Man for Man

A Discreet Arrangement


The night had ended unusually ... Evan and John was fast asleep in John's bed without having had sex, for the first time since they'd begun spending nights together. John was passed out after his drinking bout with Tom, and Evan was just content to be with his buddy, snuggled up next to him, before falling fast asleep.


Tom and Andy ended up at Andy's house. Tom was naked and drunk, and entered the shower, with Andy following closely behind to help him get cleaned up. Tom had vomited on himself earlier, and was smelly from the hoops session that day, to boot. Andy agreed ... well, actually, he let himself be invited into the shower with Tom, to help him out. Tom was relaxed and horny enough to let Andy have his fun with him.

Andy stood behind Tom, steadying him in the shower, as Tom ducked his head into the spray of the shower. Tom became more aware of what was happening, once the water began flowing down his nude body. He could feel Andy behind him, holding onto his shoulders. Andy proceeded to soap Tom's body and wash him, slowly and purposefully. Again, Tom went under the shower-head, rinsing off the soap. He then turned around and put his hands on Andy's shoulders and gently, but cautiously, guided him down to his knees. Andy was a willing participant and offered no resistance to what Tom wanted from him.

This was just the beginning of what would be known as 'discreet fun' that Tom and Andy would, frequently thereafter, enjoy. They would not speak of it, nor would they let anyone know what was taking place. Tom made it perfectly clear that absolutely NO one was to find out.

So long as it was kept quiet, Andy would help Tom out as often as Tom decided. Andy would have no say in the matter. He agreed to the terms and thought it would be a perfect arrangement for his situation. Andy, most of all, had to keep things 'on the down low' because of his job. Tom's not reciprocating with any affection or contact wasn't a problem for Andy, because that was just what they had, and nothing more. Andy enjoyed being the one not in control, for a change. His job as sheriff, and his former work in the military, had always put him in control of situations. He needed this change of identity, even if it were just a series of brief interludes and nothing else; that was just fine with him, for the time being. He found himself drawn to the guy, even though Tom wasn't the 'type' he usually liked in a man, there was still something he couldn't resist when it came to Tom. All though he was a very handsome man with his thick dark brown hair and moderately maintained body, He had many faults to over look. Actually many of Tom's flaws, to Andy's surprise were also appealing to him. Tom was a quiet person, but when he had something to say, it usually came out of his mouth with little thought of others feelings. To Andy, being around suspects that constantly lied about everything, it was a breath of fresh air. You always knew where you stood with him and Andy liked the quality no matter how much it got Tom into trouble with others. His rough edges and bad habits were as appealing to Andy as his good looks were. Probably the only thing he really disliked about him was that he smoked and it was something that he really was annoyed with. He made it clear to Tom of this and made him smoke outside and not around him.

After Tom and Andy finished their fun in the shower, they got out and dried themselves without much talk. Leaving the bathroom, they proceeded to go to Andy's bed with nothing but sleep on their minds. They lay on opposite sides of the bed, without any physical contact, just as normal straight guys would do, if they ended up sleeping in the same bed.

The rest of the night, for all four of them, was nothing more than sleep; John and Evan in John's bed, and Tom and Andy in Andy's bed.

The next morning, Tom awoke early and had Andy take him to pick up his car at John's house. After arriving, Tom spoke before getting out of the car, saying "Thanks, Andy, for all your help and hospitality last night. We'll have to do it again sometime. I still have your card with your cell number on the back. I'll give ya a call, sometime soon."

"No problem, Tom, I was glad to help ya out," Andy said, with a grin.

"Later, man. Remember our arrangement, dude," Tom reminded Andy.

"No problem, man," Andy smiled.


Tom and Andy saw each other a few more times, and, just like the first time, Tom let Andy give him a blow job and nothing else. Tom's mind was set, as it always had been; he was straight and just enjoying a good blow-job ... nothing more. This was all done in secret, and John and Evan were not aware that they'd been meeting, but had their unspoken suspicions.

The Arrangement gets complicated ...Part one/Chapter 14 JGWHN

"Hey, buddy ... about time you got home ... where's Jacob?" Tom said, stretching his arms out, trying to wake up.

"He's asleep in his bed."

