowly. Then he took the hand to his mouth, also enjoying it, although no one could possibly be enjoying it as much as I had!

Now we relaxed in the aftermath of an excellent fuck session. There would be no kissing, no cuddling that meant we would be together forever. We were both on the same wavelength: we weren't in love, but for a brief time together we'd been in lust, and it was good.

I don't remember much of what happened next. I know we both put on our clothes again. And I know Harry went back to steering the ferry, rather than steering himself into my ass. I know these things because my ferry ride came to an end, as all good things must eventually. As I walked off the boat and up the ramp, I glanced back at Harry, who waved goodbye to me with a small, subtle smirk on his face.

Yet for all I knew about what this did and did not mean, there was one other thing that this whole experience meant for me. Whenever Harry and I would go on the ferry by ourselves again, we knew we had something we could do together. Sure, it meant Harry and I would both be late for our destinations. And sure, we knew that we could never work as a couple. But once or twice a month, Harry and I could be together, alone . . . except for the occasional voyeuristic bird.

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