Man for Man

A Different Kind of Summer


I felt like I had to do things like that in school or everyone would have called me a fagot. Most of the time I tried to double date pretending the guy with the other girl was my date. Now that I was going away to school and leaving this town and my parents would be gone I didn't give a damn who knew I was Gay. Dad and Mom were selling the farm and moving and I would be out on my own. It didn't matter then if people here or in collage knew I was gay, in fact I was going to tell everyone at school "Hi World I'm Gay". I would be liberated. I would never come back here again. I was going to have a whole new life, a Gay life. Mother and Dad had decided to move to Florida and get away from the harsh winters now that I was through school and leaving for college. I was sorry to see them sell the farm but boy was I glad I could now get a life of my own now. I'd known ever since I was a little boy I was different from the other boys. I'd had always wanted to be around they boys and as I got older I knew it was not just a buddy thing, I wanted to make love to boys, I found them sexual exciting. Most of the time all the boys I knew talked about sports and screwing girls but I played along to stay their friend.


I knew that somewhere there had to be others guys that felt like I did about men. My first realization of how exciting men were was the first time I saw my father naked. I was just a little boy when he'd taken me on a hike. It was a surprise when he showed me the little spring fed pond in the woods. He said since it was just us "Men" we could go skinny dipping. When I saw him all naked and I wanted to just touch him , to feel that big cock of his and to run my hands over that hair growing all over his body. I thought he was the most beautiful man I'd ever seen. I still thought so. I knew better then to touch him because of all the lectures he given me about playing with my body or anyone else's private parts. When we were playing in the water his cock kept getting hard and pressing against my body. How I loved that feeling of Daddy's cock on my body. For years after that I would dream of his cock, of holding it and licking and sucking on it. Then I would get a hard-on and beat off. As I go older it started to be the same when I saw any man I thought was handsome.

Whenever I a pictures of naked men or the boys in the school gym showering I'd began having these wild fantasias about them. Gym was my favorite class because I could see all those beautiful boys. I always wondered why the black boys had bigger cocks than the white boys. I can remember wondering if they tasted different. I never had the opportunity to touch them but I sure had the dreams about them. Then it happed, in my senior year of high school. I met this kid, Billy that was my age while I was at the movies. Sitting next to me we talked and he seemed so nice and we went for a cock afterwards. Then as the conversations between boys go we were talking about sex and he said he was Gay. I was shocked he admitted it so freely. When he told me all his best buddies were Gay to I was really thrilled. There were others like me. When we left the drugstore Billy told me no one was home at his house and asked if I wanted to come over. Then saying we could play around if he would suck my cock off for me. He was so damn cute with his blond curls and beautiful green eyes I had to go. Leading me up to his room he told me to get naked.

Watching as he began to strip I began getting a boner. Looking over at me he said I had a swell cock, nice and big. Billy was no natural and casual about being naked he acted like it was the most normal thing in the would. I was scared and he knew it. He led me over to the bed and setting me on the edge kneeled between my legs and bending down took my cock into his mouth. I gasped and he giggling saying he knew I was a cherry and he liked cherries. Then he began sucking my cock and it was the most wonderful feeling I'd ever had in my life. I was so hot I began telling him I was going to cum. Pushing me back down on the bed he sucked me even faster until I couldn't hold it any longer I began shooting my nuts off. It was the most wonderful feeling to have my cum shooting into his hot sucking mouth. Looking up and smiling at me he said I tasted real good. Before we could do anything more we heard someone coming in. Whispering "Damn it's my Grandmothers home, get dressed!"

