Man for Man

A Day to Remember


"Good morning, Paul," said Zack softly. Paul awoke with a smile on his face

"Morning," mumbled Paul, snuggling closer to Zack.

"We have to get up," said Zack, applying kisses to his cheek.


"Um hmm," responded Paul quietly as he seemed to drift back to sleep. Zack made a mental note that Paul was definitely not a morning person as he reluctantly disentangled himself from his comforting embrace.

Reaching the bathroom they shared in the small dorm room, Zack found that Paul was a bit more alert than he thought as his lover grabbed him around the waist. Zack was trying to pee into the toilet when Paul decided to embrace him. Kissing his neck, and looking over his lover's shoulder, Paul quietly wrapped one arm around his lover's chest and he gently began teasing his nipple. Soon, Zack felt Paul's other hand move into his ass crack that he had pleasured so richly the evening before.

Zack inhaled deeply at the stimulation he was feeling. Paul was so intimate with him. Paul loved him unconditionally. Every chance Paul had when they were alone, Zack felt wanted. Not just for his body or his mind, but for everything. Whenever they were alone in a room together (and sometimes even when others were present) the teens' hands invariably drifted to each other's bodies. And whenever they were apart, both boys confessed an insatiable craving for the other.

Turning his head, Zack brushed his lips against Paul's cheek and felt the bristles.

"You need a shave," murmured Zack, turning his attentions to Paul's ear lobe. Paul brought his own lips up to his lover's face.

"You too," responded Paul. Zack giggled as Paul lapped all over his face.

After Paul allowed Zack to fondle and caress him during his own toilet, they hopped in the shower stall for further intimacies.

"What do you think about Steve's suggestion that we come to the nudist colony and have a commitment ceremony?" asked Zack as Paul adjusted the shower temperature.

"I think Steve just wants to see both of us naked," responded Paul laughing. Reaching over to the dispenser, Paul soaped up Zack's body.

"Hmmm," said Paul as his hand gave Zack a playful slap on the butt, "I can't say I blame him." Zack blushed a bit at this as he grabbed at Paul's ass. After a bit of horseplay, the two were again locked in an embrace, the soap rinsing off of them as their bodies pressed ever tighter.

"How much time do we have?" asked Paul.

Zack's eyes flashed over to the clock. "About 20 minutes, a half-hour if we push it."

"Plenty of time," responded Paul, as he started going down on Zack.

As Paul's mouth swallowed his cock, Zack moaned with pleasure. Pistoning up and down on his tool, Paul took time out gently massage his lover's balls with one hand while he moved the other hand between Zack's ass cheeks.

Zack parted his legs to allow Paul better access. Soon, Zack was rewarded with Paul's finger up his ass. The rhythm of Paul's cock sucking matched the finger fucking of Zack's ass. Zack grunted as the pulsing beats brought closer him to the edge.

Sensing his lover's emerging orgasm, Paul relented for a bit and allowed his mouth to drift back to Zack's. After sharing kisses, Zack returned the favor by going down on his lover's body.

Trailing his tongue down Paul's muscular torso, Zack was filled with joy at the thought that he would be able to again explore his lover's body. Paul had a pretty hairy chest and the hairs tickled his nose as he orally worshiped him. Zack wanted to be intimately familiar with every inch of Paul and to touch him in every way possible. Over and over again.

As he reached Paul's package, Zack inhaled his eight inch cock and soon found his nose buried in pubic hair. The water rushed over Paul's body as he began to piston slowly into Zack's mouth. Paul's throbbing cockhead banged repeatedly against the back of Zack's throat as the passion of his thrusts increased in tempo. Just as he was ready to explode, Paul removed his tool from Zack's mouth with a loud gasp. Too soon to cum.

Zack arose and took Paul back into his arms.

"Do you know what I want?" asked Paul, meeting Zack's lips with his own. Paul's eyes seemed on fire as he looked intently at Zack.

