Man for Man

A Day at the Pool


It was a pretty hot afternoon; not much on television so I decided to get my swim gear together and head on down to the local swim baths. The sun was high in the cloudless sky so I decided to just throw on some cut up jeans over my old stained jockstrap (hoping that I might get some action in the changing rooms).


As I was parking my car, I noticed a real cute looking guy in the car next to me; he looked no more than 16 and had a good body from what I could see of it. I also noticed that he was staring at me. His large, intense blue eyes made my cock jump in my strap pouch. I had to do some re-adjusting before getting out of my car. As I opened the door I could see that he was still checking me out. This really got me horny, a young stud staring at my body. I got one leg out of the car exposing my bulging crotch to him, his eyes fixed on the bulge, and there they remained. I decided that I was gonna be bold and started running my fingers over my swelling pouch, his eyes still remained locked on my crotch. With some difficulty I managed to released my hard cock down the leg of my cut offs, I could see that this was getting him hot, I was sure he was fiddling with his own cock. I couldn't believe that there I was, showing my hard cock to a teenager, I was just so horny. I was just about to get out of the car and approach the young guy when I heard a voice calling from across the car park. The young lad did some rapid re- adjusting and just in time too, the voice was obviously that of his father. I punched the car seat in frustration - no cock for me today.

I watched as the lad as he walked from the car to join his father. Both guys, father and son were athletic jock types, man my mind started racing, I began to imagine all sorts of different scenarios. Just looking at the two studs walking away from me I was thinking of what it would be like to get the two of them into bed and what I could with them. Hot, sweaty man sex filled my mind excluding all else, mad passionate dirty sex. My hand automatically went to my crotch, my hard cock was oozing pre-cum, soaking through my jock. The wet spot on my cut off jeans was a noticeable dark circle on the material. I manoeuvred my dick out through a rip in the old denims. I slowly stroked, pleasuring myself, thinking what might have been.

I must have drifted into dreamland, because all of a sudden, I heard this tap on the car window. I looked up, it was the older guy, the boy's father. He was saying something like "what time does the pool open"? I was startled at this, I began fumbling, trying to get my cock back into jeans. I knew that he must have seen me playing with my cock, but I was just trying to conceal my huge hard-on. Eventually I got my cock back in place and very red in the face I looked up at the guy. I told him that the pool should open shortly. As I was talking to him I had time to study his face and body, he was very handsome about 35 I guess, big strong features, and man, this guy was hot. Even at a distance he smelt of real man. My wilting cock started to get hard again. I could not hide the fact that my cock was raging hard again, the bulge could not be concealed. My hardened cock started to make its own way down my leg. I could feel the heat of embarrassment radiating from my blushing skin but there was nothing I could do.

He seemed very friendly, he was making idol chat with me and I noticed that it didn't seem to bother him that I was sitting in my car with a raging, dripping hard on. In fact I am sure that he looked directly at it a few times. This, and his casual manor, gave me confidence, every now and again I would move my right hand to my crotch and touch my cock. This stimulation caused the damp spot on my jeans to spread, I could feel the wetness of pre- cum on my hand. The guy was getting more and more friendly, he introduced himself, extending his right hand he told me that his name was Dewi, I warmly took his hand and shook it. Immediately I realised that it was wet and sticky with my pre-cum. Dewi, having shook my hand, did the most amazing and erotic thing. He moved his hand to his mouth and licked the pre-cum off, savouring the taste of my cock juice. There was a pause; the taste and aroma of cock hung in the air between us. Breaking the erotic tension he said he needed to get back to Sean (his son), and that he hoped to see me inside. I said 'I'd like that'. As he left the side of the car he looked back and winked. His crotch bulged obscenely and he stroked and tugged at his outlined organ for my benefit. His actions said 'see you later Jim'.


I sat there, with this raging hard on, wondering if and how I could get to fuck either of the two studs; Dewi the hot jock father or Sean his beautiful son. Man! I could not control the throbbing cock in my jeans.

I waited about five minutes, by then my cock was not soft but neither was it tenting out my jeans. Locking the car I strolled across the car park to the swim pool entrance. I paid my money to the attendant and walked down the short corridor that leads to the male changing area. The air was heavy with chlorine but there was also no mistaking the smell it covered, the musky, sweaty aroma of real men.

