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My life is relatively normal, or so I like to think. Not much out the ordinary happens, usually. I grew up in a medium sized, mid-western city. My childhood was pretty much the status quo. But my biggest fear was that I'd grow up, live my entire life in the same city, then die. That idea scared the hell out of me. So I decided that wasn't going to happen to me.


I had two options. I could plan to attend college and hope for an academic scholarship, since I come from the working class and there was no chance of an athletic scholarship. I was a pretty bright kid, but a bit of slacker. My other option, if I was ever going to get out of this city was to join the military. As my senior year in high school passed the mid way mark and no scholarships had been offered, I opted to join the Marine Corps. No way was I going to junior college and be stuck at home.

So there I was at Marine Corps boot camp. Life sucked royal. I hadn't expected it to be an easy time, because they tell you right up front, "If you want to be a Marine, you gotta work for it!" I had no idea that that small phrase meant that you would be humiliated, stripped of all dignity and worked, drilled and otherwise exhausted from before sunup until a little past sundown. That was the hardest three months of my life. I never thought I'd make it.

I did make it however, and I was never prouder of myself than the day that I left boot camp, because I was US Marine. That title carries a lot of honor as well as a little stigma. Later, after I'd been home for a few visits, I learned that most of my friends and even my mother were afraid of me because they'd thought that I'd become some kind of psychotic killing machine. They had heard some dramatic stories about Marines. Hell, this was peace time. Sure I was a little more rigid and a lot more disciplined, but nothing like what they imagined.

Well, during my first year, I meant some very interesting, but mostly odd people. But best of all I got to visit many different cities. I was having a great time, traveling to all these new and exciting places.

After that I settled down and was stationed in a little town in North Carolina. I finally had a permanent duty station and some great roommates. We partied like there was no tomorrow. This is where my first sexual experience with another guy happened.

Up to this point, I'd led a pretty heterosexual and quite boring sex life. If you can call it a sex life. I had a girlfriend back home, whom I'd dated for a long time in high school. We wrote each other quite frequently, actually I wrote more than she did, but I don't fault her for that. Whenever I was home for a visit, it was like we'd never been apart. But we both knew the reality was that we'd see other people when we weren't together. Enough about that.

My roommates were party animals. The took me places and showed me things that I'd never experienced, nor would I have ever imagined. There were three of us in our room, but both rooms adjacent to ours often came over to indulge in our hedonistic party life style. We were well known in that little town. By the cops as well as the locals. We spent many a nights sleeping on the beach, in wood, where or where ever the party had ended, if it did end.

Anyway, Stuart, one of my roommates was quite the stud with the ladies around town. He was a very cool kid and Stu and I became really good friends. Since we all shared one of four community showers, we'd often shower at the same time. Stu was quite a good looking guy, but being Marines, I never would have thought of him in a sexual way.

One night, after being out quite late, Stu reasoned that taking a shower now would be a good idea, rather than waiting for the usual morning crowd. I thought it was good idea, so I joined him. As we stood there lathering ourselves, I asked him what had happened to our other roommate Larry. It seems that Larry had gotten lucky and gone home with one of the locals that evening.

I have to admit that Stu had quite a nice body. He had the nicest round ass that I'd ever seen. But it was covered with hair. We all referred to him affectionately as fur boy. He had hair all over his well defined chest and stomach.

I couldn't believe that I was checking out this guy's ass. I turned my back to him, trying to erase that image from my mind. Just then I felt Stu come up behind me. He just stood there and said, "Are you done looking at my ass?" I felt him press his body up against my back. I was nervous, but also a bit annoyed at his presumption.


I turned around and pushed him away.

"You wish !" was all I could I manage to say. I had to turn my back to him quickly because my dick was getting harder by the second.

Stu walked out of the shower, quickly dried himself off and headed towards our room. I got out of the shower and dried myself slowly, hoping that my erection would subside before I walked out of the bathroom. It did.

Walking back to our room I saw Stu, still wrapped in his towel chatting with the guy on duty at his desk. I just went straight to the room.

As I lay down on my rack, Stu opened the door and walked in.

"Who were you talking to?"

"Just some kid, he just stationed here, why are you jealous?"

"Stop being an asshole, I've just never seen him around. Why would I be jealous?"