Tom and Evan looked at each other and both smiled, jumping out of bed, trying to beat each other out of the bedroom and down the hall to see their new little buddy. John started laughing and tried to tell them not to wake him before they bolted out of the room. Still laughing, John got out of bed and went to Jacob's room, to find Tom and Evan smiling and quietly checking out the little guy. They both looked at John when he entered the room and saw the proud father smiling a huge grin.

"Hey, let's get out of here before you two idiots wake him up."

Tom and Evan both quietly punched John on the arms and went into the other bedroom to get dressed. Tom asked where Andy was, and John told him that he'd dropped him off at his house before coming home. Tom immediately began gathering his dirty clothes and belongings and declared that since John was back, he should go home and sleep in his own bed for a change. John and Evan looked at each other and both quietly smiled, as they were both thinking the same thing, but didn't speak of it.

Tom said his good-byes and said he'd be over the next day for lunch, to meet Jacob. He smiled at Evan and told him to have a good lunch prepared for when he got back. Evan smiled and retorted, "Whatever, pinhead." Tom hugged both of them and left.

John and Evan both began laughing because they knew where Tom was headed, and it wasn't his own bed. They knew he and Andy had missed each other and Tom was going straight over to see him. Evan said, "I bet they both come over for lunch a few minutes apart, and Tom is wearing the same clothes ... ya wanna put some money on it?" Evan smiled.

"That's a bet I won't take. I know they'll be acting like they weren't together before they come over," John laughed.

Andy had just gotten settled back into his home, after the long trip to Georgia with John and Jacob, and was about to take a shower, when he heard someone knocking at the front door. Unsure who would be there at such an early hour, he grabbed his Glock and cautiously went to the front door, and looking out the peep hole, saw it was Tom on his front porch, acting nervous. Andy could see him looking around, as if trying not to be seen. Andy chuckled to himself as he opened the door, and said, grinning, "Tom ... what's up, why you here at this hour?"

"Oh, I was wondering if you'd like to buy some gay Tupperware officer ... what the fuck you think I'm here, dude?" Tom sarcastically answered grinning.

"Well I thought you first looked like you were selling Mary Kay Products, but I don't see a pink Cadillac in the driveway." Andy said smiling. I guess I did say you were always welcome anytime. You just caught me off guard at this early hour, and I'm really tired from the trip," Andy said grinning back.

"Oh your just a riot, are you gonna ask me in or what?" Tom demandingly asked.

Andy just grinned and then turned and led the way inside the house, letting Tom in behind him. As Andy turned his back to Tom to walk into the living room, Tom could see the Glock stuck in the back of Andy's jeans.

"Shit, dude ... you paranoid or something? You weren't gonna shoot me, was ya?" Tom asked, half smiling and half worried. Guns made him nervous, especially loaded ones ready to be fired.

"Hey, you never know these days ... better to be safe than sorry. Besides, if I shot you, I'm a good enough shot, that I'd just give ya a flesh wound, nothing that would be so life-threatening that you wouldn't survive through it," Andy said, chuckling as he took the gun from his pants and returned it to its holster, and then put it on the coffee table in front of him.


Tom wasn't laughing, and felt uncomfortable with the gun still around. "Andy ... will you put that thing away? It makes me nervous."

"Ok ... sheesh, it's not like it's gonna go off or something, but if it'll make you relax, I'll go put it in the safe," John said, referring to the off-duty gun-storage safe he had.

"John and Evan said we're expected over there for lunch today, to see Jacob and to get to know him," Tom said, as Andy returned from his bedroom, where his gun-safe was located.

"Well, I was just planning on taking a long shower and then trying to get some sleep beforehand. I guess lunch will be doable. You plan on staying till then?" Andy asked, while smiling at his hot-looking friend. The very one he had been thinking about most of the time while he was gone with John picking up little Jacob.

"I was hoping you weren't too tired to have a little fun ... the shower sounds like a good place for that to happen," Tom said, smiling back at Andy.

"Yeah ... I think a little shower-time sounds like fun ... for starters," Andy said, smiling as he pulled off his shirt, revealing his hard, muscular body.

Tom took the cue and began undressing himself, then asked while taking his pants off, "What you mean, 'for starters'?"

"I just thought that we could begin some fun in the shower and then take it to the bedroom afterwards, if you wanted to stay over till it was time to go to John's."

"Let's just play it by ear ... okay, Andy?"