"What's that?" asked Zack, licking Paul's lips.


"I want you to go up my ass," said Paul as he pressed his lips fully onto Zack's mouth. For a long time they stood there, their tongues dancing inside each other, until Paul released and turned around. Bending over in the small shower stall, Paul grabbed his ankles. Zack grabbed Paul around the waist and knelt down, his tongue targeting the area within his lover's ass crack. As Zack buried his face into the rim, Paul moaned softly.

After making sure that the hole was sufficiently lubricated, Zack arose to ride Paul. Inserting his cockhead into Paul's waiting hole, Zack exerted a significant amount of pressure to implant his tool into the very tight asshole.

Zack moved further up his lover's ass and he found his cock being significantly pleasured by the sensation. As Zack felt the smack of his balls on Paul's ass cheeks, he knew he was fully inserted. Paul groaned and, letting go of his ankles, stood upright and grabbed Zack's head from behind. As he did so, Zack reached over and inserted his tongue in Paul's waiting mouth. Zack began pistoning his cock into Paul's hole as he tongue-fucked with his mouth. The pace gradually increased in tempo until Zack was ready to erupt into Paul. Just as he was ready to spill, Zack withdrew. Still too soon.

Zack pulled Paul around and they began to kiss passionately, both youths rubbing each other's torsos against the other. It was time. Paul had taught Zack this technique that he had picked up in his "studies" of Indian culture.

Simultaneously, and in the heat of their passion, both erupted on each other. The water from the shower mixed with each other's hot spunk as they continued to kiss.

That was beyond everything, thought Zack, as he worked on his lover's mouth with his own. The pulses of orgasm caused both youths to groan while they embraced.

As the kisses subsided, Zack looked into Paul's eyes.

"I love you, Paul," said Zack, his eyes flashing.

"I love you, Zack," responded Paul, taking his lover's package into his hands and fondling it.

Zack's eyes glanced at the clock. Not much time left.

"We better get going," said Zack reluctantly.

Paul's face took on the appearance of a sad puppy. "Can't they wait?"

"No, babe, we have to get our asses moving," responded Zack, with a tone of mock criticism.

"Have I ever told you how much I like seeing your ass move?" responded Paul, trying to grab more kisses as well as his companion's butt. This elicited laughter from both youths as they finished their shower.

Both youths emerged from the stall and dried each other off with some extra large towels that Paul had replicated. After finishing, Paul hopped on the small sink and sat down. There was barely enough room for him to fit on top.

"What's going on?" asked Zack as he moved next to the sink.

Reaching over to grab the sonic razor he shared with Zack, Paul looked invitingly over to Zack.

"You said I needed a shave," said Paul. "Would you like to shave me?"

Zack grinned, and an idea popped in his head as he decided to join Paul on the sink. Paul nearly fell off as Zack moved into position.

"What are you doing?" asked Paul laughing with astonishment. Their legs intertwined, the two nude lovers found themselves tightly joined at the crotch, their bodies touching intimately as both attempted to maintain their balance.

"I'll shave you," said Zack, as he planted a kiss on Paul's lips. "But you have to shave me first."

Paul grinned as he turned on the electric shaver. Constantly adjusting their bodies to keep their balance, and also to keep each other turned on, Zack and Paul took turns shaving each other's faces.

"Have you scheduled the room?" asked Paul, lifting his neck to allow Zack to shave under his chin. To celebrate their commitment, Zack had suggested a rather romantic evening.

"Yep," responded Zack, moving the razor carefully under Paul's adams apple. "The hot tub room off campus. I spoke to the manager yesterday to confirm it."

The "hot tub" room, as it was known by the college students, was actually a rather secluded and small area right next to the health club both youths belonged to. Zack had found out on starting classes that the facility was frequently used by the university students for more intimate recreation. Featuring a large video screen, couples were allowed an outstanding view of romantic videos while soaking in a bubble bath built for two. The roof of the facility was made of class and candles were in abundance.


