Man for Man

A Dying Request


My last four patients had been sound asleep. I thought the fifth was, too, but the squeak of my cart's wheels caused him to turn his head my way, so I smiled and pushed the cart on in. "Book or magazine, sir?" I said to him.


"No, thanks." he said, turning his head toward the window. A soft groan escaped his lips.

Depression, I decided. Plenty of sick people start giving up on life. A bit of lively conversation ought to cheer him up. After all, I was a volunteer. He was looking out the window at a beautiful summer day. "It's a beautiful day outside, isn't it?"

"I guess." he said lethargically.

"My name is Cyril." I told him. "I'm a senior at Whitman High this year, and I'm volunteering here at the hospital. So you'll be seeing me around here." I said.

"Not me." he said. "I'll be gone by then."

"Gone where?" I asked him. "Back home?"

He turned his eyes to me and I realized that he was young and damned good looking. His hair was mussed and uncombed, dark locks in tangles on his head. His skin was an olive tone courtesy of some exotic mixture of ancestry, and heavy with old sweat. His eyes were dark black orbs that shone above a heavy set of eyebrows, his forehead was a sharp rectangle, his cheeks rounded and almost ruddy. And yet he wore an air of heavy sadness.

He looked at me in turn, seeing me in my clean white shirt and dark blue pants. I wore an arm band which marked me as a volunteer (no "candystriper" for us male volunteers) at the hospital. "No." he said to me. "Not back home. Except the home we all go to one day, sooner or later." He sighed. "At least I know it's coming."

"Huh?" I said. Then it hit me. "You mean...."

He nodded soberly. "Yeah. They should have told you. I have a defective aorta. Every time my heart beats, it rips a little wider. By this time tomorrow, I'll be...." He lifted one arm and made a sort of "whoosh" movement "...out of here."

"But...but...can't they operate?"

"Not on this." he said. "No time."

I was foundering. "But you're in this room." No machines hooked into him, no nurses on duty.

"I didn't want them." he said. "They couldn't do anything but prolong things. I could stay alive as a vegetable indefinitely. I chose instead to let it happen. My choice."

If I'd be foundering before, I was drowning now. "What about your family?" When someone is dying, the family is always there. Isn't there?

"Mom couldn't handle it." he informed me. "Dad took her home. He'll be back in an hour or so."

"That's...that's too bad." I said.

"Can you stay with me for a few moments?" the man said, putting his hand on my arm. "It''s kind of lonely...waiting to die."

"Sure, sure." I said.

The man wiped at his eyes. "Could you close the door? You know, in case I start crying or something."

"Sure, sure." I said and hastily complied, shoving my cart back out into the hallway and closing the door after it. Just old books and months' old magazines, hardly items worthy of pilferage, we passed them out to the patients and gathered them up again when the patients were done with them.

"Come sit down here on the bed with me." He said, patting the bed's edge.

I did so, though it was kind of crowded like that.

"You're a nice-looking guy, Cyril." the guy said to me. His hand went back onto my arm, clamping on. Not too tight, but it wasn't going to let me go real fast, either.

"Thanks." I said.

"You're new here, aren't you?"

"First day." I agreed.

"I thought so." He went on. "I'd've noticed you if you'd been here a while. Given that this is last day on Earth, can I ask a favor of you?"

"Sure, sure." I said again. It was turning into my default phrase.

"You wouldn't mind if it's kind of a peculiar request?"

"Of course not." I said. A dying man's last request, of course I'd go along with it! "What is it?"

The man licked his lips. "You see, on the whole, I'm not afraid of dying. I've lived a pretty good life overall, you know?"

"Sure, sure." I was sounding like a broken record.

"But there is one thing I would really like to do, just once, before I die."

"What's that?"



"This is going to sound weird."

"That's all right." I assured him. "Just say it."

"Can I suck your cock?"

"Huh?" This I wasn't expecting. Take him to see a baseball game, maybe!

"I've always had this, well...sort of secret craving, to try it, see what it's like." the guy went on.


"You want suck my...."

"Yeah." He said. "Look, I know it sounds weird, but what else am I going to do, to have one last bit of fun before I die? I don't have time to go to a beach and play volleyball, you know."

"I know." I said.

"I may not last until nightfall." he went on. "You wouldn't deny a guy his dying request, would you?

"I...I guess not." I said dubiously.