Hurriedly dressing and waving to his Grandmother as we went outside and sat on the porch. Leaning over told me I was one hot dude, he'd only wished he'd had time to fuck me. My heart was racing as I asked him if we could meet again tomorrow sometime. He said he was going back home to Ohio tomorrow and when he saw me at the movie he had to have my meat before he left. Walking home I was exhilarated. I wished I had been having sex years ago if I'd known it was so wonderful. Now at nineteen and getting ready for college I was still a virgin except for that blowjob Billy had given me. I'd made up my mind that I was going to find out what sex was like with a man was all about. I had to know what it felt like to be fucked by a man. I'd dreamed all my life of being screwed almost every night since I saw it in one of those magazines. After that I'd used all l kinds of things to push up my ass trying to imagine how a cock would feel fucking me. Now when I beat off I'd started catching my cum in my hand and sucking it down. Closing my eyes as I licked it from my hand I would pretend it was my lovers cum just like Billy had sucked my cum down when he blew me.


College was going to be my liberation to begin my new life, a Gay life. I could hardly wait to begin to live. Still while I was here I might as well enjoy the farm until it was sold. I took some of my best magazines to look at that showed all the gay men doing almost everything. I wanted to at my favorite spot by the pond planning how I was going to find someone to teach me how to love men. I had left a note telling Dad that I'd fixed a lunch and not to worry I was going hiking in our woods and would be home late. Trudging up that long weed choked path I kept remembering all of my daydreams I'd had in this lovely place. Passing by the old abandoned truck it was my land mark that I was near my secret spot. They cab of the truck had long since rusted into a wonderful ghostly shape of its past life. Somehow it made me feel sad, I felt like that truck, I had to begin my life soon or life would pass me by.

Looking over the truck I remembered back to when I would sit at its wheel when it still was shinny playing like I was a famous race driver. Then, at times it became my hideout when I'd discovered how to beat off. It became my fantasy place then. Sometimes I would strip naked crouching behind the wheel pretending I was being kidnapped by a sex crazed man that was taking me to his home to rape me. Chuckling at remembering the of it still gave me a boner. Finally arriving at my pond and spreading my blanket I set my lunch sack down. I began taking my cloths off because my first order of business in my private Eden was to swim in my pond. There was only way to do it, a quick plunge and it was all over. I stayed splashing around for a while in that icy water until I though my balls were going to freeze off. Dashing out jumping and hopping around to get warm I began prancing like some fairy in the warm breeze letting the sun warm my body. Shaking the water from my hair my eyes closed I whirled around feeling like a woodland nymph. That was until I heard this soft laughter coming from the bushes. I felt like a damn fool then. Standing there like an idiot I thinking I must look like a fool dancing naked in the woods like some fairy queen in some gay Victorian novel.

Blushing at my silliness I knew I had to get a real life. Then this soft voice said "That was beautiful man, don't stop on my account." Blushing I ask who was here and to show himself. Hearing this rustle in the bushes and then this figure stood. He was a black boy, about my age wearing a white dress shirt Blue jeans, holding a textbook. Stuttering I blurted out he was on private property. Pulling up straight he said he was on his fathers land, he was not trespassing. As we talked he called to me to come over and join him in his picnic saying he had a little wine and we could talk about who was trespassing on what. Telling him I would be right over as soon as I put some clothes on. Calling back he said, "No don't do that, you have a beautiful body and I really like looking at it." Still feeling strange but excited at having someone watch me cavorting naked in the sun I moved through the brush to see who my audience was. He was standing there, nicely dressed in jeans and his white oxford button down shirt and a picnic hamper spread with a bottle of wine. Kneeling and pouring a second glass of wine he held it up to me in a gesture of welcome.

Taking the wine glass from him and sitting I told him I felt awkward being naked when he was dressed. Laughing softly and standing he said he would change that. Then he began to disrobe and it was exciting to see the shirt come off just for me, then his T, and then he kicked off his loafers. When he began unbuttoning his jeans I knew he was going all the way. I really began getting excited. Undoing his jeans and letting them slid down he kicked free of them. The only thing he had on now was his Joe Boxers. Then he dropped them and kicked them away. Setting then completely naked he repositioned himself several times adjusting his balls and cock until he managed to get comfortable. We sat there naked looking over each others bodies while we sipped our wine. It was becoming apparent we were both just a little more then mildly interested in each other as our cocks sprang to attention. Clearing his voice he said, "have you ever done it with a guy before," Blushing I said when I was little a kid sucked me off but that was so long ago I don't think it even counts. Then I ask if he had. Looking down he said yes, with his brothers.


