Man for Man

A Dream Cum True


I felt a stirring in my loins. My cock slowly became even more engorged as the blood rushed to fill its tissue. I took another deep whiff of the boxers, and I became virtually intoxicated by the heavy smell of cock sweat and man ass.


Last weekend was the annual High School Geography Bowl, a competition toward which I had been looking forward since last year. Five boys from my school were competing this year. There were some girls as well, but we won't talk about them. I had been looking forward to the event for quite some time, not because I was thrilled to kick some kids' asses answering questions about our lovely planet, even though that's an added bonus, but because I was excited to spend a weekend with some pretty studly guys.

It is of importance to note that the university where the event was held is basically in the middle of nowhere. What isn't in West Virginia? The closest thing to the university is a state forest, which is incidentally where we would be spending the weekend in one of the cabins there. After finding this out, my cock gave a jolt at the idea of staying in such close proximity to two guys who had frequently been the subjects of many of my sticky jack-off sessions. The first guy is my favorite. Clean cut, pale, slightly ripped, my idea of what a man should be. His name is Charlie Brown, no joke, but I know he packs more than just peanuts under those bulging shorts. He was the kind of guy who could make anyone smile, and every time he flashes one of his dazzling grins, I nearly cum in my pants. The second guy, Chris Hastings, is also a stud. In regard to sex, he is more of a stud than Charlie actually. He claims to have fucked so many girls, and many girls have claimed to have fucked him. God is he hot. He's tall, with a buzz cut, ripped, and has a tendency to walk around without a shirt. Every time I am around him, I picture taking the entire length of his cock in my mouth and him violently pushing my head up and down the length of his big dick.

I'm not too bad myself. I'm about 5'9," and I weigh about 185 pounds. I play football and soccer, so my body isn't too bad. I have lots of hair on my body. The guys in the locker room often refer to me as Sasquatch! The jokes stop, however, when I take off my jockstrap. My cock is 8 inches long, uncut, and pretty thick. Chris is on my football team, and Charlie and I play soccer together, so I have had the opportunity to see both their cocks in the showers. Chris is hung; his cock is probably 9 inches, while Charlie's is slightly smaller than mine, maybe 7.5 inches. Either way, I'd suck on them both for hours. Anyway, we drove down the day before the geography bowl. An excused absence from school was our reward for possibly bringing our high school some much-needed attention. We spent the day just walking around, going to the mall, and seeing a movie. The five guys pretty much rode around together, while the girls did things with our chaperone. Throughout the day, I had the privilege of hearing Chris talk about how many girls he had fucked and just marveling at the sheer beauty of Charlie. I sat in the back of Chris' jeep, my cock hard and leaking precum all over my American Eagle boxers. I loved picturing Chris' moaning and groaning in pleasure as he pounded some girl's tight pussy.

Lucky bitch! God, how I wished these guys would fuck me! After we finished seeing the movie, it was around 10:00 PM, so we really needed to head back to the cabin. When we got there, questions regarding the shower arrangements began to arise. It was decided that Chris would shower first, followed by Charlie, and that I would go third. Too bad it wasn't suggested that we all shower together; I would have had no problem! While waiting to take my shower, I sat down at the table and played cards with some of the other participants. I tried to stay focused on the game, but my mind kept wandering back to what was going on in the shower. Chris was probably in there soaping up his meat, maybe jacking off. I needed to be in there! Eventually, Chris came out of the bathroom, shirtless as usual and wearing nothing but boxers. He was one of the only guys I knew who had tattoos. He had one of a tiger on his right peck and his initials running down one of his upper arms. I tried not to look at him, but I couldn't resist. He stood at the entrance to the kitchen leaning, his arm holding onto the door facing, exposing a bush of dark armpit hair. I wanted to run right up to him and start licking his armpits! He also had a lovely treasure trail running down his washboard stomach and disappearing cruelly into his boxers. It was so frustrating to know that the object of my lust was separated from me by only a thin piece of cotton. "Hey Charlie, shower's all your's, man." His voice was so sexy.


