Man for Man

A Distinct Savings


"A distinct savings, that's what we're after." Underwood said to Maddox as they walked the streets lined with men on shore leave. A ship as large as theirs pulls into port and everything gets kind of crazy for the next couple of days around the docks.


"So what's wrong with Rita's?" Maddox asked. "She gives blow-jobs for twenty and a lay for fifty." They were passing her place now, he saw the line standing there, men in sailor white and men in Marine green, waiting for their turn at her.

"Nothing, if you want a girl after she's just been used by forty or fifty Marines." Underwood said.

"So where are we headed?" Maddox said. He was new to the Navy, a simple seaman rating only three months at sea and this was his first shore leave. Nineteen, blond-haired, smooth-skinned, the recruiting-poster image of a young sailor. Underwood's rate was higher, a Chief Petty Officer, but he and Maddox had formed a relationship aboard deck, the newbie recruit and the worldwise elder teaching him all the things they never taught in basic. Like tonight, they were out on shore leave and Underwood had promised to take Maddox out and the two of them were going to "get their pipes cleaned," which is to say, they were out to find a hooker and get laid!

Maddox had expected them to end up at one of the various houses not far from the docks, all of whom were used to the regular loads of horny men out to exercise their manhood and release the pent-up libidos of the past three months.

"Mona's." Underwood said.

"Mona's?" Maddox was first delighted...then appalled. "But she's.... I mean.... The officers...."

"They won't say anything." Underwood said with the lofty air of a man who knew the ways of the world. "The one place where an officer and an enlisted man can stand as equals...and lay down the same way. I shared a lady with a Marine lieutenant once. Once our clothes were off, we forgot about ratings and service rivalries." Maddox looked at Underwood and got a sudden, vivid image of this thirty-year-old man naked, with his dark hair and probably a hairy chest and legs. His body showed that he spent his leisure time aboard ship taking advantage of the gym, Maddox wanted a body like his, with the muscles showing with every move of the body, so that the shirts tightened themselves and accentuated every curve.

"Okay with me." Maddox said. "But, I mean, I only have my pay, and that's less what I spent on the ship and that game of poker. I don't think I have enough to pay for a go with one of Mona's girls."

"That's where you're wrong and that's why you're with me." Underwood said. "Mona is a lady of class, and in addition to having the best-looking ladies in her stable, she's also got a variable payscale. You only pay for what you get and none of what you don't."

"What do you mean?"

"Why do you think I ended up with that Marine Lieutenant in the same bed as me. Mona's ladies charge a time rate, and if there are two of you, the time scale stays the same."

"So you and me are going to share a hooker?"

"No such thing as a hooker, my boy." Underwood said. "Drop that word from your language. Any woman is a lady until her actions prove her different, and if you enjoy a lady's favors, she hasn't behaved in any improper way. As for her payment, I'll just point out that it's less than you'd spend a date and still be certain of getting your pipes cleaned in return."

"I'm sorry." Maddox said docilely. He was as green as he could be; it was why he was trotting along with Underwood. He had been promised a good time, and decided that he'd trust Underwood to deliver.

"Just leave the negotiations to me." Underwood said.

"Yes, sir." Maddox said.

He was uneasy when they got to Mona's. She had it set up with a quietly regal air, Maddox felt like he was visiting one of the city's fashionable families. The two were ushered into a quiet parlor, after being shown another room with a bar and tables, drinks there were free to anybody who had been with a girl. Four men were there playing a game of poker, and Maddox saw for himself that there were no service rivalries going on, Marines and Navy men and even a couple of regular Army officers were seated around visiting amiably. A few women were there, appeared to be attached to the men they were with, and seemed to be in no hurry to drag them upstairs. Of course, at the rates Mona charged, they didn't need to make a lot of trips upstairs.


Inside the parlor were more women.

"There they are, my boy." Underwood said magnanimously. "Take your pick and we'll dicker."

The women tittered and Underwood said, "My apologies, ladies, the pun was quite unintentional."

"He did mean dicker." Mona said. "I remember you well, Mr. Underwood. Girls, this is a package deal, both of these at once. And be ready to quote your rates as you go."

"Which one will it be?" Underwood asked.

Maddox looked around. God, to just point at a woman and say, I'll take that one! How was he supposed to do that? "Uh, I don't know."