"It'll only take a few minutes. You stand by the bed and I'll lean over and do you that way." he went on. "You leave here and go back to handing out copies of Tom Sawyer to little old ladies. Nobody ever has to know." His hand which had been on my arm now left its perch, and landed on my leg. The fingers curved over into my inner thigh. Just a few inches up and it would be there.

Instead, the hand went down, stroking my thigh, up and down, getting close on the up stroke, but not touching me. "What do you say?" he asked me after a few of these strokes. "Let me give you a taste of Heaven before I go see what it's like for myself?"

I looked into that face, that beautifully marvelous face, the smile that had won its way to his lips, the very antithesis of gloom and despair. I knew that I had brought that to him, a triumph of light over darkness! That was worth...that was worth anything.

"Sure." I said. "Uh, what's your name?"



"Short for something I don't like to remember." He went on.

"Okay, Ace. Sure, you can suck my cock." I said.

That brought the smile out even wider. "Then get up and feed it to me." he urged me. "I want to know what's it's like, just once, before I go."

"Before you go." I agreed.

I got up and my hands went to my fly. My belt I undid but didn't unloop any, just accessed my top fly button and undid it, then unzipped below that. Ace gave an appreciative moan as he saw my erection jutting out the white briefs underneath that. As for me, I was just glad I'd chosen one of my newer pair of underwear, I was always wearing old brownish pairs, just whatever came to hand. But today I'd fished out one of the pair my Mom had bought me a few weeks before.

Which turned out to present a bit of a problem, I didn't know how to get them open! Not the usual Y-front of my Jockeys, these were the H-front (I guess), a pair of ribs down the front and below that a sort of ovalish, miniature Y. I had to push my pants down to mid-thigh to get at that little thing! How do people who wear these take a leak, anyhow?

But with my pants at half-mast, I figured I might as well go for broke, and I pushed the briefs down to the crotch of my open pants. This bared me from waist to mid-thigh, except for my shirt tail covering me.

An insignificant bit of cloth for Ace to push aside, especially with my dong sticking out between the flaps already! He grabbed hold of me and tugged and I followed that yank to press my thighs up against the edge of the bed, and Ace dove at my cock, missed, it slapped over one warm cheek, and then he slid his lips underneath my shaft up to the head and caught it and fed it down!

"Oh, oh, shit!" I breathed softly. "Oh, man, oh!"

Ace may be having his first time, but his lips knew just what to do. They warded the teeth away from me, yet circled and clung to my shaft, pulling the skin along with it until the glans was touching the back of his throat, and all of that encompassed length was bathed in hot, silken saliva, which foamed about my prick and soaked into it, and then Ace milked it gently back, exposing the glans to the rather crisp air of the hospital room (which was about four degrees too cool for my tastes), and his lips held my cock's skin so that it wrinkled and rippled and roiled over my cockhead, sending waves of joy with every wrinkle, every slip and slide was echoed by desire in my brain!

"Ah, ah, ah, gah!" I sighed. Here I'd expected to have trouble even getting an erection, and Ace was turning this into a case of I was about ready to squirt right now! No, I told my body, not yet, give him this time, let him do every thing he's ever wanted with my cock. "Yours." I said to him in a whisper. "All yours, Ace. Just do what you want to do."


He scooted up in the bed and I saw that I had thought was a blue hospital gown was in fact one of the blue tunics that the staff wore. Well, some long-time patients got those, a kindly condescension of the hospital to the patient tired of exposing his buns to every passerby on the floor. If he was simply waiting to die, why not give him something like proper clothes to die in?

Ace scooted up in the bed, and his hands circled my waist and clamped onto my buttocks, now he was semi-sitting on the bed, his hands on my butt were what held him in place, and he was thrusting my dong deep into his mouth and throat! If I'd had waves of pleasure before, now I had tsunamis that rushed throughout my body, flooding my senses with every motion of Ace's head at my crotch.

I reached down without thinking and my fingers threaded through that greasy tangle of his hair. He was well overdue for a bath, the hair was slippery but I caught my fingers in it best I could and I began to urge him to move even faster. Ace grunted eagerly as he suckled my dong, my dick was groaning with its need to explode.

"Ah, ah, shit, Ace, hah, ah, gah, oh, man, ah, gah, uh!" I strangled out. "Shit, Ace, I'm nearly ready to come already!"