Opening the door I saw the objects of my desires. Sean was seated on the middle bench, his dad Dewi was seated behind him on the next bench. I placed my gear bag on the bench in front of Sean. Dewi greeted me with a big 'Hello' and I returned his greeting. Sean was sitting on the bench with his back to me, facing his dad and delved into his sports bag producing his swim trunks. Dewi introduced his son to me and Sean turned to face me, he was beautiful. Great defined upper body, perfect pecs and six-pack. As yet he had not stripped so I could not see below his waistline. Sean extended his hand to me, I shook it and he smiled at me, his big blue eyes saying 'dick me'. I just wanted to fuck him there and then, my cock was again throbbing in my jock strap.

Sean gripped my hand a little longer than I expected I savoured even that small contact with the stud of my dreams. Dewi began to tell me about his son; Sean was in training for the college swim team and needed to train several times a week, it showed because he had a great body. I was listening to Dewi but my eyes were on Sean.

I let my cut offs fall to the floor and was just standing in my jock strap. Me with a huge hard on covered only by my sweat soaked, pre-cum stained jockstrap. Both father and son were looking at my bulging groin. Dewi had his hand between his legs touching and rubbing his cock. I could see that he was equally as aroused as me. My attention was grabbed by Sean as he continued to strip, taking his footie shorts off and exposing tight Lycra shorts beneath. I could see he was hard also and from the huge wet spot I could tell that he was as horny as I was. Sean peeled off the skin tight shorts, his back to his dad. Finally Sean released what had to be a 10-inch cock, his dad could not see the massive erection, he only saw his arse. Dewi continued to speak telling Sean to make sure he picked up the shorts he had carelessly kicked under the bench. He bent over and picked them up, his taut cheeks parted. With a look of unmistakable lust Dewi was checking out his son's beautiful rose bud arse and boy did he check it out!

I decided it was time to kick off my jockstrap, I didn't care about my own 8-inch uncut piece of meat being displayed to the father and son. As my jock came off Sean licked his lips, and I got the same seal of approval from Dewi. My cock was pumping out pre-cum now at a fierce rate. To my disappointment Sean put on his swim trunks and Dewi said that he was gonna check out the sauna and see if it was open. That left Sean and I alone in the changing room.

I put my soaked jockstrap on the bench beside Sean, he picked it up and smelled the stained pouch, then put it to his mouth, savouring my cum juice. This blew my mind away, I told him I had to have him and he told me to meet him in the swim pool so I said I would follow him in. He licked my jockstrap once more and then put it into his gear bag. I didn't object one bit, I thought it so cool that he wanted my sweaty strap. I enjoyed the thought of him jacking off with the material that normally covered my cock and balls pressed to his face or wrapped around his cock as he shot his load.

I watched as Sean left the changing area towards the pool, as he was leaving Dewi arrived back and told me that the sauna was open and ready, he also mentioned, with a lewd wink, that there was no one else in there. I was left in no doubt what he was suggesting. He unfastened his tight fitting jeans and eased them, slowly, over his hips; Dewi wasn't wearing any underpants! Man! His cock was at least 7 inches, hanging soft, between his hard muscled thighs. He stepped out of his jeans and carelessly flicked his cock, allowing it to hang free. It began to lengthen. He slowly stroked the shaft pulling back the foreskin, exposing a beautiful bulbous mushroom head. Gently he pinched the glans eye and squeezed out a pearl of pre-cum. Now we were both so fucking hard it hurt. I started yanking at my cock, there we were, two men, both jacking off in a changing room, you could smell sex in the air we were so horny.


Dewi moved close and kneeling, swallowed my cock in one go, all the ways to my sweaty bollocks. He worked wonders on my cock; his tongue did things that I had never experienced before in my lifetime. This was getting so hot; Dewi collected some of his own pre-cum and reached around, then using it as lube, he started fingering his ass while he continued to munch away on my throbbing cock. I had to pull away, if I didn't I was gonna shoot my load in his mouth, I didn't want that to happen, not just yet anyway.