Maddox felt his face get hot. Mona saw his blush and took charge. "How about Estelle?"

"Me?" Estelle said.

"You, Estelle." Mona said.

Estelle came over and she was as blond as Maddox, even blonder because hers had come out of a bottle. But her face was perfect and her body was buxom and rounded with a flat stomach, all held inside a tight purple dress and black stockinged legs.

"What do you think of Estelle?" Mona asked Maddox. "Will she do?"

Maddox could only nod.

"You'll like Estelle, Mr. Underwood. She was on the street before I took her on, she won't hesitate to bargain with you. Take the pink room." Mona said.

"This way." Estelle said, rather carelessly. Maddox was miffed at this, he decided that if Underwood could arrange to screw her for almost nothing, he'd do nothing but applaud Underwood's ingenuity and enjoy fucking her!

The pink room was rather frou-frou for his tastes, like something a pampered little girl would have for her bedroom. Or maybe that was the idea, but Estelle's rather trampy movements kind of ruined that.

"Okay, kid, the way to win the game is to know how to play it." Underwood said. "We have to pay for everything she does, we make sure she does as little as possible." He turned to Estelle and said, "How much for you to undress us?"

"Ten buck each." she said carelessly and made a move toward Maddox, but Underwood waved her away.

"So we undress ourselves and save twenty dollars." Underwood said.

"Yeah, but I do it better." Estelle said seductively. She ran an insolent tongue around her lips and Maddox felt his cock go immediately hard.

"Just keep your hands to yourself." Underwood said and Maddox started. Underwood was already shirtless and t-shirtless, his chest was as hairy as Maddox had figured it would be. A thick black mass that encircled each ample breast and begged for him to run his fingers through that deep fur...

"Get undressed, kid." Underwood advised.

Maddox felt himself blush again and started getting his clothes off. He caught up to Underwood in the taking off of shoes and socks, and he slowed himself, for Underwood was moving with careful deliberation of each step, and he waited until Underwood took off his pants to do the same. That left them clad only in their undershorts, Underwood in boxers and Maddox in briefs. Looking at the way the boxers made Underwood seem nearly dressed and his own state of near undress with the briefs, Maddox determined to wear boxers from now on.

"Now what?" Maddox asked.

Underwood stripped off the boxers and Maddox gaped at the thick hunk of uncut cock that dangled down now from its dense brush of pubic hair. He licked his lips and looked up as Underwood stepped out of his boxers, gulped and fumbled at his own briefs, nearly tripped as he got them off his legs (they seemed to glue themselves to his feet, boxers from now on, definitely!), and was nude as well.

"Next, of course, is for her help in gaining erections." Underwood said. "I see you don't need any help with that."

Maddox looked down to see his cock standing firmly out from his body, a long, pink-white scimitar of young male lust, the head almost glowing in its eagerness. As he looked at it, and realized he was hard in front of his friend, his cock began to go down.

"Another twenty each for a handjob to get it up." Estelle offered casually.

Underwood grasped his own prong and began to pump on it. "Come on, get it up, we're wasting time here." he said.

Maddox tried, but his cock went further down the more he touched it. He looked at Underwood, his proud manhood pointing at Maddox in accusation, the head still sheathed in the foreskin, a dark oval denoting its tip. And he felt unworthy.


"Looks like you're going to have to spend a twenty on this one." Estelle said with some satisfaction.

"Like hell." Underwood said and he walked the two steps over to Maddox and reached out and...Maddox gasped! Underwood grabbed hold of Maddox's cock! "I'll get my buddy ready for action."

Maddox moaned as his cock came alive in that sturdy grip, was worked by those strong fingers. He'd never felt such a rush of sexual delight surge through his prick before, it was more than he would have gained from his own hand even if he'd worked it for a half hour or more! "Oh, God!" he gasped out.

His cock got hard, of course, and Underwood grunted in satisfaction. "See, he didn't need your help."

Estelle now looked downright infuriated. "Well, you can't get out of the next one, and it's the only one left before fucking. That's the lubrication. Either I suck you wet enough to slide it in me, or you buy a tube of lube from me to rub on, it's forty-five dollars each either way."

Maddox looked over at Underwood, this time in confidence.

"We'll spit on our hands and rub it on." Underwood said.