In the starlight, lovers would be able to enjoy romantic music with their view. The waiting list to access the room was over three months long, but Zack managed to pull a few strings.

"Did you get the champagne?" asked Zack.

"You bet," responded Paul. "Dom Perignon, 1996. Only the best." Zack smiled at this knowingly, remembering his conversation with Paul about what to buy with the recent student loan payment.

"Did you get the strawberries?" asked Paul.

"Yep," said Zack, "Real strawberries with real chocolate covering them. A gift from my parents."

Paul moved his head down and smiled. "You remember you promised me that we'd get to taste the first one together."

"Of course," said Zack, as he put down the razor and grabbed Paul around the neck. "You don't think that I'd eat a chocolate covered strawberry without your mouth on mine. That just wouldn't taste right."

"Hey," said Paul devilishly as he moved closer to Zack, "who needs the strawberries and chocolate when I can taste your mouth right now?" Paul pressed his mouth onto Zack's and they kissed sweetly.

"Are we sappy or what?" asked Zack, a wide grin on his face.

"As sappy as a Harlequin Romance novel," responded Paul, returning the grin.

"And I really don't care," said Zack, as he reattached his mouth to Paul's. "I just wish we could just sit here all day like this. You and me, alone."

"Me too," responded Paul, "except we've got folks waiting for us."

"Yow," said Zack, looking at the clock, "are we ever late."

Quickly, Zack and Paul exited from their nest on the sink, nearly falling over. Rapidly dressing and hiding their erections under clothing as well as they could, they speedily exited to the rendezvous point. Both Paul and Zack hoped they did not miss the opportunity to see their parents off.

Zack and Paul held one another's hands on the car ride over to the hotel. Alone in the elevator on the way to meet their parents, they did manage to neck for the few seconds while they were in motion. But this left both only hungry for more. As soon as their parents gone, they had promised each other that they would return to the room for a hot make-out session.

Zack smiled as they reached their parents' floor in the hotel. He was ready for anything now as his lover Paul returned the grin. It had been a good morning and it was looking like it would be an even better afternoon.

"A Better Afternoon" By JT Michcock

As they entered the dorm room, Zack spun onto his lover's bed with a smile and a sigh from exhaustion. Paul soon followed and plopped down next to him. The shuttle safely departed for the airport, their parents en route. A lot had happened over the last few days with homecoming festivities and this was the first time in Zack's memory that he could relax.

As Paul rolled over to look at Zack, he smiled at him silently. His eyes told Zack all he needed to know. Paul took Zack's hand into his own and brought it up to his mouth, kissing it sweetly. Zack pressed his lips on Paul's forehead and held fast for a minute.

After this, the young lovers simply looked at each other, knowing they were looking at the most important person in each other's lives.

"You're an idiot," said Zack lovingly.

"Who, me?" responded Paul, raising his eyebrows.

"Yes, you," giggled Zack. "Don't you think those people at the Burger King saw you stick your foot in my crotch?"

"Absolutely not," protested Paul, still professing some astonishment. "I was very discreet and I moved so quickly no one could see me."

"Are you going to talk about your cat-like reflexes again?" said Paul. "Cause if you are..." Zack never had a chance to finish the last part of his sentence as his mouth was soon covered by his lover's lips.

"And your foot was cold!" yelled Zack, wresting his mouth away and laughing.

"Well," responded Paul, "If you had left it there a little longer, it would have warmed up."

With this, the two lovers embraced and rolled off the side of the bed. The tumble only caused an increase in their laughter. As it finally subsided, both teens reached up and plopped their bodies back on the bed.


"Speaking of Burger King," said Zack, rising to head into the bathroom, "I have to brush my teeth to get rid of the taste of that secret sauce."

"No," said Paul, "Burger King just has mayo, McDonald's has the secret sauce."