Dewi asked me what was wrong, I told him I needed to cool down and there was plenty of time for more. He looked a bit disappointed, but I assured him that I was not finished with him just yet, that seemed to cheer him up, he told me that he wanted me to fuck him hard and shoot every thing I had in me up his hot waiting chute. I said that I would gladly oblige, but it would be later on - I still had young Sean on my mind. I told him to go on ahead to the sauna and wait for me there; I gave him my vest and told him that I wanted him to be blindfolded with it when I arrived. This seemed to appeal to him feeding his lust. My cock was back in his mouth in a flash, there we were, the two of us, me standing legs apart, Dewi on his knees with my bell end dripping on his tongue. A stranger until a few minutes ago my jock Adonis was sucking hell for leather on my throbbing cock. His own uncut member jerked as he sucked and occasionally pumped out a stream of honey that formed a pool at my feet on the tiled floor.

Although engrossed, my eyes constantly scanned around, wondering if somebody was gonna walk in and catch us at it. To be honest I would not have cared if they did; I was enjoying myself too much. I couldn't hold back any more I had to shoot my jizz into his waiting mouth, and shoot I did. My whole body trembled from head to toe, I became rigid and an animal groan loud enough for the whole town to hear echoed around the room. My piss lips opened and hot jets of cum filled Dewi's mouth, he just drank it all down. He sucked the remaining drops of cum from my cock causing me to shiver, as my post orgasmic cock became sensitive.

I dropped down to his level and gave him a great French kiss; he dutifully shared my load of cum with me as our tongues battled. I savoured my sticky jizz as I had so many times before. As we pressed together I felt his huge prick pressed between us, he was painfully hard and the glans was swollen and dark purple. Pushing him to his feet I took his member in my mouth. I cannot claim that my mouth was virgin territory but this was certainly the largest organ that I had tried to accommodate. For a moment I heard the voice of my dentist saying 'open wider please' as I stretched my jaw. Using my tongue to perfection on his tender dick head I extracted gasps from Dewi, I knew he was enjoying it. The musky smell and taste of maleness invaded my senses and I sucked harder. He began to beg me to play with his arse. My hand parted his cheeks and stroked his sweaty hole. Nearly choking me with his huge rod thrusting into my throat, he cries out for me to finger fuck him. Quickly I got my finger in; it slid easily in, so easily that soon four of my fingers were pumping in and out of his hole as I tried to breath with a 10 inch cock blocking my air way.

My fingers found the spot, his engorged prostate. I started playing around stroking and massaging his pleasure button. He went fucking wild, begging to be screwed but pumping in and out of my mouth, desperate to get release. Too soon I was rewarded with a massive load of hot juicy man juice, it seemed that the pump would never run dry as the cum filled my mouth and dribbled down my face. Swallowing as fast as I could, he eventually stopped shooting and slipped from my mouth. My jaw ached and I hoped that it was not dislocated; a test mastication reassured me. I ran my hand over my face to collect the overflow and held it up for Dewi to lick from my fingers. Sensually he cleaned every last drop from my hand.


I got up and Dewi saw my cock was hard again, he grabbed for it but I dodged and told him that I had to cool down. I assured him that I was gonna screw the fuck out of him in the sauna and he should go on ahead as we agreed - blindfolded, his arse ready for me to penetrate.

With tremendous self-control I put my swim trunks on and entered the swim pool area. As I looked around my attention was drawn to Sean talking to the lifeguard. From what I could see the lifeguard was a good-looking guy about 23, blond hair, big strong build, and cute as only a lifeguard can be. Sean saw me and swam across the pool towards me, he playfully greeted me as though he had known me all his life. I sat on the edge of the pool and Sean swam about my legs, copping feels of my crotch each time he passed. This guy was hot stuff, and if he was anything like his dad I knew that I was gonna be in for a good time.

I slid into the pool, as I did, Sean immediately had his hand down my trunks, playing with my cock. I didn't know what to do, exciting as it was, I could see that the lifeguard was watching us. Sean noticed my hesitation but reassured me it was ok, he knew the lifeguard, his name was Geoff. He told me that he usually gave Geoff a blowjob for the use of the pool to himself. I realised that we were indeed alone apart from Geoff. Geoff had obviously closed up the pool to the general public. This eased me a great deal and before long I had discarded my swim trunks and Sean was eating my 8" cock, being sucked under water is a great feeling. I noticed Geoff playing with his cock and it looked big, I beckoned for him to join us but he just wanted to watch, for the time being, but he did moved closer. Sean and I got out of the pool. The under-water blowjob was great but I need more, I needed to fuck him. He was unaware of how his father had recently taken my load, but he got out of the water and assumed my favourite position, naked on all fours.

