Man for Man

A Day at the Waterpark


It started out as an average summer day in July. The cordless phone haphazardly lying right next to me in bed rudely awaked me. Not the sound you want to hear after a long hard night of partying with the boys. Not out of the norm for a 21-year-old college student,


"Hello"? I grumbled into the receiver.

"Wake up Collin, it's 11 o'clock for God's sake!" Ryan said jokingly. "We are going to Wild Waves in like 40 minutes, wanna come?"

I was still waking up, but I could still vividly remember the last time I had been to Wild Waves it had been nothing but hot tan bodies with little more than swim trunks on.

"I'm down, pick me up on your way," I told Ryan and jumped into the shower. I was wearing only boxerbriefs to sleep in, and my morning wood straining to get out of them, especially with the thought of the hotties at the water park. I slipped off my CK's and started the water. The shower felt good against my tan skin, I'd been at the beach almost everyday that week and my tan was getting pretty good. The water slipped down my smooth six-pack stomach and onto my now fully hard cock. It was swollen to about seven inches and pointed to the ceiling. I had to do something about this, I couldn't be pitchin' a tent all day in my swim trunks! I started to stroke my cock in a rhythmic motion, using some of my body wash for lube. This had to be a quick session, Ryan was going to be here in a few minutes, so I stroked my cock faster and slipped a finger into my smooth asshole. I could feel the pressure of my cum building and my balls pulling in tight to my body. Suddenly I let out a little moan and shot spurt after spurt of warm cum all over the glass shower door. Fuck, I needed that. I rinsed off and got out of the shower; slipped on my favorite baby blue swim trunks and no sooner Ryan's SUV was there, with a surprise bonus in the front seat, Logan. Now I had even more temptation to deal with! I climbed in back and we were on our way.

This was a carload of attractive boys for sure. Ryan has a great athletic build and a nice tan from all the jet skiing he loves to do on the lake, with strong arms and an ass that I have wanted to fuck ever since I met him. He and Logan were both 22, I had met them last year at a graduation party at one of the frats and we had all been close ever since. Logan was the kind of guy that everyone can have a crush on. Dirty blond hair and angular features paired with a nice defined body and from what I had heard, a really hot cock to match. I had always had a little crush on Logan, but never had the chance to act on it thanks to his ever-present boyfriend. And not to sound cocky, but I am not too hard on the eyes either. Standing at 6'3 I was the tallest in the group, with a lean swimmers build and a cute runner's ass. All together I'd say we made quite the hot little trio.

We made it to the park and hopped out of the truck. Walking through the lot there were hot guys left and right, and we weren't even inside the park yet! We can be quite the group together, very witty but we were getting some looks for sure, some from girls checking us out, some from parents not sure what to make of three hot gay guys, and some looks from guys that were supposedly-straight. Those were always the most fun. Every now and then I would look over at a gorgeous guy right out of high school standing in line with his girlfriend hanging all over him, while he is looking over in our direction looking right at our cocks in our bathing suits. Who knew standing in line could be so much fun?

We decided to check out the packed wave pool. There were boys as far as the eye could see, bobbing up and down with the waves. I was hoping that one of them would be bobbing up and down on my cock later in the afternoon ;). What's great about the wave pool is that it's so packed with people and the waves are pretty strong, you can get bumped into people easily, a great way to "accidentally" bump into a hot boy and maybe feel his cock in the water. I happen to accidentally bump into Logan's cock a few times in that wave pool, and every time I did he would just throw me a wink. And the rumors were true; from what I could feel, he had a great thick cock. As a group we made our way out of the wave pool and stood at waters edge, a perfect spot to survey all the people. As we stood there on the prowl, a blond boy was just walking out of the pool straight ahead. I'd say he was about 18 or 19, with a very lean and defined build, with a small tattoo on his right pec and a great chiseled stomach. But what caught our eye was what was below the waistline. Instead of normal swim trunks, he had on a pair of white basketball shorts, the kind that are kind of a mesh fabric. Well, these shorts were soaking wet and clinging to the blond boy's hot body, grabbing around his clearly visible cock. Our group was speechless. He was deliberately walking slowly heading right for us, giving us our glances right back. His cock was growing to a point of semi-erect, and he continually was adjusting his shorts in a feeble attempt for them not to cling so obviously to his gorgeous growing rod.


He approached the group with confidence as the three of us stood there with blank expressions.

"Can I help you boys out with somethin'?" He asked us. The three of us stood there speechless, until I get an elbow in the chest from Ryan.

"Umm, we were just commenting on your tattoo," I said quickly, the only thing I could come up with on the spot.

He fired back, "is that all you were looking at?"

Suddenly Logan got balls and spoke up. " You're the hottest guy in the place, not to mention that dick of yours is one hell of a distraction. I'm Logan; these are my friends Ryan and Collin.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Coulter. So do you want to hang out in the wave pool all day or should we get out of here?" he asked.

Ryan blurted out, " let's get the hell outta here," so horny from looking at his growing cock in the transparent shorts.

"Sweet, well my place isn't too far from here, and my two room mates just left to go check out the other rides, so we should have the place to ourselves..." Coulter said suggestively. No sooner did he finish his sentence than we were firing up the car and headed back to his place.