"Okay, mayo then," said Zack. "Where's the toothbrush?" asked Zack as he reached the small bathroom that served their room.

"Third drawer down, in the container," responded Paul.

"Got it," responded Zack. Shortly, Zack emerged from the bathroom with a froth of toothpaste circling his mouth and was working on his molars.

"In the bathroom, in the bathroom," scolded Paul, rising up to guide his roommate back.

"Yer such a neat freak," mumbled Zack as he returned to the sink. As they entered the room, Paul leapt atop the sink, reminding Zack of how they spent a good part of the morning intertwined up there. Paul smiled invitingly at Zack.

"Oh, no," mumbled Zack, "not before I spit in the sink." With this, Zack lifted his companion off the sink and deposited him playfully on the floor. Taking a bit of water into his mouth, Zack swirled and spit. After wiping off his face, Zack turned to Paul with a smile.

"Your turn," said Zack as he inserted their toothbrush into Paul's mouth. With this, Zack headed off to the bedroom, leaving his roommate with a mouth full of toothbrush.

"I'm going to be lying in bed," said Zack as Paul heard him plop down. "I want some `minty fresh' mouth on mine and quick."

"Coming," mumbled Paul as he quickened his brushing. Outside the bathroom, Paul could hear Zack bouncing back and forth

"No secret sauce breath!" yelled Zack.

"Mayo!" yelled Paul in return as both teens laughed.

As Paul entered the bedroom, he saw what he was looking for. There was Zack, the love of his life, lying on the bed waiting just for him. Paul walked over to the bed, their eyes on each other constantly.

"`Scuse me, sir, said Paul. "I got an order for a minty fresh breath I'm supposed to be delivering around here. Do you know who ordered it?"

"Um," said Zack, a look of puzzlement on his face, "I think that it was ... me!" With this, Zack sat up and pulled his lover's mouth into his own. The feeling was electric in the room as their lips melted into each other. Zack was in ecstasy as he felt Paul's hot breath enter his lungs.

"Tastes great," whispered Zack, licking Paul's lips lightly. "I thought you'd like that," whispered Paul. His brown eyes looked directly into Zack's deep blue ones. They could look at each other like this all day long, and into the night. Here in front of Paul was the person he was intended to be with forever, through all the ups and downs he was to face. Here was the person who would be forever by his side.

"Y'know," said Zack aloud, "I can't believe how much has changed. College, moving away from home, meeting you."

Paul placed his hand on Zack's chest and began to stroke. "I know, a lot's happened to both of us."

"Everything," said Zack, speaking to both his companion as well as to himself. "My entire life is different now."

Paul brought his hand to Zack's face and smiled. "I'm just glad that I've got you with me now."

"That's the one part of all this that has sunk in," said Zack, smiling at his lover. "I am so damn happy I found you."

"And I'm so happy I found you too," responded Paul, stroking Zack's face lightly. Zack moved closer and kissed Paul lightly on the lips. Smiles lit up both their faces.

"I love you so much, Paul," said Zack.

"And I love you more than anything," said Paul as he applied his lips to Zack's. For a while the two lovers seemed content to kiss lightly, enjoying the presence of each other.

"Paul?" said Zack, pausing briefly. "I have a question."

"Um-hum," said Paul, trying to keep his attentions focused on Zack's lips.

"It's kind of stupid," said Zack.

Paul opened his eyes, curious about the kind of question Zack would consider "stupid."

"Shoot," said Paul, "I'm listening."

"Are you sure Burger King has mayo and not secret sauce," said Zack as he burst out laughing.

With this, Paul lifted up a pillow and began to whack Zack with it playfully. "Or maybe it was the other way around," said Paul, laughing loudly.


"Be serious," said Zack, kissing Paul on the forehead.

"I'm always serious," said Paul, biting playfully on Zack's nose.