Beginning to tell me his story he said he was the youngest of three boys. They always had to baby-sit him growing up and when he was old enough to walk and talk they'd begun began playing sex games with him. As he got older he kept doing more until he finally he was servicing them in every way. When he was in High School finally he got up enough courage to tell his father what the boys had been doing to him. Hugo, his father took him upstairs telling him to strip. Telling me he wanted to see what the boys had done to me. When I was standing before him naked told me I was such a sweet looking boy if I wanted to be the lady of the family it was fine with him. Then laying me down on his bed he began fucking me saying I was a dam good piece of ass and I could start sleeping with him now at night. That day I'd become my fathers mistress as well as the service boy for the family.

He saying he'd been a whore all his life he would like to have a boy of his own. They still use him whenever they come home from collage. Looking down at his cock I said I'd never seen a black cock hard before and it was huge. I ask him if all black boys were that big. Laughing we black boys all have that reputation saying his brothers cocks were even bigger than his. Reaching over he began stroking my cock saying he wanted to see how big I was hard. All it took was just a few strokes and my cock was up to its full glory. I had better than eight inches but it was nothing compared to that cock of his, he must have at least eleven inched hard. Looking at me he said "you aren't hung that bad either kid, your cock looks like it would taste really sweet, like a vanilla Popsicle". Leaning down saying he wanted to taste a white cock to see it was different than his brothers. He went down on me and I leaned back in ecstasy as his hot mouth seemed to expand around my cock and he consumed me. Gasping I begged him to teach me to love a man like that. To make me a whore like he was.

It was better than I had ever remembered it. Pulling off of me he said I tasted just like the black cocks he'd sucked. Maybe my cum was sweeter. Then laughing he said he always thought white boys would taste different. Straightening up and leaning forward kissing me and as our mouths touched his tongue reached into my mouth. I was filled with the taste of my own cock. Smiling then he asked how I like the way my cock tasted. Bending down I took his cock into my mouth telling him I had to taste him. I was now possessed I wanted to taste that cock of his deep in my throat just like he'd taken me. Rolling over on my knees I spread his legs and going down on him like I'd seen in those porno videos I was in ecstasy. Now I was sucking my first cock at last. It was glorious. Running his hands all over my body he moaned saying I was wonderful.

I knew from my beating off when he was getting ready to cum. I could feel his balls tense and his breathing was getting shorter. Suddenly I was drinking down this warm salty fluid with the strange non taste. Pulling back on him then I said his skin was so soft and velvety and I hungrily began licking his balls. Working my way up to his nipples nibbling on them for a while then finally up to his lips. Then I kissed him and he let me have my way with his body. Rolling over then saying I must want to get my nuts off and would I like to fuck him? Then rolling over and kneeling there like some dog with his legs spread he waited for me to mount him. I felt this rush as I was climbing on him. Softy he said, "Take it slow baby, you gotta stretch me slow because my ass is dry." Watching me fumbling with my cock he seemed to know this was my first piece of ass and he said he would get me started fucking men. Then rolling over telling me to lay down and he would do the work for me.

Laying lay there my cock hard, my balls throbbing he began to lick and slobbered on my cock then straddled me. Spreading his cheeks he began sliding down my pole. Moving down every so slowly an inch at a time and rotating his hips he moved down on my cock a little more with each twisting movement as I sank into his body. Then rising a little on his knees he would come down again each time still going deeper down my cock. Finally grunting and forcing his body down he was empanelled his balls resting on my belly. Looking at me he told me I looked like a loon with that crazy expiration on my face. Sticking my tongue out at him bending down then he kissed me. Then straightening up he began to ride. It was like he was on horse back and he was mounted on a saddle. Getting in to the swing of it reaching up I began pulling on his nipples then I began bucking. He began riding like he was breaking a bronco.