"No problem, Tom ... I told you there was no pressure with all this, just go at your own pace, dude. I just enjoy being with you," Andy admitted.

"Same here, dude ... let's go get that shower now and leave the details for later," Tom said sternly, as he walked into the bathroom.

Andy followed right behind him and turned on the shower to get the water warm; as they watched each other slowly finish removing the rest of their clothes. Once naked, they entered the shower and took turns under the shower-head.

After they both were wet, Andy began soaping up Tom's body while Tom returned the favor. Andy sensed that something was different between them this time ... Tom was more attentive to him, and washed him slowly, as if he were taking in every part of his body. Before, he never acted much interested in more than just getting off, with a blow job, and then maybe watching Andy jack off while he caressed Tom's body.

Andy gasped silently to himself, as Tom touched his cock for the first time, soaping its length with his hand slowly, as he looked up at Andy and grinned without a word. Andy smiled back and returned the favor of soaping up Tom's rapidly-growing cock. Tom let go of Andy's and moved up his smooth, muscular stomach and chest and let out a quiet moan, as Andy stroked Tom's now-hard member. For the first time, Tom really appreciated how nice Andy's body was, and enjoyed exploring it with his soapy hands.

The two finished cleaning up, and then rinsed the soap off and looked at each other, without speaking the entire time they were in the shower. Andy finally broke the silence, and asked Tom if he wanted to finish what they'd started, in the bedroom. Without saying a word, Tom just grinned and nodded his head 'yes'. They exited the shower, dried off, and then walked to the bedroom, naked. They both lay on the bed and Andy began to get things started, as he went down and began licking and kissing Toms still-hard cock. Soft moans came from him as Andy worked his mouth up and down on his cock, sending chills and waves of pleasure through Tom's body. He grabbed Andy's head and pulled him off his cock and exclaimed, "Shit, man ... you got to stop for a second, or I'm gonna blow my load right down your throat."

Andy looked at Tom, grinning, and said, "What you think I was trying to do?"

"I know I just don't want to cum yet ... I want to enjoy being with you longer before I blow my load," Tom said, looking Andy in the eyes. "Look, Andy ... I need to say something ... but I'm not sure how to say it, or if it will come out fucking stupid or gay-sounding."


"Just say what you feel Tom, you know I won't judge you, and I'll listen ... so what's up?"

"I dunno really, I'm kinda weirded out about the shit that's in my head right now. It's just the whole time you were gone ... I missed you. Being around Evan these last couple of days and talking with him, made me realize that it's more than just getting off with you. I really do enjoy being with you as much as I do sometimes with women. Shit ... I guess I'm trying to say ... fuck, this is hard ... I don't just want to use you to get off; I want you to be satisfied as well. I need you to tell me what you want from me ... and maybe I can do it for you. I really have no idea what the hell I'm doing here. I feel like I haven't a clue what you would like from me. What is it you'd like for us to do that we haven't done yet?" Tom asked, finally putting his thoughts into words and sighing in relief for getting it all out.

Andy just stared at Tom, in a state of shock for a moment, and then said, "Fuck, dude ... I think that's the most I've ever heard you say at one time ... and all the right things, I might add. You should spend more time with Evan, because you sure have changed since the last time we were together."

"Well? ... Are you going to tell me what you want?" Tom asked impatiently.

The two laid there naked on the bed on their sides facing each other while they discussed what was to become of their strange affair. This was the first time Andy realized that Tom spoke his mind more often on sensitive matters in bed at night, than he ever would at any other time. Andy learned that this is where Tom felt safe to speak things of the heart. This was the place where Tom would lose the rough, macho exterior and be real.

"Tom, all I want from you is to make you happy and content with what we do, even if it is just between us and in the closet. I just want to enjoy being with you."

"That's not what I'm talking about ... you dumb fuck ... I want to know if you want me to fuck your brains out and blow my load inside you ... and fucking breed that fine muscle-butt of yours," Tom said, with a cocky attitude.

"Sounds like you already know what I want from you. It also sounds like it's the same thing you want," Andy smiled, as he ran his hand across Tom's hairy chest and down to his hard cock. "There's just one thing, Tom, I need for you to do first," Andy said, looking into the hot, brown-haired man's eyes across from him.

"Okay ...tell me what you want from me."