Charlie got up to take a shower. He had been lying on the couch, and was almost asleep. He was so boyish and cute! The same thoughts ran through my mind about Charlie as had run through my mind about Chris while I waited to take a shower. When Charlie came out, he had all his clothes onbummer! Anyway, he and Chris, along with everyone else who was still awake, went to get ready for bed, and I went to the shower. As soon as I opened the door, I was hit in the nose by the musky smell that only teenage cocks and sweaty asses can produce. These smells, melded with the sweet scents of body wash and shaving cream, instantly made my cock hard enough to start producing cream of its own. I was just getting ready to step into the shower and whack off when I noticed them. Right beside the toilet in the floor lay a pair of boxers. I knew they had to have been Charlie's; Chris doesn't wear that brand. They were blue and orange American Eagle boxers. To me they were a gift from God. I cautiously approached the briefs. I bent down, naked, and picked them up. I turned them around so that the front of them was directly in my face, put the fabric to my nose, and inhaled. The smell was heavenly, better than a locker room. I took a few more whiffs and furiously began to jack off. So here I am standing the bathroom, smelling my teammate's underwear, and jacking off. Nothing wrong with that, right? I stroked my cock a little more and sniffed the underwear for a few more minutes before deciding to put them on. When I stepped into Charlie's boxers and pulled them up around me, my cock lurched. I could feel the dampness of the fabric. Charlie had been wearing them all day, hopefully even longer than that, and the cotton fabric had collected all of the odor and moisture from his nether regions.

I admired the way the boxers looked on me in the bathroom mirror. Charlie is a small guy, about 130 pounds, so the boxers were kind of a tight fit on me. It was so titillating to know I was wearing my buddy's dirty underwear, and even more arousing to know that he had no idea what was going on, so I began to stroke my cock through the fabric of the boxers. Then I hauled it out through the piss opening and began to jack it, all the while staring at myself in the mirror. I was so caught up in jacking off that I didn't see nor hear the door handle began to turn. I was interrupted from my fantasy by the sound of Charlie's voice. "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?" he shouted. "DUDE, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" "Shit! What the hell am I gonna do?" I searched my brain for an explanation but found nothing. "Charlie, I-I..." But before I could finish my statement, another figure appeared behind Charlie in the doorway. It was Chris, still shirtless. His eyes were wide in surprise, but I also noticed a mischievous look on his face. "Charlie, calm down, dude. This is the best thing we could have asked for," he said. "Lance, man, I didn't know you were into that shit. You should have told us soonerwe could have had lots of fun together." I couldn't believe it. Here I was, standing in the bathroom wearing one of my friend's dirty boxers, my deflating cock in one hand, and one of the sexiest guys I knew was telling me he was getting off to what I was doing! No one said anything for a while, but Charlie broke the silence. "Well, Lance, it is kinda hot seeing you wear my underwear. I've been wearing those all week." My cock began to refill, but I didn't say anything. "So whaddya say?" Chris broke the silence, "You wanna fool around?" I timidly shook my head yes, and Chris started to hurriedly unbuckle his belt.

There is nothing greater than the sound of a zipper being lowered, and when I heard the sound of Chris' zipper being undone, my cock jumped, and my mouth began to water! "Well, what are you waiting for? Come over here and take care of this big piece of meat." He wagged his cock at me and I dropped to my knees and crawled over to him like the little bitch that I was. My face neared his manhood, and I began to smell the musky scent of his crotch, the smell I love so much. I took the base of his tool in my hand and held it as I tenderly licked his cute little head. I exhaled a torrent of warm air, and he groaned as the air flowed smoothly over his excited member. Hesitantly, wanting to savor every moment, I began to lower my face onto his stiff rod. His cock was large, nine inches like I said, and, at first, I couldn't fit it all the way into my mouth, so I began to lick all up and down the shaft. I tenderly lapped at the veins on his shaft and then when down to his low-hanging balls. I cleaned his sack and played with his testicles for the longest time before heading northward to have another go at his big cock. This time, I managed to take it almost all the way down to his pubes. My eyes were watering because of the pain, but I kept going. Charlie stood a few feet away. He was stroking his cock and wagging it around. He was definitely excited. I sucked on Chris' cock for a bit longer. He grunted like a pig as he thrust his big dick into my throat, which was stretched to the point of tearing. "Charlie, dude, come join the fun. You're missing out," said Chris in between thrusts. He stopped fucking my face to allow me time to breathe, but I took this opportunity to begin caressing and licking every part of Chris' body that I could. I licked his treasure trail, his abs, and his nipples.