He kept at me until I was begging for mercy one minute, and giggling and begging for more from the pleasure of it all. Sam said he though his little what pony boy was all broke in now. I though I would never stop shooting my load and after he pumped it all out of me he just kept riding my cock. He had taken me so often in that wild ride I though I would never cum again. Rolling over I begged him to fuck me. Pulling me close he said he wanted to fuck me but on another day when he had something to grease me up with, he didn't want to tear my ass up. Holding him tight and kissing him I begged him to come tomorrow. I wanted him to teach me all about sex with men. We lay together our body entwined. His soft mulatto skin blended with my tan. He really didn't look black and I didn't look white. As we pressed close to each other his skin felt so soft like shirred velvet, it was hard to believe he was human he was like my wildest fantasy come true.

Sam was like this wonderful soft tender teddy bear to me. Licking and sucking at his nipples again I felt them perk up again and I licked my way down to his cock. I wanted blow him and taste his cum one more time before we had to go. This time I was able to go down on his cock even deeper and the faster. The more I sucked him the more excited I got. How I loved his chocolate pacifier and taking him deeper filled me with his cream. I just kept sucking never wanting to stop. Pulling me up and kissing me he said to be careful I would wear his cock out. Laughing telling me he had to dress and go that it was almost supper time and he didn't dare be late. Kneeling and licking that chocolate stick of his again I told him my name was Warren. Spreading his legs as his cock began swelling he reached over pulling me down on him. As his cock slid into my throat he said his name was Sam, really Samuel but he preferred Sam. Then holding me tight against his crotch he began to rape my mouth calling me his white bitch and as he filled me with his cum he said he was getting addicted to me.

After getting his load off he said he had to go. I begged him to come back tomorrow that I would be his bitch, anything just so I could have his cock again. As he finished dressing I began putting his luncheon things away for him. Giggling Sam said he could get use to having a white boy to wait on him. Looking up still on my knees I begged him to fuck me tomorrow. Sitting there watching him walk down his side of the hill he looked so damn graceful as he made picked his way through the overgrown path and around the branches. I knew I would do anything for him. I had to have that cock again. I was in ecstasy as I made my way home. Tossing and turning all that night I washed carefully that morning knowing I was going to the spring to meet the man I had given my body to. I was there early and waiting there naked on my blanket for him. I'd packed a lunch and bought wine I put into the pond to chill. I'd even brought a jar of Vaseline hoping he would fuck me. I wanted him to take me and use me. I needed him desperately, I wanted him to fuck me until I knew what I was made for. Sitting there most of the morning when he never came I was almost in tears. I was desperately for his cock. I tried to rationalize why he'd never come, if I'd done something wrong or if he'd just didn't want me. I had eaten a little of my lunch but only half hardly because what I really craved was his cock.

I wondered if my obsession with this black boy was because he was the first cock I'd ever sucked, or if it was a color thing, did I crave him because he was different then me. No matter I had just about given up hope he was coming. It was then I heard him calling to me. Running down the path I grabbed him up in my arms kissing and hugging him. Pulling him up to my blanket my hands shook as I undressed him. As I stripped him he tried to explain why he was late but all I wanted was to get that cock of his in my mouth. I had to have him. Standing there with this pleased look as I hungrily sucked him he was more than willing to shove it to me. When I had satisfied my lust for his cock he began telling me his father had forbidden him to go out today. He had waited until he thought it was safe and then come to join me. Somehow now everything was alright that he was here beside me.


We lay like that for a short while and then reaching over I grabbed my jar of Vaseline and pressed it into his hands. Giggling he said I really wanted his cock up my ass. As he popped the plastic lid and began greasing up his cock, then telling me to lay on my back he pushed my legs over his shoulders. Bending me almost double I felt his fingers penetrate my ass and begin working the cool slick salve into my ass. Taken gobs of it he kept shoving it inside me until the small bottle was empty. Placing his cocks-head into my sweet spot he asked if I was ready to give up my cherry. As he pressed forward he paused seemingly unable to make penetration. The telling me to close my eyes and grit my teeth he made a lunge and suddenly his cock was inside of me. I though I was going to faint because his cock seemed to be tearing me apart. Still he pushed and worked and wiggled until he said he was in. Resting on me with his cock up my ass for what seemed like forever as pain coursed through my body. Slowly my body accepting to him and I began to tremble with excitement.