Estelle shook her head. "Uh-uh." she said. "I'm the one who says it's wet enough and I say that it takes the mouth right on it to get it wet enough. You don't get to rip me up, I can always ask you to put on some more if it bothers me."

Underwood seemed at a loss. He looked at Maddox and Maddox found his mouth opening, and words coming out. "So we'll get each other wet."

"Huh?" Estelle said, her pretty mouth gaping open most unattractively.

"We'll get each other wet." Maddox pressed. "You watch and tell us when they're wet enough."

Estelle stared a bit longer and then she burst out laughing. Not a pretty laugh, the hard mean laugh of a street-toughened hooker. "This I got to see." she said. "Get on the bed and get started and I'll tell you when you've done it enough."

Maddox looked at Underwood. "We're not paying for anything we don't need, do we?"

Underwood looked at Maddox without expression, and then turned and got onto the bed, stretched out. "Get over here, kid." he said. "We got dicks to get wet."

His stomach fluttering, Maddox got on the bed, his head above Underwood's prick and his knees on the pillow. That put the towering pillar right beneath his mouth and he hesitated. God, it looked so damned good to him! But what if Underwood just let him suck and not suck in return, then went back to the ship and....

And Underwood's mouth closed on Maddox's prick and Maddox groaned. There it was again, that immediate, intense thrill! Now it was all wet and soft and clung to him like glue! He felt those lips push down his shaft and then pulled on them as they slid back...and his mouth dove onto that huge column and his tongue stuck its tip into that small oval opening and tasted the salty nectar lurking within!

"Mph, mmm-mph!" was Underwood's response to Maddox's touch.

And Maddox groaned in return, "Mmm, mmuh, mph!"

He was surprised how easy sucking cock turned out to be. He'd expected the prick to taste thick and nasty, foul even, and instead it was just hot and meaty and the foreskin rolled on his tongue like silk. And Underwood's mouth on his dick, Jesus, that was better than anything he'd ever felt before! His own sexual experiences had been limited but he had once had a girl suck his dick...but that was a pale, amateurish thing compared to this older sailor's salt-hardened lips working his prong!

Static-charged shocks raced up his spine, made rings that fell downwards out of his cock like some sort of flashing neon sign, only this was a seamless effect, every rise and fall of those lips were the lights of Broadway signaling their delights.

"You two getting them wet enough for me?" Estelle put in and Maddox realized his objective with a start. He began to let his mouth's moisture flow out of his mouth and onto Underwood's pud, obediently readying it to dive thus fortified into Estelle's woman-pudding.

But Underwood's reaction was the opposite, he had worked up some wetness on Maddox's cock and he sucked even that bit off as Estelle bent in closer.


"Let me see it." she said.

Underwood let go and Estelle said, "Nope, not nearly wet enough. You'll have to do better than that. Now let's see this one, dearie."

Maddox again found his body choosing for him, without conscious volition, he slurped audibly on Underwood's moisture-laden prick, suctioning off the burden of spit before he let go of it.

"So that's how it is, huh?" Estelle said. "All right, you two suck on each other until you get tired of it. I can wait you out. You get bored with this bit of dive-bombing, you let me know. Until then, I'm sitting right here."

Underwood let out a grunt of satisfaction and Maddox found himself mimicking it. He settled in to suck his buddy's cock just as much as he felt like!

Underwood was really chowing down on him, Maddox felt his dong throbbing happily and a familiar shudder running through his bones. Oh, shit, he was about to come! Not now, shit!

"Muh, muh, mmmph, muh!" he groaned out, the unmistakablely urgent tones of a man reaching his climax, and he expected Underwood to turn loose of it. Maybe work his cock with his hand or something, but to stop.

Instead, Underwood paused, got a hard grip on Maddox, and then his head bobbed furiously on Maddox's dick, sending ecstatically furious signals to Maddox's brain, driving him to the brink of climax and beyond.

"Muh, muh, huh, uh, guh, GHNNNNHHHHKKK!" Maddox moaned around Underwood's dong and Underwood didn't let go and Maddox had no choice but to blast his wad right into his buddy's mouth! Shit, God, it felt so good, that slushy, squishy feel of his come in Underwood's mouth as Underwood dove back and forth on him rapidly, it was like the way the head on a beer would foam around his lips when he drank it, only this was his cock pumping and out of that foam, schlorching in and out and the orgasm pelted Maddox's body and mind and departed again, leaving him not exhausted, but feeling more alive than he'd ever felt before.