I stuck my face into his armpits and I inhaled the manly smell located there. It was then when I felt something knocking at my backdoor. I looked behind me to see Charlie, his face buried between my ass cheeks, licking my asshole. If felt so amazing, that I wasn't about to tell him to stop, even though I was surprised that Charlie, who had always been as straight as an arrow, was engaging in one of the gayest activities imaginable. I continued servicing Chris, while Charlie eagerly lapped at my ass. Before too long, I began to feel Chris' dick began to tense up. "Dude, please don't stop. Please, I'm about to come." I had other plans. I removed my face from Chris' fuckstick and stood up. He grabbed his cock and started jacking it off, but I stopped him. "DON'T YOU FUCKING TOUCH YOUR DICK, BITCH. IT'S MINE," I shouted as I slapped him in his sexy face. He seemed confused but complied. I then pushed him against the wall and furiously made out with him. I didn't care who else in the cabin heard; I was too caught up in the lust. I shoved my tongue into his mouth and began invading it. Surprisingly, he kissed me back, and we made out for a while. Charlie, like a dog, followed us over to the wall and continue eating out my ass. After a few more minutes of making out with Chris, I went back to sucking his dick. His eagerness hadn't subsided in the lull. If anything, it had intensified. "Ugh... ugh. Fuck yeah, dude. FUCK YEAH!!! God Lance, you're mouth is so fucking hot!" Chris was groaning like I'd never heard before in my life. He tried to shove my head off his dick, but I remained resolute. I wanted to taste him. I kept sucking.

I moved my hands to his ass and began to insert a finger into his warm hole. This sent him over the edge. "Ugh... here it comes man!" Chris grunted as he spewed rope after rope of creamy teen spunk into my hungry mouth. I had never tasted anything so delicious in my life. Meanwhile, Charlie was on his back on the floor, still eating out my ass. He had been waiting for me to finish Chris so he could fuck me. I had no problems with this, and proceeded to lower myself to all fours to give him better access. Charlie immediately mounted me, and I soon felt the bulbous head of his cock pushing at my ass hole. He wasn't using any lube, and it hurt. I thought for a minute that he was going to do some serious damage down there, but then I felt the thick head push its way into me. The rest of his cock followed swiftly. He began to pound into my ass forcefully, like some kind of rabid animal. It was pretty hot. I felt his balls slapping the skin just below my ass hole, and the smell of sweat and ass turned me on. Chris was sitting in the bathroom floor, his back rested against the wall with is feet spread out on the tile. I love feet. I have a thing for feet. So, while Charlie literally fucked the shit out of me, I reached over to one of Chris size fifteens and began to worship it with my mouth. I sucked each toe individually and then took the other foot into my mouth. This servicing turned Chris on again, and his big dick began to rise. He took it in his hand and began to stroke it. For some reason this made me mad.

"Quit it, bitch," I said to him and slapped him in the face. "I did you, now it's your turn; get over here and suck my cock, you little faggot."

Chris reluctantly crawled over to where Charlie was fucking my ass. We were fucking doggie-style, so Chris had to crawl underneath both our bodies, meaning he was directly underneath my leaking cock and Charlie's ramrod. He took my dick into his mouth, while Charlie banged me with all he had.

His warm mouth felt so good. "Ugh," I moaned, "UGH!"

Meanwhile, Charlie grunted like the animal he was. "Yeah...fucking whore. Yeah, little faggot. You like my cock in you, don't you? You wouldn't care if it stayed there forever, would you?"

"No," I whimpered, my voice rising and falling with each fuck. Chris continued servicing my cock, and I'm certain that an assortment of bodily fluids was falling onto his gorgeous face while he did so.

"Ugh," Charlie grunted. " You'! Goddamn little bitch. Fucking slut. Oh my God! I'm gonna shoot my cum into your fucking guts you little fucking faggot."

His verbal degradation was turning me on, and, before too much longer, I began to shoot cum into Chris' hot mouth. He gagged and sputtered as my jizz filled his oral cavity. He emerged from the seminal conflagration above him and looked virtually exhausted from his activity.

At almost the same time, I felt Charlie's cock stiffen, and felt him fill my ass with his cum. He groaned like a wounded animal, one of the hottest sounds I have ever heard. It made me happy to know that it was my ass that made this stud so weak.

"Oh God, Lance, that was so much fucking cum," said Chris, wiping my spunk from his sexy mouth. I couldn't resist; I leaned in to his face and made out with him. We swapped cum and spit for a few minutes before breaking apart.

"Fuck, Lance, you're ass was so fucking good," whispered Charlie. I guess he finally realized we weren't the only ones in the cabin! I blushed.

After we regained our composure, we realized that the shower was still running. We took advantage of the luxury and stepped in, three sweaty teenage jocks. Chris cleaned the two dicks and ass holes that were available to him, and I did the same to him. I had never felt more clean nor more dirty in my entire life.

After our shower, we went to bed. We decided to wear basketball shorts at the competition the next day, and Chris, Charlie, and I spent each round fondling each other under the tables. We beat every team!

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