Ever so gently now he began pumping my ass with that huge cock of his. With each stroke I began to relax and he began sliding into me with little effort. Finally he was pumping me like a street whore saying I was giving him a real good piece of ass. My body was on fire as he took me and I wanted it to go on forever and I kept pleading with him to keep fucking me. As soon as he had gotten his rocks off saying he had to leave, his father would be coming home and he had to be there when he got back. Dressing quickly he said he couldn't even stay for me to blow him. He ran madly down the path desperate to get home. I lay there for better part of an hour until I felt I could stand and walk. My ass hurt like hell but how I loved being fucked and he'd told me that tomorrow it would go into me easier. I just had to have more of that cock and I was willing do anything for it.

All that night I tossed and turned reliving that wonderful experience of touching and kissing that wonderful smooth body of his. I could almost taste him. Just remembering how he filled my ass with his cock reliving that experiences only made me want him more. I was up a dawn and picking out what I was going to wear, I wanted to look special for him only if for the few seconds that we were dressed. We continued meeting like this now everyday. Some days he would be early and he would make love leisurely and he took my ass many times. Other times it was a quick hard fuck and suck and he was gone. He always said he had chores and I had to accept that. We had fallen into this routine where I was at his beck and call. I would do anything and everything he wanted he'd called me his boy and I accepted that. I knew that I was just a piece of ass to service him for his pleasure but I just didn't care I would do anything for him. He could treat me anyway he wanted as long as he screwed me and let me blow him. Then one day he asked if he could bring his dad up to fuck me. Laughing I said if his dad fucked as good as he was.

I was late that next day. Sam was already there when I arrived. As I approached our clearing I could see that crop of black curly hair and those beautiful brown eyes of his above the bushes. Sam was standing there naked and started waving to me when he saw me coming up the path. I began to run to him because I wanted his cock so badly. I had no sooner passed the bushes hiding our spot when I saw another figure setting there with him. They both were naked. As I moved closer to them this other black man saw me and stood. He was huge and black as coal. I almost though his cock was hard until looking closer I could see he was soft just huge. He was hung like an animal and I knew it must be Sam's father. Looking at Sam he just laughed saying he brought me another cock to shove up my ass saying this was Hugo, his daddy. He had told him all about his white boy that loved black cocks and asked him if he wanted a piece of white ass. I stood there to excited to talk when his father spoke up. " So you're the white bitch that's been servicing my son. Strip and let's see what your white ass looks like boy". Looking at Sam he just nodded telling me to get with it and put out. Just knowing I was going to have Sam and his father screwing me I was so excited I began throwing my clothes off.


Hugo stood there looking at me like I was a piece of meat at the meat marked. Blushing I began to feel like I was. Sam laid down and tolling me to suck him off. It was so exciting and bazaar and dropping to my knees I crawled between his legs hungry for his cock. As my lips sank down on that big beautiful shaft I began to forget everything as I licked and sucked with wild passion. As I worked his cock I began feeling his father fumbling with my ass and spreading my legs for him he began entering me. I heard him say, "Bitch, until your fucked by Hugo's man cock your ass is still a cherry". The harder he pushed the deeper I went down on Sam until with a lunge his enormous cock filled me forcing me down and suddenly I was impaled with Hugo's black cock up my ass and Sam's cock down my throat. He'd sunk that weapon of his into my ass up to his balls and now I was pushed down on Sam's cock down to his root. My body became alive with the movements of Hugo's and Sam's cocks reaming me from both ends.