Ryan was driving and Logan had shotgun, so it was Coulter and I in the backseat. His hand found his way up my swim trunks quickly as he caressed my cock and balls, getting me rock hard before we even got to his place. I could hardly wait to get upstairs and start to return the favor with my tongue. We pulled up to the apartment and headed straight inside, with all of us all over one another.

As soon as the door closed Ryan turned his attention to Coulter, determined to get those teaser white shorts off of him. As they made out Ryan's hands wandered south, grabbing and stroking his beautiful rod. Ryan started to work his mouth down his neck, kissing and rubbing him as Coulter moaned. Ryan dropped to his knees and pulled down his shorts, smiling as Coulter's perfect cock was finally released as Ryan's lips wrapped around the thick piece of meat.

In the mean time I wasted no time fulfilling my college fantasy to get Logan naked. I jumped right to the point, tearing away his board shorts, revealing the cock that had been teasing me all day in the wave pool. But before I could start to suck his hot dick he tore away my shorts and flipped me over on all fours. "I've been wanting to do this for 3 years," Logan said as he started to lick my tight smooth ass. His tongue was as powerful as his hot built body, and it wasn't long before my cock was dripping with precum.

Between Coulter's and my moans, we were not a quiet bunch, when all of a sudden I heard the front door swing open.

"What the fuck is going on?!" I heard, and turned to see a shirtless teen with the looks of a teen pop star. Coulter stood up and said, " Oh hey, Josh, umm, these are some friends I met at the park...what are you doing home so soon?"

Before Josh could answer he closed the door and just said, " You should have invited me." As Josh stripped naked and his semi-hard dick swung as he headed right for me, putting his hot uncut cock in front of my face. I gladly accepted his dick, sucking down on it, feeling so good as it hit the back of my throat, with Logan still eating my ass out.

"Oh fuck yeah, suck that cock," Josh groaned out as I sucked harder on his dick.

Coulter and Ryan were wasting no time. Coulter had put Ryan up on the sofa on his back, pulling his legs up towards his shoulders, showing off Ryan's best feature, his ass. Wet from a hot rim job, Ryan's hole eagerly accepted Coulter's hard dick, slowly sliding it deeper into his tight hole.

"Mmm, fuck me," Ryan moaned out with pleasure. You could tell Coulter was enjoying it just as much as Ryan was, his eyes closed and him grunting as his fucked him, flexing his tight stomach muscles we every thrust.

Logan now moved behind me teasing my ass with his slippery cock, lubed with his pre. "Are you ready for this cock?" Logan asked, as I came up from sucking Josh's dick to answer, I've been ready for three fucking years!" He guided his thick cock into my ass, being gentle, but I pushed back onto his cock, wanting it more and more with every thrust. All that fucking made me suck Josh's cock rhythmically, and I could feel his balls tighten up, and his moans got shorter and shorter. Suddenly he let out a huge moan as I felt his warm cum fill up my mouth. He tasted so sweet and I swallowed every last drop as I pulled off his still hard dick he said, " I'm just getting started.

Josh walked over to Coulter and Ryan, who were now fucking doggie style, Coulter really pounding his hole. Josh sat down on the couch, and without missing a beat Ryan jumped on top of his throbbing boner. Josh smiled and moaned as Ryan slid down his pole, bouncing up and down on it. Coulter came behind Ryan with his hard cock still horny for more of his ass, "Room for one more?" Coulter asked.

All Ryan could manage was an eager moan that indicated yes. Coulter got behind him and slowly worked his cock into Ryan's hole while Josh was still thrusting away. Two cocks at once, damn I was impressed! It took some work, but before long I looked over to see the two roommates filling Ryan's ass with their thick and gorgeous dicks, with Ryan loving every minute of it.

Logan was moaning just as loud as I was, loving his cock inside me. I was on my back, with him kissing me with every thrust into my ass. I couldn't take much more of this I was so fuckin' horny, and as he kissed me I shot my load all over my abs and chest, without ever touching my cock! Logan felt the warm cum on my torso and started to fuck me even harder, he moaned and I knew he was going to shoot. "Mmm fuck!!" He yelled out as I felt his cock throb with every spurt of cum shooting into me. He pulled out his cum-covered cock and pushed my legs up and started to lick his cum off my awaiting asshole. So hot!

Just at that moment, I looked over to Ryan riding two cocks, as he stroked his cock he shot a huge load all over Josh's chest and face. Ryan, worn out from the double-fucking pulled off the two cocks just as Josh himself covered his chest even more with his own hot jizz. Coulter was just seconds behind, moving on top of Josh to finish off, shooting spurt after spurt of thick creamy cum onto his room mate. Ryan couldn't resist and sucked off the rest of Coulter's cum off of his still throbbing cock.

"Damn, guys, that was the hottest afternoon I've ever had," I exclaimed, still panting hard from all of the action. I got a mutual acknowledgement from the rest of the boys, still recovering as well.

"Thanks for a great time at the water park, boys. Ryan said, as all of us got dressed and ready for the ride back to the city. We exchanged numbers with Josh and Coulter, knowing full well that the next time we headed down to ride the rides, these two would be the first we stand in line for.

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