"Anyway, what I know is when we first met, I wanted to be with you," continued Zack. "Did you feel the same way?"

"Yes," responded Zack. "I knew it when I first saw you and I don't think I can explain it to you. I knew from the start you were going to be my lover and my best friend."

Zack kissed Paul lightly on the lips. He loved him so much. "Watch this," said Paul arising from the bed.

"What now?" responded Zack, curious to see what Paul would do next.

"Would you like to see me naked?" asked Paul, wrapping his arms seductively around his torso and grabbing onto his shirt.

"Always," responded Zack, laughing.

Paul removed his shirt, showing off his hairy chest.

"Hang on a second," continued Zack, opening his arms, "not all of you yet."

With this, Paul put his shirt on the floor and sat down next to Zack. Zack took the opportunity to examine his lover's chest, running his hands across his well-muscled torso. Unlike Zack, Paul had quite a bit of chest hair. And Zack enjoyed more than anything running his fingers through it. Paul held his chest out proudly as he allowed his lover's caresses.

"My whole body," whispered Paul, as he looked into Zack's eyes, "belongs to you."

"And my body," whispered Zack, "is yours."

Paul bent down and their lips met once again. Breathless and intense, their kisses drove into each other's souls. This was hot, hotter than either teen had ever experienced. This was love as pure as it came.

Rising up for air, they looked into each other's eyes again. Touching the folds of his lover's shirt, Paul helped Zack remove his top. Now it was Paul's turn to touch his lover's chest. Completely smooth, Paul delighted in the feel of his lover's warm skin beneath his hand. He looked at the form of his lover. He wanted to be intimately familiar with every contour and feature on Zack's body, to memorize every part so that the memory would be burned into his soul. This was true love by any definition. Paul would do anything, go anywhere and sacrifice everything for the touch of the person in front of him.

Zack arose from the bed and brought Paul with him. Together they embraced, their nude chests and arms intertwined, their bodies melting as one. Zack and Paul's mouths met and they again shared their breaths. Both knew it was time to bring this to the next level.

Zack made the first move as he reached down to Paul's pants and undid the clasp. Slowly, Zack pulled down Paul's pants while his tongue still danced in his lover's mouth. Breaking away, Zack began to move downward on his lover's body, his tongue tracing a line of saliva down Paul's torso. Paul's breath became shallower in anticipation of the pleasuring his lover would soon provide.

As Zack reached his destination, he slowly teased Paul's cockhead, absorbing the crown into his mouth and allowing his tongue to play with the opening. Paul moaned softly as Zack excited his manhood beyond words.

With a slow and steady motion, Zack brought the rest of his lover into his mouth as Paul ran his fingers through his companion's soft brown hair. The taste of his lover's hard and sensuous cock was leaving Zack breathless as the shaft went further down his throat. As he reached the base, Paul paused to breathe in his lover's scent. The scent of a man. Of his man. Of the one person in the world he wanted to please more than any other.

And pleasure was provided as Paul vocalized his delight. Zack began to piston on his lover and he was soon rewarded for his efforts as the hot juice of the man he loved erupted into him. The taste and smell of the bounty was overwhelming. More than feeding his body, Zack felt as though his soul was being nourished by the meal his mate provided.

After allowing his lover's spunk to flow down his throat, Zack arose to face Paul again. Their passions met as Paul's mouth covered Zack and they shared his seed.

Slowly, Paul moved to undo his lover's pants and, after pausing first to enjoy the erect brown nipples he coveted, he soon found his mouth on his mate's tool. He serviced the teen dutifully and was soon rewarded with the outpouring from the orgasm that ripped through Zack's body.


The fluid that filled Paul's mouth was the most delicious thing he ever tasted. But it was more than just that. It was the life force of his lover that was flowing down his throat. Paul felt as though God had graced him with this bounty, that it was his sacred honor to absorb a part of Zack into him like this.