Hugo was wonderful and as he pumped and stretched his way into my body. I was more excited than I'd ever been. I kept plunging down on Sam's cock until I felt him beginning to fill me with his cum. His father kept hammering my ass until I could feel him tense and he began pumping his cum into me. Then his father pulled out of me then and grabbing my hair pulled my head over to his cock telling me to clean his tool off. Still high with the buzz of that great fuck I sank on his rod licking cleaning him. Hugo muttered that I was one fine white bitch telling me he wanted his other boys to come up for a fuck. As I worked on Hugo I nodded yes and I felt Sam slamming his cock into my ass wanting his turn to fuck me. The two of them used me like that all afternoon. When it was time to go I told them I would be here everyday if they wanted to fuck me. That very next day I was all set waiting for Sam and his father when I heard their voices. Looking up I was now surrounded by four beautiful black men.

They stood around me as I lay there naked. Sam introduced me to everyone saying, "This is Walter", he said, "the older Brown boy, and this is George. Then you know my father Hugo." I lay there watching as they began to strip and as I saw there naked bodies I began getting even more excited. I was going to get to service them all. Sam was the first, his father saying he was the smallest and could best me stretched out for them. After that I was on my knees all afternoon. It didn't seem to matter whether I sucked them or they fucked me it all the same to them. It was glorious. Smiling to myself I could recognize each of them as they entered may ass by their cock size and shape and I marveled at how wonderful they all felt. I knew now there was no such thing as a cock two small or two large. The rest of my summer was devoted to servicing my studs. Some days I would have just Sam, other days Sam and his father. On good days they all came. I really liked it when I had them all. Sam said I was really a whore now.

Then it was August and my summer was coming to an end. I couldn't bring myself to think of leaving my men and all that glorious fucking. I knew I had to go to school and that day was coming soon. I thought I would tell Sam that Saturday at my house. My folks were going to be gone over the weekend. They were going down to Florida to meet the van that was taking their things to their new house. I had to drive them to the Airport. I was afraid I would be late to meet my lovers. When I got back to the house I parked and ran to our spot. I'd lost so much precious time I was desperate to be with my men. I was thrilled when I saw all of them sitting there naked waiting for me. I was naked in a flash and hurrying over to them. As I kneeled on my hands and knees to take them I told them I was going to be home alone over the weekend. Then looking up told them if they wanted to come over and stay all night and party with me I would love to have them. Before I could say anything Hugo said "let's get to it boy, do your duty for your men". That was the last thing I could say as Hugo's cock sank into my mouth. It was when Hugo stood and started to dress she said if I wanted a party they would be glad to stop by. They'd even bring some refreshments and a surprise for me.


I was silly as a goose waiting for them to come. Mother and Dad had packed up most of the stuff they wanted and shipped it already. The rooms were empty except for a few boxes and some old furniture that was being given to Good Will. The only things I had in my room now were boxes of my clothes and my mattress. I had showered then and sat there in the living room naked waiting for Sammy, his brothers and his father. It was around eight and I began to be afraid they weren't coming. Then I heard a truck pulling into our drive. Running to the window I was surprised to see this truck filled with black men sitting in the bed of the truck. I thought I would die, it was Hugo, his family and a lot of other black men of all ages. I didn't know if I should hide or run to them. Then my cock started doing my thinking for me. Opening the door and walking out naked on the porch my cock hard as a rock I welcomed them all into house. No one was shocked at my nakedness because they all knew what they were here for. Hugo told me he'd invited his buddies from the shop where he worked to the party. They all were eager to fuck me after hearing about me. As they filed in Hugo introduced them.