Provoked beyond human endurance by this teen slut I just got my cock in there and rode the arse off him. Geoff, near by, had discarded his Speedo's that did little to cover his weapon. Sitting on the cool tiles he was leaning forward sucking his own cock. It was huge, 11 inches plus. Sean, also noticing Geoff abusing himself called out for him to bring his cock over to us, he obliged. Sean sucked the massive tool in like a professional sword swallowed even as I continued to pound his arse. Geoff was saying how no one could suck cock like Sean and I agreed that his arse was the best I had fucked. Sean, cock in both mouth and arse was in teen boy heaven. My rod filling his fuck hole and Geoff's balls resting on his chin.

I knew I was gonna shoot soon, these guys were so hot. Sean was sucking Geoff and had even managed to play around with his arse; Geoff clearly loved it, thrusting harder and faster. Soon Geoff was begging to be fingered fucked. This was turning out to be the best swim I had ever had!

As I pumped Sean's arse, I began to talk dirty, asking Sean if he liked his arse being fucked, asking Geoff if he was enjoying having Sean's finger up his hole; their replies being breathless yes, yes, yes! I knew then that I had these guys where I wanted them, I kept telling Sean to lick and suck on Geoff's huge member and play with his tight hole. This was going down real well with Geoff, before too long he was begging for cock. I slid out of Sean's arse and moved round behind Geoff. Pushing Sean's hand out of the way I entered Geoff, thrusting my full length into him. Geoff was tight but Sean's arse juice coated my cock with natural lube. He was totally taken back by my sudden penetration, so I gave him time to get over the shock of my 8 inch member tearing his arse open. Once the initial discomfort was gone, I fucked the arse off him. He had begged and begged to be fucked and boy did I oblige. Sean, no longer pinned down by me, released Geoff's cock and stood up. Geoff bent forward taking Sean's cock into his mouth and giving me better access to his hole.


Sean continued his oral rape of Geoff's face, he grunted and his face contorted as he made one last thrust deep into his throat. My cock had brought him to the brink of orgasm and after only a few thrusts his balls were tight as he shot load after load of boy juice down Geoff's throat. He gagged and was almost suffocating, Sean gave him hardly any room to breathe, but Geoff was in ecstasy, both mouth and arse full of throbbing man meat. The sight of young Sean cumming was enough to push me over the edge. I gripped onto Geoff's hips and thrust in hard, my hot jizz jetted out of my dick filling Geoff's pussy. He took everything I pumped into him, the lad was made to take cock and he was gonna cruise cock for the rest of his life. My spent cock slipped out of Geoff's arse and cum dripped out of his stretched hole and down his legs.

I told them that I needed to clean up and jumped into the cool refreshing water. From the pool I could see Sean on all fours offering his arse to Geoff, not having cum yet he was in there in a flash, fucking for all his worth. Sean started moaning and screaming beyond belief. Geoff's rigid member stretched and filled Sean's boy pussy in the way every cock whore craves. Those boys sure knew how to have fun!

Lazily I swam around the pool, to tell the truth I was turned on watching the lifeguard screw the fuck out of this boy. Both were clearly enjoying the experience as if they were made solely to fuck and be fucked.

I got out of the pool and walked up to Geoff and Sean still shagging like dogs in heat. With as much authority as I could muster I told them I was going to the sauna and that they were to follow once Geoff had shot his load. They both readily agreed - yes sir!

Turned on by the two cock whores I got hold of my dick and with only a nod from me, Geoff took it in my mouth, sucking me as he remained deep in Sean's arse. Pulling away I moved on to Sean, kneeling to bring my cock to his face level. "Are you enjoying this boy?" I asked, "Oh yes sir I am, thanks to you." "That's a good boy now lick my cock." Sean did as he was told also, it felt good having control over these 2 guys. I repeated my instruction to follow me to the sauna and warned them not to be surprised at what they found there. They agreed with a resounding "YES SIR".