"Um, uh, um!" was Ace's only response, perhaps meant to be words, but he didn't stop his motions or release his lip-lock on my tool for one second to say it if it was. He was slobbering his spit over my cock, I was dripping from his slobber onto the edge of the bed, and all that didn't fall left my prong suctioning back and forth in a wet vacuum that gave nothing to the air outside, like fucking a bowl of warm pudding, maybe (I hadn't done that, but it must be like that), where the softness is all around and it won't let go of you, all you do is refuck the same hole over and over and it slops up and over you in the same pattern, over and over and over again.

"Oh, Christ!" I moaned. "Ace, I got to shoot, man, got to shoot now! Here it comes! Here it comes! Ah-ah-ah, ah-gah-gah-guh-guh-uh-uh-GUUHHH, HUHHHHH!" And my teenaged wads blasted with a thickness that I rarely managed in my own masturbations in the bed on an early Saturday morning, even. His dying request, his last wish, and I was granting it, here you go, Ace, drink it all down, a hot load of man-come fresh off my 18-year-old dick, man, eat it, eat it all!

Ace gulped noisily, my squibs of jizz flooded into his mouth to be squeezed and swallowed down as his throat moved convulsively.

"AH-HAH! AH-HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH!" I finished my orgasm and after the last dregs had squirted out to be gulped by his hungry maw, I staggered, wishing I had something to hold onto before I fucking fainted! I kept my feet and my eye cleared after a moment, and I saw Ace nursing the last bits of slickness off my pud and with a final sucking "pop!" sound, he finished and then let go of me, and lay back on the bed, now grinning widely.

"You were great!" I told him sincerely. "I thought you'd never done this before, but man, you were a fucking expert!"

"I...I've thought about it a lot." Ace said. "I'm...feeling a little dizzy now. Think maybe I'd better get some sleep. Thanks, Cyril, for granting a man his final request."

"Sure, sure!" I fell back to saying. Shit, I had to come up with something better than that if I was going to be a real source of comfort to the patients! I pulled up my pants and looked for something to say. "See you tomorrow."

Wrong thing to say, but he didn't get upset. "Tomorrow? No, I don't think so. But don't worry about it." he forestalled my apology. "Today was pretty damned good all by itself."

"Sure, sure." I said and fumbled my way to the door. I managed to complete my rounds of the rooms with my cart of books. When I got back to Ace's room, I looked in. The bed was empty.

Shit, already! I hadn't even heard them coming to get him! Had his sucking my cock caused his aorta to burst prematurely?

But Ace had been ready to die. You can't work in a hospital it you aren't ready to face death. I gulped and handled it pretty well, I thought.

Until the end of my volunteer shift, when I went to the nurse's station. "Ah, Cyril, there you are!" Nurse Renee called to me. "Come on over, want you to meet someone."

"Sure." I said and went over. A doctor was standing there in his white coat over the blue hospital clothes. Black hair from behind.

"This is Dr. Asani Kemaresan." Nurse Renee said. "This is our newest volunteer, Cyril Worthington."

"Pleased to meet you...sir." I said as the doctor turned around.

A familiar smile under black eyes and heavy eyebrows. "Good to meet you, too, Cyril."

"Cyril hopes to be a doctor himself after he finishes college." Nurse Renee went on. "He's volunteered to work here in order to learn first-hand about hospital life." She quoted from my little introductory speech I'd given her when I'd shown up earlier that day.

"So have you learned anything so far?" the doctor asked me, running his fingers through his hair, hair which could really use a washing out.

"Yeah." I said. "I've learned that doctors are a bunch of underhanded, sneaky scoundrels that don't hesitate to take advantage of a new guy's innocence."

I got a gasp from Nurse Renee for that (you don't talk back to doctors!) but Dr. Asani smiled at her, shook his head. "Now, now, Renee, I played a practical joke on Cyril earlier today, is all. Cyril, I think you'll do just fine here. You can call me Dr. Ace." He stuck out a hand. "Welcome to County General. It's something of a nuthouse here, but we manage to have fun now and then."

"I already figured that out." I said and had to match his grin with my own as I shook his hand.

"Come with me, Cyril, you can help me with something in the storeroom. I need you to take something out for me in there."

"Yeah." I sighed as I followed him down the hall. "I think I can guess what it is, too."

And I was right.

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