Rising again, Paul guided Zack down on the bed, both still breathing heavily from the orgasms that had ripped through them. They lay together side by side, their nude bodies tangled together. They were one as they lay there, a single entity formed from two separate beings. An entity that was greater than the sum of its parts.

Their breathing soon became more relaxed as the experience became more distant. Their kisses were now sweeter and more delicate, pink tongues lapping at reddened lips. Their tools may have been less engorged, but their fervor -- their love for one another -- was as intense as ever.

"Zack," said Paul softly as he held his lover close to him.

"Um hmm," responded Zack trying to touch ever part of his lover as they lay together. Paul's face lit up with a smile.

"You know you taste like secret sauce," said Paul with a laugh.

"Well, you taste like mayo," responded Zack, joining in the laughter.

Again, their lips met as they held each other close. Snuggling ever closer, Paul and Zack drifted slowly to sleep. Once again, both were where they wanted to be, in each other's arms. Their bodies as one and their sould joined.

As good as the morning had been, the afternoon had been even better.

...And A Wonderful Evening By JT Michcock

The candles smelled wonderful as Zack lit the last of them. Zack turned to Paul and saw that he was checking to see if the champagne was cold enough. The fleecy bathrobes they were wearing turned Zack on and the waiting was making him rather impatient.

"Is it ready?" asked Zack.

"About five more minutes," responded Paul, as he rotated the bottle in the ice. "Almost there."

The room was bigger than both of them had expected. Included with a hot tub was a king-sized bed to accommodate an overnight stay. Supposedly, the health club owner had constructed the room at his girlfriend's insistence and only opened it up to the public after she left him for another man. The owner gave the club members first priority to rent out the facility. Zack and Paul happened to be two of those members.

"I was worried as hell when the attendant stopped us," said Zack. "I thought they were going to throw us out."

"Nah," said Paul. "I hid the bottle too well. They would have never found it." Only being 18, the pair were particularly concerned about the campus crackdown on underage drinking that usually accompanied Homecoming.

Zack approached Paul from behind and grabbed him around the waist, pressing his lips into his lover's neck.

"I'm so hot," murmured Zack as he licked Paul's neck.

"Mmmm hmmm," responded Paul, chuckling softly. "I can tell. Either that or I have to ask why you have a gun pointed in my ass." Zack laughed at this.

As he turned to face him, Zack could see that Paul had unfastened the cord around his robe, exposing his body and his own erection. Zack took the cue and undid his own robe. The bare fronts of their bodies pressed against each other as their lips met. Exquisite, thought Zack, as he felt the hot throb of their erect packages meet.

"Let's pop it now," whispered Paul, biting Zack's lips with his teeth.

Zack smirked and looked down at Paul's manhood. "A little soon, isn't it?" Paul grinned.

"The champagne, you idiot," said Paul, laughing.

"Let's do it," said Zack as he reached for the Dixie cups.

Paul soon popped the cork and the fizz from the champagne erupted from the bottle. Quickly, so as to not let any of the rather expensive beverage fall to the floor, Zack brought the cups up and let Paul fill them. Replacing the Dom Perignon in the bucket, Paul took his cup from Zack and stole a kiss from his lover.

Both sipped from the cups and commented on the bubbles. The music from the stereo system was playing their favorite CD and the aroma from the candles filled the room. It was a clear and crisp fall night, and the starlight that filled the glass ceiling seemed to look upon their union with favor.


Paul and Zack looked into each other's eyes and smiled sweetly. It was time for them to move forward, time to move their passions from feeling to being. Time to make love.

"Shall we?" said Zack as he gestured to the hot tub bubbling away in the corner.

"Certainly," replied Paul as they both headed over to the tub. Without further ado, both allowed their robes to fall to the floor and stepped into the warm and bubbling water. Their attentions immediately went to the other as they found themselves wrapped in a glance amid the steam that arose from the water. Sitting down inside the heated bath, Paul and Zack adjusted themselves so that they would be facing one another, eyes meeting and passions expressed without words. Slowly, the moved toward one another, reaching for the embrace of the other that they craved so much.