I walked to the sauna, and my stiff cock, still slimy from the boy's mouth throbbed and pulsed with anticipation. I hoped that Dewi wasn't too annoyed that I had taken so long to get to him, but if he did I was gonna make it up to him. I opened the door of the sauna, and there he was, on the wooden slatted bench, naked, legs spread, jacking his huge cock, slipping a finger in and out of his arse hole. As I had asked, he had covered his eyes with my vest and had no Idea who had come in. Regardless, he smiled and seductively licked his lips. Consumed with lust he announced that who ever I was I could do what I pleased to him.

The hot steamy air carried the aroma of Dewi's sweat and sex making me desperate to have him. Dewi's cock was wet from pre-cum and all slimy and glowing from the heat. I knew that this guy was so hot for cock that me or any man could take him, and man was I gonna have him. I walked towards Dewi; he opened his legs wider knowing what was in store. I got three fingers in his hole, slick with arse juice and sweat. As I was finger fucking him the stud moaned shamelessly.

Dewi's sexual subjugation to me and his enormous pleasure during man sex made me wonder how experienced Dewi was. He assured me this was his first time with another guy, but he had always craved cock and had always wanted to experiment with other guys. Now his fantasies were becoming reality.

Dewi dived onto my cock, his mouth could not get enough of my raging sticky hard-on and I of course had no objection. Despite being blindfolded some natural instinct directed him. Dewi was good at sucking cock, but he needed breaking in. I needed to get my hard-on inside that beautiful tight arse. I told Dewi to turn around and lean over the bench, he did what he was told and offered his arse to me, and what an arse he had! I got on my knees behind him and there it was, the most beautiful tight pucker that I had ever seen. I got stuck in, my tongue worked wonders on his ring and from his moans and groans I knew that Dewi was having the time of his life. Never had he had sex like he was having it now, his arse cheeks stretched so far apart, just begging to be eaten and fucked.


Dewi started begging for cock, "Fuck me please, I need cock nowwwwwww, please, fuck my brains out, man I need cock in my arse, pleassseeeeeee!!!" I had to tell him to take it easy, there was plenty of time for fucking. Dewi was disappointed, it showed in the tone of his voice. He asked again, only this time he sounded like a child asking for popcorn. "Please Sir fuck my arse, please I beg you sir, please take my cherry now". It was then that I was sure that Dewi was mine to use as I wanted just like his son and Geoff.

I mounted my stud, in one easy thrust I had all 8 uncut inches inside, giving him what he wanted so badly. I fucked and fucked, he loved every minute of my arse bashing, moaning and yelling for more.

I knew that Dewi, like his son, was a natural bottom and would search out cock for the rest of his life. Once a bottom realises his place in life he craves cock constantly, he needs to be fucked.

As the minutes passed it was all I could do to stop myself from cumming. Every time I felt my jizz about to shoot I would ease off and take a little breather. Before too long Dewi was back on my cock and riding the fuck out of my hard-on, his arse muscles massaging my cock, desperate to be filled with my load.

I had Dewi stand up and lean against the wall of the sauna. Still deep inside him I turned and saw Sean and Geoff in the showers outside washing the cum from each other. They too could see that I was fucking some stud's arse, the steam and blindfold over his face made it impossible to see who it was.

Dewi heard the shower go on and asked who it was. I assured him it was just two young guys and not to worry about them. I continued to slowly fuck Dewi with long measured strokes, playing with his tits and cock as I was doing so. I pinched his nipples hard and it took him all his control not to cry out and attract attention to us.

I told him that the guys in the shower had started to fuck each other in a similar position to us, he wanted to take off the blindfold but I stopped him. Instead I suggested that I ask if they wanted to join us. Dewi readily agreed as he wanted to taste as much cock as possible and take as many loads of hot cum as possible down his throat and up his arse.