"I don't know."

"What? Are we boyfriends now?"

"Well, you're the one who did the male stripper act in front of God and everyone!"

I'd almost forgotten that I'd done a male strip show for ladies night at one of the bars in town two days ago. It was good money and I didn't intend to do it again. Well, not too many times again. One of the women at the show was dating Stu and obviously told him about it, so with a little charm and a hefty tip he was able to persuade the owner to let him watch from the back.

"Yea, I know Shelly was there, she must have told you all about it."

"Yes, she told me about the first time, I saw the second show for myself."

"You were there? Why didn't you tell me? You suck, I can't trust you at all can I?"

"I could say the same thing, you never told me about your little escapades!"

"I was too embarrassed, I couldn't. Most of the other guys made a lot more money than me, in tips, and the night I saw Shelly, well, I was just so embarrassed that I didn't even go out to the audience. The other guys had to collect my tips."

"I thought you were hot, I even bribe the owner to let me in, I told him that I was your roommate and coach. He let me in with no problem."

"You thought I was I hot?"

"Yea, I see the way you dance with those chicks when we're out, you're hot.. Everyone says so."

Stu lay down beside me and kissed me full on the lips. I was overwhelmed. I didn't try to stop him. He pulled down my shorts and I removed his towel. He ground his hot, hairy body into mine and I just let him.

It was so fucking hot that I started to sweat. We kissed for a long time. His hairy body moving against mine. I had no idea what to do next, but I do know that I wanted him.

Stu began to kiss my neck, then down my body till he reached my cock, which was rock hard by now. He licked my cock from the base of my balls to the head of my cock. His mouth was great, he kept running his tongue along the area between the my balls and my leg, it was driving me wild.

Stu cupped my ass in his considerably sized and very callused hands. I'd never had anyone touch my ass before, well, not a guy anyway. Well, not in a sexual way. I was so alluring and sensual. In one swift motion he lifted my legs and shoved his tongue right into my asshole. I was astonished. I could only arch my back and enjoy the sensation of his tongue. It was so fucking hot and so erotic. I couldn't be still, I felt as if jolts of electricity were shooting through me. I had to stop him. But it was so good. Eventually I was able to maneuver him into a sixty-nine position. We played with each other's cocks and asses for quite a while until Stu asked me, "Do you want to fuck me?"

"Yea, but I've gotta tell you that is the first time I've ever, well not the first time, but..."

He just put his finger to my lips and then kissed me. He wrapped his arms around me held me close.

As he lay on top of me, he grabbed my hard cock and put it to his asshole. He pushed my dickhead into himself, bring his knees up along my sides. His hole felt so nice and hot, but then he stopped. As I looked up at his face, I could see that he was in pain. I just held still. He sat up and opened his eyes. Then he squeezed my dick tight in his hand and sank down onto my crotch with a audible sigh.

He had all of my big fat inside of him. He couldn't sit still for long. He moved his ass up along my shaft. The heat of his ass was incredible. Right now, I needed that heat to cover my entire cock, but I let him do it. He slowly lowered his nice round ass down onto my cock. I could barely understand what was happening. My big fat cock up this beautiful butt. His slid his ass up and down my rod. I was loving it. I put my right hand up to his hairy chest, seeking out his right nipple. He moved his ass up and down on my cock, I'd forgotten what my hand was searching for.

I move my hands to his waist. At this moment, I realize how one man can fall in love with another man. As I look into his eyes, I know that this is not the most comfortable position that he's ever been in, but he's doing it just to get me off. My dick starts to throb and swell and my hips take over my movements. As I leaned my body forward, I grabbed Stu's chest and I wrapped my arms around him. I held his hairy body like the last vestige of human life on the planet. At that moment I shoot my load. I couldn't control myself. I grabbed and held and jerked like you wouldn't believe. With my cock deep inside in him, I would be alright. So nice and tight and secure.

At that moment of total release, I hear Stu comment, "You're an animal!"

"That was great." I loved him for that moment.

The next day everything was a little bit brighter. The water tasted a little bit cooler. Work was a little bit easier.

Stu and I fucked often, although it was a little tough to keep it a secret. We had a good time. Larry eventually found out. But that's another story.

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