By the time all of them were in the room I had forgotten their names because there were so many of them. Quickly counting I'd come up with twenty including Sam, his brothers and his father. Walter had been checking the house out and was pulling my mattress into the living room saying we needed a workbench and lots of room to party. George, Sam's brother was opening a lot of booze and setting up a bar on some boxes. Pouring drinks for all of us he sprinkled a little ice from another bag in the paper cups saying we sure didn't want to dilute the stuff. Then he started passing them around. All those beautiful black men lining the room and were beginning to strip. When they were all naked no one made a move. Hugo decided to start thing going and taking a bottle of whiskey he stuck his cock into a paper cup and began pouring the whiskey over it. Then setting the cup down he came over to me telling me he had a special treat for me. Holding his whiskey dripping cock out to me he called it a cocoa whisky Popsicle and everyone laughed. Kneeling I hungrily began to suck on his dick stopping only long enough to tell the room I just loved cocoa whisky Popsicle's. Then it started, my party was on and I was the star attraction.

Someone yelled let the gangbang begin and I really found out what getting it on with the boys really meant. I was proud there wasn't a cock in the room that could do me in. After Hugo monster cock I could take any cock there no matter how large they were. Around dawn I had taken them all more than just once. There wasn't any part of anyone of the twenty that I hadn't eaten, sucked or licked. I was taking all of them however they wanted and I was more than happy to do it. By morning I was exhausted. I stretched out on the mattress like a whore in an army boot camp and I was covered with cum sweat and piss. The sun was coming in the windows and the party was finally was over. Hugo was the first to dress saying he had work to do and telling the boys they had there party and now it was time to earn their keep. Looking down at me he told me I was one of the family now. I had enough black cum and cock in me he would always think of me as one of them now. Pushing Sam down with me he him he told him to stay with me to make sure I was all right after all that fucking. Leaning down and giving me a kiss he said thanks for the party the boys had a great time. Looking up and giggling I said I did to. I lay there with Sam, licking and sucking him as the men trooped out.

I didn't know how to tell Sam I was leaving and going to school. Finally I blurted it out and we talked about it for hours. Giving me a hug he said it was fun having a whit boy to fuck. He would always be thankful for what I had been to him and his family this summer. Giggling he said I got everything I ask him for this summer, I had wanted him to teach me how a man makes love. Now I was a full fledged gay man of the world. There wasn't anyone that I couldn't get if I wanted them now. We stayed together for the last of that weekend. When it was time to pick up my parents I dropped Sam at his fathers house on the driveway. Hugo had come out to see me as I was saying good by. Leaning into the car he gave me a kiss saying I was always welcome to stay with them when I came back from college, I was one sweet fuck. He and the boys would show me a damn good time. As I drove to the airport, their is was, all out in the open. Sam was going back to school in the east, I was going to a different in the Midwest and we probably would never see one another again. I knew I would never meet anyone as wonderful as Sam again. Pulling into the waiting zone I watched and waited for my folks hoping here plane wasn't late.

My eyes were instantly drawn to this gorgeous hunk of man coming out of the terminal. He had to be over six four and build like an Adonis. As he stacked his luggage I was titillated watching those tight buns flexing. Then he leaned again the Terminal wall like he was waiting for someone and I got a great eye full of that full rich fruit basket of his. Our eyes met and he smiled that knowing smile then his hand slipped briefly to his crotch and rubbed it. He and I both knew what he was offering me and nodding my acceptance of his invitation I knew now I'd arrived. Strolling over then leaning into the car he asked if I was up as he leaned into my arm massaging it with his bulging crotch. Finally reaching in he gave my crotch a squeeze saying I was quite a nice young man. It was all I could manage to tell him I was picking up my parents. Straightening up saying it was a shame we weren't going the same way. Turning to go and stopping he came back saying his name was Jeffery Willows and if I was going to be in town anytime tonight to come on up to his room at the LaSalle plaza for a little fun. My parents then were just coming out of the terminal toward the car.

In a voice two loud to be natural I told Dad that I had to go to town tonight that I was staying over with an old friend. I'd hoped he heard me. Pulling away he waived and winked, he'd heard me. I knew now that going to college and being on my own was going to be a wonderful experience now thanks to Sam and his family. He had been gentle, loving and most of all a wonderful teacher. Sam and his family had taught me how to enjoy my body and really have a bang up time, a real gangbang up time.

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