I signalled to Sean and Geoff and they immediately came over. I put my finger to my mouth to tell them not to speak just telling them this guy craved cock and cum, he yearned for anything male and they could do what they wanted to him. Sean gave me no indication that he recognised his father. I asked Dewi which cock he would like first, the young guy is about your son's age, and he's got one hell of a cock. "You want to taste that one"? "Yes please" was his response. "Well Dewi I got to taste it before you, come here boy and let me lick that cock. Sean walked toward me and I engulfed his massive cock, he face fucked me for a minute or so, I could taste Geoff's ass juices on the slick throbbing cock. I ease off him and told Dewi that he will definitely enjoy this cock. As we are talking I finger fuck Sean and he moans with pleasure.

For Dewi's benefit I say that the young guy also likes his hole being played with. "Looks like you are also gonna get to fuck this young buck, would you like that Dewi?" "Yes I would love to fuck and suck him, if he is as good as you say and he can definitely fuck me too." "Oh he will Dewi, he will." I start to describe Geoff's cock; it is unnaturally thick, thicker than any cock I have ever seen and long too. Dewi is now panting, begging for more. I tell Sean to get into a similar position as Dewi. My charade is holding up but I suspect that it maybe with the co-operation of some of the participants. Father and son are now standing side by side leaning against the steamy wall, arses ready. Little does Dewi know that I am gonna fuck his son's ass and that at the same time he is gonna experience some arse stretching from Geoff.

Their hand's touch along the wall, then work along, feeling each other's bodies. They slid easily along the hot, sweat dripping flesh. I encourage the pair to feel each other. "Hasn't he got a big cock for such a young buck? "he has" is all Dewi can say "now feel his ass Dewi" Dewi moves his hands over the young guys ass and enters him with 3 fingers, I then say "Dewi! I'm gonna fuck that ass now and shoot my hot load of jism in there". With that I enter Sean, I just fuck and fuck.

Geoff gets behind Dewi and starts playing with his arse. Before too long Geoff is fucking the brains out of Dewi. Here they are father and son being fucked side by side. It doesn't take long before Sean's tight fuck hole gets me to shoot my load, and what a load it was! I filled him and watched it dripped back out past my softening dick.

Geoff's huge cock swelled larger, the pressure in Dewi's arse made him cry out with ecstasy as he was filled with creamy spunk. Dewi, for the moment was happy and content. Geoff pulled his still hard cock out of Dewi's hole. There was a liquid popping sound as the swollen glans burst from the battered sphincter. The hole gapped open, bruised and stretched, allowing Geoff's load and Dewi's arse juices to run freely out and down his legs. Geoff pulled his foreskin up and over his glans squeezing the last drips of sex juice to the tip. He gave a deft flick and the drops landed on Dewi. Geoff knelt and licked the juices from Dewi's arse and body, eventually sucking the last of his own load out of the slack ring of Dewi's arse.

Geoff and I had both become soft and needed a rest, Dewi and Sean on the other hand were still full of cum after both having their prostrates mercilessly punched and massaged by tongue and cock. Both father and son need to shoot and I wanted to see Sean fuck his father. I told Dewi he had begged for cock and he was getting what he wanted. I indicated to Sean that he should mount Dewi, and he did. Dewi's well fucked hole took the boys cock easily in one long hard thrust.

Eventually Sean shot his cum up his father's crack and man he must have shot gallons, there was no stopping him, and there was no complaints either from Dewi. After that they reversed the rolls, Dewi mounted Sean and fucked and fucked and fucked for all his worth. Dewi was experiencing the unbelievable pleasure of the young tight boy pussy.

Geoff and I were enjoying the performance as father and son fucked. We sat on the wood slats slowly stroking each other's cock, no desire for immediate orgasm, just enjoying the feel of hand on cock. Dewi was about to shoot his load up his son's arse, as he was reaching climax I reached over and removed the blind fold but his eyes were closed in the throws of orgasm. Dewi shot load after load, pumping his pent up load into the boy's hot bowels. As the elation of his climax began to fade Dewi opened his eyes.

There, lying on his back with his legs on his father's shoulders was his son Sean. Sean put his arms around his father's neck and kissed him. Between hugs Sean told his father what a great fuck he had give him and how much he loved having his dads cock in his boy pussy. Dewi could not believe what had happened but he had certainly enjoyed every moment.

Dewi noticed Geoff for the first time and let out a laugh. Sean and Geoff both followed as if sharing some secret joke that I was not aware of. Dewi seeing my confusion introduced me to Geoff, Sean's older brother and his eldest son.

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