They took each other's mouths. Their lips merged and their tongues entered each other's bodies. The water splashed up against their bodies as they shuddered in joy. Paul would make the first move now as he began pawing Zack's chest, his nails marking his territory. Telling the world that Zack belonged to him. Paul moved lower on his lover's body until he reached that chest that he adored so much, taking a nipple into his mouth and suckling the pleasure from it.

As he moved his mouth down his face met the bubbling water. Beneath this, his mouth plunged for the treasure awaiting him. Zack, his face contorting in pleasure, allowed his body to float upwards as the hands of his lover guided him further upward. Soon, Zack's manhood arose from under the surface like the prow of a ship. The object would not be unattended for long as Paul absorbed the tool into his mouth, taking every inch in greedily, his desires raging.

Zack gasped as he felt himself filling Paul's throat, the delicate tracings of his lover's tongue drifting over his tool, a hand fondling his testicles and rolling them in their pouch. A line of saliva drifted from Zack's mouth as he gurgled the joy his body felt at the pleasuring he was receiving. Too soon though, as he removed himself from the embrace of Paul's mouth.

Paul look up and saw the expression of joy on his lover's face. It was an expression that filled his waking and sleeping thoughts. It was what he wanted more than anything, to please the man who loved him so much. Paul brought his lips back up and took his companion's mouth.

Zack soon followed his companion in providing oral service. Once again, pleasure was shared to the edge of orgasm. And once again it was stopped before resolution occurred. Their was too much to be shared.

"I'm hungry," whispered Paul, as he greeted Zack's mouth with his own.

Zack smiled. "Chocolate covered strawberries coming up," he announced as he grabbed the box from the side of the tub.

As Zack placed the first of delicacies into his mouth, he bent his torso over to share the morsel with his lover. Paul's lips soon met Zack's as they savored the sweet delicacy between them, each knowing that the sweetest part was the lips that held them and the love they offered. The strawberry consumed, their lips continued to taste. It was the other person now that prompted the hunger and desire for more. Both willingly gave of their passions, sharing tongue and mouth as their hands caressed and held each other's bodies.

Gently, Paul released his lover's mouth and pulled himself up from the tub. Softly, he whispered into Zack's ear. Zack smiled. Paul pulled up his discarded robe and placed it near the edge of the bed, propping his head upwards and cushioning his neck.

Zack readied himself by removing himself from the tub and selecting a particularly appetizing strawberry. Inserting the fruit between the mounds of his ass, Zack delicately maneuvered himself over Paul's face. Zack cooed with pleasure as Paul consumed the morsel between his legs.

Upon completing his meal, Paul and Zack switched places. It was now time for Paul to feed Zack. The moans from Paul's mouth let Zack know that his attentions were appreciated as the sweet fruit went down his throat.


Soon, the lovers were kissing again, their breaths sated with sweetness. To consummate they would share each others' asses within the tub, allowing their manhood to explode into the other. Afterwards, they snuggled until the wrinkling of their skin prompted an exit from the tub. After drying themselves off , they next turned their attentions to the king-sized bed that nearly filled the room.

"This is way too big," whispered Paul as he brought his lover onto the surface. "I might lose you."

"I promise to hold on to you all night," replied Zack as he embraced his lover's body close to him, the dampness from the tub covering the sheets. "And you'll never lose me."

"I was thinking about getting rid of my bed," said Zack as he looked into Paul's eyes. "After all, I've never used it." What he said rang true for both, they had been together in Paul's bed since the first day in the room, and both had expressed their desire that they never change.

"We have to hang on to it," said Paul, working his tongue teasingly into Zack's ear. "What happens if my bed collapses?" Both smiled, in the heat of lovemaking, the creaking had frequently caused some concern. The bed was, after all, built for just one occupant.