He paused only to catch his breath, his mouth panting out its urgent exhalations onto Underwood's shaft, and then he went back to work with a drive, and Underwood continued to suck on the powerful prong, loving the way the thick foreskin wrinkled around his tongue as he moved upon it.

And his own prick slowly rose back to its former glory under Underwood's ministrations, and Maddox moaned as his desire reawakened.

Underwood's cock was warming up in Maddox's mouth, and Maddox was wondering if he could handle the taste of a man's jizz-blast in his mouth, it must be overwhelmingly strong, his own taste of his own come when a curious teenager had convinced him it was powerful stuff!

Then he felt a finger in the crevice of his ass, and it quested about like a snake and found his anus and pressed against the tight sphincter, and Maddox moaned and his asshole opened itself up and Underwood's finger slipped inside.

Shit, God, damn, fuck, hell, shit! He might just blast again, right now! That finger was tickling him in ways he'd never felt before, nor even imagined he would feel!

And Underwood's moans reached his ears through the roaring rush of sensations assaulting his brain, Maddox realized that Underwood was about to come, and he did as Underwood had, he sped up and clung tight, determined that if he couldn't swallow it, he'd at least hold on until Underwood was finished before he spewed it out!

Like a salty burst of heaven, it burst into him, he felt it squirting out of Underwood's cockslit and dance on his tongue in thick clumps of ecstasy and his mouth reacted only with delight to the heady, heavy, musky mixture of maleness harvested by his lips, he convulsed his throat and swallowed, and it was the exaltation of eternity that coursed through his veins.

Underwood's climax was heavier due to his delay, the ejaculated fluid came on and on and Maddox drank from this fountain of virility, it seethed in his throat and it glowed in his stomach, and he wanted it to go on and on and on!

But it didn't, of course, and Maddox tried then to do as Underwood had, to continue to nurse this pud, but Underwood rolled them over and got Maddox on his back, and he swiveled around and he was sucking Maddox now with no chance for Maddox to reciprocate.

The finger went back into Maddox's ass and Maddox moaned, he was a helpless prisoner, held captive by that thick hairy finger in his ass, he couldn't move now without leave, and he wasn't given it, not until his brain climbed once again the height of delight and scaled the escarpment of ecstasy and rammed itself headlong into the orgy of orgasm that wracked him and left him helpless and limp and he opened weary, sweat-fogged eyes to look as Underwood rose above him, on his knees between Maddox's legs, and one hair-festooned arm wiped at those lips, those originators of delight, and then those lips parted to show teeth shining white as sperm in pleasure, and his own mouth parted in a grin of his own.

"Whew, that was something!" Underwood told him.

"Oh, yeah, yeah!" Maddox groaned.

"I don't suppose you two are ready to fuck me now?" Estelle interjected.

"Huh?" Maddox had forgotten all about her! He looked at her and said, "No, I'm done."

"Guess all you get out of us tonight is the room rate." Underwood said.

"Fifty bucks." Estelle said. "I don't get a penny of that, either. Damn both of you. Why'd she stick me with a couple of prick-suckers like you?"

"You were just lucky, I guess." Underwood said blithely and Maddox had to laugh.

Dressing was a pleasure, he watched Underwood cover that beautiful body as he did it, then he forked over his twenty-five dollars and then it was down the stairs again.

"Want to stop for a drink before we go?" Underwood said.

"Nah." Maddox said. "We can get a better one at a regular bar." He didn't want to hang around while Estelle delivered her version of events to all and sundry. He wasn't very well-known and hadn't given so much as his name to her...but giving her a face to point out didn't seem like a good idea.

"Fine by me." Underwood said.

As they walked back into the night, now deeply black and much cooler than before, Maddox said, "That was an experience, all right."

"Glad you liked it."

"Yeah." Maddox said. "Only I think we spent too much."


"Yeah. There's a hotel near the wharf that would have rented us a room the entire night for less than thirty dollars."

"We'll have to remember that for next time." Underwood said.

They walked a while in silence, then Underwood cleared his throat, said, "You know, our pass is good for twenty-four hours."

"Yeah." Maddox said.

"What do you say we spend some of the money we saved tonight and go ahead and get that room now?"

"I think that would mean a distinct savings for both of us." Maddox agreed.

"Let's go."

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