"Tom, since you're still having sex with ... well, let's just say, 'wild women', from time to time ... well, I ... um ..." Tom cut him off and spoke up, saying, "You want me to wear a condom, right?"

Andy looked like he wasn't sure what Tom would think of his request, but said, "Yeah ... It's not that I think you have anything, it's just ... I don't want to chance it," hoping it wouldn't offend Tom.

"Dude, I was planning on using a condom ... I may be a jerk, but I'm not stupid ... I always use a condom, no matter what hole I'm fucking ... the 'breeding your ass' part was just a figure of speech," Tom smiled.

"Well, trust me when I say it's exactly what I'd like for you to do, but it's too risky to actually let you cum inside me," Andy explained.

"I know, dude ... I'd like to blow my load in ya, too, and claim that nice ass as mine, but we should be careful and be safe," Tom said, then reached around and grabbed Andy's ass and smacked it, and then continued with, "Besides ... I think that ass is gonna be mine anyways, whether I breed ya or not, after tonight."

Andy smiled and said, "You're such a cocky prick ... kinda why I like ya ... I think. You say exactly what you're thinking." Tom didn't say anything but only grinned as he looked at this hot ex-marine he was about to fuck. Andy then got up and left the bed, returning with a condom and lube, and handing them to Tom, then lay on his stomach next to him.

Tom opened the lube and began spreading it along Andy's crack and hole with his finger, making Andy moan quietly. Tom had never fucked another guy before, and assumed it wasn't much different than fucking a woman in the ass. He lubed his hard cock, put on the condom and then straddled Andy's legs, and proceeded to run his cock up and down Andy's crack as he laid flat on his stomach. Louder moans came from him as Tom pushed the head of his cock against his hole and slowly entered that fine, muscled cop-ass. Tom didn't stop till he was all the way in and his hairy bush was pressed hard up against Andy's ass, then laid on top of him and whispered in his ear, "How does that feel, buddy?"

"Fuck ... I think it's great, man ... fuck me like you do all those women you've been with ... let me have it, dude," Andy managed to say, between moans.

He could feel Tom's breath on his neck as he slowly began fucking his ass ... a slow rhythm at first, but then, after a few minutes, he'd sped up his assault and was moaning right along with Andy each time his balls hit his ass, thrusting his hard cock into his tight cop's ass. His sweaty hairy chest rubbing against Andy's back the whole time.

Tom wanted to try a different position so he rolled himself and Andy over onto their sides, Tom's cock remaining inside him while he lifted Andy's leg into the air and fucked him from the side and behind. Tom reached around and, for the second time, grabbed Andy's hard rod and stroked him to the same rhythm as the ass-fucking. Louder moans came from the two, and it was evident that both of them were getting close. The mere fact that Tom had touched his cock and was sliding in and out of his ass was more than Andy could take, and Tom felt the cock in his hand begin to squirt cum all over, while Andy was yelling that he was cumming. That was enough to push Tom over the edge and he blew his load into his condom, deep into Andy's tight ass. They both froze in that position and lay there, catching their breath. Tom took his cum covered hand and spread Andy's cum up his chest and then over his face and laughed as Andy moved his head trying to get away. Tom laughed and said, "Taste your own cum copper."

Andy responded with, "You're a freak tonight dude." And laughed.

After a few minutes that seemed like an hour, his cock began to go soft, so he pulled out of Andy's ass and removed the cum-filled condom, then, getting up and going to the bathroom to flush it, brought back some towels so they could clean up.

They both cleaned up and threw the towels on the floor, and got under the sheets, lying quietly next to each other silently, just enjoying the moment. Tom finally broke the silence, as he moved closer to Andy, pressed up against his naked body and asked, "So ... um ... how was that for you? Was I okay?"

Andy looked seriously at Tom and said, "I not really sure ... you think we might do it again, and then let me decide how I liked it?"

Tom, for a split second, wasn't sure if he was serious or just joking, and then slugged him on the arm, calling him a slut and laughed. Andy joined him in laughter and then said, "Seriously, Tom ... I've only done that with two other guys, and you, by far, are the best stud who ever fucked me," Andy admitted.

"I know ... I just wanted to hear you say it, bitch ... that ass is mine, now," smiled Tom.

"You're such a cocky ass, especially since I could kick your ass, even on my worse day," Andy laughed.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.