"We'll have to sleep on the floor, I guess," responded Zack, reciprocating by biting on Zack's ear lobe. "That wouldn't be so bad." Paul looked into Zack's eyes.

"Anywhere we sleep would be wonderful as long as I have you in my arms," said Paul breathlessly. Again, their mouths met because they knew it to be true. Whatever happened to them, they would always have each other.

As the night wore on and their bodies became refreshed by the softness of lovemaking, the young lovers soon found themselves attending to each other's members. The passion erupted into their mouths as they drank down each other, the sweetness of their seed was leavened by the chocolate, the strawberries and champagne. Never before had their palates been so satisfied as they freely engorged each other's passions.

As they returned to face each other, their bodies had been sated. But their thirst for each other was unquenched, a river of desire flowing through their bodies, as they were gently entangled. Arms and legs were together, united as one. This was the meaning of love. To be held forever by the person who meant everything.

Reddened and covered with the moisture of shared desires, it was from Zack's mouth that the first words would emerge.

"I love you, Paul," whispered Zack., his voice barely above a whisper.

"I love you, Zack," responded Paul, their faces lit with smiles as their kisses grew softer and sweeter.

Soon, Zack turned to face the ceiling filled with stars, his mind reveling in the love he felt, overwhelmed by the joy he felt. Paul embraced Zack and held him tight, their chests heaving still from their encounters.

As Zack looked up, he saw a shooting star.

"Look!" said Zack, as he prompted his companion's attention. Zack looked up and say the light stream across the clear sky.

"Make a wish," whispered Paul to his mate. They looked in each other's eyes knowing full well that what they wished for would be the same. Their lips met again confirming their desire. They wanted each other.

"I picture a nice big house in the country," said Zack, as his kisses continued. "A lot of trees and a dirt road leading into some tiny village."

"And what else?" asked Paul, brushing the hair out of Zack's eyes and kissing his forehead sweetly..

"You'll have your medical practice in one part of the house and I'll be doing the engineering work from home," said Zack. "We'll live there and be happy forever." For a long while, both remained silent.

"There's still something missing," responded Paul wistfully.

"Well, then," asked a puzzled Zack, looking at his lover. "What more could we want to make our lives any better than that?"

Paul bit his lip, not certain how to say it. His eyes were damp with the emotion he felt. Relaxing his breath, he gave words to his desire.

"A baby?"

Zack looked into Paul's eyes and he saw the most wonderful person in the world. Someone who was crying and who needed his promise. Paul was asking him to make the ultimate commitment. And it was a commitment Zack desperately wanted to make. A family. Then everything would be truly be perfect.

"Oh, dear God ... yes ... yes," said Zack as his eyes welled up with tears. Zack pressed his lips onto Paul's mouth as kissed passionately. For a long time, their sweet kisses were shared as were the tears of joy. They both knew that they had made a commitment that would last forever, and that forever began tonight.

Soon exhausted, they slowly drifted off. Their bodies were together again as they relaxed into their slumber. Tomorrow would bring more classes and homework and the hustle of college life. But tonight was for loving.

And tonight would last forever.

Paul closed the yearbook and turned to Zack, who still had a grin on his face.

"Those were the days," said Zack, as he brushed a tear from his cheek.

"I miss those days too," said Paul removing his reading glasses and wiping his own eyes.

Their big house was quiet now. The last of the four kids Paul and Zack had adopted, the "baby" of the family, suddenly had grown up and gone off to Harvard. They were amazed to discover that she was living in the same dorm room they had once shared. Being at the Homecoming Weekend had sparked a lot of memories. They had spent a lot of time looking around their old room and strolling through the campus. As they walked around, the multicolored leaves were blowing. Autumn was giving way to Winter.

"What do you feel like doing now, Doc?" asked Zack, taking hold of the hand of the man who had been with him now for over forty years.

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